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ASUS ZenBook UX303UB (13.3" FHD, Touchscreen, i7-6500U, 940M, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) $1279.2 C&C @ Bing Lee eBay


Massive price drop of $200 on this ultrabook, now $40 cheaper than this deal 2 months ago.

Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz
8GB Memory
256GB SATA Solid State Drive
13.3" FHD Touch LED Backlit Display
Windows 10 (64bit)
NVIDIA GeForce 940M Graphics
Office: Includes 1 month Trial for New Microsoft Office 365 Customers
Wireless: 802.11ac+Bluetooth 4.0 (Dual band) -Intel WIDI
Card Reader: Spec: SD, MMC
USB Port: 3x USB 3.0
Interface: 1x Headphone-out & Audio-in Combo Jack, 1x HDMI, 1x mini Display Port
AC Adapter: 65W AC Adapter; Output: 19V DC, 3.42A, 65W; Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Battery: 50WHrs, 3S1P, 3-cell Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack
Keyboard type: Illuminated Chiclet Keyboard

Original COLLECT eBay 20% off deal post

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  • Just bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Do they have the 12gb, 512gb SSD model?

    • No they don't unfortunately

    • Doesnt take much to upgrade it yourself if you arent too scare to take out the screws and pop the plastic. Mine is 12GB and 500GB. hehe

  • Time to get more ram for this. Anyone know which to get?

    Was also going to replace ssd with Samsung 850 EVO 500GB. This i already have.

  • Did I read right? They don't deliver to w.a?

    • Yes you read it right

    • It seems to be pickup only, so given that there's no Bing Lee stores here (WA) that counts us out…

      • It can be delivered. Was prompted $10 delivery fee in Sydney but i opted to pick it up. This is the ozbargain way. Save me $10.

        Just so happens not so to WA and other states or territories.

        Guessing limited to states that have BING LEE stores.

        Ninja edit from ebay:

        Item location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
        Posting to: Australia
        Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, SA Regional, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    • hey mate if you want i can pick it up and send it to you, no scammerino

  • Ram and ssd are upgradeable? Yes.
    Scroll down for pictures

  • So this is better than surface pro 4?

    • It's certainly a lot cheaper than the equivalent SP4 + keyboard….and it has a discrete GPU that's quite powerful for such a small machine, which is very handy for certain applications. The SP4 is quite a bit lighter and more portable, has a sharper screen, supports Hello and stylus.

      So "better" depends on what you need it for.

      • The variation between the 940m and the Intel graphics are going to be minimal from a user experience. It's not like you're going to play battlefield on either, and for normal computing tasks you won't see much difference.

        • The integrated GPU is at least 20% less performance, and that last 20% is the difference that allows you to run games at 1080p.

          From personal experience, the 940M copes with Battlefield 4 not too bad, even at 1080p resolution. You can't max the detail level, but having the 940M would make a big difference in your gaming capability compared to the SP4. And if you're talking video rendering or photo editing performance, it's a significant advantage.

          This is one of the most portable and affordable laptops with some graphics chops.

        • Intel 520 (the onboard processor of the i7-6500U):

          Hardly a "green" in any of the games.


          Pretty much "green" (over 30fps) for pretty much most of the games on the list on 720p.

          The GF940 helps a LOT and not even the high end Intel Quad Core i7 Iris Pro's will come close to it in GPU performance.

    • It's more usable if it's your only machine. SP4 has only one USB port and the super high resolution which is more a hassle than an advantage (just makes everything tiny and WIndows sucks at scaling so if you turn on DPI scaling almost everything gets blurry. As much as we love to rag on Apple, they wouldn't have sent out a Surface Pro in it's current form.

      Unless you specifically want the tablet capability, don't bother with the Surface in my opinion.

  • Are laptop prices going down because of nvidia 10xx series?

    • +1 vote

      No it's because of the 20% discount code.

    • No, the 10xx GPUs aren't available to laptops yet - only desktop GPUs have been announced so far.

  • If only it was a 2 in 1… :(

  • I got the previous version of this using the 5000 series i7 and I love it (using it to type this up now) from Dickie before their fire sales a year ago. The only one single complaint I have is the keyboard typing often misses out on detecting keys and the touchpad driver (which is its linked to) sometimes goes to 100% CPU utilisation and Asus still has not fixed it yet. Outside of this, it's probably the most powerful machine you can get for the form-factor and thickness. Basically a Macbook Air in dimensions, but with more power than a Macbook Pro 13".

    The GF940 is pretty good too for games. Runs GTAV on 720p at 60fps and even Fallout 4 at 720p at about 30-45 fps. Upgraded mine to 12GB and 500GB SSD to run a couple of VM's as well.

