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20% off Selected Retailers on eBay (PC Byte, Telstra, Sony, Grays Online, Betta, COTD, Shopping Square, Futu, Dell + More)


To search for items via participating CHOICE20 stores only: Scroll down to the search box via the main link and click 'search the sale'.

See all CHOICE20 individual deals here


Aleratec, Amcal, Anaconda, Aus Electronics Direct, Bargene E-store
Betta Home Living, Bit Deals, Bookshop123, Brandname Shoes, Catch of the Day
Citizen Watches Aus Outlet Store, City Beach, Clearance Outlet, CSD Bikes Outdoors, Culture Kings
Custom Home Theater Solutions, dealsonbrands, Dell, Deluxe Home Delight, DFO Apparel, Fitness Junky Aus
Flora Livings, Futu Online, Got Stock Australia, Grays Online, Gruffa Sports
Hard to Find, Hero Products World, Infiniti Game, Irontanks Gym Fitness, Jeanswest
k.g.electronic, K-Sports, lapy_king, Laser, Linus Bike Australia, MAD Electronics Australia, mademoiselle_su0125
Mighty Ape, Milan Direct, Mr. Fresh, On Top Energy, Outbax Camping
Oz Vintage Co, PC Byte, Phone Inc, Real Strike Lures, Ringside Australia
Ryderwear Direct, Scholastic Tech Clearance Store, Shoebox Shoes, Shopping Square, Simply Best Prices
Sony, Styloptics, Sunglasses Deals, Sunglasses on Sale, Swift Bargain
Telstra, The Shooting Zone, Top Jeans Co, tshirtink, US Sports Down Under
Vapora, Xcentric Mobiles, Your Home Depot, Zanui

Maximum discount $1000, Excludes Gift Cards + Postage, 3 Transactions Per Person

Terms and conditions

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2016.

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  • +1

    holy yes please give us good stores

    • +66

      holy yes please don't let them jack up their prices just before this sale begins

      • tru dat ;)

      • Let's say the deal is confirmed.

        Can we buy now but pay later? (to avoid sellers jacking up prices)

        • +3

          ?? It'd just say "the seller has updated their listing" in your cart.

        • No, you enter the coupon code at checkout so you won't get the discount without it or prior to the code being active.
          Best chance is to get in early as they'll generally let sales finish at set times or after (x) number of sales and adjust the pricing then.

        • +1


          True, we should consider time from now to the deal going live as homework

      • +13

        It's pretty easy to check this. Find the item you want, click on the red text "123 sold" to see the purchase history.

        E.g. Proof that futu-online jacked the price of the R7000 by $90 2 weeks ago.
        Proof pc-byte jacked the D7800 by $100 in the last couple of weeks.

        They are not going to do this a few days beforehand, it would be too obvious.

        Source: Mate manages a big retailer's online sales channel; eBay tells them weeks in advance a sale is happening. You can't do siht because the ACL doesn't cover "coupon codes" that apply a % discount. Technically you don't have to apply it so anyone can raise their prices whenever they want.

        • +3

          He should also know then that ebay don't cover the whole discount… Part of it is also paid by the retailer.

        • @Spackbace:
          Majority of it is, yes.

  • +33

    Landing Page

    Participating stores:

    Aus Electronics Direct
    Bargene E-store
    Betta Home Living
    Bit Deals
    Brandname Shoes
    Catch of the Day
    Citizen Watches Aus Outlet Store
    City Beach
    Clearance Outlet
    CSD Bikes Outdoors
    Culture Kings
    Custom Home Theater Solutions
    Deluxe Home Delight
    DFO Apparel
    Fitness Junky Aus
    Flora Livings
    Futu Online
    Got Stock Australia
    Grays Online
    Gruffa Sports
    Hard to Find
    Hero Products World
    Infiniti Game
    Irontanks Gym Fitness
    Linus Bike Australia
    MAD Electronics Australia
    Mighty Ape
    Milan Direct
    Mr. Fresh
    On Top Energy
    Outbax Camping
    Oz Vintage Co
    PC Byte
    Phone Inc
    Real Strike Lures
    Ringside Australia
    Ryderwear Direct
    Scholastic Tech Clearance Store
    Shoebox Shoes
    Shopping Square
    Simply Best Prices
    Sunglasses Deals
    Sunglasses on Sale
    Swift Bargain
    The Shooting Zone
    Top Jeans Co
    US Sports Down Under
    Xcentric Mobiles
    Your Home Depot

  • +6

    Nice job op, now we can add stuff to the cart tonight and brace for the price increases tomorrow before 10am.

  • +9

    Start caching Futu, Shopping Square and Grays prices now ;)

    • Yes. and you can expect dozen of posts about GTX 1070……

      • Can't find any of these stores selling a rx 480. Shame.

      • +4

        All the 1070s are over $850. Even with 20% off that's ~$50 more than local stores and ~$100 more than importing.…
        $865 and 174 sold. No wonder prices are high here. There's no need to lower them when people are willing to pay this much.

    • +1

      Lol Grays is currently on the CELLAR discount code, works store wide even though it's only meant to be in wine & spirits.

    • i got myself a 2016 LG 65" 4k LG tv for $1919…

      • +3

        Just fyi

        • +4

          You just had to spoil it, didn't you?

        • i know it is :)

      • i just got my new 65" LG 65UH652T UHD 4k HDR 2016 model tv from them
        Took 2 days for delivery.. super quick and great TV :) looks like a new product.. have no idea how to tell if its refurbished because its like opening a new tv with all the plastic strip stickers all over it that protect the shell from micro scratches as well as sealed accessories and stand all in a never opened sealed LG tv box.

