This was posted 5 years 10 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AirAsia Mega Sale MEL/SYD/OOL to KUL $252 Return Feb - Oct 2017



A lot of other destinations available via KUL.

Other highlights for me are Fly-Thru fares to Tehran for $580 for MEL/SYD/OOL return or $299 one way. If you wanted to continue to Europe there's flights for around $100 from Tehran to UK/France/Russia/Greece etc.

- Advanced booking required.
- Fares are not available during embargo period.
- MEGA SALE booking period: 5 September 2016 - 11 September 2016.
- Travel from 6 Feb - 28 Oct 2017

Tickets usually go on sale 2am AEST.

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  • How Do I book MEL/SYD/OOL to KUL $149
    KUL to MEL/SYD/OOL $103 ? I am trying return Melbourne to KUL from FEB 10 to 2 March but the fares are high.

    • +3

      Booking period 5th september

      • My bad, was still asleep lol thanks for correcting

        • +2

          I missed it too. I don't know the year at times let alone the date.

  • Any dates suggestions for MEL/SYD/OOL to KUL $252 Return?

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      Noskich, I tried very hard for the whole month of July, 17 from Mel. to K.L. but failed to get one for $252.00. There are however some during month of August, 17.

      • Thank you kindly.

        • July, and especially 'Early July' usually seems to be a high season with AA. and August usually is a low season. Avoiding travel on Fri, Sat, Sun, & Mon, will also usually get you a better result too.

  • +1

    Have anyone used their BIG account for early access ? It doesn't work on my account despite me having points on it

    • meh, me too.

    • Same here tried first thing this morning have points but only get 'whoops you need 1 point or more'

    • -2

      I tried at 2.15am
      Waste of time, as is most of the AA Big Sales these days

      • It starts tomorrow.

        • Just have a look at the AirAsia front page, it says 4th September for BIG members priority sale

          Edit: Also, there are free seats available which is bookable. I only found really short sectors though.. like KUL-SIN, KUL-JHB and so on.

    • +1

      Waste of time, only shows flights with points, and no way of seeing 'free' seats. Only have 3000 points and the cheapest fare I saw was about 4000+ points.

      • Agree, couldn't see any free flights

        • Yeah, the "free tickets" were a bit of a waste time. Only select flights under 2 hours and really not much difference to other specials once you pay the tax. Got KUL- Penang for 9MYR and there were flights to Ho Chi Minh for 35MYR.

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    Anyone know if they exclude peak times like easter?

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      If you book a long long way in advance you can often get peak times at great prices. Otherwise often dearer - EG Early July and Early Oct. and Xmas.

  • Tehran huh.

    Official advice:
    High degree of Caution.

    • Argo f*** yourself!

    • +4

      Tehran is very safe. We went there on a holiday earlier this year and it was amazing.

      • Tehran is very safe. We went there on a holiday earlier this year and it was amazing.

        Australian Govt. Travel Advisory people don't agree with you I guess.

        Maybe things can change very quickly around there.

        • +5

          Most people only buy one way there

        • I would take any western governments travel advisory with a grain of salt. My advice would be to go there now before Hillary Clinton becomes POTUS as based on her public comments, she is chomping at the bit to get in there and destroy the joint.

          Exercise caution wherever you are in the world but Iranian people will welcome you into their country with open arms and a warm smile.

        • That's mostly politics, which as a tourist you don't really notice - as long as you stay away from the borders with Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan. :)

    • +8

      Iran is awesome. Only problem is since new laws earlier this year, you'll lose US ESTA visa waiver if you visit Iran meaning you'll have to apply for a visa each time you visit. Annoying and time consuming especially if you visit the US often.

      • +1

        This is a big shame. Visiting Iran is on the list but getting a visa everytime you go into the US is a pain in the arse.

  • What are peoples opinions of AirAsia? I know my parents would never fly them, but are people generally fine with going on an airline with a shoddy safety history?

    • +1

      They have been great for me with my holiday travels around south east Asia for the past 6 years.

    • +2

      I did the Mel>kul yesterday, my first time with Air Asia on this route. Previously have flown this route with Emirates economy, Malaysia Air economy and business. The seat width seemed narrower than others economy services but otherwise was fine. Cheap and good food choices (very cheap to pre book), much better food choices than the Jetstar flights I've been on to Japan. No usb ports for charging.

