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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures CC + 40k Velocity Pts + Complimentary Return Virgin Flight Per Year + No Int Trans Fees = $225 Fee



  • No International Transaction Fee's
  • No Cash Advance Fee when used on overseas ATM's
  • 1 Free Virgin Return Flight every year (To see map of destinations see the link below or in this listing)
  • 2 Free Virgin Lounge Passes every year
  • 2 ANZ Rewards Points per $1 Spent on AMEX (equivalent to 1 Velocity Points)
  • 1 ANZ Rewards Points per $1 Spent on VISA (equivalent to 0.5 Velocity Points)


  • 40,000 Virgin Velocity Points after you spend $500
  • Earn Points while travelling overseas with no international transaction fees.


  • $225 Yearly Fee
  • $65 Yearly Additional Card Holder Fee ($10 Additional Card Holder Fee + $55 ANZ Rewards Program Service Fee)
  • To be eligible for all the included bonuses you must spend $500 in the first 3 months on eligible purchases

ANZ Rewards Points can be redeemed for:

  • Virgin Velocity Points: 2 ANZ Rewards Points = 1 Velocity Point
  • Singapore KrisFlyer Points: 6000 ANZ Rewards Points = 2000 Singapore Kris Flyer Points
  • Asia Miles
  • Air New Zealand Air Points

Auto Redeem can be setup for Velocity Points earning

See more details here:

ANZ Rewards can be redeemed for a lot of other things.

To View Free Flight Destinations go here:

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  • You should put the annual fee in the title

  • I think this card is very appealing if you are into earning Velocity Points + hate international transaction fees + Like Free Flights + You want to use Apple Pay

    Combine this with the AMEX Platinum Edge card and its would be a very good Velocity Point earning combo + you then get 2 Free Flights every year (And both cards would work on Apple Pay too).

    • AMEX Platinum Edge Grocery = 3 Velocity Points per $1
    • AMEX Platinum Edge for Petrol = 2 Velocity Points per $1
    • AMEX Platinum Edge for everything else = 1 Velocity Point per $1
      and then also combined with:
    • ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures AMEX for overseas or domestic purchases = 1 Velocity Point per $1 (Same as you get on the AMEX Platinum Edge, so take your pick)
    • ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures VISA for anything else where AMEX is not accepted = 0.5 Velocity Points per $1

    (If you get petrol at BP and swipe your Velocity card = 1 Litre of Fuel for 2 Velocity Points onto of the Platinum Edge!)

    Sounds like a perfect combo!

    • +1 vote

      ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures AMEX for overseas or domestic purchases = 1 Velocity Point per $1 (Same as you get on the AMEX Platinum Edge, so take your pick)

      IIRC Amex Platinum Edge would charge you 3% for international transactions, so pick the ANZ card for that one :D

    • Use the Platinum Edge on 5% off Woolworths eGift cards for petrol (or more during CR promos) which still net you 3 MR rewards points per $1 as it shows up as groceries. The combined CR discount and bonus points offset your typical earn on Velocity swipe.

      See here for a comprehensive breakdown:

  • This is so tempting
    40k Velocity points + 1 free ticket + 2 lounge > $225

  • can the flight ticket be booked under someone else's name?

  • Although the year fee is higher (but you get the flights etc with it), it sounds like an alternative to 28 degrees with the lack of international transaction fees.

    • plus rewards points on international transactions

    • +4 votes

      I have seen elsewhere that their currency conversion rates aren't good though, which would be a shame if it's the case (really that's just a concealed fee). It sounds like a pretty good card otherwise; I generally use the Citibank Plus as a zero fees debit card, but would be tempted to shift to this.

      • I read somewhere, for pound and euro conversion, anz visa is fine, the amex is pretty crap

        • Good to know; I'd be interested to hear from some current card holders on this. My Amex (Velocity Platinum) rate seems fine, but it does charge 3% for international transactions (somewhat compensated for by paying 3 points/dollar for international transactions).

        • @elyobo: I hold both cars.
          I valued real dollar more than points.

          So my purchase with pound and euro I use travel rewards visa
          USD travel reward amex
          AUD velocity platinum

  • Free flight includes sydney to perth and darwin. If only my credit score weren't so pathetic.

  • Great deal for a great card that is already really appealing without the bonus points.

