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IKEA Ladda Rechargeable 4xAA for $8.99 (2450mAh, LSD) - Free IKEA Family Membership Required (excludes SA and WA)


These are highly suspected to be the Fujitsu FDK/Eneloop Pros. 4 for $8.99 is an incredible price for these quality batteries.

Links about them being the same: - review by battery expert HKJ, he says they have the same discharge curve

Many people have bought them on BLF and given positive feedback.

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  • Is this the normal price or are they on special?

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      $8.99 is the IKEA FAMILY price, otherwise normal is $9.99

    • $1 off… Must be IKEA FAMILY member…

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      They're rebranded eneloop pros? Testing to the same capacity and the same discharge curve across different discharging rates…

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          It doesn't say that on the link.

          I'd take independent test data over a statement any day.

      • Aren't the Pros labeled as 2550 mAh instead of 2450? And the AAA are 950, not 1000.

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      Any evidence of their 'quality' ?

      It's all provided if you read the information but seeing as you haven't been able to find any bargains at a Masters store it's no surprise you can't see.

      How about you actually provide some proof that these are not quality batteries instead of posting negative comments all the time?

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    The white caps and made in Japan are good signs, assuming they're the same as the ones in the forums.

    Great price if they are indeed re-badged Eneloops.

  • Can anyone figure out the part number and country of origin?

    It seems amazon basics are more likely to be the Eneloop re-branded battery based on feedback. They also share the similar part/model number: HR-3UTHA-AMZN

    It's a bit more expensive than yours (ikea) but I would think amazon's have a better chance of being Eneloop. They are made in Japan of course so it should perform better than CHINA ones.

    However, we shouldn't underestimate the MADE IN CHINA version even if I personally still prefer Japan version.

    • They are rebadged eneloop pro batteries

      • I think we have more choice nowadays.

        I purchased 2 packs of 8-AA Amazon Basics battery last month. I use them on my voice recorder, 2 flashes. They are really great!

        IF the ikea LADDA is re-branded Eneloop Pro (I hope we can figure this one out first), I wouldn't hesitate to buy some. The only catch is, they (LADDA / Amazon Basics) look ugly - who cares as a real OZbargainer!

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          They're batteries, given that you don't see them 99% of the time, who cares what they look like. People are used to colourful marketing bs for a product that doesn't need it.

    • They say made in japan on them they are FDk cells.

  • Someone with a slr flash should try them, to see if they really perform,
    as this is what the pro's were designed for
    High power use devices

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      I use these batteries on my canon speedlites and they're pretty good. I get round 50, if not more full powered flashes out of a charge

      Never used eneloop pros so can't compare

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        i got at least 100 shots on full power on my younguno with BK-3MCCA version battery. eneloops.

    • I've yet to test these on my Yongnuo 560-IV units, but I've cycled these on my LiitoKala smart charger. Discharge, charge, then measure. Straight out of the packaging measurements:
      Batt 1. 1.52V 2787mAh
      Batt 2. 1.51V 2766mAh

      Took three hours to complete with 1000mA juice.

      My Maha C-9000 is still busy refresh-analysing the other two.

      • The voltages seem a bit high, I take it those are the values at the end of the charge cycle. What does the voltage settle to after at least an hours rest after charging?

        Is the stated capacity above the discharge capacity or charge capacity? If it is charge capacity, then it doesn't really give you a clear picture of how well the battery stores energy (it could just be very good at converting it to heat). If it is discharge capacity then the cells are either much better than rated or your test equipment is faulty.

        BTW: Optimal charging rate for NiMH seems to be about 0.2C, so in the case of the LADDA batteries, your best bet would be 500mA

        • I set it to 1A since its 2450 * .5C = 1250A, but I put the second set on Maha at the normal C at 1000 and D at 500 (I think)

          Anyway here are the resting Volts on the multimeter:


          Batt 1. 1.435V
          Batt 2. 1.436V


          Batt 3. & 4. 1.461V

          Edit: unlike the Maha the Lii-500 is a non-pulse charger if that matters.

      • Maha C-9000 Refresh & Analyse
        Batt 1. 2313mAh
        Batt 2. 2278mAh

        1.4 something Volts

        • The 1.43-1.46V values look a lot more plausible for a freshly charged battery.

          Also, the Maha capacities look more realistic.

          Does any of your equipment have proper ISO/JIS battery test mode? ie. 16-hour low current charge, 1hr rest, discharge? The discharge capacity from that test should give you the real battery capacity as measured by the industry.

        • @peteru:

          I agree. The Maha is still can't be beat for analyzing Ni-MH, but shame it can't charge lithium batteries. The Lii-500 otoh is a good all rounder Review. They are pretty good for just $38, I wished I'd known about these before I bought the C-9000 ($99).

        • @doorknob:

          The SkyRC MC-3000 charger may have to be the next item for you then. It costs a fair bit more than $38, but you do get a very sophisticated piece of equipment for your dollar. It is a multi-chemistry charger and it'll do pretty much anything that is cylindrical and rechargeable. You can use it with a PC and collect detailed performance characteristics, including charge and discharge graphs. Or you can use the iOS and Bluetooth apps. Of course, it works just fine as a stand alone appliance as well.

          I use the NC-2500, which is just NiCd and NiMH chemistry and only iOS and Android apps (no PC software), but otherwise it's still a damn impressive charger that leaves the Maha behind.