        This is the second time ive had an LG refurbished TV from grays come in and it was Brand New! last one was a 65" 2015 65UF850T 4k Passive 3D TV.. never in a million years would you think its a refurbished product.. I've seen some other "NEW" products come out of the box looking less like a new product then this!

    • jackity jack, jack jack.

      Jack be nimble,
      Jack be quick,
      Jack jump over
      The candlestick

      gotta jack em all!

      • +5

        You do your jacking in your own time please!

      • Ok, so you know Jack.

  • +3

    Damn no Peters of Kensington. Already found another item I want though, thanks heaps OP!

  • +1

    Is there link to search sale?

    • +40
      • +1

        Legend !

      • +1

        Is there a way to search for an item from those sellers? I am using my phone and couldn't figure out how to add a keyword to search for an item while retaining the sellers attribute.

        • +2

          Scroll to bottom of page and click classic site. Same as requesting desktop via browser settings.

        • @d1s34s3d:

  • +7

    Was banking on TGG

    • Same

  • Anyone got it working? Just tried it for Culture Kings and it doesn't work.

    • +2

      16–28 Aug Tomorrow

  • +1

    3 eBay deals in 1 Day!

    • what were the other 2?

      • +2

        CELLAR, NEW20 (Targeted)

  • +3

    Wish dcxperts was in there.
    Would have gone silly on some sigma lenses.
    Picked up one off them in the last 10% sale.
    Shipped same day I bought it and received next day.

    Will go through the other participants tonight.

    • Agreed!

    • Any good deals you found for Sony lenses? I couldn't find any sadly

      • Didn't look at any sony sorry mate.
        But there's not much there lens wise by the looks of things.

        Last couple of deals I bought from ryda-online (Nikon 200-500mm) and Ted's (d500) but they're both not there this time.

        Was hoping to pick up the sigma 20mm and maybe the 24-35.

        They're producing some top quality glass lately.

        • Saw the A7RII but it seems that they have replaced it with the mark I but they still kept the prices. Any chances I can get them to put it back up ? I have a screenshot of my previous cart

        • Went to look at the SS - looks like they removed the listing as I was saving my basket. Sucks

  • +3

    Wanted masters to be in there

  • I've been waiting for this deal for weeks :D

  • Bummer can't use my $50 voucher code on this.

  • +1

    Have been waiting for a deal like this since months. /s

  • +2

    Is there a start date for this one?

    Just attempted with something from Futu, and it was indicating this code wasn't quite ready yet.

    • +2

      Tomorrow at 10am

      • +1

        Thanks, didn't see in the deal details, and couldn't access the T&C's
        May however be caused by after work blindness.

        • +1

          Sometimes it's easy to miss the most obvious thing mate.

    • +1

      tomorrow 10am

    • +4
  • looking into getting Intel i5 6600k. Which seller can I buy from with this 20% code?

  • +4

    Heres a possible bargain, Futu online samsung 850 evo.

    Samsung 850 EVO

    250GB : $149 : $119.20
    500GB : $235 : $188
    1TB : $479 : $383.20

    Reasonably good deal for an ssd plus you get an australian 5 year warranty.

    Got the zapal deal for maybe $10 cheaper but no aussie warranty :(

    • +2

      The Samsung 850 EVO 500GB is $225 ($180) at PC Byte. I believe the rest of the SSD's are the same price between the two.

    • I got zapal 250gb after paypal fees without cashback for $101 or so.

  • +1

    Thanx Noc :)

  • +3

    $663 ($829 listed) GTX 1070 Gigabyte G1 gaming @ PC.byte, saving this for tomorrow in case it's still a decent price :-)…

    • Meant to reply earlier to say they didn't jack up their prices, so I rewarded them with my business! Now I can stop clicking all these 1070 posts only to see it's bargains from amazon with no warranty :-)

  • +4

    I was looking for a wine rack but stumbled upon this beauty. Only holds 6 bottles but is sure to make an impression :)

  • Has anyone ever had any success using "Make an Offer" in conjunction with these 20% deals? Is it even possible?

    For the retailers that don't jack the prices way up (who would likely tell you to get stuffed), but are a little on the high side for an item, I wonder if there's any chance you could Make an Offer with a note that x retailers are selling at y price, and if they accept, then tack on the 20%? Perhaps an item costs $950-$1000 at a bunch of retailers, but a seller has it for $1100. Sure, 20% off makes it under $900, but would it be worth trying a Make an Offer for $1000, then smash on the 20% and get it for $800.

    Anyone know if it's possible? Or just unlikely? Or am I OzBargaining too hard?

    • Id be afraid to miss out, like eBay cancelling the sale or seller selling out while waiting the seller to reapond to your request ;)

      Last sale i was thubking way too long to buy or bot buy a monitor, it eventually sold out. But found a better one after that so it did not hurt after all :)

      But theres a lot of eBay sales going on this year, on man!

      • Yeah, I wouldn't try it for something I had my heart set on, but if you were on the fence about something, could be worth a crack. I assume if your price is accepted, you can still apply the coupon…

        • Im sure the coupon would work. I see no reason why it wouldnt.

    • the code starts tomorrow 10am

    • its in bold text. Hasn't started yet. Possible start 10AM 16/8. ;)

      • Even for some people, having it in bold never helps;)

  • +1

    Futu 1070 more expensive than last sale. Why am I not surprised.

    • +1

      Just get from amazon in next sale

      • +1

        I already bought at start of last sale for 670 from them. By their current price now it will be 692 this time. Pcbyte dropped a little though, not to say they won't push it up tomorrow.

  • +2

    Hunting a laptop,any suggestions.

    Ideally 13inch and light weight.

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