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Battlefield 1 PC $60, PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 $69, PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim $64, PS4 500GB Slim Console $319 @ Target 20/10


PS4 500GB Slim Console - $319 (not advertised; 4 day only offer from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd available online and in store)
PC Battlefield 1 - $60 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 - $69 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition - $64 (out 28/10)

All the other prices are same/better elsewhere.

Again, please note the $319 PS4 price was a late addition and isn't advertised in catalogue but will be that price in store/online from Thursday.

Mod 20/10: Updated main link to catalogue, click here for PS4 online.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Any idea how much Return to Arkham will be?

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      That's EB exclusive my friend, sucks cause there is no competition on it :(

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    New release pc games for $60 yes please.

    Already bought it and preloaded so won't bite myself

  • +1

    Always meant to get Skyrim back in the day… I think it might be time… thanks OP

    • It's worth it. 100% no questions absolutely ace.

  • Damn, no Rhythm Paradise Megamix for 3DS. :(

    I can't read the title of the PS4 game (left of centre of image) being release on 28/10 for $69. Can anyone tell me? Cheers.

    • +2

      Final Fantasy: World of Final Fantasy

  • Can't decide…X1 or PC. I prefer PC as it will look and play better, but I have friends on X1 that will be playing it, and I played hundreds of hours of BFBC2 AND BF3 with. I also think my control pad skills for fps outshine my m+kB ones. Shit…I'd get both if soldier progress carried between :(

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      Gotta go where your friends are!

    • +1

      or make new friends on PC? whats ur gamertag :)

    • +1

      Im in the EXACT boat as you, but with ps4, i wish progression and premium pass carried over to both systems id have it on ps4 and PC then

    • less haxors on Xbox

  • All Target's near me don't stock games at all now.

  • is this from Target or Target Australia?
    I can't find it on Target Australia online…
    Would love a $60 game

    • you won't find it online until release day. It's Target AU.

  • thank op…ill be heading to target.

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    Man better and better deals on PS4 in the last 24hrs. Really tempted to get the Slim for PSVR now.

    BF1 for $60 is a fantastic price too.

  • +1

    Thank you Borat. Waah waah wee waah

    • Is that you noob?

  • Not able to find it on the target website, is it in store only?

  • Keen on BF1 XB1 and it's a great price for disk, does anyone have a great price on digital download for BF1 XB1?

    • Xb1 store is your only bet i think

  • Do EB games even like price match at this low price?

    I have heard Target sell them at a loss or break even price to entice people into the store, so I always feel like a schmuck going into EB games and ripping into there profits if they are litterally making no money from selling it so cheap, but I have no problem taking it from Target for that price! (plus I want dem carrots)

    • Carrots?

      edit nvm it's EB's loyalty program

    • they do make money out of it. they are not selling at loss

  • Sure its not America?

    • Is this from an internal document, doesn't seem publicly available.

      • Its Australia - Catalogue will be available online tomorrow..

  • -1

    CDKEYS.COM have it for $59 AUD

  • +2

    Nice! Got my 1060 gtx in the other deal and now bf1 for $60 in a couple days time. Saying goodbye to sleep 😂

  • Gonna hold off and see if this is as successful as Hardline and Battlefront. EA is far from a sure thing.

    • haha true.

      did you play bf1 open beta? it was pretty awesome. I'd take the gamble for $60

      • Yes, I did and it was good but sadly starting to get over the Battlefield thing, been going since '42 :)

  • called up couple of Target stores, the staff didn't know about it yet.

  • BigW just released Skyrim for $58!!!

  • +5

    good news for players with slow internet/limited bandwidth.

    I created EA support forum account and asked the question regarding DVD discs..and i'm surprised I actually received a response:


    Response from EA:
    Hey, I just opened up a physical copy of the game and i have 5 discs arrayed in front of me.

    Bear in mind that there will be updates and patches, as well as DLC packages added later, but it looks like the majority of the game's data is on the discs.

  • The 1tb PS4 + Battlefield 1 is basically the same deal as last week when the 1tb was going for $400 but with the addition of Battlefield 1 for an extra $69
    An extra 500gb for $81 worth it? Cant decide ughh ;(

    • whatever you buy, get 1tb one

  • Just remember that EA will farm you for DLC content in the future, so you will be paying a lot more in the long run.
    Just like they did for Starwars Battlefront.

    Is like buying a printer…. the cartridges end up costing more eventually.

    If you are content on just playing the base game, the price is still good :-)

  • Would they do a 1TB deal on the PS4?

  • +1

    Link for PS4, showing as 'low stock online'.

  • They have marketing copies stating only XBOX and PS4 copies, but they will also bring in PC copies as well. Guy at my local Kmart was surprised they even bring in the PC version too.

  • Does anyone know if BF1 on PC will come with a code for you to download or is it full disk?

    • You will be able to redeem the product code/cd key in origin from the physical pack and download the files.

  • +1

    Was excited to go down to the local and buy BF1 then released I don't have a DVD drive in the new PC I've just built….

    Where's everyone buying this online?

    • +1

      You will be able to download the files through origin by redeeming the product code from physical pack if you have enough data, I read it's gonna be 40 GB. I haven't really seen it cheaper elsewhere.

    • CD Key inside the box works direct via steam also.

      • +1

        I think you mean Origin?

  • Looks like the PS4 console is now unavailable online. Hoping they allocate more stock - else will have to try and get to a store.

    • Showing as "Only a few left" now if you are quick.

  • Just bought a PS4 for $319.00.. Does anyone know if PS3 games work on the PS4? Immediate google says no - but they're linking old articles.

    I would like to keep using my singstar microphones/games.

  • Can't wait to get BF1 on PC tomorrow. Wonder if there will be able copies left getting it after work.

  • +1

    Honestly, I think the thegamesmenau OFFER http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PS4-Slim-500GB-Console-NEW-/22226... $369.95+$100 Ebay voucher has better value. For $50 more you get a $100 Ebay voucher. I just canceled my ps4 slim order and deceided to wait for ps4 pro.

  • Will it be possible to buy these items online? The links in the online catalogue appear to be broken for BF1 etc, not sure if they just haven't been added yet.

    • +1

      Will be available online from around 10am

  • Lil ole Lady at Target in Buranda Qld say they don't stock pc games. Couldn't lay-by preorder or even give a price on the ps4 copy. She said they haven't been delivered yet, I find that hard to believe.

  • Is that the limited edition version of World of Final Fantasy in the catalog or the day one edition?

  • +1

    Target eastgarden have about 60 left. Plenty stocks

    • I bought 3 :D

  • Side question- do you think BF1 is worth buying if you can only play single player? My Internet is shite

    • you probably wont even be able to install it

      I have tried to install from discs for the past hr, gave up and started the download. 10hrs to go!

  • +1

    PC BF1 version now $62 at BigW FYI

    • Thanks. One extra option if Target is sold out.

    • +2

      Nice! Actually makes it $58.90 using 5% off WISH giftcard then.

  • they are now on the target website https://www.target.com.au/search?text=battlefield+1

  • Battlefield 1 download size (if you choose to ignore the discs) is 40GB and installs to 47GB.

  • Bought BF1 for PC woo!

    Can't install from discs, typical EA problem, so annoying….

    so I guess I will be downloading all day before I can play :(

  • +1

    Just bought BF1 from EB games with a price match from Target, ended up getting the pre-order version as well. I'm happy with $60 for this game!

    Also it appears that when you install BF1, it looks like it is downloading the files but it is actually copying off the discs. Will keep you updated!

  • Awesome

  • Only 3 copies at Cockburn WA. I grabbed 2

    • +1

      Lol, negged for buying 1 for my mate as well. Im sorry i have a friend to play multiplayer with

      • +1

        Who needs friends! just join the OzB BF1 server….oh wait its full of trollz >:(

  • +1

    For Sydney cbd just Price matched at Eb games westfield. Saved me a trip to Broadway/Bondi

  • +1

    I got EB games to price match target. $60. It has 5 DVD's inside and also code for Hellfighter pack inside.

    • So this is technically the best deal then.

  • +1

    Target at Buranda hasn't had their delivery arrive yet. So I'd call before going in.

  • +1

    Sold out at the Melbourne Bourke Street store. Price matched at EB games instead.

    • Many left at EB games? All Targets I've tried are sold out.
      Did you just take a printout of the catalogue?

      • I'm not sure how many are left at EB. I purchased at the Melbourne Central store and the guy went to the back store room to retrieve it. I showed them the Target catalogue on my phone.

        • EB Games North Sydney had heaps (in back room). They price matched just showing price on my phone from target.com.au

      • I just told the staff at my local EB that target has it for $60, price matched no problems at all. I think by the end of day, all eb staffs will know the target price.

  • I tried to add 99 to my cart online and it would only let me add 81

    Does that mean there is only 81 left in Aus?

    • No means online store has 81 left

  • +1

    Target Brisbane City have no PC stock. Price matched it at JB Hifi, just showed them the catalogue on my phone.

    • No local Target. Priced match at JB with no dramas.

  • Got mine. Plenty at Browns Plains.

  • Has anyone installed the PC version just by using the redeem code option? And not using the discs? Is that possible?

    • +1

      yes that's the only way I can do it.

      when you try to install from disc it takes you to origin and only gives you an option to download

      • Hmmm interesting, I ask because I don't have a DVD drive in my PC and my internet is decent. Let me know if it asks you to use the discs.

        Cheers for replying.

        • +1

          I don't have cd/dvd drives either.

          I tried to install from a networked drive with no luck.

          Gave up after an hour and started the download(40GB) - you can start playing campaign at 33% downloaded

          Best of Luck

        • I do have several DVD drives, however I find most of them are out of order now (havent been used for 3+ years), the only one works reads the disc at 1MB/s now, even slower than the download.

  • Target in Melbourne CBD only had 8 copies. Apparently sold out by 8:30.

    Would've been nice for Target to inform me of this when I ordered online for click and collect at 9am. Instead I now can't play over the weekend as my copy is in transit from Camberwell and won't arrive until Monday. I can't even cancel the order.

    Thanks, Target.

    • price match somewhere else today and return other copy for refund

      • Cheers guys!

    • You can just purchase a copy now from a different place like EB Games and return Target's copy when it gets delivered.
      I've returned things bought from Target online before. No issues.

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