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Free $50 Dan Murphy's eBay Digital Gift Card with $150 Spend @ Dan Murphy’s eBay


Spend $150 or more (excluding postage) at Dan Murphy's eBay store and receive a $50 digital gift card on August 1. Gift card must be used by August 31, and can only be redeemed at Dan Murphy's eBay store. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). Only one digital gift card will be awarded per registered Australian eBay account. You will only be eligible for the offer if you have signed in to your eBay account prior to checkout. Any purchase made using guest checkout is excluded from this offer. Full T&Cs here.

Don't forget Cashrewards for a further 1.25% cashback…

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  • +1

    Can I use DM's ShipSmart on Ebay?

    • $50 digital gift card on August 1 for shopping on DM eBay store ONLY??
      Also does the $50 credit from previous $200 spend included in the $150 spend minimum???

      • not likely, as the conditions are that $150 must be spent via paypal.
        perhaps if you spent $200, used voucher for 50, then paypal the remaining 150 you would be eligible.

  • +6

    corker of a deal.

    • oh shit!

  • can you order a $150 dm gift card and qualify?

    • 3 Purchase of gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from this offer.

    • +1

      They dont sell them on eBay anyways

  • -3

    Guest check out?? Meaning we can't go through cashrewards???

    • +7

      Oh no.. whatever will we do without that $1.88 if buying the minimum $150…

    • What? You just need to log into eBay and not use the guest checkout. Cashrewards still works fine.

  • +6

    damn no Yamazaki

    • +4

      I prefer Kawasaki

  • +4

    Normal spirits (e.g. Jim Beam White Label) 700mL : $31

    Effective price thanks to deal: 5 bottles for $155 + 2 bottles for $12 = 7 for $167 = $24 each.

    Pretty sure that would count as lowest price for at least as long as I've been buying spirits!

    • +2

      Some of the prices are actually more than at Dans.com though.

      • +2

        And some are cheaper than the Dan's website. Cases of James squire are $52 vs $59.99

        • cool, thanks for that

        • @cheapy: and now all James squire cases have been removed. Bastards.

  • +2

    On another note, has anyone received their $50 voucher from that spend $200 promo they had at the end of June?

    I thought it was supposed to arrive on the 8th July but that's come and gone…

    • +2

      Just try C50MORE when you are checking out.

      • Please explain how this works. Can I use this with the OP's promo?

      • can anyone use this?

      • it is linked to your account, so does not work for anyone else

    • +2

      yes i got mine, look up any item over 50 bucks and then in the page you should see a "Pay only … "

      • Cool thanks! Will give that a go this arvo

    • +2

      Didn't get mine. So I called them and they said I did qualify but there is a problem with some accounts, and I will need to make a $50 purchase then call them to process a $50 refund manually. Dodgy pricks, I bet heaps of people will forget or not bother…..

  • And there is cases of beer with free shipping!! This is a pretty good deal.

    • +2

      Not free shipping even though it says so in the search page.
      Free Click and Collect… $7 shipping.

      • +1

        Bugger :( Feels slightly misleading then.

  • +4

    To clarify, the digital gift card is for Dans, not EBay.

    • +1

      That means you should be able to use the 50 dollar ebay voucher from the previous promo

    • hmmm lame. Thanks for this, almost jumped.

    • +1

      1.A digital gift card will be issued electronically on 1 August 2016 and must be redeemed before 23:59 (AEST) on 31 August 2016 (“Redemption Period”) at the Dan Murphy’s Store on www.ebay.com.au, after which time the cord on the card expires.

      What the ?

  • +1

    Does anybody know if this can be used in conjunction with groupon's $100 for $85 voucher? https://m.groupon.com.au/deals/ebay-au

    • not likely.
      T&C says you must pay $150 by paypal.

      • if the gift card is issued by DM to use on DM website, then i think it will work. if the gc is issued by ebay, then maybe not. i havent read the tc yet, but i wouldnt take this offer cause i dont drink alcohol :)

  • +3

    So you're essentially getting 26% off Dan Murphy's booze (cashrewards included).

    Standard CR is like 6% (varies from item to item) + 5% woolworths wish card.

    So this is about 15% better assuming prices are better and you're willing to buy $200 worth of alcohol (give or take)

    • 26% off is a very low discount for buying alcohol online. Recent AMEX cellarmaster deal + coupon is much much better.

      • +7

        Cellarmasters doesn't have as good prices or range though.

    • -1

      See above. Ebay not DM cashback and PP payment only.

      • Yeah that's noted.

        So you're buying $200 worth of booze for $150 i.e. 25% off. Plus 1% Cashrewards 26% off

        If you were buying straight from Dan Murphys you'd get 6% cashback and pay with 5% off wish card. So 11% off

        Difference is 15%

        • Ah, I get you. Also factor in $7 delivery on some ebay items. Why they have some C&C and others not is something only DM knows. Would have been enticing but I'll keep my money in my pocket

  • +1

    Trying to click and collect and I'm getting "The address specified in your cart is in a location that doesn'ot meet the seller's postage requirements. You can change the postage address in your cart and try adding this item again, or contact the seller to request an exemption."

    Anyone had this before? Doing my head in. I live 5 mins from the Dan's I'm trying to click and collect from.

    • +1

      Not all items have click and collect option. Found it out the hard way after adding all the stuff to cart and couldn't edit.

      Just filter on the left hand side for click and collect option. A LOT of items will disappear, unfortunately. However, the prices are quite similar to in store, so i just got the items that are available via click and collect.

