This was posted 4 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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T.M. Lewin - All Shirts $28.00 Each With Free Delivery


In the time-honoured Ozbargain tradition of combining multiple deals, we now have the usual T.M. Lewin shirts for $40 (formal, casual and "evening") combined with the 30% off everything Click Frenzy sale to give a price of $28 per shirt with free delivery.

I believe this is the cheapest they have ever been.

You can also try to get your 4% cashback from Cashrewards, etc, as well, however it appears you need to go through the above link to get the $40 shirts, so likely not possible.

I don't own any TM Lewin shirts as yet so can't comment on them, however they have been discussed here a number of times so do a search if you want to find out. Also happy to give TM Lewin my business given some of the good customer services stories in the $20 jacket/pants thread (which itself seemed to be a price error).

48 hours only, so get moving.

Edit: try this link if above link isn't working for you.

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  • The terms of the 30% offer state that it cannot be used with any other offer.

    This combination is so good I think it will probably the first one they choose not to honour!

    • Fair point - I couldn't see any terms for the 30% offer.

      It appears the $40 shirts were able to be combined with a 13% off coupon recently which looks like it was honoured, so hopefully ok?

      • The previous methods required a bit of trickery to get the double discount and some people received emails telling them that it wasn't allowed, but they'd let it slide this time. This promo just automatically takes 30% off so it's more of a price error. I've placed an order so fingers crossed!

        • They didn't stop my order last time. I ordered 5 non-iron shirts for whatever it was (~$32?) each.

        • @dzhay:

          If it's non-iron… does that mean it's not 100% cotton? (Site says it still is).

          Sorry just saw: "Unlike others available, our non-iron shirts are pure cotton and therefore very soft and breathable. It’s the special fabric coating that means they won’t crease, even after machine-washing."

        • @RtN: Yeah it's cotton, just covered in some kind of sorcery to stop the creases.

  • I wish they had free returns

  • I'd be surprised if they honored this. Last time, they wrote to each customer saying that such a combining of offers will not be honored. Although I do think they should perform some due diligence and ensure these offers aren't possible online if that's how they feel.

    • I guess we will see - they did honour the $20 jacket/pants deal, even though that seemed to be an error as well (as prices then went up to $139 for the jacket and $70 for the pants).

  • Can someone remind me which is usually larger in terms of size. I want to use my charles tyrwhitt measurements.

  • +12 votes

    Everyone has bought their Lewin shirts already! I swear I saw three other people with the same red checked non iron shirt as me on a lunchtime walk in Melbourne

    • That red checked design is old hat now - too many people have the same print.

      I've had mine for ~4 yrs now (not from T.M Lewin). I've stopped wearing it as in the last year nearly every label is doing it and it's too common now. You can almost be sure that if you wear it to an event someone else will have it on too.

    • Just go to Lowes, different designs and surely won't be spotted in Melbourne CBD

  • I'm waiting for delivery of some CT shirts that were supposed to be delivered today but have been delayed. If they don't fit me I will return them and jump on this deal.

  • Great deal - couldn't resist, even though I've got plenty of shirts already!

  • How come all the shirts are showing $40? Do you have to use a code for the $28 all shirts, or it's supposed to come up automatically?

  • Anyone know why none of the shirts are showing $40 for me?

  • Still waiting for last order to arrive, ordered end of Oct..

  • I purchased two shirts last time using the 13% discount code and had no issues. I received them within a week from the UK for about $64.

    I knew my size as I had previously purchased one shirt full price in their store for $89.95. Never again will I pay full price with the fantastic help of the OB community.

    I find the quality quite good and have no complaints.

  • Bought 6 shirts from the previous deal @ $36!

    Ended up getting another 2 just then.

  • Is this made in UK?

  • Damn, this is incredible!

    I ordered 7 shirts in the last deal for $36 per shirt

    Just re-ordered the exact same shirts for $28 per shirt, and will return the shirts I bought previously (which are unworn and still in their packaging).

    Called the collins street store to confirm that you can return shirts to them directly, paid with paypal just in case they refuse (paypal pays for return shipping up to 8? times per year).

    Huge thanks OP, you are amazing :)

    • what did the collins st store say?

      • They said you can return shirts you bought online to the physical store without shipping them back to the UK.

        However, you do not get your money back instantly, as the Collins street store has to email TM Lewin UK and ask the UK online store to refund your money.

        They specified that you will not incur any cost in this process, and your money will be transferred back to your debit card/paypal account approximately within the week.

        • awesome good enough for me!

          I bought slim fit shirts last time that fitted perfect. Thought I would have a crack at the fitted ones this time (maybe Im being too ambitious). Good too know if they turn out too tight I can return in store.

      • I called the store in Myer Adelaide (CBD) and they said just bring your invoice number and the shirts and they'll refund

  • Wow awesome. Hope it is still up by the time I get home from work.
    Never bought this brand but seems to be well regarded on Ozb. Hopefully I can get the fit right.

  • I'm looking for a white shirt that can be worn over jeans (instead of work shirts that are tucked into pants). Any idea white style TM Lewin have for this?

  • thanks OP bought 10!

    Do'h forgot cashback!

  • Annoying CT Shirts vs TM Lewin shirts question incoming:

    I wear Extra Slim for CT Shirts, what should my fit be for TM Lewin?

