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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series with Pentium N3710 Quad-Core + 128GB SSD for $319.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Good price for a solid little laptop. Has been very popular in the past and is good value for the specifications.


Windows 10 Home 64-bit English
Pentium ® Processor N3710 (2M Cache, up to 2.56 GHz)
4GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM (4GBx1)
11.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
Ports 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI v1.4a
Integrated Widescreen HD (720p) Webcam with Digital Microphone
Battery up to 10 hours 15 mins

Thanks to Scrimshaw for description

Kudos to TheClipIt for the great codes

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  • For those wondering, the RAM + 2.5" SSD is user replaceable.

    service manual

  • I bought one of these in a previous deal and it's been an excellent little lappy. Screen is on the average side but otherwise it's been quite the little workhorse

    • +2 votes

      Yeah same, it's a great option if you just need something simple, and the battery life is awesome.

  • Cheers OP!

  • Is this the cheapest quad core atm?

  • I got one of these a while ago and it's still going great. If anyone is after a cheap sleeve case to store it in I highly recommend this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/371309390500 for $9. Fits in snuggly and the pockets can store a wireless mouse and the power cord

  • I saw the word Pentium, and then thought how is this against one of the i5 mobile CPU's. Although good price.

    • This is an atom, doesn't get anywhere near an i3

      • pentium not atom

        • Pentium branding but Airmont architecture, which is used on Atom. There are Pentiun-branded Broadwell and Skylake chips too, but this isn't one of them.

          It's effectively a higher-TDP Atom part.

        • @elusive:

          similar to old atom but faster, and this is not fanless like the new atom, is it?

        • @uccoffee:

          It's the mobile version of the tablet x7-Z8700. Higher TDP and higher graphics clock. Probably has a fan.

          Depends what you mean by new Atom. It's not Goldmont, which is the Atom-series Skylake-gen equivalent (which will probably never be released with Atom branding). It's not Core-M, which used full Broaswell/Skylake architecture.

          Airmont was the last Atom-series architecture to be released with Atom branding.

        • @elusive:

          x7 in surface 3 is fanless.

        • @uccoffee:

          Whether there is or is not a fan is the manufacturer's decision. I do not see how that is relevant to whether this is branded as "Pentium" or "Atom", keeping in mind that the processing core in the Pentium X#### uses the same Airmont architecture. This is distinct from the Broadwell/Skylake/Kaby Lake architectures used in Core-M#, Core-i#, and some Pentium/Celeron (####U/####Y). There are passively-cooled devices using Core-M#.

          The TDP in the Pentium-branded Atom-cored parts is set higher, which means it's harder to passively cool, but there's also nothing stopping an OEM from intentionally underclocking it.

        • @uccoffee: Some atoms can be fanless like the anemic 2W SDP Z-series. You can sometines find Z series atoms in phones like the asus zenphone 2.

          Atoms in N-series are are 4W SDP and will probably need a fan.

        • Sorry I skipped over a bit, I meant the architecture. I believe Intel are deliberately misleading people into expecting more performance out of this CPU due to it's name.

          Present pentiums and celerons can stem from either the Atom family (N prefix) or the core family (i3/i5/i7). Pentiums from the atom family will perform far worse than those from the core family, because they lack out-of-order execution and have tighter thermal restrictions. It's doubly misleading because Pentiums from the core family will be dual cores, while pentiums from atom are quad cores.

          Pentiums from the atom families have vastly lower IPC and real world performance. Notebookcheck do actual benchmarks with these CPUs. Don't bother with passmark or cpuboss, they are not renowned as benchmarking suites.

        • Owners from previous thread said it was fanless.

        • @CVonC: It is. I own one. No fan and no hdd noise…silence is golden!

  • I would call this more of a netbook considering the screen size. Although Dell calls it a laptop.

    • This really annoys me too. N series CPUs belong in netbooks, Core family for laptops. I think it's an excuse to have an "entry level" priced offering.

  • Haven't heard the word "Pentium" for long time since 90s

    • Intel brought it back because it is such a well recognised brand

      Thin is based on atom, not on Skylake etc.

      • Interesting. I thought they always owned it

      • There are Skylake Pentiums, but this is not one of them. Models starting with N are Atom architectures, I believe.

        • Correct. N* series are based of atoms. N3710 is "Airmont" which is a descendant of diamondville (N270), the underpowered cpu we saw in netbooks that came out because there the GFC evaporated all reasonably-performing laptops under $1000. Atoms have always been about low TDP and low price per chip.

          There are Pentiums on Skylake like the 4405U but these never seemed to arrive in Australia. I'm going to guess it's because uninformed sales staff said "Why buy a dual-core at 2.1ghz when you can buy a quad-core that boosts to 2.5ghz?"

          The 4405U should perform similarly to the i3-5010U and outperform the i3-5005U

          The N3710 trails the i3-5005U pretty badly too.

          N3710 gets cinebench r10 32 bit single score of 1289 / multi 4633.

          i3-5005u gets cinebench r10 32 bit single score of 3133 / multi 6927. The dual core i3 beats out the quad core atom even in a parallel benchmark. That's got to say something.

          In short: only consider atoms (including pentium atoms) in very cheap devices. You're far better off getting an i3 if the price difference is less than $100. That being said, I don't think you can get Core-Family pentiums for $400 in AU

        • @klumsybot:

          The tradeoff is the Atom-based machines tend to have much longer battery life.