    • +1

      I'm getting this message too, also 5 mins from Dan's. I even get it with items that are click and collect only, I give up.

    • Yep, same problem. Tried click and collect items only.

  • Did DM recently join eBay?

    • +2

      Member since October 2015 but don't think they've been selling for more than a few months as only have 1400 odd feedback

    • +8

      Ah, you need to purchase $150 at Dan Murphy's eBay store, not just anything on eBay…

  • SO you can't buy a slab (12 pack) of wine then? it needs to be 10 bottles at most?

    • +1

      Presumably a case would be 1 item, same for beer.

      • most of the wine is by the bottle. oh well I've sent them a message & will add here if I get a response.

        • +2

          Put "wine case" in the store search.


          Plenty listed, maybe not what you're looking for though. The beer I want is delivery only despite being widely available in store lol.

        • @Possumbly: Ooo good tip. that helps, I've found some nice drops there - thanks!

        • -1

          @Possumbly: When I checked that the other day it was $35 for a case of 6 yellowglen. Must've been a pricing error because it's $57 now :( I should've jumped on it

        • @Agret:

          Worst wine in Australia!

  • No cider :(

    • +2

      I thought that too but they messed up the categories. If you search for "Cider" they come up

  • +1

    Anyone else having problems combining figuring out how to combine multiple items into a single "cart" to achieve the $150 threshold?

  • Bloody ebay steals my money from the Groupon $85 for $100. I bought goods using the ebay voucher, then seller refunds the cost as the goods went missing thanks to Post office. Paypal then forward the refunds to eBay and they tefuse to issue a new voucher for the refunds amount! What can I do, please help.

    • +1

      I think you can use the voucher again. See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/3837447/redir

      • Thanks Jackofspade, so I am not the only one has that issue.

        Just check again, when I add few items to go over $100 and apply the Voucher, the message comes up: "You've entered this code too many times."

  • Anyone found any good deals on the ebay store? Most of the stuff seems to be RRP. The coupon makes it an okay, but everything I looked at has been cheaper with other ozbargain details.

    I rather wait for one of those, than get drawn into the coupon cycle.

    • Agreed. I found a few prices tracking much lower on Boozle.

  • Thanks Op. Stocked up on more booze!

  • +1

    Thanks TA. I got the Octomore 7.1 for $180 Click and collect and will put the $50 voucher to good use.

    • Great choice. I picked up a bottle of the new Ardbeg Dark Cove. It's good stuff!

  • :( NO VB beer at the Ebay store!

  • Good deal. Ebay store sucks though, wanted to get Nikka from the Barrel and Old Pulteney 12 but not even listed. Ended up getting Teeling Small Batch, Ardmore Legacy, anCnoc 12. Local stores saying no stock on ebay (but DM directly say they do) so now will drive 17Kms where they were all in stock.

  • Tight deal tightarse…. but my liver hates you.

  • Why is scotch the only spirit listed :(

  • Damn you dan murphys, I've still got my woolworths vouchers which I was going to use on booze

    • Because it's the only spirit worth drinking.

      • Apparently not, just bought vodka

  • Can someone confirm if this can be used in conjunction with the Groupon voucher then?

  • Quick question, is this only available via the ebay webpage or does it also work through the ebay app?

  • Vodka prices went up overnight, annoyingly, but still got an order in, so cheers. Hopefully there's no hassles receiving the voucher.

  • Has anyone tried St Agnes XO, Imperial?

    Thinking of buying this one to as it is from Australian wine maker and contribute to the Australian economy :)

  • Bought the $150 worth, drank it.

    Need more, if I spend another $150, do I get 2 gift cards on August 1?

    EDIT: The Gods of Ts&Cs said no:

    • Only 1 digital gift card will be awarded per registered Australian eBay account (and if applicable per registered Australian PayPal account).
  • ordered a case of "St Hallett Blackwell Shiraz" ebay is $182.10 dans website $182.10. pretty happy, hopefully the $50 voucher arrives in due course. been eyeing off some Henschke for awhile. voucher will bring the case cost down a bit

  • +1

    Is anyone else getting this error message?

    "These items are not available. They may have been purchased already, or the listings have expired."

    I have logged out and logged back in, even removed everything from my cart and added them back, and still keep getting this error!

    • Now I'm getting this error instead:

      "We noticed a problem. Please review: your items."

      And then on EVERY item:

      "The seller doesn't have that many left."

      Doesn't matter which store I select to pick up, I get the same error -_-

  • -1

    Did anyone get their $50 yet?

  • tomorrow?

  • +1

    Well, today is the day. I hope mine turns up and I don't have to muck about with ebay trying to convince them this offer actually existed and I qualified.

  • What's everyone's strategy? Spend it as soon as you get it, or hold out for a special deal?

    • As soon as I can find something I want that they have click and collect - that is the hardest bit. It is so volatile, and no way reflects the status on the website. They so often have it instore, and available online at DM for C&C, but not on ebay. I'd be happy enough if it was stuff I had to get posted anyhow like Southwark Stout, but they don't even list that on the ebay store.

  • +1

    Just received mine :)

    Now, can it be combined with the older generic $50 voucher I wonder.

    • Got mine too!

      Ugh, they have upped the price of a few of the things I've looked at, from yesterday.

    • Yep, got mine too. :)

  • +2

    I have not received mine. How did you guys get it, via email?

    • I didn't receive mine either, where I can follow this up?

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