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eBay - $85 for $100 Credit to Spend on Anything Online via Groupon


The Fine Print

  • No refunds for change of mind
  • Groupon promo codes are not available for use on this deal
  • Purchase up to 2 eBay Voucher Codes
  • eBay Voucher Code is valid for use in a single transaction only
  • Limit 1 transaction per voucher. Multiple items can be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  • The voucher expires on 30 Nov 2016 and any voucher which is not redeemed by 23:59 (AEST) on 30 Nov 2016 will cease to be valid
  • Groupon reserves the right to not honour suspicious fraudulent transactions
  • Not redeemable for cash
  • The voucher code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay or PayPal coupon/voucher
  • eBay Voucher Code terms and conditions apply:
  • Standard fine print for all deals

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  • +2

    Gee that was quick got a buddy who is a mod to flag my post in the seconds after you edited the post after you were called out?

    • No, we saw it as multiple people posted the deal at the same time. Please use report in future.

  • +1

    shit forgot to use cashrewards

    oh wait lucky…

    "Cashback is NOT payable on ANY Gift Cards, eGift Cards or Value Vouchers purchased through Groupon."

    • Yep dont forget cr or pricepal!

    • +3

      eBay voucher cashback was payable last time via PricePal.Do not use CR here.

  • From my quick scan of the T&Cs, this can be used toward shipping costs to, right?

    • Yes

  • -1

    Combine with this. 15% off of 20% off

    • +6

      Doesnt work, only one code per ebay transaction.

    • You can't enter more than one code, so you can't combine.

      • -1

        Hmm, i thought vouchers would be different then codes. I haven't tried but thought of it just now XD

        • Yeah I've gotten the $100 for $85 voucher before and you can't combine it with the eBay sales as they're both codes.

  • +1

    Extra $10 off if you're a new user. Use coupon buy2day.

    • Doesn't work, one of the exclusions.

  • +2

    To save people the trouble of trying, it doesn't work when combined with the BUY2DAY $10 off Groupon voucher for new customers. They've made the mistake of allowing it in the past, and then quickly remove it. This time, they got it right from the get go :(

  • +8

    This is a good deal but not as good as it sounds:

    • You can't stack this with cashback.
    • You can't stack this with coupons.
    • You are limited to $100, if you to make a more the discount is smaller.
    • +18

      and if you have a dispute with the seller, the coupon is not refundable meaning you loose the $100

      • +5

        meaning you loose the $100

        only $85

        • Surely if you have a legit dispute you will be refunded 85 and therefore only lose 15 ?

        • +2

          @smashed: Nope, if you have a legit dispute then it's just unlucky.

        • +2


          Ok just read the thread fault.
          Pretty sure you could win that legal battle but not worth the hassle. Shady terms

        • "Only"?

      • +16

        OUCH! This is the killer!
        No Deal!
        Negging to highlight this critical "clause".

        • +13

          I had a few friends who bought some items from china that turned out to be fake and lost their money via last times groupon ebay deal

          Even say you buy something from an aussie retailer and later you decide to return it for a refund, you still loose the value of the $100 ebay voucher

          This is how ebay is cashing on this deal

          And then there is the issue that you have to spend the voucher in one go, and this way ebay is forcing buyers to spend at least $100

        • +16


          even if they seller cancel and refund because there is no stock, you will loose the voucher

        • +2


          That would hurt

        • +1

          @aldoduco: now that's just bs.

        • @Orpheus:

          according to some comments on OzB, Groupon's commission is as high as 40%. So i guess the way they have set up the vouchers and the non refundable clause is for a reason

        • +2

          @easternculture: Yep similar thing happened with me with the last Groupon. Bought items that never showed up at my door step. No refund

        • @easternculture:

          I have bought few vouchers from groupon before,have few items faulty and seller issued full refund then it show that the credit is from the groupon voucher.

          Then what you have to do it to talk to ebay and ebay will credit you the amount in full not 85% of it. Therefore I am making a 15% profit.

        • +1


          I had a few friends who bought some items

          Sorry to hear you guys had a falling out. R U OK?

        • @easternculture: It is quite common for these group deal websites to charge up to 50%, which when combined with the discount on offer makes the deals unaffordable for smaller businesses. That being said, I'm sure eBay's commission to Groupon is a lot lower than that. I would be surprised if they are paying more than 10%.

      • +1

        that's a key issue IMO.

      • +3

        This is the clincher that breaks the deal. Having no way to get a refund on eBay using this voucher makes it a gamble at best.