    Other points:

    • Flight can't be booked in someone else's name (mentioned above)
    • Free flight must be booked 60 days in advance (quite a significant restriction)
    • Free flight is actually free. No need to pay for taxes (unlike when making redemptions using points)
    • You can get a rough indication of availability by looking up your desired route in your desired date on the Virgin Australia website. If the route has a "Saver" for option, it is likely that it is available, subject to the other conditions mentioned
    • Free flight is superior in destination/route choice than Platinum Edge/Velocity Platinum AMEX cards (specifically the inclusion of BNE/MEL/SYD to PER return)
    • (I believe) the only AMEX in the Australian CC market that gives you points and waives international fees (although this is arguably not necessarily a good thing)
    • Ridiculously expensive supplementary card fee
    • Some insurances included (travel, purchase protection)

    If you would be using the flight anyway, that alone is worth the annual fee. The rest can almost be seen as "free" bonuses

    • Don't forget you have to spend $500 on the card in the first 3 months too. Otherwise none of those bonus's will become active on the card.

      • Yes of course. You've mentioned it in your OP already so I didn't repeat it. You didn't clarify which features require the spend to be activated though.

        To clarify a point above, I should say that being the only AMEX which waives international fees and earns points is not necessarily a selling point when you consider that acceptance of AMEX is more limited than Visas/MCs

        I must say, a large proportion of the potential value of this card comes from being able to use the flight effectively though (i.e. on a flight you were planning to book anyway). Considering the nature of domestic flying (impulsive by nature relative to international holidays/trips), I'm not sure how many people would truly be able to great value out of the flight.

    • 60 days ahead for domestic?? Indeed a significant drawback!

    • Except that it isn't free in 366 days time.

    • Flight destinations are pretty good from Melbourne for this. I have the AMEX Platinum which only gets me as far as Brisbane last time I checked. Other Amex differences are

      1) No booking in advance required
      2) Can book for another person
      3) Annual fee $195

      Booking for another person is handy because I book a flight for me and the other half at the same time when the card has its anniversary. You get a months grace into the new card year to use the previous years flight redemption.

  • Jeez this card is really tempting. Finally a card that includes darwin as a flight destination/departure point. That's what ruins the velocity Amex for me. I honestly might get this and ditch my 28 degrees card.

    • Depending what you are after - combining the Velocity Points earning potential of the AMEX Platinum Edge + ANZ Travel Rewards would be something to look into and consider.

      • Why exactly would you recommend that combination? Atm I just use the nab velocity platinum as I get it free with my home loan. Had the Amex velocity card but cancelled it after the bonus points came through. The lack of darwin as a destination didn't make it worth while keeping. I'm virgin gold and mainly fly with them or Singapore.

        • Everyones situation is different. But if you want to earn the most amount of Velocity points + have a lot of benefits just comparing the NAB vs ANZ vs AMEX combo is interesting. The only advantage NAB has is the slightly lower yearly fee and 0.5 more points on AMEX - Is that worth it?

          NAB Velocity Platinum
          AMEX = 1.5 Points per $1
          VISA = 0.5 Points per $1
          $149 Yearly Fee

          ANZ Travel Rewards
          AMEX = 1 Points per $1
          VISA = 0.5 Points per $1
          + x1 Virgin Flight p/y
          + No International Transaction Fee
          + x2 Virgin Lounge Passes p/y
          + Apple Pay compatible
          $225 Yearly Fee

          AMEX Platinum Edge
          AMEX = 3 Points per $1 on grocery
          AMEX = 2 Points per $1 on petrol
          AMEX = 1 Point per $1 on everything else
          + x1 Virgin Flight p/y
          + Apple Pay compatible
          $195 Yearly Fee

          I personally think combining the point earning power (and the extra benefits) of the ANZ Travel Rewards + AMEX Platinum Edge is pretty hard to beat.

        • @E5TOQUE: Thanks for the info! The NAB card comes as part of the choice package with my mortgage, so doesn't cost me anything per say. The Amex and ANZ does indeed sound like a great combo. However I want to keep myself open for future Amex 100k points offers next year so will probably leave that one. Might get the ANZ though and cancel my 28degrees card. The flights offset the card already. I fly bald to see fmsily in Brisbane and Sydney several times a year.

        • @dwhes:

          Completely understand - as I said everyones situations and preferences are different.

          Don't forget if you get petrol at BP to swipe your Velocity card!
          Costs you nothing and you get 2 points per litre you fill up.

        • @E5TOQUE: Redeeming economy flights with points is a lot better through Amex. For example, I was looking at a $129 flight through Skyscanner. Amex travel had it at 12900 points. A $100 woolies gift card is 13500, so effectively the flight is under $100. Anz was around 18500 points.

        • @E5TOQUE: unfortunately velocity launched the bp campaign without it actually being a national campaign! Not one BP in Darwin is participating in the Velocity program. There are 2 in the whole NT I think that are participating, Katherine and possibly jabiru.