          Both chargers have Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port that you can use to keep your portable device charged.

          I happen to take batteries fairly seriously, hence my posts in this thread about not just blindly trusting some random posts asserting that these are rebadged Eneloop Pros. They may well have been on par with Eneloops when originally released in Europe, but that does not mean that the Australian market will have the same product months or years later.

          It's great to see that you are actually verifying the performance of each cell.

  • Has anyone seen Eneloops with such variable user reports as the Amazon "rebranded Eneloops"? Dpoesn't suggest to me that they are the same batteries.

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    I take we actually have to pick up in store at IKEA - or do they deliver?

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      They deliver, but charge handsomely for the privilege.

      • I wouldn't trust the services either, I've had problems where they don't deliver the whole order and then refuse to take responsibility for it. (i.e. charge you for the item, and not deliver. ) If you do decide to use the service, make sure you check everything before they leave.

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          I purchased some Ladda batteries last week, the packaging clearly shows NiMH and Made in Japan.

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          I thought the purpose of forums such as these, and specifically the comments, were to share experiences and information to the benefit of other people. This is especially true if the website information is simple (at best) as is the case with Ikeas'. If this information is no benefit to you, feel free to ignore and move on with your life :)

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          IKEA accept change of mind return anytime for the life of your membership. Return them anytime if you are not happy.
          That's even better than ALDI.

          you have to suffer a visit to one. Assuming you go into that much trouble…

          IKEA starts to employ bikies?

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    Does Ikea do delivery?

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    99% same as enloop pro, even if its not, they would be from same manufacturer.

  • M… possible that these are the eneloops that failed the QC process? Just like Intel rebadge their CPU to lower spec if not perform as designed?

    • I wonder that too. These could be Eneloop pros that didn't quite reach the target parameters.

      or they could just have been manufactured to be rebranded

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        I wonder that too. These could be Eneloop pros that didn't quite reach the target parameters.

        So why do they perform the same?

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        White-label products don't get re-branded. They aren't Eneloops before they change to another brand.

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      M… possible that these are the eneloops that failed the QC process? Just like Intel rebadge their CPU to lower spec if not perform as designed?

      These are batteries not CPUs, they don't have low yields like you're suggesting and not in the volumes required to supply Amazon and IKEA.

      Nearly all the CPUs that fail testing are discarded not rebadged.

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        Yes. People get hung up on brand, where its made etc. The only 2 things that matter are quality control/integrity of the battery and the quality of the chemical composition of the battery. And price. 3 things.

        • Not so much on branding. More of assurance on quality.

  • i think i'll pick up some of these (along with the $40 charger / storage case) for my telescope..

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      Thanks for letting us know, I was only just wondering if you were going to get any for your telescope.

  • Perth price $10.95

  • for those who do care about brand and happy with just getting some low price rechargeable batteries.

    woolies are selling the Chevron brand 4 x AA or AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries at half price $3.50 each save $3.50 now.

    didn't post as big w was doing $3 but expired deal.

    • +1

      I have some chevrons in my Wii controllers. They last well.

      I'd recommend aldi rechargeable batteries. Low self discharge. Should test mine for capacity.

  • They are also selling the charger down to $15 from $20
    Can anyone suggest if the charger is value for money ?

    • Yep the charger is worth buying, its fast and does a good job.

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      Looks like an unbranded eneloop charger because it is white. Must be eneloop

      • Ziggactly!

      • Could be Apple. They also make white chargers.

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          Not apple. An apple charger would only take weird proprietary batteries, which would cost 5 times the price of eneloops. And would have a new model released every 6 months.

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          @altomic: you didnt get peteru's point. Lol

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      They also have 12 individual channels with display for $40.
      Will give it a try. Can return them anyway if it's not right.

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    Rapture tastes so sweeeeeet….
    Ladda,,,,, ladda ladda ladda

  • How about the ladda AAA 900? Are they good deal?

    • Same battery as the Eneloop pro, 900mAH AAA's. So yes.

  • Orrr … you could buy Hobby King LSD for $1.50 each.

    They're better than Eneloops.

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      Better than these/eneloop pro's? source?

    • $1.5 each and $20 shipping?

  • How many/what types of AA devices do oz-bargainers have? I only have TV remotes, and mouse, which use one or two for around 6 months without change. I swear eneloop deals are up everyday, so people must have different use cases to me, interested in what they are.

    • +3

      Kid's lead to kid's toy's leads to an exponential growth in the amount of batteries required. But many just collect for no known reason.

      • bingo!!!

    • I use them for my camera flashes (2 sets in the flashes, plus 2-3 sets as spare). Also in the Dymo Label Maker at home, XBOX Controllers, some battery powered Xmas/outdoor lights….

    • torches..torches and more torches …

  • Can u use eneloop charger for charging these batteries? Or have to buy thier charger?

    • An Eneloop charger would be fine. Depending on what one you have, their's might be better for your batteries but your's will still charge them ok.

  • Don't eneloop pros have a really low cycle count? So effective cost per charge is really high compared to regular eneloops. Don't see it as being worth it for an extra 500mah of capacity.

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    I hope they are nothing like these green Ladda ones from this post . Bought some and they were rubbish, some high impedance, some won't fully charge.

    • Agree, those green Ladda's were terrible. Given these are twice the price I'd hope they are better quality, but I'll pass till some decent reviews come out.

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