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Nokia 3310 Unlocked (Refurbished) - US$12.13 Delivered (AU$16.55) @ AliExpress


4 Games! Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi

And just look at this battery life:

Stand-by 55 h to 260 h
Talk time 2 h 30 min to 4 h 30

Show your kids this reliable piece of tech. Please don't throw it at them, we don't want any kids to be hospitalised!

Note - Telstra shutting 2G networks in December, Optus in April next year. Vodafone has no plans to shut it down in the near future

Don't forget 7% cashback ($1.16) @ Top Cashback

Update 10/6

Wow, less than 100 of these were on offer today, now it's showing "1906 pieces available"

Plenty for everyone :)

Well, the price has gone up, so deal expired. But what a good run :) My most popular deal, so thanks people!

The deal went International! Went nuts here and @ UKD

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  • +41

    This phone is indestructible.

    • +38

      Really? I am going to buy 100 of them, sew them together into a suite of body armour.

      • +31

        What's a suite of body armour look like?

      • +5

        I doubt you'll find a needle to pierce the armoured shell.

    • +26

      yep - happy memories of playing snake on grandads one of these while he was off to town to buy boiled sweets with the thripence he saved on his penny farthing…it outlasted him!

    • +23

      Disclaimer: The word refurbished refers to the blood stains, wall cement, traces of involvement in a war have been cleaned.The phone itself is indestructable

  • +1

    I'd like to see how many up votes this can reach :)

    • +6

      previous best for this phone was 625

      • +1

        I guess we best it

  • +3

    Can also be used as a weapon.

    • +1

      Then you need to declare when going through Custom. :p

      • +9

        Unless your Johnny Depp & Amber Heard!

        • +9

          Australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people…

  • I bought this last time it was on sale a few years ago, just to have own a crucial part of history :p

  • How much do these normally sell for on eBay? Similar price?

    Edit: Just checked myself. Between $20-$60 apparently.

  • +4

    None of the powerbank nonsense in the old days.

    • +4

      Nokia 5110's back casing was its battery!
      I had an long life aftermarket vibraring battery on it.
      Pimpin back in those days.

  • +60

    You can't complain for $16 but the last "refurbished" phone I bought from AliExpress had

    • Spray painted case - immediately started scratching and peeling off
    • Scratches on display
    • Generic Chinese battery that was mysteriously lightweight and only lasted 15 min
    • Generic charger with wrong plug
    • Faults
    • +70

      You can't complain for $16

      I think you just did. And a deserved complaint. $16 on something unusable is $16 wasted.

  • +54

    no band 28? forget it.

  • +25

    With enough subscribers, we can keep 2G alive!

  • +15


    • +3

      calm down Michael Western

      • +2

        I was thinking The Wire

        • +1

          Shheeeiiiiiiitttttttttt !!!

        • @juventino: You seem like a decent politician.

  • +13

    Thanks OP. The baseball bat under my bed was a little too bulky for my liking. This is much easier to handle.

    • And I thought I was the only one keeping a baseball bat under the bed…

    • 133g … these old phones were actually fairly light. I also had a Nokia 8210e from around this same vintage that was tiny and weighed only 79 grams, almost felt like a spy phone at the time.

      By comparison, an iPhone 6 weighs 172g and a Galaxy S7 is 152g.

  • Bullet proof!!!!

  • +31

    I once dropped a 3310, it caused a sinkhole!

  • +11

    are there any DLC for the Snake game that comes with it?

  • +15

    Guys help please…..I can't find an Otterbox for this model.

    • +55

      You don't need it… the Otterbox was inspired by this phone

  • +1

    The pride of Nokia.

  • Let the memes begin… lol really thinking maybe i should get one as a spare that wont EVER break… but i know 2g is gonna get turned off >.>

    • +29

      You seem fun.

        • +9

          Memes will be memes. No point standing in the "circle jerk" - if you don't like it move on :p

        • +1

          Go and have some water to cool your macrocephalic down

        • +4

          I gave you a plus vote because I don't think you deserve all the hate just for that. You made pretty fair points. As for the circlejerk though, I loved these old phones too! I had an 8250!! or 7250, or something like that. Light as a feather and it's backlight was blue. BLUE!

          Most of all I love the fact that "Has anyone got a Nokia charger I could borrow?" always got a response in the affirmative.

  • +13

    Love the Retina Degenerative Display

  • +36

    Still better than the iphone.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Bought one to keep and tell my kids when they grow about one of the best gadgets in my ERA

  • +2

    Takes me back. None of this fancy touch screen or application business.

