This was posted 5 years 9 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optus 12 Months Sim Only Plan for $40/Month: 10GB Data, Unlimited Local Calls and SMS


Optus sim only plan 12 months. Unlimited calls, text and 10gb data + Up to 300 minutes international calls to selected countries. Minimum cost $480.

10% discount for students.

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    wow, that's pretty good from optus… and with 10g… might be worth buying iphone outright rather than getting a plan…

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      I was under the impression it's always been cheaper buying a phone outright than going on a plan?

      • That is true now. But two to three years ago the sim only plans for heavy users with flagship phones weren't significantly different to a 24 month contract, even when purchasing grey imports.

        Those purchasing low-mid level phones and/or requiring small-medium plans were always better off though buying outright.

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    OP, please re-word the title, at the moment it reads like you get 12 months for $40 total cost.

    Edit: I see you fixed it. Thanks.

  • no more data share SIMs on these plans unfortunately :( otherwise its a great deal. im on the old $40 per month 10gb plan with 4 data share sims, not sure what i'll do when my 12 months is up (and it goes back to $60) :(

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      I spoke to customer service and they said that it is what it is until you cancel it. I took a screen shot of it!

      • I was told that data share sims were being force migrated onto paid monthly plans (eg. minimum $10 a month). You have to either switch to a paid plan or the sim in cancelled.

        No timing for the migration was given, but apparently letters have started to go out (probably being sent out first to users who are no longer on plans that have data share sims in the CIS, and/or don't actively use the data share sim).

        Not sure whether this is BS (just what a CS rep told me, but she seemed to be in the dark herself about what was going on) and timing/circumstances for migration, but some people on whirlpool have confirmed that they have received the letter.

    • The offer page is very clear that data pooling is available on these plans

      • Data pooling of monthly paid services, yes, but optus are no longer offering the data share sims (once off payment of $5, with no ongoing monthly fees).

        xyron is talking about the data share sims, not data pooling.

    • Already better plans out there. So there is ABSOLUTELY NO doubt there will be other plans in 12 months time. In fact, there is almost 100% guarantee that there will be a better plan from Optus in the next 12 months than this plan. So relax.

  • I went on this plan 8 months ago so it has been around. Pretty sure the deal was posted on OB at the time. You get $10 off if you have optus broadband which further sweeten the deal.

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    There is also 10% off this and other plans for students

    And $20 off broadband for mobile signups

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    Optus keep re-doing this deal which is great. I'm still on the TPG $10 month deal that was posted ages ago, my plan expires next month and I'm tossing up between this Optus 10gb or the new OVO 8gb for $35.

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    Don't forget if you sign up before August 22, you will get the EPL included with your plan.

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      What is EPL?

      • English premier league

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        Given you don't know what it is, it's probably of no benefit to you though :P

  • For those who have one of these plans can you please advise if you pay a flagfall for calls when using the included minutes for approved international destinations?

  • I dont see any flagfall charges on my bill for IDD calls.

  • $10/month off when bundled with home phone and internet?

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      • Whoa, so potentially it could be $18/month?

        ($40/month - $20/month) x 10% off = $18/month

        • You get $10 off your mobile bill and $20 off your home internet bill if you have them at the same billing address. Also Optus calculates the student discount from the $40 so it's actually $26/month for mobile (which is what I pay). The services don't need to be in the same billing name for the $10 discount, but they do for the $20 discount

        • @adam15911: So essentially it'll cost me $10/month extra if I want to add this plan on top of my home phone/internet bundle?

        • @ronnknee: Pretty much. AFAIK you can claim both of those discounts from Optus, but you might want to double check that with them as I don't claim the $20 discount because the internet isn't in my name

        • @adam15911: Okay thanks. That'd be heaps good if they stack.

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    Does this come with access to the EPL? Or still $15 for that?

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      EPL if you subscribe by August 22 as stated above

  • Waiting for 15gb for $50 month, month to month post paid deal then will jump from Virgin 10gb/$40 post paid month to month current deal.

  • I'm currently with Virgin, only have ~20 days left of my contract however I don't wanna miss this deal and also port my number over. Would I just be charged any extras from Virgin for porting my number over? Or just charged for my normal bill? Thx

  • Not quite as good as the 15GB for $50 a month promotion they currently have

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      not everyone uses more than 10gb though

  • Virgin have the same deal but with no contract (new numbers only)

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    Optus data network is not good on the train lines. I might as well go for Telstra with less data.

    • Is Telstra any better?

      • Previously I was with Amaysim (Optus) and now I'm with Telstra. It feels the same (just as congested).

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        Telstra is definitely better than Optus

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          While Telstra is not what it use to be it still has the better coverage.

  • Anyone has a UNIDAYS code they don't need?

  • Daughter is on this deal when it first came around, many months ago. I joined eith my 500mb and we pool.

    I just got 64gb iPhone SE for daughter from Optus (and new number for missus) for $57 on 1gb 24 month plan with 5gb extra when pooled. Thats 6gb and only $17 more than this deal, making a +$800 phone half priced.

    If you can pool, the 5gb extra might be a better deal if you are after a new phone as well?

  • I'm thinking about jumping on this plan but I've got 2 months left on my Vodafone contract once that's over will I be able to port my number over to Optus? Also will there be fees by doing that as well?

    Thanks guys!

  • Anyone currently on Optus mobile plan??? I am & I can't wait to get off it - 5 more months to go! What's the point of having a massive data plan but poor download speed? Try out for yourself.

    • I guess it depends where you are. Our household was on Optus 3G tethered by Samsung Galaxy S3 for 3 years with no issues. 600-800kbits download was not any issue :)

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    I recently signed up to this with the $40 8gb plan last week. Any way I can get the bonus 2gb data applied to my account? Live chat on the optus website said no which seems unreasonable to me.

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      A mobile plan is almost like signing a fixed rate for mortgage repayments; if you sign and the next deal becomes worse, then you did wel. If you sign and the next deal becomes better, then that's unlucky.

      What happened if it became $40 for 6GB? I'm sure, in that situation, switching you would be considered unreasonable, not failing to switch you.

      That's simply how it works with contracts. But the typical ozbargain way is to call and complain until they give you what you want, so maybe try that.

  • I can't work out how to buy this. Using the My Account page I can only pick the $35 plan with 1.5GB data and with the sale page I can only order a new SIM.

    Has anyone worked out how to buy it if you're already on a month to month SIM only?

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