          I've found that Core-M (which uses the Broadwell/Skylake architecture) tends to perform quite well. It's basically an underclocked Core-i. Especially good for more portable devices where you don't need sustained high performance.

        • @elusive: Agreed, but atom CPUs are cheaper to purchase than Core-M. Wasn't Core-M basically the Y series of processor?

          I'm not pleased intel are going to be labeling some Kaby Lakes "M7" processors as Core i7-7Y75 to try to ride the coattails of a real i7.

          I think it's time for Intel to properly delineate what these CPUs are called.

          Normal Desktop i3/5/7 would become D3/5/7.
          Low power (currently T) desktop i3/5/7 would become T3/5/7.

          Normal mobile (currently U) i3/5/7 would become U3/5/7
          Low power (currently Y) i3/5/7 would become Y3/5/7

          "Celerons" and "Pentiums" could be 1 and fall into line with the 3/5/7 numbering.

          Normal Atoms (currently N) can be N3/5/7
          Low power Atoms (currently Z) can be Z3/5/7
          High power atoms (currently J) can be J3/5/7

        • @klumsybot:

          Close, but not quite. The "normal" mobile is/was actually i#-####M. More recently, i#-####MQ/HQ/EQ. Though I suppose those would be considered "high"-power these days…

          U is supposed to be low-power, and Y is supposed to be ultra-low-power.

          Agree with the rest, though T for desktop might be confused with Tablet :P

  • What do you think for a y7 student? we will need one for our daughter when she starts high school. It does have the minimum requirements (dual band and long battery life) . any comment would be appreciated.

    • +6 votes

      It's perfectly fine for basic tasks like word processing and internet

    • Ok for students up to Year 10.

      This by the way completely satisfies the BYOD requirements of many schools.

      Apart from the ones that dictate you need a Macbook.

    • I bought this for a 3rd year engineering degree at university. It will be more than enough for year 7!

    • Based on our experience with Dell, I wouldn't recommend an Inspiron for a y7 student. The specs are fine but Inspirons are built for light use.

      We bought an Inspiron for my y7 daughter and after a year of constant but careful use, the keyboard died.

      On the other hand my Dell Latitudes for work just keep going for years. So we replaced her broken Inspiron with a nice refurbished Latitude. A little heavier $150 dearer, but built like a tank.

      If you want the laptop to last into y8 or y9, I'd recommend looking for a low end Dell Latitude on the Dell Outlet or Gray's Online.

  • pull the trigger for my old man. he's still running some kind of eebook or some travesty so i think this will definitely be a step up. cheers op

  • on their normal site teh xps new one is $2500 but on the ebay its $2999.. thats disappointing ;-(

  • Better value compared to a NUC with similar processor as you have to buy SSD, RAM and windows? This could do 4k as well. Wondering any reason why this cant be used as a media server.

    • Well, it doesn't have gigabit ethernet, which makes it unsuitable as a server.

      Keeping it cool is probably a big concern, unless you can find a way to bolt on a block of aluminium to keep the CPU and wifi chipset cool.

      • Thanks. Cant believe a laptop with 100 Mbps these days. May be wireless will be faster. Will pass..

        • it doesn't have a ethernet port at all, was what I was supposed to type.

          It doesn't have enough room inside to fit a wired NIC.

        • @scrimshaw: My bad. USB ethernet can work, but I have seen they are not that stable. As I said earlier, I will pass.

  • I bought this in the last sale. It is ALOT of computer for the money. I highly recommend it.

  • Still thinking whether to buy this or not and red or white.

  • Weight: 1.2 kg

  • While I hate any CPU starting with N (Atom lineage) the ssd will help a lot and the price makes it a good deal.

  • How well does this laptop manage for minor photoshop and video editing?

  • I don't know anything about computers or how to compare them… Please no one attack me, but is this the same computer? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/dell/del...

    • Kind of Yes and no.

      The chassis is the same, but the processor and hard drive is a significant downgrade.

      The N3050 processor is a dual core, the eBay one is a quad core.
      It uses a much slower type of flash memory — the same kind of memory used on tablets and phones, and it does not do SATA meaning you can't swap it out with a normal drive or an SSD.

      • Thanks for that!! It's all seriously beyond me.

        • simply put the ebay unit is better value for money - exterior looks the same on both but the guts inside on the ebay model are better

  • Really nice deal but I will never buy a laptop again that doesn't have a backlit keyboard. I'm surprised it's not standard these days.

  • I bought this in a previous deal and love how it really is a great little laptop which is fast enough, and handles what I throw at it. A few negatives about it though: keyboard isn't backlit-never knew how much I need this feature, touchpad mouse is very glitchy so I cannot work very fast on it, especially with scrolling and right clicking, the body is a shiny cheap looking plastic which easily gets finger prints all over it, and the 'on' button has to be held down hard for a while before the machine boots up. I may have some hardware faults, unless these are standard across this model. Otherwise, the battery life is impressive, its worked fine for word processing, and occasional web browsing.

  • I am using Asus N45S and Lenovo Latitude E7470…. Now I am still contemplating whether I should get one of this.. Any recommendations?

  • Is it a touchscreen?

  • Looking for some advice if possible, should I go with this Dell or this HP (using the current AMEX $100 off at Harvey Norman, which brings it down to $351), http://www.harveynorman.com.au/computers-tablets/computers/l...

    The main use will be as a school bring your own device for my Year 8 daughter.

  • No black color? Only white, blue and red.

  • How does this laptop compare with this one?