        • Just use it to buy stuff from a local reputable retailer. I just use these for 15% off Dan Murphy's, when they have beer i want. It is pretty sparse though what they have c&c on eBay vs their website for the same item.

  • -2

    Saw this got really excited thinking it was $25 bucks to spend $100…Reading fail now I'm sad.

    • How did $25 even come about in your thinking?

      • +2

        I think they think 85 + 25 = 100

        • +1

          85 + 25 = 100

          Did you finish school?

        • +18

          @TheClipIt: I said: "I think THEY"

          did you learn to read or?

        • +1


          Or what?

    • $15* lol

    • Hey it's call numeric dislexia!

      • -1

        It's "called"… Literacy dislexia???

  • +4

    Again? Last time it took 3 weeks to the coupon. So not worth it I had to chase up twice as well.

  • Damn only 1 per transaction. Oh well I'll use it anyway

  • Yeah,I had a bad product n lost it all. If you do buy something with a voucher then just make sure it's something that will never fail !!
    so annoying months later… n who's the big winner out of this?
    the buyer loses money..
    the seller loses money….
    Groupon or PayPal keep theirs…

    • -1

      the seller loses money

      Only the buyer looses in this case

      The seller only loses insertion fee's (if they are not using the free monthly quota)

      • +3

        (to loose = release or make non-tight)
        Sorry EC, lose/loose is a personal spelling bug-bear ;)

    • +3

      just make sure it's something that will never fail

      You can never really guarantee this on ebay

      You could buy something from china .. it never arrives or gets lost in transit
      You buy from an Aussie retailer .. later they claim its Out of stock or a price error
      You buy from an Aussie retailer .. then you decide to return it because your other half did not want or like it
      You buy from a regular ebayer and item is not as described or dead on arrival

    • +3

      In this situation paypal pocket the refund and don't pass it on to you. Been there and done that. Buyer and seller lose. PayPal win. It's a preposterous set of T&C really.

  • +1

    Such a shame, was going to treat myself to a nice seafood dinner.
    But it's not an eBay deal to buy via Groupon lol

  • So I can't buy one $200 item for $170 can I?

    • +2

      no. one voucher per transaction

  • -2

    If we use this can we use csun20 on eBay as well?
    Edit sorry didn't read..

  • +1

    Here's an excerpt from last time I used an eBay voucher and has issues:

    To tell you honestly, we no longer issue credit vouchers as per the new memorandum. What we can do is to credit you the difference for the next purchase you will make.

    This process means that you need to buy another item and pay for the full price then we'll refund you the voucher equivalent. I apologise that the cancelled transaction is causing you all these hassles. I understand that it's not your fault why the transaction got cancelled and I'm here to let you know that we're much willing to process the credit request for you.

    We just need you to inform us about the item number of your purchase so we can escalate the request to the Marketing Team. Once submitted, it will take 10-15 business days for processing time before the refund will show on your Paypal account.

    This was for an Amaysim $25 voucher and the seller turned out to be pretty much fraudulent, so your mileage may vary.

    • +6

      Thanks. Too much risk to save $15

    • When was this happen? I did request one laat week and promised ro get buy the credit to my paypal account

      • +1

        this is a massive hassle with vouchers. i never bother with voucher deals anymore. its' always a marketing team, etc.

  • thx got 2

  • -1

    no stack no deal

    • +1

      You can never stack on ebay anyway…

  • +5

    After reading the terms, its a no deal.

  • +4

    As others said, had a bad product, and am now out of pocketed though the seller gave me the refund as it went back into the voucher which was expired by that point.

    • +1

      Even it was not expired, you cannot reuse the voucher. So it's gone. You just simply cannot get a refund with using voucher.

  • +7

    The terms here amount to denial of a refund and are almost certainly a breach of the Australian Consumer Law.

    • Agreed, it should be… but… gift cards (essentially what this is) are often not legally treated like other forms of payment. A shady grey area, because it isn't necessarily considered payment. The Dick Smith gift card saga comes to mind (☺). With gift cards, you are buying from giving the issuer unsecured credit - governed by their terms. Think Telstra $ not real $. This is why it is also OK for the cards to expire with no recourse. It's dirty. It's confusing. It's made with deception in mind. Madness for the consumer, but still currently legal.

  • Does the no refund still apply if you pay part voucher part credit card?

    • +1

      You'd get refunded the actual $ amount you pay to Paypal.
      This "Gift Card" is actually entered as a discount voucher.

  • +1

    if there are any issues, paypal will not cover you and you won't even be able to lodge a dispute

  • +1

    Negging due to the shady T&C's. ACCC should be all over this.