      I wouldn't hesitate to go with Air Asia again based on this experience, even if stuck in a middle seat next to other random people. It is a no frills carrier, but the service was good.

    • +3

      You will get there
      But at the expense of comfort and you are travelling with the povo of povo's.

      It's a LCC, what else would you expect.
      The price is the trap
      You can fly the same leg with a full service airline for double the price.
      Chioce is yours.

      Personally, i find their meals nice, Service is friendly, Seats are hard as concrete, leg room is ok if you are under 5'8"
      But if you are 6'2" 100kg Aussie…. Its 7 hours of pain until you can get out of there.
      Flights are generally fully booked, so there is little hope of seat jumping, but it can be done.

      Saying that, i have flown from Melb > KL Return for $240 3 years ago and i only booked it 2 weeks before flying
      Since then its been around $300 return.

      • Cheers guys for the responses. The price is so good, I'm sure I can put up with a couple hours of being a sardine

      • +3

        Lol I wouldn't say you're travelling with the povo of povo's! I'm sure many of us using AAX can afford first class tickets on any airline but wouldn't bother paying premium prices, I personally wouldn't from SYD-KL as I consider that to be a reasonably short flight. I rather use my cash for accommodation and shopping!!

      • I have flown AirAsia a number of times and Jetstar. My last flight from KUL to SYD was heaven, i had a whole row of seats to lay down on. my flight was maybe 1/2 full the staff encouraged you to jump seats so you could have a row to lay on.

        I however like Jetstar more for my Thailand flights as it's a direct flight, you can play music for free and you can take your own food on board, with Airasia you can not and there is no usb charging on the plane.

        • +1

          I have been taking my own food to AA flights with no issues. they do have it in their t&cs about outside food are not allowed but they haven't enforced that on me during my flights.

    • +2

      you get what you pay for, it's no-frills and the flights to KL are operated by AirAsia X which doesn't have a "shoddy safety history".

      • Part of the same Air Asia group though. Sleep with dog, get flea.

    • +2

      What shoddy safety history? As far as I can recall, Air Asia X (who fly the Australia-Malaysia route) have had no problems.

      However, it was Air Asia Indonesia that had the crash a year or so ago. Different company, though granted, still connected with the wider Air Asia group. I wouldn't fly with any Indonesian airline anyway, their aviation authorities are not known for enforcing safety compliance. Even Garuda has been banned from a few countries, and only now just getting their operating certificates back for some destinations.

      Whilst not a fan of LCC's, I have travelled on Air Asia X, and Air Asia a number of times. It is not a fun journey, but when you have budget constraints and a unquenchable desire to travel, needs must. My last few flights, I paid extra to travel in the quiet zone, to get away from screaming babies etc. Last September, I had almost the whole zone to myself, only a few other passengers, so getting a block of 3 seats was easy. It is not always so of course. The flight home to Melbourne was jam packed full, and it was awful. Food is not that good unfortunately. Even though you are not supposed to take your own food, I take a few things like dried fruit, nuts etc, and keep it out of sight. The flight crew are not always walking the aisles. It's only a 7 hour flight, have something to eat at the airport before you leave, put a small snack in your bag, and just buy a drink or two.

      It is worth noting that their seat pitch is 32" and Qantas is only 31". Even so, the discomfort level on both Air Asia and Qantas is on a par. I hate flying Qantas with a vengeance now. My last flight home from London some years ago was one of the worst I have ever had, and it was a brand new A380.

      It is tolerable if you just zone out, so to speak. Last trip, I had a 6 hour TV series to watch on my tablet. Solved the problem easily.

      If you can afford it, and they have sales, Air Asia X Premium is good. Not a fully lie flat bed, but for a night flight it is far more comfortable. Back in the days, I flew KL to London in Air Asia Premium for about $399, and I managed to sleep, something I find very hard on a plane.

    • +1

      Have used them from their launch more than 10 years and fabulous for the price.

    • I fine with them as long as I bring my own food, have a pair of Bose QC25s ready to go and tap in the duty free on the flight to KL.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thinking of booking this, with onward return flights to Cambodia.

    Are the flight times likely to change?

    Whats the best way to overnight at KUL, and cheap?