    Phone, text or a game of snakes. That was its purpose. And it did so brilliantly.


    • +1

      And one button answer. Not unlock or slide or say yes or f… I missed it. Don't have to look down whilst….no we don't do that.

  • +1

    Lack of apps kills the deal for me
    Id rather go apple or android

    • +1

      Haha. I sense sar-casm.

  • +1

    Can i jailbreak it? Can I root it?

    • +6

      Can I root it?

      If you like… just be careful you don't electrocute yourself doing so…

      • +3

        As long as it provides informed consent.

        • +7

          Thank you Mr ex-PM…

        • +2

          @ProjectZero: He probably had a 3310 in his speedos when he went swimming!

    • +9

      Not sure about jailbreak but you can definitely break a jail with this

  • +1

    I still remember as a kid, you could literally throw this beast from any height, once you put all the pieces back together, it turned back on every single time.

    • You're remembering incorrectly. Plenty of people trashed their Nokias.

      • Mine fell 70m onto rocks, and i cracked the screen so i was up for a new front cover

        • I'm sure some survived such falls. Others didn't.

        • +1

          I watched the guy I was crossing a carpark with drop his Nokia accidentally, then realise it and yell "stop!" at the car that was slowly passing behind us. A crack sound, the car jerked to a stop, and we saw it. UNDER the front tyre, holding the tyre off the road surface in fact.

          He successfully received a call on that phone some 5 minutes later.

        • @3 Hyenas: Sounds awesome… i can't really believe that though…. not even with this phone

        • +1

          @ProjectZero: It definitely happened, right before my eyes. The driver heard him yell and jumped on the brakes (it was an undercroft carpark so the car was only going about 10kmh) and the car stopped RIGHT ON TOP of the phone. It was awesome, but he thought so slightly less than I did. The driver was a little apologetic, but it wasn't his fault at all.

          This was sometime in the early or mid 2000s. I don't recall exactly which model phone it was, but definitely a Nokia and of around the 3310's heyday. The screen had a big crack and didn't display anything, but the keypad still worked. And yes, it rang and he answered it some minutes later. The guy who called him took some convincing of the truth of this event too.

          If I was to make this up, I would have thrown in ninjas or supermodels or something.

  • +2

    This phone will shit on all current smartphones by durability!

  • +2

    This won't work after 2016, as most/all carriers are shutting down their 2G network.

  • +2

    The chuck Norris of phones, why did Nokia ever discontinue these, there's probably still a market for a phone as universal as this, no hammer? no problem, use this.

  • I knew this was loved in India - good to see this was loved worldwide.. lolz!
    Great phone!

  • -4

    It's a piece of junk, why are people pos voting this.
    Move it to the forums.
    It was funny the first time but the joke is old now.

    • +1

      I agree, it is likely to be a fake remake of those popular phone, you'd be lucky to even get one single part in the phone that's genuinely Nokia (probably not the OS).

    • -7

      Yep, its a useless meme phone now.

      I owned one when they were new (owned every flagship Nokia until the N97), they were good at the time but not any more.

      Its the equivalent of buying an old 32cm B&W CRT TV, sure you could probably rig something up to make it work but its pretty pointless unless your'e a hipster trying to show people how retro you are.

    • +1

      I'm looking forward to the next time this post comes around.

  • +1

    Great for making mashed potato

    • +2

      Great for making mashed iphone

      • Great for making any sort of mashed objects

    • and smashed eggs

  • +1

    Available batteries are so old they don't hold a charge for long any more. Just threw out a few of these.

  • +13

    Should I wait for the iPhone 7 or get this in meantime? Tempting

  • -8

    *** Burners!?! ***

    One man's trash…. doesn't take long to become a hipster's fortune.

    And the 3310 at that- gotta be the ugliest, certainly one of the most horrible Nokia feature phones!

  • +3

    This is the only thing Chuck Norris can't break.

    • it's a case of the unstoppalbe force meets the immovable object

  • Had one of these once. But, no matter how many times I swiped the screen I couldn't adjust the colour or open the web browser!

  • That's not a phone. This is a phone!
    Pulls out 3310

    • +1

      Please put that thing back in your pocket…

  • What's the warranty on this? Is it a grey import?

    • +3

      no, you'll get 5 years Australian Warranty

      • +4

        You don't need warranty for this phone, you need insurance for your house, car and kids…if this phone drops from your hand, you'll need to claim insurance on anything it falls on!

  • +1

    I think Stronghold Kingdoms are going for ironic with their Bleeding Edge graphics claim on the 3310 ;-)


    They claim there are 126 Million of these Nokias still out in the wild!

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