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Xiaomi Yi Dome 720P Smart WiFi IP Camera $56.43 US (~$74.52 AU), w/ 32GB microSD $64.99 US (~$85.83 AU) @ Geekbuying


Xiaomi backed Yi Technology have released their latest smart WiFi camera with several new features and improvements over the previous Xiaoyi cameras.

Features include a pan-tilt function to provide complete 360° coverage, motion detection, enhanced night vision, two-way audio and the ability to store up to 8 preconfigured positions. Everything is controllable via the app for Android and iOS with the ability to store up to 80 hours of continuous footage on a 32GB micro SD card.

The camera can be purchased on its own or with a Kingston 32GB MicroSD card & adapter.

Features & Specfications

  • 345° Horizontal & 115° Vertical Rotation range creates complete 360° coverage
  • 8 Presets to bookmark your favorite locations
  • Monitor your home on your own terms with the Yi Home App for iOS and Android
  • 10-second motion tracking alerts - track and capture every movement with clear details
  • Quick and versatile installation - place Yi where it suits you best. Hang it on the wall or mount to the the ceiling.
  • Local and Cloud (to be available) storage - 32GB micro SD can hold up to 80 hours of continuos footage
  • Two-way audio with the ability to take quick snapshots and record video
  • Enhanced night vision - 8 built-in 940nm (non-invasive) infrared LEDs allows you to see details in the dark up to 3 meters with zero glare
  • Dimensionss: 110mm (H) x 93mm (L) x 93mm (W)
  • Weight: 230g
  • Connection: WiFi 2.4GHz

Checkout a video review here

Comparsion between Yi Home, Yi Home 2 and Yi Dome

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  • +1

    Are you able to post some sample videos taken by this IP camera and upload to Youtude?

  • How is this powered?

    • +2

      5v 1amp MicroUSB

    • Micro USB.

      • If only there is some sort of way to power these devices without cable…

        Even a yearly battery would be great. Or solar powered.

        • It's an indoor cam, don't expect solar powered, but that doesn't mean you can't buy a separate solar panel and custom connect to it if you know how to.

          Batter to last one year? You might need those battery from a Toyota Prius to power it for one whole year :D

        • +2


          Batter to last one year? You might need those battery from a Toyota Prius to power it for one whole year :D

          You could probably piggyback many Xiaomi power banks off each other to achieve this ;) I wouldn't recommend it though.

        • @Clear: Yeah you will have both the camera and battery bank stolen, if you try to use it outdoors.

  • +1

    Hi Reps, what is the different with this one (which one better?) http://www.geekbuying.com/item/xiaomi-MIJIA-Dome-Home-Camera...

    • That one is FHD (1080P), the one is only HD (720P).

    • +1

      Yi offers a more wide viewing angle due to the Dome shaped lens, but the MIJIA is 1080p.

  • +4

    The full HD version is pretty good. Check the video here.

    ● 1080P Resolution: 1080P resolution captures you clear images
    ● 4X Zoom: Simply double-click to activate the 4x optical digital zoom to focus on small details
    ● LDC professional lens for anti-distortion
    ● Built-in 6 glass lens group which have a better optical performance when in poor light conditions
    ● 10 LEDs IR lights, provides the night vision
    ● Two Way Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way remote dialogue
    ● 360 Degrees Panorama: 360 degrees panorama brings a sense of immersive screen
    ● Extended 32G Micro SD Card: Playback at anytime, in addition to real-time viewing, it can insert a micro SD card up to 32G memory
    ● Compatible with Android 4.0 and above, with iOS 7.0 and above


    • +1
      • Can one device control 2x smart IP cameras at the same time?

        • Two cameras simultaneously? No.

        • What about an option to select cam1 and cam2 on one android phone/tablet?

        • @PW: Yes. It uses the Xiaomi Smart Home app and it'll list your devices.

        • +1

          Are you able to give me a coupon code for the 1080p version?

          Buy 2 for US$120 shipped.

        • +9

          @PW: Sure. I'll ask GB for a code.

        • Thanks mate!

        • +1

          Can i have the code as well, i need 2 of 1080p version. cheers mate

        • @Clear: can I have code for 1080p version too? I will buy 2 for each 720p and 1080p. ( office and home )

        • +1

          @Clear: Can i have the code for the 1080p version as well, I will probably buy two for 1080p thanks (two for home)

        • +1

          @Clear: would love a code for 2 as well please. thanks heaps!

        • +1

          @Clear: I would also like an special for 2 of the 1080s, thank u!

        • +1

          Would like a code also pls.

        • Wow, that's super cheap if you can get that deal. o_O

          Two 1080p for US $120!

          Any luck getting the code, the cheapest I could find was ~73USD couriered.

        • +1

          is this a global version too?

        • @Clear: code pls

        • @Clear: code pls

        • I would also like a code please for the 2x 1080p cameras
          Thanks :)

        • @Clear: code pls

        • @Clear: Hi Clear. Can I have the code for 1080P too. Thanks

        • @Clear:
          any code for the 1080p model?

          edit: just saw you update.

        • +1


          Yeah original price was 79.99.

      • would love a code too please! :)

      • Me too please

      • Does this come via courier? That's not cheap compared to other channels.