    • +2

      With AirAsia, although I like their value for money, they do sometimes change flight scheduled times
      Re accommodation:-
      Cheap KUL = Airbnb. (lots not far from airport)
      Most convenient = Sama Sama Express at the Airport terminal.

    • Have you been to KL before? If not then it might be worth staying in the city rather than near the airport (just stay for 2 nights so you can see something and he you don't need to arrive in Cambodia too late). You can get a single room in a hostel for less than $15 (cheaper than most airbnbs) or go for the cheapest dorm beds for ~$5 if you just need somewhere to crash and have no standards! Every time I go to Kuala Lumpur the hostels have been dead and boring, perfect for a (relatively) good night's sleep. There were only 4 of us in a 24 bed dorm. I think I've had the best sleep in those pitch-black windowless rooms though.

      This time around I'm not bothering with the city for one of my overnighters since I booked a morning domestic flight (I usually wouldn't do that for international connections though). I booked the cheapest room near Salak Tinggi station nearby (, RM4.90), Lepak Guesthouse on for a promo price of $15, which offers free shuttles from that station (though I don't trust these so-called free shuttles ever operating nor do I find it easy to contact them when you're ready to go). It's a 30 minute walk from the station or a < RM10 taxi ride (if you trust taxis, they are my world-wide nemesis).

      • I don't trust taxis in Malaysia. Been ripped off too many times.

        • Use Uber. Ìt is so cheap it feels wrong and you'll want to tip driver. I took an uber recently from bukit bintang to KL Sentral to move hotels and it cost 9rm or 3AUD.

        • @Bullion78: GrabTaxi/GrabCar even better

        • @davohatcher:

          Yep agree! Used in bali and brilliant service.

        • *tip driver.. isn't that anti-OZB T&C's?

      • I've only transitted through.

        But since this would be for mid-2017, it is probably wise to spend a couple nights, at least on one end of the trip.

        Need a room with a private bathroom.


  • For BIG redemptions from zero BIG points (But hefty taxes and booking fees) :-
    Log into your BIG program. Then go to MY BIG POINTS. Then click on REDEEM FLIGHTS.
    I was able to get 'points plus ~$A 7' each way Dmk to Phuket including taxes and booking fees.

    • I'm so confused.

      How does that work? You need the points to begin with, right? To book mel-kul return I need 98,000 points and $125? How can it let you do that with zero points?

      • +1

        The sale is "from" zero points. So you have to put in your trip details and see how many points they want for that particular itinerary. Unlikely that you will pick up any Mel-Kul zero points trips I am afraid. I was able to get zero point trips Bangkok to Leoi.

  • I need one way from Europe, but it seems they don't fly to Europe. How do you Europe prices?

    • +3

      They stopped flying to London and Paris a few years ago, as the economics didn't work for them.

      However, they are getting ready to start over. They are planning a KL to Barcelona flight via Istanbul. Initial chatter was that it would start on October 30th, but those flights have now vanished out of the GDS. Methinks they are still waiting on approvals from the Malaysian, Turkish and Spainish aviation authorities.

      Air Asia also have 10 A350 aircraft on order, and I seem to recall that they were due to get the first one late this year, but that may have been pushed back, due to their financial woes last year. Tony said that once they got the new planes, Europe would become a better economic proposition for them, as they have lower running costs, and are more fuel efficient.

      Scoot are also planning Europe, with flights to Athens from Singapore, due to start in June 2017.

    • +2

      Scoot is great value for $420 from Syd/Mel to Athens if it's post June next year.

      Otherwise two separate tickets, eg. Jetstar to Bangkok and Norwegian to Europe.

      Failing that STA Travel usually has the best one way deals, even more so if you're 30 or under or a full time student.

      • Thanks! So far Scoot only has special from Australia but not the other way around, so I'll bide my time.

  • Can points be out towards flights ?. Could I cash in 5000 points for example and get a $50 discount ?

  • Wonder why fares for Bali are so much more expensive than KL in this sale.

    • They've shut down Syd,mel,ool flights to Bali. If you go via KL it costs more

    • Because you're flying onward from KL so it costs extra :)

  • Only saw one free flight from KL to Hong Kong. :(

    • stupid me didn't think about this, maybe it has all been redeemed using $0 Big Points. But don't be so disappointed, for all who is looking for flight to HK and has VN visa, it is cheaper to book KL-HKG with Vietnam Airlines.