        • @E5TOQUE:

          That last bit of your comparison has me confused. "ANZ Travel Rewards + AMEX Platinum Edge" So are you saying that the best combo is to get both cards and pay $420 a year in fees ? If the Amex card is giving me more points why would I want the ANZ card (apart from the initial 40K points) ?

        • @freesteakknives: Maybe if you do more than one trip a year? the ANZ card gives you another free return flight plus the 2 lounge passes and the no fees for overseas transactions would be good too. I plan to get it before I go overseas next year… But if you don't fly more than once a year might as well just have the Edge and leave this one.

  • So I just ordered this card using a previous OzBargain deal, with a sign-up bonus of $200 Flight Centre voucher.

    I'm not up to date on what points are worth, is $200 FC worth more/less/the same as 40,000 Velocity points?

    • 40k of velocity points is generally valued at a minimum of $400. If you use them for business upgrades they can be worth far more than that.

      • Oh damn, I'll have to see if I can cancel the card and re-apply…not very hopeful though.

        I don't care for business upgrades though, in the past have used points for economy flights.

        • Everyone is different - but its worth reading:


          From all the reading I have done, the points have more 'value' when redeemed on Business Class flights.
          In saying that free economy (or heavily discounted economy) is still great.

        • If you cancel the card & re-apply you wont be eligible for the bonus points.

    • yeah I applied this card when it has $200 flight centre :(

      40000 velocity points are 2x sydney melbourne return flight which about $400


    (profanity), I got this card months ago before they tacked on the 40k velocity points. Ass.

  • Where did OP found this offer?

    • On the ANZ Website - I was just browsing looking at what they were offering and it came up in a banner somewhere. Quickly grabbed the link and posted it here.

      • I nearly made the mistake of applying direct on the website without using the link, the 40,000 points bonus is only mentioned on that link, nowhere else that I can see

        EDIT: Copy of points bonus terms:

        1. Bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Point offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures account and who make $500 of net eligible purchases within three months of approval. This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card within the previous 12 months. This offer applies only once per eligible customer. The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of the eligible spend criteria being met. If you transfer or cancel your new ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card account before the introductory bonus Velocity Points are processed to your Velocity account, you may become ineligible for these bonus Velocity Points. ANZ will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from a delay in the process of receiving and/or approving an application or activating the card. Eligible purchases are those described in the ANZ Rewards – Rewards Program terms and conditions booklet as eligible to earn Reward Points - for example interest charges, fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance, transactions for gambling or gaming purposes and reversed or refunded transactions will not count towards your qualifying eligible purchases. You must be a Velocity member to receive bonus Velocity Points. Velocity membership and Velocity Points earn and redemption are subject to the Velocity Member Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time, available at velocityfrequentflyer.com. Membership of Velocity is the cardholder’s responsibility.
        • "Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card within the previous 12 months"

          So can I get this: ANZ QFF Black CC 75,000 QFF Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months) @ $0 First Year

          Earn the QFF points, cancel and then apply for this Velocity deal? Depending how long the promo runs I guess..

  • Are you able to load this card up with your own cash so that the card is in the positive and withdraw overseas without fees? Ala how 28degrees used to behave. Would be nice to be able to also ditch my Citibank card, even though that costs nothing.

    • From what the T&C's state - there is no International Cash Advance Fee's, so no need to load it up with extra money.

      See here:
      4. ANZ will waive the overseas transaction fee on foreign currency transactions and transactions where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located outside Australia. ANZ will also waive the cash advance fee if you use your ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures account to withdraw actual cash from a branch or ATM located overseas. A cash advance fee will apply to any other cash advances on your account. ATM operator fees may apply.

      • No fee, but they do charge the cash advance interest rate immediately (no interest free period for cash withdrawals AFAIK).

        So being able to load the card into credit with cash would be a nice bonus, and let people replace their citi cards when travelling

        • Exactly railspider. That's why I want to know. Knew they would charge the interest rate immediately. Anyone able to advise if you can use it like you used to be able to use 28degrees?

        • I believe the 28 Degrees used to work in exactly the same way (before they implemented withdrawal fees).

          It was only truly "free" if your 28D was in credit. This is no different and if anything is better, because you're still not charged a withdrawal fee.

          However, the way this "feature" works has always been way in my mind you should never have thought of your 28 Degrees as a debit card anyway. Have a 28D and a Citibank and you cover yourself either way - it means you can withdraw from Citibank if you want, and you can also pay on credit with your 28 Degrees and get interest free days on your purchases. If you ever tried to do a 2-in-1 with your 28 Degrees, you'd have to sacrifice something and this is no different.