    • +2 votes

      I wear Extra Slim for CT and Fitted for TM Lewin.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        In your experience, collar sizes and sleeve length between the two companies are about the same?

        • I never do up my top button so I cant accurately say for the collars, but sleeve-wise they are similar. I take 33 inch for both and they sit at the same position on my wrist when arms are outstretched.

        • @johndoe1: A 33 inch collar?

        • +1 vote

          @dzhay: Haha, no, as in a 33 inch sleeve for both CT and TML.

        • I wear extra slim in CT and fitted in TML. 15.5 neck, 33 sleeve.

          Collar is almost identical. CT just a smidge bigger - talking .5cm - slight but can be noticed.

          Sleeve length - CT is also slightly longer, more so I think because the width of the shirt/shoulder is a bit wider on the CT.

          In fact everything on the CT shirt is slightly bigger than the TML.

    • Same as Johndoe. Just watch out with the TM Lewin Super fitted, as they are not joking about the "super fitted" part. You don't want to have a big barrel chest, and you pretty much need a flat stomach or you'll be popping those buttons.

      • Agreed, super fitted is way too tight around the chest for me.

        • I once had a night out on the town in my TM Lewin super fitted shirt. I woke up the next morning to find out, at some point during the night, my stomach had burst out through the shirt and left it in tatters. Also, I wish I didn't have my real name in my Ozbargain username…

      • Thank you, looks like fitted will do me just fine :)

  • Anyone suggest size for me, 6"2 slim-ish build? All my shirts are in a different size format to Collar/Sleeve Length on their site! Cheers

    • Did you check out the size guide?

      Your shirts are likely in centimetres and theirs are in inches. Look on above page to convert.

      What size are you in centimetres?

    • I'm a bit taller and skinny but with fairly broad shoulders and long arms and the fitted shirts in 15.5/36 are great. The super fitted 16/36 are a bit too tight around the chest. The size guide worked well for me. For $28 each I would just get a few different sizes based on what the guide recommends, noting that super fitted shirts are really that!

  • Perfect timing. Cheers OP. Just bought 3. :D

  • thanks OP bought 3

  • Gee… How do they have 275 different shirts?

  • Sizing is confusing, is a standard large "L" 41 equal to the "to fit chest" or "shirt chest size" eg 16 or 15 ?

    • TBH, your best bet is to go into one of their stores (If you can) and try one on. Then you'll have a reference for future purchases.

  • For some reason, $10 postage is added to my cart? Any tips please?

    edit: fixed it :)

  • I wonder whether it would look a bit funny wearing the 'formal' shirts with casual pants like jeans and even smart casual pants such as chinos. They're great quality but unlike the 'casual' shirts it seems they hang quite low (to be tucked in). All the 'patterned' formal shirts would work well for those in creative industry but would cop some eyebrows for those working in legal/commercial spheres, alas. Unfortunately only the formal shirts come in non-obese sizing.

    • It's an easy thing to get them mended - to shorten the shirt length front and back. I'm spoiled to have someone who can tailor it for me at home, but I do know a local lady who does it for between $10-15 (Western Suburbs, Brisbane).

      If you're happy to pay that amount, perhaps there's a local tailor who can do the alterations for you. Check out serviceseeking/gumtree or the like for contacts.

      • Did exactly that a few days ago (I wear most of my shirt untucked with jeans) - had to pay $18 though in Sydney! I think I made the mistake of not having washed it first because now after the first wash the bottom of the shirt curls up a bit. Does that happen to you as well benandfaith?

        • Mine doesn't curl up at all. I can't remember whether I had pre washed it before mending.

          Can you try ironing it out?

  • Can someone please comment on the different fabric types?

    ie non-iron vs twill vs poplin vs pinpoint vs oxford etc?

    Which is better? Are they all 100% cotton?

    • At a basic level, the difference would be how heavy or thick the shirt will be.
      twill is a thick weave which results in a thick and heavy shirt
      poplin is a thin and light weave

      non-iron is just the fabrics/tech they use so that it doesn't crease as easily.
      These tend to be available for the thicker weaves though.

      For Australia, i'd keep my shirt collection to around 80% with the lighter weaves and fabrics

      • Thanks.

        I'm looking for cotton only, as I live in Perth and it often gets hot.

        According to google, poplin can also mean a mix of polyester…. so I should be avoiding poplin,right?

        • I'm pretty sure all TML shirts are 100% cotton. Their poplin shirts are 100% cotton. Nice and thin. In Brisbane summer, poplin TML is about the only long sleeve business shirts I can tolerate! (Their casual range shirts are also poplin and great for the Brisbane warm weather)

        • As benandfaith said, TML shirts are 100% cotton, including their poplin weave shirts.

          Poplin does not mean poly mix, but since it's a very typical weave, a lot of poly mix shirts are poplin.

        • @Fairy Sprinkles: Cool, thanks guys.

  • nice nice thanks

  • I just bought some shirts on the weekend at $40 each…has anyone had luck with asking them if they'd give a credit or refund for shirts after they found out about a discount?

  • How come i can't add to basket?

  • Thanks OP. 4 more shirts added to my TM collection.

  • Thanks, couldnt resist to buy another shirt.