      I also don't understand how they price it but it is ridiculously cheap (~ $151 AUD all in) with meal + 30kgs luggage for 4 flights. The catch is overnight stay in either SGN or Hanoi which will require you to have VN visa.

      This is the exploit if you want cheap flights from KUL to either HKG/NRT/Seoul, check out VN Airlines. Their ticket is quite cheap flying out from KL, even cheaper than those who fly from SGN despite extra flight from KL. It is even cheaper than Airasia $0 sale fare if you add meal and 30kg luggage

      You can also earn qualifying status flight toward your VN Golden Lotus Miles frequent flyer. Their program is crap except the Honolulu-LAX redemption.

  • Hey, I'm wondering what your experience with AirAsia is like? I bought a flight and purchased baggage for around $100(20kg the only minimum they have). I regret it because I realised you could pretty much bring a carry-on baggage with you that's around 10kg for free. I want a refund on baggage and wondering if it's possible.

    • No chance of a refund on baggage only that I know of.

      • Agreed. ABSOLUTELY No chance of a refund, AND if departing from Sydney they nearly always weigh 'carry on' at check in counter IF you have no checked baggage, and so you would not get away with 10 kg

        • I've flown with them twice out of Sydney in the last 18 months and not had my hand luggage weighed at all. None of the people in front of me during bag drop off were weighed either.

        • @nafe: My experience is that I fly out about 8 - 9 times per year, and 'almost' every time I have had my hand luggage weighed. My impression is that this is because I have no checked baggage. But I am happy for this, because, for example, it is a nightmare flying out of DMK. The Chinese departing there have carry-on that obviously should be 'checked baggage' and getting yours into an overhead locker is tough. Also there is a safety issue with all of these very big and heavy bags being above your heads.

    • +1

      I'd say you'd be unlikely to get a refund. I believe they "pre-select" checked in baggage so you could try and argue that you didn't want it if you've only just booked. I find carry-on is fine for a couple of weeks in SE Asia.

  • "If you wanted to continue to Europe there's flights for around $100 from Tehran to UK/France/Russia/Greece etc." Can someone link me or something because I can't find them. Thanks! c:

    • Really depends where and when you want to go.

      SkyScanner is quite easy if you are just looking for cheap fares.

  • So I'm logged into my BIG account now and can see the routes which are zero points (pay taxes etc) but will these still be available after 2am, that is, can I book these in conjunction with the sale starting tomorrow? so confused :S

    • I think so. If you look at the fares available in this special, the ones that are zero points are also priced at $4(eg. tax only) for domestic and similar tax amount for other countries/states.

      You can probably also assume that the flights with the lowest points(eg 19,000 from Melbourne/17,000 from Sydney) are likely to be the $149 ones.

  • AU$555 return for 2 Gold Coast - KL during Easter. Bargain.

    • What dates was that? I'm looking over Easter but can't find anything under 400+ each :(

      • April 15-30. Booked at 7.30am aest.

        • Thanks, I'm jealous of the cheaper fare from GC! Enjoy!

  • In case anyone is interested in 'around and about' Thailand, there are some 290 Thb. (~$A 12) fares (Plus booking fees) available between Pattaya and Chiang Mai.

  • AAaaaargh - just got stung, learn from my mistake!!

    Woke up super-early this morning to book flights for a family holiday. Couldn't get any cheap flights over June/July school holidays, but some frantic checking revealed cheapie flights over the Easter school holidays.

    Booked quickly. Yelled triumphantly. Danced around the kitchen. Then discovered I'd looked at the Easter 2016 school holiday dates, not 2017…

    Changed flights to 2017 school holiday dates (managed to get same flight costs), but of course hit with change fees. Still cheap, but not the super-bargain they were initially. First world problem, will get over it, but bit annoyed with myself…

    • Surpised that it is possible to book for dates that has lapsed. Easter 2016 is long past. You shouldn't have been able to book it, maybe you should have asked the change fee to be waived.

      Edit: Unless you meant 2017 and 2018?

      • +1

        No. I meant that I'd looked at the date & month for Easter 2016, not 2017. So I thought it was 24/3 - 10/4, but should have been 30/3 - 18/4. :-)

  • I was looking for july school holidays too but no cheap flights then for some reason. Most disappointed. In the past i had found they didnt block off school holidays

    • +1

      Booked July 2017 school holidays in June 2016.

