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Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones (Red) $56.53 USD (~ $78 AUD) Shipped @ Amazon


This is the cheapest they've been for well over a year and the red set is in the gold box for the next 10hrs. I highly recommend these for people who are active as I've racked up hundreds of kms with these in my ears. Good sound, comfortable and it doesn't block all external noises so above all they're safe.

If you know someone who goes running with a wired set then this would be a great Christmas present for them (assuming they use a phone with BT).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • That's a good deal. I have the backbeat go 2 and I have been pretty happy with it. I heard fit is alot better with it being more secure and has longer battery time.

  • Nice one OP, I have these and they are excellent! Tempting to buy a backup set…

    • Me too. But i just spent so much money. If mine break and i have to pay full price I'll be gutted haha

    • I have them too. Great for exercise, be it aerobics or weights.
      Sound quality is good (but not great)… but good enough for exercise… and for a wireless set.
      Battery life is good. Can go several workouts without recharging.
      Comfortable and resilient (so far).
      Bought another set for my wife.
      Thanks. Great find.

  • I love these! Wearing them right now. Best purchase ive made. Best thing is that Plantronics have a 1 year replacement warranty.

    This is an EXCELLENT price. Highly recommend the buy

    • They replaced mine no questions asked after almost two years of very hard everyday use and breaking from my own fault. Likewise I'm wearing mine right now. Best headphones I've ever bought.

      • what kind of failing issue did you have, and where to lodge a warranty request?

        • I was a bit rough taking them apart to clean and did something to one of the speakers. I just lodged a claim via their website (even though I purchased from eBay) they sent a full replacement set in less than a week with a prepaid return address for the returning pair. Crazy good replacement service. I've used these headphones everyday for a few years now and until something better comes along I'll keep using them. Great music quality, great battery life and they take a serious beating.

        • @Frugalbargainator: i have broken my charger cover thingie (the flap). hmmm tempted to try my luck of getting replacement.
          my battery also last shorter than before now.
          music quality is ok, little bassy. yeah i bought from ebay too probably 1.5 years ago.
          gee i never clean them!

        • @dragonindespair:
          make sure to update to the latest firmware the reporting on the previous one was a bit bad.

  • Mine semi-broke then I broke it more. Good headphones when they were working though! Good deal, might just get another…

  • -1 vote

    Would the colour suits a guy?

    • I suppose so as long as not pink. :P

    • Why not? The Flash wears red, dare devil wears red, superman has a red cape, spiderman has red.

      • Should we really be taking fashion tips from two geeky teenagers, an alien and a blind man though?

        • Not really geeky teenagers, just the timeline you're exposed to. I could say a reputable journalist, one journo/photog, a scientist and a lawyer ;)

  • Thanks op
    "Thank you, your order has been placed."

    I was more than happy with my JayBird Freedom headphones but after everyone's feedback i decided to treat myself for Xmas.

  • i'll just add a "me to" post about these being the best headphones I've ever had… I ended up in the ER a few months ago and some prick stole them while I was getting a catscan & I didn't think twice about buying a new pair AT FULL PRICE!!!

    If I'm paying RRP for anything you know they must be good :-)


    This one has no case, thus it's cheaper, is it refurbished?

    • The case is useless if you have a 5.5" phone. I've never used either of mine.

      • Isn't the case for storing the headphones?

        • If they come with a storage case I didn't get it with either of mine, only an exercise armband thingy.

        • @bundy23:
          Perfect! I'm not a fan of those armbands anyway. Thanks again OP

        • @bundy23:

          Yeah the armband thing doubles as its storage case, it's junk and only worth a few cents.

        • @bxpressiv:
          It's worth a few cents, but nobody will ever sell it for a few cents.

          I like it because it's a largish armband, not those super slim ones, where I have to remove my existing phone cover to load into.

          With the plantronics armband, I just chuck my phone in, and away I go. Also, the armband is a full reflective panel for what it's worth.

          Not pissing on the deal, it's an excellent deal, but I'm also not pissing on the armband.

  • cheers got one, i think out of stock about to happen 'temp unavail'

  • These are great - owned the bright blue pair for a few years. Use them every day for cycling / running - clear sound, and still allow ambient noise in so much safer. Still going strong.


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  • Out of stock but still ordered at discount price (ships later) also used my US$10 courtesy credit :D

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  • Which one is better, this one or jabra sports coach wireless?

  • What a deal this, wow! $148.00 at Officeworks. I hope they will be back in stock soon @ Amazon, must get.

  • Bit late to the party, but just wanted to caution - I have had 3 of these (in a row) dead on arrival. While there are lots of rave reviews about this product, there are plenty of reviews on amazon about these either arriving dead, or only working for a few months before dying.

    • This happened to me too recently in the ebay deal. Hmmm.

    • I had a similar experience with my "JayBird Freedom headphones". one out of the three i purchased was died in a few hours.
      Amazon was very quick at sending a replacement.

    • Maybe your postie doesn't like you and is 'accidentally' dropping your boxes…… And stamping on them repeatedly

  • Headphones got delivered today.
    Sound bloody amazing!
    Thanks again op!!!!!