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Eneloop Groupon Deals 8pk $24, 16pk $39, Charger & Family Pack $44, Charger & 2x Family Pack $69 + Shipping


Not as good as previous deals but it is current.

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, Eight
$51 list price - 53% off - Save $27 $24

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries with Charger, One Family Pack
$81 list price - 52% off - Save $42 $39

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, Sixteen
$102 list price - 57% off - Save $58 $44

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries with Charger, Two Family Packs
$162 list price - 57% off - Save $93 $69

Freight for me was $8.95 for a Family Pack

As always New customers can receive $10 off via BUY2DAY coupon with $49+ spend.

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    FYI The charger with the family pack is a basic one and likely is going to overcharge the batteries

    • Thanks.. its all I need.. Compact perfect for the few months of travelling that I need.

      My Aldi one is horrible.. I get errors on every second battery when I can start the charge on another cheapo charger and drop them onto the aldi one.

      • I recommend investing in a smart charger and buying eneloops individually if your new to eneloops.

        The $9 shipping kills the groupon deal:

        • 8 pack for $33 Delivered (compared to previous ozbargain deals between $10 - $20)
        • 16 pack for $48 Delivered
        • Family pack for $53 Delivered

        Cheaper on ebay for AAA

        • Be very careful buying Eneloops from eBay - there's a gigantic number of fakes on the market.

        • Aldi rechargeable batteries are pretty cheap. Just bought my first set of 4 ($6) a few weeks ago to use in a night light. It is now due for its first charge. See how it goes.

        • @amts: When I tried them they were garbage. So I suspect you get a little less, then u pay for.

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          I'm a newbie to Eneloop batteries. What 'smart charger' would you recommend for a basic setup of 2-4 AA batteries?

          EDIT: Never mind, I didn't notice your comment below.

    • what charger do you use/recommend?

        • Oooh that nitecore looks nice! (+$7.14 USD delivery for me)

          Product Information
          Batteries 1 AA batteries required.

        • Stupid question… Do you use a travel adaptor to plug into australian outlets?

        • what about the ikea one

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        You may want to consider also the MAHA Powerex MH-C9000. It doesn't come cheap tho….

        Haved it for the past 8 years, never missed a beat.

        You can arrive up to 2000mAh of charging current, with 100mA increase. Althoug probably for a LSD battery is still better going to 0.5C.

        Remember that with current value lower than 0.5C it will get harder for the charger to read the fill charge status (dV/dt less pronounced), therefore it may end up interrupting the charge for temperature of the cell.

  • Don't forget new account coupon BUY2DAY for $10 off if you spend $49+

  • Is anyone using them with a speedlight? Would get some for it but not sure how they would perform

    • They are fine, I use them with my Canon speedlight and aside from a capacity difference between these and lithium batteries the current draw doesn't cause problems until they are low. For the price take extras to your photoshoot.

      • Sweet this is the same reason I purchased mine. Except I needed mine for a Spot Messenger and it requires Lithium batteries due to the discharge curve..

        I needed something rechargeable as my trip will necessitate a small fortune of Lithiums.. and didn't have time for better deals to pop up here.

  • +2

    Plus shipping = no deal.

    • I got negged for saying the exact same thing lol

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    Very expensive, no deal here.
    PS; just noticed it did not even include delivery. What are we doing here? I bought the whole charger plus 4xAA or 4xAAA pack for 14.98 from deceased DICK store. Both of this and the Bingle store eneloop deals here are nonsense

    • DSE was going out of business, and is now out of business. Any deal comparisons with them aren't really valid anymore.

  • Old link is expired, new deal, but no 8 pack. Still have the family pack: