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"Olympics on 7" App (36 Channels) - Telstra Mobile Customers Get Free Premium Access (Save $19.95)


iPhone App
Android App

How to get premium access

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Select premium content (indicated with a padlock)
  • Confirm that you're a Telstra Mobile customer
  • Sign-up for an account via the app with your Facebook or Gmail login.
  • Finalise your Telstra free offer. You can do this automatically by being connected to the Telstra Mobile Network (you must turn off Wi-Fi to do this) on your mobile service. Alternatively, you can also login with your Telstra ID.
  • Enjoy free premium content on your mobile device or online here.

As a Telstra Mobile customer you can enjoy free premium access to every magic moment of Seven’s coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the ‘Olympics on 7’ App, available in August.

With ‘Olympics on 7’ premium access you’ll get:

  • Up to 36 dedicated channels
  • Live video streaming of every competition session from Rio 2016
  • Over 3000 hours of competition available in full and on-demand
  • Supplementary feeds for Golf and Sailing
  • 24/7 streaming of the Olympic Games News Channel
  • Highlights from every session
  • Interactive medal tally

  • The ‘Olympics on 7’ app is free to download for all Australians from the App Store or Google Play from August 1st to August 21st 2016.

  • Premium access is available to all Australians for a one-off fee of $19.95.

  • Telstra Mobile customers get premium access for free and will not be charged the one-off fee.

  • Data charges apply.

  • By providing your details, you are permitting us to contact you in relation to the Olympics on 7 App, until you unsubscribe from the updates. Please read our privacy statement before submitting your personal information to Telstra, for details of how we collect, secure, use and disclose your personal information.

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closed Comments

    • You just login with Telstra account online.

    • Not a text but uses the cellular network.

      • +1

        I can do. Or you just use you Telstra account on any wifi network.

  • I have a Telstra work Mbl, but no account details (and can't access them), also have an older Telstra account number, but no current Mbl with this account…is there any way to access the Premium content, especialy just with a Mbl number ?

  • +3

    I've can confirm this works with BOOST pre paid as that's on the Telstra network

  • Can I just buy a $2 Sim and associate it to my account?

    • I'm wondering this as well, but the prepaid would need to be charged up with a minimum amount to access the data service to activate the premium service I'm guessing? If so, what is the minimum recharge to get a tiny bit of data to activate the service? Looking at avoiding the $20 non-Telstra tax.

      • According to PainToad above you just need a Telstra account which should be available 24 hours after SIM activation.

        • Yep. I had a Telstra sim starter kit aitti g around. Activated it, added to my old Telstra account, signed into my Telstra account on the Seven site. Done.

          Never used, nor will I ever use, the actual sim.

  • How many seven apps can be authorised with the one telsta account? 2 person household but one bigpond account

  • Can anyone actually make the App even work? Crashes immediately on both my iPad and wife's iPhone.

    • Works on my iPhone 6S+ iOS 9.3.3.

  • All I'm getting when I try and watch a live sport is the loading screen saying "On your marks…"

  • Pre paid user here. Couldn't detect my account/sim using 4g. Logged in and said wasn't eligible for offer

    • I am also on prepaid and it works for me.

    • Same here, says "Sorry…you're not eligible"..
      I only got the $2 sim for free Foxtel (which I've had for 4 months now) and now I want my free Olympics!!

      • Free Foxtel?

  • Is anyone getting commentary with their streams? I've got the commentary box ticked, but I've yet to hear anything for all the events that I've watched through the app.

    • Some events have no commentary.

  • Just an update. I'm a Telstra ADSL2+ Customer, and the Seven app said I was not eligible. I registered a $2 SIM without recharging, linking it to my account Success! I then went and purchased an additional $2 SIM, created a new account, had to load the SIM into a spare phone to confirm my Telstra My Account ID, blah blah blah, and it's a Success! Get in while you can and grab those $2 SIMs, even if you aren't a Telstra customer.

    The $2 Olympics deal!

    My family now love me again. And geez the app is great; I love the Olympics!

  • iTunes version seems to be stable after today's update. Last night video streaming of the premium content kept freezing within 1 minute of opening any live feed. Not having this issue now :)

    The app however lacks AirPlay feature so cannot use with Apple TV. Have to watch on iPad.

    • +1

      I can AirPlay to an ATV 4 from iPad.

      Also, either I accidentally paid for it, or a Telstra broadband account is enough.

      • It wouldn't airplay from an iPhone to ATV4 last night haven't tried tonight as yet

      • ok it's working tonight iPhone airplay to AT4 bit buggy but got there eventually, BBCs implementation works better but I think that's because there's no ads which really seem to hangup Seven's version.

  • I'm using iPad Air 2 on Telstra 4G but can't get pass Telstra activation page. It just a blank black screen… Anyone having the same problem or know how to fix it?

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