  • +1

    Predatory terms and conditions and technicalities of the voucher not being cash at all.

  • OMG! I need to get this, too!

  • +1

    This would of been good if
    ~ Groupon issues coupons immediately
    ~ Buyer doesn't lose voucher if a product is out of stock/refunded. <- Big concern after reading comments.
    Last time, a few friends and family bought one with their Groupon account. I think I will skip this until Groupon or ebay fix it.

  • +3

    For all people want to buy this deal,

    I bought this deal twice before, first time is no problem, transaction done smootly, so i buy again and my nightmare start!

    On my second purchase,when i make my payment tho the voucher, ebay system error, capture my vocuher code but havent make the payment, keep saying "exceed the time to using it", i contact groupon, they pass the ball to ebay, and i contact paypal, paypal said contact ebay.

    Then i contacted ebay, first time they said no problem, the voucher will take 10 to 12 days reissue it. I waiy around 10 days, they reply said the request is declied! Said i already use the voucher on my first purchase! I told them the onfo is incorrect, the voucher code is diff, then they take 10 more days investigate it, 10 days later, it said i already use the voucher, i told them i pay for myself and havent use the voucher! They just keep get the wrong info and everytime take 10 days. I also contacted groupon at the same time, i start communicate on both parties since july until now they argue the voucher is expiry (expiry at Aug) so they cant get refund!

    Now still communicate to groupon and ebay. Still havnet get my money back. Groupon offer credit refund last week, and said need my confirmation, after i reply accept the offer they reply email back they said i need to contacted ebay! What?

    I got all the conversation and email .

  • +1

    Not as good as it sounds - saves $15 but with tremendous hassle and lots of limitation

    • eBay Voucher Code is valid for use in a single transaction only
      • Limit 1 transaction per voucher. Multiple items can be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

    I know people are saying you can't use 2 vouchers in one single $200 transaction, but it doesn't explicitly state this if I'm not mistaken. It only says a maximum of 1 transaction per voucher not maximum of 1 voucher per transaction. Am I missing something?

    I have a $150 and $56 dollar item I've been eyeing off that don't go on sale and this would be a reasonable saving for me.

    • +2

      I believe this is a limitation of eBay, not the voucher. You can only use one voucher/coupon on a single transaction on the ebay checkout platform. Putting in a second voucher overwrites the first one.

  • So when do we get it?

  • Just received a refund from Groupon with no explanation. I used PricePal - wonder if this is why?

  • +1

    Anyone get their one yet? I have a few items waiting for this….

    • Nope.

  • Thanks Domingo, that makes sense. Doesn't matter now anyway with 15% off sitewide :)

    • Yeah, regrats…

  • EXPIRES: 30 Nov 2016

  • When do we get the voucher? It says it will take 2-5 days. I paid on the 15th….

    • Bought mine Fri 16th, got the voucher Mon 19th.

  • Bought mine on 17th and still haven't received the voucher!

    • I ordered on the 19th and still haven't gotten mine. My groupon account says "Shipped with Digital Delivery and Tracking # 0"

      • Arrived today - bummer if I could have stacked it with 15%.. not sure if that would have worked or not?

        • No stacking in eBay. Ever.

    • Finally received mine today.

      • +1

        Why these buggers take so long to send out the vouchers??? Not good enough!!! ggggrrrrr….

  • Anyone know if this code can be used for listing in different currencies?
    Does ebay convert it to AUD?

    • i bought in USD and it's converted to AUD.

  • I bought mine on 29th and still haven't been delivered. what da hell..

  • Bummer! Bought this deal but to only end up on eBay with a message "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.". Has anyone else experienced this? @5fabelly has mentioned that this is not straight forward as it should be, but was already bought it when read 5fabelly's comments.
    As in line with 5fabelly's comment, when contacted eBay the response is to contact Groupon. When contacted Groupon, their support drop the bomb that the voucher already had been used. And now they'd escalated it to their Resolution team for further investigation and it would take 7 days to get back on this. What a pain…

    • Same here, "We're currently having technical difficulties processing your code Your voucher or redemption code wasn't applied"

      • +1

        Oh, that ain't good. I received a notification from Groupon saying that they are still working on this. Wonder how long it gonna take. Personally, I feel that this is too much of a nuisance in order to save around $15, which we may end up buying unnecessary/ not required goods. Further this coupon has a restriction that you got ensure that the total items in your card is less 10 items.
        Hope that you have raised the issue with Groupon and do update on the outcome. Good Luck!

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