    • Yes I agree. I am sure that there was not such a problem when booking sale fares 9 - 12 months ahead. I think that they might have caught up with the rest of the airline industry :((

  • Why arent they honest like jetstar and say deal runs upto start of school hols and starts again day after it finishes :)

    • +1

      because school hols fares were on sale last mega sale

  • Even september school 2017 school hols not available. No other sale would have covered those dates

    • +1

      what you on about?

      all of 2017 school holidays are covered in this sale, including April, July, September

      Jan 2017 had openings last megasale

      there are many airlines that don't do sales at all for peak dates, airasia is not one of them. Especially not if you get in early - very cheap fares are possible even for xmas holiday dates.

      no idea what dates you are looking at as I see plenty of availability

  • Some great bargains here all around the place.
    Also some great increases to get up to sale prices. We have been looking at one way form Melbourne to Beijing for a while. It was $239 one way almost any date yesterday. However, now, the cheapest is $325. So almost a $100 increase for the sale. It will go back down when the sale finishes.
    It is funny when travelling with an infant on some of the $12 flights. The infant is more expensive than an adult.
    Still, some good deals to some good places.

    • to be fair, there are plenty of $230 outgoing almost every few days. A significant amount of $189 return fares still available (not rare, scattered throughout all dates) and even more 206, 209 returns.

    • And you can just book the return leg and the outbound later.

  • I retracted my +1 for this sale. I will not give it a negative as I do believe there are some good prices, just not for my circumstances.

    I was looking at flights in March to fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka and the flights were roughly $398 each way, and cost only and extra ~$120 for the Premium Flex fare (I need food, luggage and flexibility) total of $520. With the sale prices, the flights have come down to the fantastic sale price of $230, but the Premium Flex is now an extra $315. Making it worse.

    I am now looking at booking with Malaysia/Etihad/Singapore Airlines for $450 per flight which gives inflight entertainment, more food/drinks, and space.

    • Premium Flex does not offer any flexibility (if you even try to change your dates, you will virtually have to pay full price of another flight, thus negating any point of flex whatsoever). Do not ever book premium flex. The meal costs are negligible (when meals are 3-5 AUD) and the 20kg luggage is way less than the increase. Everything else is BS.

      In fact you can claim back airport taxes (less $50 processing fee) if you don't happen to make the flight with normal sale fares (can even do things like not book baggage yet even though you don't get the initial booking discount), thus granting even more flexibility than if you were to do Premium Flex. This is especially effective with multiple guests going to more discounted destinations (with a bigger proportion of tax) such as KL.

      In regards to space, the pitch is identical and the 1 inch width, although nice, isn't a dealbreaker. More food/drinks is not true as you can book the hell out of AirAsia meals at extremely cheap prices with the cheaper fare costs, quality is usually higher on MH but down to preference and the exact meal.

      So you're looking at saving an average of $300-400 return, which might be bearable if you are just one person. However, as you start to travel with partner, family, friends that quickly becomes $700 savings, $1100 savings. Those savings can be used to live the high life at your destination. The only real advantage is the 1 inch width (and entertainment), but then again you can also pay for better seats on AA (or optiontown to flatbed, empty seat) while still being cheaper than MH.

      I am no AirAsia advocate but just stating the facts.

  • Got my SYD-KUL return for about $252, then also chucked in a return from KUL to Ho Chi Minh for another $45 woohoo !

  • Should I book tickets to Osaka through this sale or wait for a 2 for 1? We'd be booking at least 12 hour layovers to break the flight.

    • I watch AirAsia pretty closely, and I do not recall ever seeing an AirAsia 2 for 1 sale.

      • I meant the Jetstar one. My bad for not clarifying!

  • A reminder to Priority Pass lounge members flying domestic on AirAsia out of DMK (Bangkok) that there is a 5 star lounge airside there. DOMESTIC section ONLY.

  • I ended up booking SYD-KUL a few days ago for approx $292. about $40 more than the standard sale fare of $252 since it's around Easter but I'm more than happy with that as 2 less annual leave days I have to take. 4th or 5th or even 6th time to KL for me haha

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