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Sign up to Digital Catalogue to Receive 2x $25 Store Credits in Your First 6 Weeks (Min Spend $50) @ The Good Guys


New Offer From The Good Guys :)
Sign up to receive our digital catalogue & weekly deals to receive 2 x $25 store credits in your first 6 weeks. Store credits are issued after your 2nd and 5th catalogues and each require a $50 minimum spend.


One subscription per customer. To be eligible to receive 2 x $25 Store Credits the customer must opt in before 4th November 2016 to receive digital catalogues and all other marketing material from The Good Guys for a period of no less than 6 weeks. The first $25 Store Credit is earned after the customer receives their 2nd catalogue communication via email. The second $25 Store Credit is earned when the customer receives their 5th catalogue. Each Store Credit requires a minimum purchase of $50. If both Store Credits are used in the same transaction the minimum spend requirement is therefore $100. Customers are free to unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing before the 2nd catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for any Store Credits. Unsubscribing before the 5th catalogue forfeits the customer’s claim for the final Store Credit. Any Store Credits issued expire in 14 days. All Store Credits are for a single use and cannot be redeemed for cash, gift cards, ITunes cards or agency brands including Miele, Asko, Neff, Jennair, AEG, and Falcon.

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    • yep mine still not working

      • ok nvm giftcard worked

  • -1

    Received the code for $25 credit through sms, how do we use it ? is it only online or in-store ?anyone else received sms ?

    • See earlier comment click proceed to checkout and enter it as a gift card with no pin and it should work

    • You are the first. Tell us how you go.

  • What is the cheapest item? I want to buy something that is $49.

  • Checkout keeps crashing.

  • minimum buy is 50$

  • +3

    Added two items into cart that was more than $100. Had two codes from two different SMS, proceeded to checkout and entered both codes at gift card with no pin individually. Total was reduced by $50, and payed remaining by Paypal. Happy Days, and just got the email saying Order Received ;)

    • Great news. Thanks

  • $28 for two omo 4L good?

    • +2

      good for cleaning up turds

  • +2

    Bought a sandwich press for $34. Now all I need is buy some bread.

  • +2

    Code worked good, bought Chromecast2, Thanks OP

    • Good news! Your order is now ready for pick up

  • All good now using gift card checkout
    Bought Logitech MX Master for $73

  • Bought chromecast2

  • Thanks OP, worked

  • -3

    If anybody signed up with 2 mobile numbers use the two codes.
    $50 discount… Chromesact2 comes to $8

    • +4

      Isnt it min $100 spend if two vouchers?

    • +1

      you being legit?

  • never mind

  • +1

    Can it be multiple items or does it have to be 1 item above $50 per coupon?

  • You could potentially get an MX Master mouse for $50 if you have two numbers set up to receive codes. Just add a $2 item and use both codes.

  • Code works. Bought Chromecast 2 for $33.

  • One more upvote to 666, LOL

    • +1

      A devilish good deal

  • +6

    Looks like we all got our vouchers ;)

    • Hi can we go into the store and use the code?

      • Sorry m8 don't know the answer, ask Good guys FB & They will be able to tell you

      • yes you can.

  • Not sure if already mentioned, the codes are stackable. Minimum spend would increase accordingly

    • It's in the original post.

  • Ready for pickup.
    Got call from GG

  • What bs, I entered my code at checkout and it comes up as having $0.00 value

    Anyone know their online support team number?

  • +3

    Is anyone else struggling to get past the reCAPTCHA step. It successfully ticks that I'm not a robot (affirmative, I am a human) but then keeps on asking me to click on the reCAPTCHA. Multiply browsers/IPs etc same error.

  • I just received my first $25 store credit via SMS.

  • So apparently you can stack week 2 voucher with week 5 voucher, enabling you to $50 off a $100 purchase. Problem is there is a 21 day gap in between these vouchers yet week 2 voucher expires after 14 days. Am i missing something???

    • Just read some comments above. Apologies. Apparently you need to have 2 subscriptions under a different name (hence using 2 'week 2' vouches, which goes against T&C's although may work.

  • WOW, Door to Door Delivery cost $35 on a small appliance. It was $9.95 a few months ago before this promotion. The store credit is pretty much useless unless you pickup in store.

  • anyone not received their code yet? I registered on 2 phones, but only 1 has arrived.

  • Sweet :)

  • Order placed today using first $25 voucher (total of my goods were $50.85 which was handy). But because there are no click and collect stores in Newcastle, I had to pay $8 for postage. Still saved a bit but not as much.

    • +1

      I just click and collected a chromecast2 from kotara

  • Is it just me or does the invoices say the price before the discount?

