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Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB $195 USD (~ $266 AUD) Delivered @ Amazon


Beware that it's an 8TB SMR drive in it. You will lose warranty if you're after the bare drive.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I don't doubt there's an SMR drive inside, but can anyone find where Seagate discloses it?


    The last 8tb external I got from Amazon only comes with a 12 month warranty, quite limited for a drive this size and price. At no place did this mention it on the web page listing until I received the drive and read the sticker on the box.
    Just something to be aware of.


      Warranty is serviced via amazon or directly with seagate?

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        Directly through Seagate in respect to the sticker so either way after 12 months you're on your own. The models sold in Aus come with 3 years.

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    What's SMR?

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      More for archiving purpose, that is read only and not for normal frequent read/write.

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      Sensory Meridian Response. Have to be very gentle with the drive. You can't make loud noises around the drive.

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      It's a cheap way for Seagate to increase capacity of their drives. Data tracks overlap each other like scales on a fish… cramming more data into a given section of hard drive space. It slows down performance, and definitely should not be used for frequent read/white requests. But it's much cheaper than buying the same storage capacity via a traditional drive set up.

      Just to store/back up, then pack away. Don't use it every day.

      I personally don't like it and would rather spend extra for a normal drive, but hey… horses for courses.
      I also don't have hundreds of Tb of data to store at enterprise level.
      Big $ savings to be had there.

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        horses for courses

        A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

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          Very useful to know, thank you.

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          All the above are partial truths at best. The drives can be very useful, they are just application specific. I'd advise do more research to see if they fit your needs as $/tb is amazing and they have not shown signs of poor reliability thus far. I have 4 myself as media drives, relatively frequent read and write (not as much as servicing an OS) and they are super fast and kick ass.


          You mean Seagate now sells horses?


          @ Kleetus

          I loved that show growing up…

          It was black and white re-runs and already decades old when I saw it, but I loved my Mr Ed fix :).



          Ok, I'll bite.

          Partial truths?
          Mate, do some research before dissing someone. I never said they weren't useful, and if you're going to claim I'm telling people "partial truths", might I suggest you back up your claim with linked facts? But you can't, because you're wrong.

          SMR drives MOST DEFINITELY take a performance hit and you are pretty much the only person on the planet to describe them as "super fast and kick ass".

          They are designed for one purpose, cheap data storage/archiving. If you're using four of them as media drives with frequent read/write, then good luck to your data integrity moving forward, because that's not their intended use.

          And that's not a 'partial truth', that's fact.

          /mike drop

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    or put it another way to say: it's a low lifespan drive if you use it too often.

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    Thanks. Alomost purchased yesterday for $70 AUS more.


    Comes up as USD$179.99, the extra USD$15 is shipping: http://i.imgur.com/7z7j8zr.jpg

    Equal lowest price ever for this on Amazon according to camelcamelcamel