  • Can u get this card if u already got other anz amex cards?

  • Can you get this card on the breakfree package?

    • Yes.
      I transferred my ANZ platinum over to this one. Note you may not receive the bonus Velocity points though (best to check that with ANZ).

  • Signed up to ANZ Rewards travel last week and at the time didn't have the 40k Bonus points..just called now to see if it could be tacked on as part of my bonus once i reach my $500 eligible spend…however…the above link is not something the guys on the phone could access on their end..?? the only promo they see is for the 50k bonus points for the normal rewards card… have to wait until monday for someone to call back to apparently let me know if the above is legit (which It most likely is…).. :(

  • I really like the look of this card as well. Just out of interest, I have been researching cards lately and especially want to earn Krisflyer points as it is more attractive than Qantas. How does this card (6000 ANZ to 2000 Krisflyer) compare to other options for earning?

    • Forgive me if my math is wrong but that it seems kind of weird they have that option available since the conversion rate from velocity to krisflyer is 1.35 to 1. i.e. 6000 ANZ = 3000 VFF = ~2222 KF, vs 2000 directly from ANZ. Makes more sense to first transfer to velocity and doing the conversion there.

      • I thought something along those lines, thanks for confirming. This looks like the first card I am going to sign up for, after I ditch my 28 degrees card.

      • Also I think Velocity doesn't expire if you have some activity whereas Krisflyer points have an expiry date.

  • Gave this card a good workout recently on an overseas trip. Recommend it. And I've since retired by 28 degrees card.

    • Are you able to answer the earlier question from @dwhes? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/269536#comment-4066587

      Are you able to load this card up with your own cash so that the card is in the positive and withdraw overseas without fees? Ala how 28degrees used to behave. Would be nice to be able to also ditch my Citibank card, even though that costs nothing.

      • Why don't you have the Citibank Debit card for that purpose?

        • I do have the Citibank and 28degrees. Would be nice to be able to go back to primarily one travel card though. Or at least have the option there as a backup.

  • Sounds good. Also if you have signed up to other ANZ offers in the past you are not excluded.

  • Hopefully ANZ will have the similar card with Qantas as I am pooling all the points to my Qantas account

  • Is there a promotion period for this card?

  • +3 votes

    Important bit from T&Cs:

    Complimentary flights are restricted to selected economy fare class on flights operated by Virgin Australia to selected domestic destinations. Bookings are subject to availability and some flights may not have complimentary seats available. Flights must be booked at least 60 days in advance.

    • Glad someone brought this up.

      Unlike Platinum Edge and the like, we never could fly at the times we wanted, even five months out. Also the card holder must be the one flying.

      Make sure you call ANZ rewards to redeem as well.

    • Thanks, missed that. Not that great after all.

    • I mentioned it here along with other stuff

  • just applied, has anyone also applied?

    did they get a 'successful' something or rather at the end or did you get:

    "<name>, thank you for applying for an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures. We're just about finished. We are currently reviewing your information."

    • I also got the same message, then received an email this morning to upload payslips. Another 2 business days to review and confirm income.

      • interesting. i got this email this morning.

        "We're almost there <name>!
        Thanks for your application <name> for an ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card, we're just about finished."

        i must not need to upload my payslips 😂😂😂

  • Is there an end date for this promotion?

  • Does anybody know the minimum salary requirement for this?

  • Is there a the minimum credit limit?

  • Any wind of the old QFF black card with 50-75k sign up bonus??

  • Can someone recommend a good business credit card.

    Good = Low annual fee + complementary flight? + good points + 0% on overseas purchase ?

  • I got the ANZ Platinum 50k Qantas points card at the start of the year, is it worth getting that one canceld for this? Are there any benefits with staying with the platinum card I have now over this one? Thanks

  • Will have a look at this. Was going to go for the ANZ Black $0 first year plus bonus QFF points. But the free flight here is fantastic. Normal Return flight cost Isa-BNE is at least $450. So even without the points it is a half price flight.

  • So is the FX rate on this as good as the 28 degrees? Considering getting this and ditching the 28 degrees if that is the case.

    Seems to be conflicting report

  • I live in Adelaide and the rest of my family are in Perth, so this card will be perfect!

  • Is the free flight availability Mon-Thu? Are there Fri-Sun (weekend) flights available on these free flight reservations?

  • They are probably just trying to drum up business so they can continue to pay women more superannuation than men.Talk about morons… they believe the fully defunct BS about the myth of paygap then create one themselves….

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