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Optus New Promotion Huawei P9+Huawei Watch from $52/Per Month


Just find this deal on the Optus website, and I believe it is really good price for some people want the watch and don't need much data daily.

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  • very good value if someone is looking to buy new phone, out of 1248 (52 X 24) ,phone & watch worth 1100
    Huawei P9 @ 700 & Huawei Watch @ around 400

  • If you are already an Optus customer and you are due an upgrade, they will give you a bonus 5GB of data per month if you are willing to change your phone number with this deal (essentially a new service)

    • Which value plan do you need to sign up to for the bonus 5gb of data per month?

      • just the one that is on offer. I was using the chat option and I just asked if there was an incentive for upgrading to the new offer

    • I was talking to them and they said you "If you are adding a new phone and plan to your current Optus mobile account, your will get 5GB bonus data for the second mobile for lifetime". How did you manage to get it on an existing number?

    • Tried it, failed. Two live chat peeps refused to budge, saying the bonus 5GB data is only for those already on post-paid adding another service on top.

  • whoever considering this has to be EXTREMELY careful with their data usage during their contracts. smartphone these days used quite a bit of data even those apps running at the backend.

    • Thanks pops

    • A fair point but 1gb a month is plenty for a smartphone user who isn't actively using a lot of data.

    • Even mums are sharing shit on facebook 24/7.

      I think that old argument of "I only use my phone for calls and texts" is dead. DEAD. Where it belongs. BABYBOOMER TRASH.

      $10 for an extra GB. That'll hit you after a handful of youtubes.

      • Extra data costs $10 per gb and you'll receive text messages when you're close to going over your monthly amount… it's not that bad.

  • wish my lg g4 didnt experience the reboot issues..

  • +1 vote

    Wouldn't you rather pay $650 for this phone off eBay and then pay it off on you credit card over 6 months. No 24 months crappy mobile plans.

  • I've got the watch, and while I haven't tried any other android watches I find it really good.

    No flat tyre, looks like a regular watch and has decent battery life.

  • The phone is selling for low $600's on ebay. The optus one can be advertised as 'OZZZZYYY STOOCK' and perhaps sells for mid 600's.

    The leather watch sells for low to mid 400's.

    Total best case scenario is $1,100 minus ebay fee's which could be around $40-50.

    That's actually a better deal then paying for the top end iphone and selling that for around 1,250 (minus optus $10 a month and ebay fees).

  • Will this get you EPL as well for free?

  • Heavy Data users please take into account you only get a gig out of this plan :) otherwise very good deal (i'm not a plan type of guy)

  • For ABN Holders: with the My Plan Business $45 plan you get 2 months free and 50 international minutes per month. So total cost is $1278. Slightly more ($1.25 per month), but may be worth it for the international minutes.

  • Seriously? Do you really needed a watch when you already had a smartphone


    I don't really trust them as a company.


  • I just singed it online. Please note if you're singing the new broadband with Optus, you could get extra $20 discount for the bundle. But if you are existing optus broadband client, you could get $10 discount for the boundle. (only 1 mobile number can get the discount).

  • Show me a sim only plan at 40 bucks that only has 1gb, what crap. We need to enforce transparency like the UK has

  • I played with one of these phones at a dedicated booth in Westfield. Very well built and snappy

  • $32 a month if you're already with optus broadband… And all the perks like 12 month upgrade and no termination fee is a plus.

    Specs say amoled but reviews say IPS so unsure with that.

  • Optus $40 phone plan has less data than $30 sim plan. perhaps it costs Optus almost nothing to offer this plan. I would interpret this plan as $50 for phone and $2 for plan for 24 months.

  • that phone has good specs - a whopping 4GB Ram?! and a 3000mHz battery. Not bad considering its a Taiwanese brand… I'm on a Samsung Galaxy s5 with Optus $40 a month. i signed up September last year. If this offer had been around then, I probably would've gone for it! But I couldnt' have waited till now to sign up for a phone.

    • HUAWEI is a CHINESE brand….Taiwan is not a country like tasmania

      • sorry I was thinking of HTC. It's not hard to get confused with those 2 brand names, is it? LOL and Tasmania is not a country whereas Taiwan IS a country.

  • If it were me, I'd go up a plan to the $65 and get the extra data.

    Get Premier League access too! Pity it's with the worst network in the country…. :(

  • Would have jump on this but already have a drawer full of discounted prepaid SIM cards I accumulated when they were on sale. Not keen to start a long term contract plan.

  • Did you guys received the watch? I received the phone without watch last week. Online chat with Optus and was told the watch will be posted out separately this week, but still nothing received yet.

    • Im the same as you mate, apparently it's "in the mail". Im just calling them now and apparently they ran out of stock so i missed out on the deal as it says while stocks last. I ordered on the 7th, so I doubt they sold 500 (they said they had 500 bonus watches) plans in the space of two days.

      Anyway, currently on hold asking to speak to a supervisor. I'll keep you posted if you like.

      I'd suggest you call too though!

      • I ordered on the same day. I followed with Optus couple of times and got different story. Someone said there will be another package of the watch to be sent out, but never received. There is another guy said they will send me a post return satchel. Once they received the returned one they will send me the bundle pack. I have to say Optus service is kind of shit! If it can't be sort out this week, I will have to cancel the order and return the phone. Totally waste of time!

        • Yeah I got the same thing. Apparently now theyre sending a return satchel and another phone with the watch? Theyve confused the hell out of me!

  • Ordered on the 14. And delivered on 20th. The individual boxes of the phone and watch are shrink wrapped together as a bundle pack.

    Thanks op

  • Watch is now sold out it appears