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COTD Christmas Pritz Blitz - Bose QC35 $339, GoPro Session 5 $299, Nintendo 3DS Bundle $199, ASICS Kayano 23 $130 (+Post) & More


Seems like COTD have a couple of things on sale starting Wed 9th Nov @ 10am

Items will be added hourly until 7pm.

From the landing page here's a list of items (all prices exclude delivery):

Nintendo 3DS Bundle $199 Back in stock 6pm (can't find this bundle anywhere else to compare)
GoPro Hero Session 5 $299 Sold out ($379 @ DWI)
Asics Mens Kayano 23 $130 Sold out ($185 @ Kogan)
Asics Womens Kayano 23 $130 (pretty much same as previous)
Bose QC35 $339 Sold out ($440 @ Buymac)
Napoleon Perdis Love Kiss Collection $7 ($36+delivery @ Active Skin)
DeLonghi Nespresso Gran Maestria Coffee Machine $299 Sold out ($399 @ JB HiFi)
Ray Ban Aviator - Starburst gold $69 Sold out ($230 @ Ray Ban Australia)
Chopard Wish EDP 75ml $9.95 Sold out ($24.99 @ Chemist Warehouse)
Calvin Klein Euphoria Man EDT 100ml $9.95 Sold out ($34.99 @ Chemist Warehouse)
Havaianas $5 Sold out ($29.99 @ Havaianas)
Sony Earphones $1 (who knows what these will be)

Some highlight items (also see links above and other items on site):

10AM: Fitbit Charge 2 $99 Sold out
12PM: Nintendo 3DS Game Console Bundle Pack - White $199 Sold out (more stock later)
1PM: Nike Women's Downshifter 6 Shoe $39.99 Sold out
2PM: Calvin Klein Euphoria Man EDT 100ml $9.95 & Chopard Wish EDP 75ml $9.95 Sold out
3PM: Bose QuietComfort 35 $339 Sold out
4pm: DéLonghi Nespresso Gran Maestria Coffee Machine - Silver $299 Sold out
6pm: 3DS Bundle $199 is back in stock
6pm: ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 23 Shoe $130 Sold out
6pm: ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 23 Shoe - Sport Pink/Aruba Blue/Flash Coral $130

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  • Thanks OP you had me at (Black) QC35s!

  • Great formatting Willy


    calvin klein euphoria only $9.95 is a really good price.

  • Would JB match the qc35?

    • Pretty sure most store policies only allows price matching to be done with in-store competitors only.

  • Wow, not expecting the qc35s to last long

  • would buy the qc35s in a heartbeat if there was a way to toggle anc. it's such a heartbreaking design flaw.

    • Still going to buy it but agree, however you can just use wired (passive) mode. No wireless or active EQ though.

    • I'm using it almost everyday since July.

      Can't see any reason why would I switch off the ANC.

      • When I was given a copy to review, I felt an unsettling pressure on my ear drums, kind of fatiguing.

      • I think there are situations where I'd want to have more awareness of my surroundings, and I'd prefer not to have to lug around two sets of headphones (plus switching would be a pain). And yeah the pressure gets a bit uncomfortable imo. Maybe I'll get some qc20s or 25s and hunt down a good quality bluetooth receiver or something.

      • -1 vote

        Same you want it on always.

        • With my qc25s, I regularly turn the anc off and on. It's very silly to not have it as an option with the qc35s.

          At work and not overly busy - no anc but good passive cancellation.

          Colleagues near to me invite others into the area for a meeting - turn on anc.


          @peternow: I only use mine at home and when they are on my head i don't want to hear anything else :)

    • Look up the new sony headphones. I got a pair today from jb and they work great.. Has all the features the bose qc35 should have such as passive mode, touch control and other interesting features.. They have better NC than bose also.
      Look them up, you might like them.
      sony mdr-1000x

      • Better NC? I'd say on par at best. Much better features though no doubt. Price however i cannot justify in the least over my QC20.

        • Yeh, I too had the same issue of deciding what to do, I own a pair of bose qc20 myself.. If you really like these, then sell your bose and get these is my suggestion. You should get about $200 on eBay. But first make sure you like over head headphones!!!

      • Thanks for the tip! I've read some reviews and they sound amazing, really sensible features too. though apparently they're not quiiite as comfortable as the Bose and I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to clamping force.

        • I find these very comfy, but don't have a say on that issue just yet.. I've only just got them, so I'll try inform you guys of my what my conclusions are.
          Note. I usually can't stand over ear headphones, as they get hot and sticky. So I will let you know what I think after a few days of proper use.

      • At $699 you'd hope so. The qc35 is primarily a ANC headset with decent SQ but from what I've read the new sonys trump this in every way in the SQ department. The real competitor to the QC35 is the 100ABN which is priced similarly and sounds better but ANC isn't as good. I think the 1000x are more priced to compete with the sennheisers 550pcx which retail at $629 (though I've yet to see these in store anywhere yet)

    • Plug them into your device with a cable instead of using the bluetooth and you can use them without the ANC on

  • is the 3ds deal a steal?
    please educate an uneducated soul :(
    thanks op

    • The console alone goes for about $220 in target, the amiibo is about $5-10, the exchangable plate goes for about $5-10 and the game is anywhere between $20-$40.

      If you're looking for a cheap 3ds console, this would be a pretty good deal. I think the shipping for COTD is about $9.95 (in WA anyway)

    • been this price for ages. seems to keep its value pretty well. mine is collecting dust atm; only really comes out during holidays. can be modded if you wish

  • yay Kayano 23 is a good price :D I so want the QC35 as well but gonna stick with my QC25s for now.

    • I bought the kayano 23s in the last sale. I had the kayano 21s before that but god damn the 23s look ugly in comparison

    • Really really want to know what the smart OZB thinks the shoes are REAL?

      COTD claims they are parallel import. Look here at enlarged photos of Kayano 23 from COTD website.
      photo 1
      photo 2
      These are supposed to be $200+ not $69 of Ascis. The same glue marks and gaps are not noticed on the same in local Rebel. The lining material feels different and the sole smells like recycled rubber.

      • damn that's a concern, 23 is going for 130 right?

      • Bought 2 x K22 before. ASICS Australia wouldn't comment the authenticity.
        These shoes were ok for under $80, but not $188 shoes and definitely not $260RRP i would pay.

      • Is it possible that they are factory seconds?

      • The shoes will be grey imports from SE Asia and can be considered at best to be "three-quarters brand" product.

        The import product will be made to a lower standard than expected in more developed countries (such as Australia). Basically the factory boss sees the spec for 230 TPU soles @$10 and instead substitutes 200 TPU soles @$8, or 15% reworked before export vs 1% reworked for Asia.

        I have investigated supplier import fraud for a fashion group in AUS. This is what I tested to prove a dodgy supplier but only point 2 is visible on photos.
        * Sole and Top Piece Slip Resistance
        * Sharp Points and Edges
        * Seam strength
        * The attachment strength of the top piece
        * The heel attachment strength of knock-on heels
        * Sole Adhesion

        • Interesting comments, thank you

        • Yes agree, very good info - thanks. As someone who runs a lot and uses Asics, I'd prefer not to buy inferior product that could put my feet / knees at risk. Personally, paying an extra $30 - $50 to buy them from Start Fitness in the UK is probably a safer option for me.

        • @D1977: Just looked at Strt Fitness, for the 21 ladies =$150.00 delivered to Melbourne…. -VAT?

        • @ozf1: Use the promo code of ASICS10 to get 10% off. VAT is the GST equivalent so you shouldn't pay this if it's coming from the UK.

          ASICS10 promo code no longer working, Just Google search "start fitness promo code" and try until you find one that works.

  • I wish they showed "sold/remaining" units on these sales so when they are sold out in 30 seconds after listing we know they sold 500 units and not just 5.

  • +9 votes

    Nov 9th AKA Trump Day!

  • predicting a lot of disappointed people trying to get cheap qc35s

  • Does anyone know if COTD does tax invoices for TRS?

  • QC35's Cheapest Deal yet?

  • For the 3DS bundle, here's the pricing of the stuff separated (at their current prices):

    • Mario and Luigi - $35 at Big W.
    • Mario amiibo - $10 at JB I think. Historic low was $5, pre-owned at EB can be had for that as well.
    • New 3DS faceplate - $5 at Big W, though faceplates in general are hard to find.

    This leaves the console to be valued at $144-$149. Is it worth it? Only if you want all 3 items included. If not, I suggest waiting for a better-suited deal. For the console alone, I suggest biting at $120.

    • thanks for this. have they ever been at 120 tho? that sounds godsendingly low

    • It's pretty decent value for a 3DS bundle. There are a few big titles being released in the next few months. Pok√©mon sun and moon is being released as a bundle soon too. The 3DS XL bundle is $250 as a price gauge.

      If anyone is after the 3DS XL then don't get this deal otherwise the deal above is pretty good for the normal 3DS version.

    • hey, do you know whether the 3ds is a grey/parallel import? and if so if it has any effect on anything like warranty etc? haven't found much online about this topic, i know cotd loves grey stuff

  • :( Missed out on the raybans

    hey guys its showing 99 for the ray bans does this mean its deal over ? also any way they are fakes?

  • oh 4 days. I am definitely going to forget about this!

  • +6 votes

    Nobody should bother about the QC35, nothing to see. You won't get one so don't even bother quietly sets alarm

  • does anyone know whether the 3ds is a grey/parallel import? and if so if this has any effect on anything e.g. warranty. haven't found much online about this topic, i know cotd loves grey stuff

    • edit: it seems it should be manufacturers warranty which is nice. basing my assumption off existing 3DSXL product pages on cotd

  • These sales are just advertising, waste of time. Nothing but spamming refresh and the sold out logo.

  • -1 vote

    QC35 landing page just seemed to disappear…

  • Can't bloody wait for this deal to be negged to all buggery tomorrow lol

  • Crappy release in the first hour