        I can get the FHD version delivered via courier for 72.43 USD, equiv 95.65 AUD

        • Where at?

        • -1


          Can you please give us the coupon code by today?

          Make sure it comes with an English instruction manual.


        • +1

          @PW: Staff that are able to create coupons don't work on Sunday unfortunately.

        • @Clear:

          Ok, will wait until tomorrow. Thanks!

        • @Clear:
          Code please

        • @Clear:
          Are they able to yet?

        • Just ordered one of the 1080p version from another store for US$75.56 and shipped via TOLL express.

          I have to get some Chinese friends to translate the Simplified Chinese manual to English.

  • was this one made for use outside China?

    • +3

      Yes. It's the global version so the packaging, app etc. are all in English.

      • So can you be sure that it won't be locked out like the other Yi Camera was?

        • +1

          Yes. They now have global versions of all of their other products including the original action camera.

        • @Clear: nice thanks for the clarify. Time to add stuff to the yeelight bulb i have!

  • +2

    I've wasted countless hours trying to get the $35 Yi Home camera I bought last year to work.
    Do these things still require the convoluted set up that is all in Chinese??

    • +1

      No. This is the global version and it's all in English.

    • just make sure to use the chinese mi home app to get it to pair

    • I went through the same thins heh but (once you work it out) its simple just download the Chinese version of the android app not the one in the app store. its mostly in English anyway…works no worries.

  • +2

    Any deal on just the Yi Home Camera? non 1080 version

    cheaper, would like to setup a couple of those around the house.

    • Still trying to catch that pesky babysitter out, huh?

  • Hi Rep,
    Will this camera accept 64/128GB micro SD cards?
    Accordingly holding 160/240 hours of recording?

    • +1

      Officially it accepts 32GB. I'll check with GB to see if it'll accept larger.

  • Is there an option for Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

    • No Ethernet in the camera.

    • Is that because where you wish to point the camera is far from the wireless router? You could use PoE and a wireless router to achieve this.

  • +1

    Any ones suitable for use outside ??

    • Unfortunately the Xiaomi cameras are not suitable for outside use.

      • -1

        Update the title OP to say it is for indoor use only.

  • Does it come with a Au plug electical plug?

    • No. Since it's powered by micro USB, any phone/tablet power adapter will do.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if these are compatible with Synology? Failing that are they ONVIF?

    • Also interested to know this

  • Hmm, anyone know if tinyCam Monitor works with this?

    • I like to know if it works with IP Cam Viewer?

  • From what ive read, it only can be used with the Xiaomi p and doesnt support RTSP so cant be used with third party apps.

    • Oh really..

  • Is this Onvif compatible?

  • can i install it outside the house?

    • This is indoor cam but you can install it outside the house, just don't expose it to rain.

  • If this detected a baby's cry, I would definitely buy this. Unfortunately the closest one is the Home Camera 2 which is double the cost.

  • Is this camera compatible with synology surveillance station?

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    I have had a successful track and payment for both GeekBuying and Everbuying within six weeks total elapsed time.

  • +2

    Has anyone found an independent (rather than Xiaomi ad/Geekbuying informercial) review anywhere?

    • Do a search on YouTube. There are a few there.

      • +2

        It was quite tricky to locate a decent video that wasn't independent or infomercialish.

        Here's one from OSReviews I'd recommend adding to the post details. It goes for almost 10mins and
        gives a great insight into the Xiaomi Yi Dome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s412iEbVqoQ

  • Any good for baby monitoring?

    • +1

      I just watched mine grow up. Didn't use a security camera

  • +1

    Would like a code also pls for two 1080p?

  • This is the old model.

    I'm pretty sure they only sell the 1080p in the official store now…

    Why did Clear write up that this is the latest technology…

    "Xiaomi backed Yi Technology have released their latest smart WiFi camera with several new features and improvements over the previous Xiaoyi cameras."


    • Pretty sure it isn't. There are now there cams one 720p normal, one 1080p and now this Dome version. Thankfully apparently this one is the global version so should be ok to work

    • Xiaomi don't make all of their products so they rely on other companies that they either own or have backed to do it for them.

      This is the latest camera from Yi Technology/Xiaoyi who made all of the previous cameras. The one you linked is from MIJIA which is their latest product.

      There are several differences. The Yi has wider viewing angles due to the dome lens and it has a mounting kit for the walls and ceiling.

  • Is it battery operated or it need to be plugged in all the time? If battery operated, how long does it last?

    • These are all main powered. Not meant to be portable and battery powered.

  • Does this need to connect to a network to work or can it function stand alone, as a 'hot spot'?

  • A pity this doesn't work on 5 GHz.

  • +1

    can this record to a NAS or computer?

  • are there any deals on this product of yours?

    International Version Xiaomi Yi II Wi-Fi 4K 2.19" Sports Action Camera

  • Newbie question - Would this camera, or the 1080P version, be suitable for broadcasting live shows on the internet with high quality?

    • +1

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is designed to transmit video over wifi only, the microUSB can't be plugged into a computer & be recognised as a webcam, so if you just want to transmit to a couple friends, then yes, but if you mean streaming on twitch or youtube, then I would say no.

  • +1

    Hi, interested in the 1080p version…

    With the motion detection, can it message a picture when it alerts?

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