    • same for me, we paid the full price with $25 gift card

  • +5

    ok for anyone that is not working.

    the LCSCxxxx code is not pormotion code !!!

    if you want to pay with paypal here is the step

    1, add the item
    2, go to your cart, and choose if you want delivery or pick up !
    3, "proceed to check out" the big green button (even if you want to use paypal, you can do so at next step !!)
    4, now keep proceeding to next step, dont be afraid, you havent entered your payment detail yet, so by clicking next step, your order will not be placed yet. (make sure tick the box at the bottom )
    5, now pull down the gift card field, i think you know what to do now. leave the pin blank.

    thanks me later.

    • Thanks mate. Was wondering how to use the bloody code!

  • Does the code work on their eBay store too, or just their online store?
    I think they are having an eBay sale soon, I'm wondering if it's worth waiting until then. I want to get a Fitbit.

    • +3

      I can't imagine eBay would accept a Good Guys gift card as a valid payment method…

      • that is amzing to know. but i really cant think of anything i want to buy atm…….

  • +1

    Hi guys, I found a really good bargain if someone is after an A3 printer. EPSON WF-7620 is 329. I have 2 vouchers from 2 mobiles, bring the cost down to 279 then combined with 100$ cashback from EPSON, hence $179 for an A3 Printer. I would say its a bargain haha. Correct me if I am wrong.
    *Edit: cashback excludes from thegoodguy :(

  • Have anyone tried and succeeded with two different accounts having same mobile number and received code twise?

    • +1

      No, I signed up 3 accounts w/ 3 email addresses right at the start - if someone mentioned separate mobile numbers back then, I missed it ;( Just got the one code /sigh

      • did you get rest of the codes yet?? i got my first code but i tried with the second email it worked but i just saw this comment. i think i lost my 2nd code i guess. :(

        • I did get my 2nd code, and bought stuff I really did not NEED on the last day before it expired ($8 shipping for 7 day delivery is bad, but pick up was not an option on what I wanted)

        • @Cheapkiwi: Same with mine… pick up was not in options..they are saying its last piece (display item) but only box was on display…

  • Anyone willing to trade with me their 1st store credit (for catalogue arriving 23rd of August) and I'll return the same favour when the 2nd store credit arrives?

  • If anyone is not planning to use their code, would you be kind enough to give it to me. I will return the favour once my code arrives.

    • Same here….

  • -1
    Merged from Good guys codes not working ?

    Just wondering , I try using the code they sent me via sms and it doesn't work , eBay or online , anyone else had issues using them.

    I called a store and they told me to call online store which I can't find anywhere on there web page as they suggested.

    • You enter the code as a gift voucher on the second checkout page, not a promo code on the first page..

  • +2

    Boom, Chromecast purchased for $8 with 2 separate mobile phones.

    • Picked it up, all I need to work out what to get next time, ha-ha.

  • Thanks

  • If anyone not using their code, would you please mind sharing your code?

  • Bought sandwich press for $9 (used 2 vouchers) :) hooray hehe

  • Anyone not using their code? happy to take it off your hands, thanks.

  • Would anyone like to swap codes with me? I'll swap my next code for your current code. There's something i want on special currently :o

  • If anyone's got a spare code, can you please PM me. I also want to get something from the current catalogue. Thanks heaps!

  • Anyone willing to give me their current code for my later code? would like to stack 2x now.

  • If you're like me and want to buy something worth $49.95 but be able to use the voucher, the cheapest (useful) thing I found in store was a $2 Boost SIM card - it even has an easy to remember number.

    • +1

      I was able to purchase a $45 sandwich toaster for $20. On the payment screen I entered the code as a gift card. This reduced the payment to $20 which I paid with paypal, and was accepted.

  • Anyone want to swap codes for my next code? Need something now. Thanks.

  • Has anyone not received their codes?

    • Haven't received mine.

  • I just get the SMS with the $25 code, but its not working on the TGG site, it said invalid… anyone having the same issue?

    • +1

      Use it as gift card not promo code. That's where you enter it.

  • +1

    Signed up 2 mobiles. Bought a breville slow cooker ($99) for $49 click and collect after the 2 vouchers.

    Remember it is NOT promo code. The code goes right at the end at the payment page as a gift card.

  • Anyone not using the code pls message me

  • Does anyone have a code that they are't gonna use? I need one in addition to the one I got. Please PM me if so. I am gonna receive another one but I need to buy something urgently and can't wait till I get the next one. Thanks!

  • My wife received hers and used it in store. I'm still waiting for mine.

  • Anyone not using there code? I would like to use it tonight! Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone able to loan me a code until i get another one

  • Anyone still waiting for their code?

  • Anyone can loan me their code until I receive mine? There's something I want on special til tomorrow.

  • I got the code, selected $51 worth of goods online and it says the code in invalid?


    • Oops, fixed it, it goes in at the end as a gift card

      All good.

  • Does anyone know if good guys sell itunes vouchers?

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