    • I've tried the UX31E, and the keyboard does often miss keys too. The keyboard looks different though, (only in color)..How often does the keyboard miss keys for you?

      • About one key in every 15-20 presses or so (once in every 3-4 words). It gets a bit frustrating when you're writing long documents but I usually have an external keyboard and mouse whenever I'm in that situation.

  • Just bought one, would like to upgrade ram, where did you get it from? Thanks

  • Is this laptop any good for video editing? Apart from the screen size of course.

    • The CPU is only dual-core so it's not going to be super-fast, but it has a discrete GPU, which helps a bit.

      It's way more powerful than a MacBook Air, and lots of people seem to use that for video editing.

  • if you are happy to edit on a 13" screen and laptop then the performance is fine …… other wise desktop for the same money with better screen and better processor …… life is full of trade offs no compromises…… great laptop for the money

  • What are the internet connection options with this machine, beside WiFi? Does it have an internal modem? Cheers

  • Is this powerful enough for graphic design and web editing? Quick changes of chrome tabs going to cause any issues?
    Been keeping an eye on one of these Asus zen books for a while because they're the only one on the market with a 'discrete' graphics card, but something is holding me back and I'm not sure what

    • Yes.. Its quick enough to do all that. Its an i7, but the Hyper-threaded Dual core version (same as the Macbook Pros).

  • 19 units sold today….so tempting….argghhhh

    Anyone know what bing lee C&C is like? Can we pick up same or next day?
    Would like to claim TRS.

    • +2 votes

      doubt pick up same day or next day is possible. I ordered mine last night and it said maybe available thursday or friday.

      all this depends how quickly they process the order, get the money and getting it to store you want to pickup from.

      • Ordered and C&C from ACT store. Literally got a phone call less than 10 mins after saying my laptop is ready for pickup!

        • I had the same experience.
          Speechless. Couldnt pick it up today though wil pick up tomorrow.

          They must have a 5hit load of stock.

    • Ordered mine from Hornsby at 8am.

      Picked it up at at a 10am.

      Depends on the local staff I think.

  • Thanks for reply.
    I just realised it's 60 days prior and not 30! Doh!
    This works out better as i was planning to send it out with another family member.

    Happy days! 10% more off $1599 can't complain!

  • Have the good guys taken all their appliances off eBay in the last day? I'm getting 'no such product' errors for everything i had in my cart.

  • Are these laptops better than the Asus ROG laptops?

    • This is an ultrabook. Completely different class of laptop to the ROG series.

    • Asus rog would have a quad core i7 compared to this which has a dual core version. Trade off is the rog battery life is a 3 hours whilst this would get 2-3x. Not to mention the rog is a brick to lug around. Ok if u just want a gaming laptop that sits on a desk 98% of the time.

      • Thanks for the detailed explanation. I'm hoping this will be fine for GoPro video editing though.

        • This Processors will handle editing. Couldn't see this against the rog having slight better performance being a deal breaker for video editing

  • Oh damn. I finally decide to bite the bullet and buy it - but then I realise they have no stores in Cairns and they don't ship :( Is this the 21st Century??

    • Yeah. Never understood this. Its not like you're not going to pay for postage right? Charge for postage accordingly and the rest of the folks in australia will clean you out of this fine specced machine.

      Bought a second one but the shop i bought the first sold out. So had to go get it in a different store.

      Lastly. Got email late yesterday that the first one i bought is ready for pickup.

      Sure hope the second one is too. Might chance it and rock up there later.

  • Excellent machine. Should I feel bad if I bought the top end HP Spectre X2 that HN was selling a few weeks ago? I'm playing Pillars of Eternity at 720p because the spectre has only Intel 515 graphics :(

    • So over Hp now day. Too many issues poor build quality

      • since my cousins hp laptop died due to known overheating issues I been shy recommending or buying hp laptops.

        • They r just poor. Perhaps the highend models are built better but if u were looking at sub 1k laptop I wouldn't touch a hp

  • Ahh no ! worked out the courage to buy it found out that its sold out.
    If anyone notices that it back in stock can they please msg/comment to let me know please ?

  • Sold out

  • Just got done opening the box. Initial impressions. The build quality looks stunning.

    Small con it didn't come with case as seen in some unboxing videos. It also didn't come with usb to ethernet cable or the hdmi to vga adaptor.

    Not coming with a case was ok but the usb to ethernet and hdmi to vga. That's just skimping too much.

    • Yeah same here. Disappointed but oh well what can you do.

      Laptop looks schmick tho like you said. Plenty of grunt too.

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