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ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures CC + 40k Velocity Pts + Complimentary Return Virgin Flight Per Year + No Int Trans Fees = $225 Fee



  • No International Transaction Fee's
  • No Cash Advance Fee when used on overseas ATM's
  • 1 Free Virgin Return Flight every year (To see map of destinations see the link below or in this listing)
  • 2 Free Virgin Lounge Passes every year
  • 2 ANZ Rewards Points per $1 Spent on AMEX (equivalent to 1 Velocity Points)
  • 1 ANZ Rewards Points per $1 Spent on VISA (equivalent to 0.5 Velocity Points)


  • 40,000 Virgin Velocity Points after you spend $500
  • Earn Points while travelling overseas with no international transaction fees.


  • $225 Yearly Fee
  • $65 Yearly Additional Card Holder Fee ($10 Additional Card Holder Fee + $55 ANZ Rewards Program Service Fee)
  • To be eligible for all the included bonuses you must spend $500 in the first 3 months on eligible purchases

ANZ Rewards Points can be redeemed for:

  • Virgin Velocity Points: 2 ANZ Rewards Points = 1 Velocity Point
  • Singapore KrisFlyer Points: 6000 ANZ Rewards Points = 2000 Singapore Kris Flyer Points
  • Asia Miles
  • Air New Zealand Air Points

Auto Redeem can be setup for Velocity Points earning

See more details here:

ANZ Rewards can be redeemed for a lot of other things.

To View Free Flight Destinations go here:

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        Yeah, and the fact that they're not reward points, but velocity points. And, as one reward staffer said to me, they have no way to put velocity points directly into your account. If they were reward points, you would have to receive 80,000 of them (due to 2:1 transfer rate) which you could then not actually transfer to velocity, which is very unlikely to happen.

        Heres hoping someone receives their velocity points soon so we know at least there is a mechanism in place to get them into the account.

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          I was thinking the same thing - It seems they have no way to give the points to you (although I'm sure they would find a way - They manage to transfer Qantas Points over just fine for their other cards and other banks have no problems transferring Velocity Points). I'll be keeping an eye on this thread over the next few months - Unlike AMEX, they say they can take 3-4 months to give you bonus points :( So frustrating

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          @elliebargain: I am pretty sure the terms and conditions said within two months. So that won't be too far off.


          @TomMor: 2 months would be great! I'd just been told by a few different ANZ customer service reps that it can be at least 3 months >_< Hopefully its only 2 this time :)


    Hey gang appears to be much easier to link up the Velocity account now whether that is due to the new deal by arctan I'm not sure. Got transferred once after asking to get my Velocity account linked up and the lady entered my number into the system. Rang 1300367763. I asked if I was eligible for the bonus points and got transferred one more time to another department who said I would definitely get the bonus points once the min spend was met and I had my Velocity card linked. Fingers crossed its 60000 and not 40000. But either is good :)


      Did you ask if you could cancel and reapply for the bigger bonus points?


      Do you know if it was rewards that added the number? Or another department. Mine is listed with rewards but not sure if I need to provide to someone else.


        Yeah even though I rang the 1300 number the person I spoke to said he would need to transfer me to the Rewards card department after I asked him. Thought I was there already, so who knows how that works.

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    Spoke to the 'Rewards Department' and the 40,000 bonus points will be credited up to 3 months after the minimum spend has been achieved, so we're all looking at about early/mid January.


      Haha, ANZ are a joke. From the terms and conditions for the card, "The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of the eligible spend criteria being met.".

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    I just called to ask what sign on bonuses were applied to my account because I heard people had problems. I didn't actually mention the Velocity deal. I was transferred to the cards team who said they can see the 40k points deal is applied to my account and that I've met the requirements and will be credited within 2 months. I forgot to check that my Velocity number was on the account, but it should be, because I've transferred points from another card's ANZ Rewards before.

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    Hi all, I got my 40K points yesterday after initial spend about 2-3 weeks ago. It seem to have synced in with when my latest statement period ended. I.e. I got the points right after the statement period I qualified for the minimum spend.


      Ours haven't come through yet. We have met minimum spend and even booked our free flight. Hopefully at next statement.


    40k points came through and applied on the 26th this month

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    Got contacted by ANZ to link up my Velocity number which I had already done in November last year. I guess at least this is a good sign as they wanted to get my bonus 40k points sent to it so looks like it has all worked out :)

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