This was posted 5 years 6 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 4 Month Google Play Music Subscription, Includes YouTube Red


Another 4 month free google play music / youtube red offer.

According to reddit some people who had a previous trial have been able to take up this offer if they don't have a current subscription.

You will be billed $11.99 a month after 4 months unless you cancel the renewal here. You can cancel the renewal straight away and it will continue to work until the 4 months is up.

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    Another case of screw our current customers.

    • +1

      Will you stop paying the company that is screwing you?

    • +4

      The purpose of this deal is to entice new customers to try the service in the hope that they'll become regular customers. This has zero effect on current customers. You are not being screwed in any way.

      • +2

        Released 7 months ago and they are already giving away free 4 months to new subscribers. No loyalty rewards for existing clients. If we just waited a month or so after youtube red launch we could have had pretty much free google play music sub and youtube red until march next year. That's what OP is saying.

    • +3

      Cancel your current sub and then use this. I did it no probs….

      • Do you get the rest of your month?

  • +1

    Seriously if you think there screwing you over, they give you a month free anyway and is worth the 11.99 a month.

    • +18

      Get out of here and gimme your Ozb badge on the way out mate x)

      • +5

        Your gonna have to take it from my cold dead hands 😛

  • +1

    Just set up a new email address and use forwarding to the old one. You can get the four months then.

  • +7

    Perfect Christmas present for myself, also why the (profanity) Am I on OzBargain on Christmas

    • +1

      Coz you trump, that's why.

      • +2

        Trump is looking for a new wig to buy today lol

  • +5

    Just in time for the chromecast audio I bought for my kids room…
    Stupid spotify not allowing chromecast audio streaming without premium, so if I'm gonna pay I may as well try the alternatives

    • +1

      You can actually stream spotify on chromecast without premium though!

      • +2

        Chromecast yes, chromecast audio no..

        • Actually Chromecast audio you can. Do it via chrome browser and google cast no problemo.

    • Had the same problem with my Dad. For months I've said he should upgrade to premium and he said he was very happy with free.

      I got him the Chromecast Audio assuming it would work and now it looks like I'm trying to force him to upgrade… ffs Spotify…

      • Why dont you go premium and share your a/c with him, but really the least you could have done was shouted him a sub for Xmas.

        • I do have premium and I streamed yesterday. We can't share it because we both listen to spotify at the same time fairly often.

          We're doing the family bundle and I offered to pay for it for a few months! :)

          (Still ridiculous you need premium to stream to chromecast).

        • @TheDavey: thats what i meant, my daughter got the family account to share with her bros, sweet kid.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Subscriber from ages ago. Worked for me! Merry Christmas OP.

  • FYI I was able to sign up for the deal even though I had previously signed up for a trial about a year ago

  • +3

    No luck for me, but I did have a trial within the last 6 months.

    Seems like it's OK for existing users if you haven't had a trial 'recently' based on above comments.

    • +5

      Yeah must be. I had a trial about 6 months ago and I get.

      Error processing coupon
      The special offer is only available to new users

  • +1

    For home use, do you all have some sort of computer next to your stereo?

    (I'm old/dumb, can't think of the most efficient/practical way to use this. I don't really want to leave my gaming PC on all day (plus the fans are kinda loud), and I want my phone with me (plus it hasn't got memory for my MP3s). I've been wondering this since CDs died!)

    • +1

      Get a Cheomecast then maybe? As long as your phone stays connected to the network then you can keep streaming off it.

      • Ohhhh… the phone talks to the Chromecast via the WiFi network? I had assumed it connected directly phone-Chromecast, I guess I really am dumb!

        • +4

          You are not dumb. Chromecast into the back of your amp. So long as you have wifi on - your phone or tablet will simply be the interface to 'cast' music to your amp.

    • +1

      Yep I would just get a Chromecast Audio for $39 (as posted here) which uses very little power. Then just control music playlist from any smart phone / watch / tablet / computer!

      • Thanks! Do you mean This deal? Unfortunately it seems to be expired… I will keep an eye out!

        • +1

          Yes I'm sure it will come down to $40 again although if you are impatient around $50 at most stores. Yes it uses the WiFi network not Bluetooth.

  • +3

    Thanks for the cancellation link :)

  • +5

    New account only. Please update title.

    Tried with a google acc which I subscribe before 4 months free no longer works

  • +4

    Yeah I just tried it as a returning customer from a few months back. Came up with an error saying for new customers only.
    Just thought I'd share my experience

  • Thanks for sharing!
    I've also recently used the 1 month free trial for Youtube Red and Google Music and was denied on my primary account.

    If you're like me and want Youtube Red for add free viewing, give ownership of your Youtube account to a second google account.
    Sign up to this offer on the secondary google account, and now all subscriptions and history will be there.
    Features I like are add free videos and offline viewing (great for travel)

    • +1

      Agreed on the value of Youtube Red. Was talking with family members today. We share a family plan and only pay $3 each per month. We agreed that it was worth it just for ad-free Youtube!

    • +1

      So do 2 of your Google accounts benefit from Youtube Red because of the ownership transfer?

      • I think it's just the second one. But I have everything on youtube like it was before.

    • +1

      AdBlock and youtube downloader (among others) may accomplish the same.

      Merry Christmas :)

      • +1

        Yeah, but that doesn't work on the mobile apps.
        I also use my Apple TV (gen 4) as my main Youtube device.

  • Worked for me. I must gave trialled it more than a year ago though.

  • Had previous trial, but this works. No idea when my last trial expired!

  • Am i missing something here when i go on albums hardly anything apart from a few ones i already owned for free. So hoe do you get them and the you tube part of it how does that work?

  • +6

    Getting an error. "We're sorry, but Google Play Music is currently experiencing errors. Please try back in a few minutes."

  • Thanks Nice finding.

  • Had to make a new email, excellent find thanks op, not watching ads makes me sooo happy :)

  • +1

    Nothing for me. I have to be a new subscriber. Bah humbug,

  • Works a treat. Thanks for the link!

  • Works !! Thank you merry Christmas all !

  • Had a previous account, both trial and paid one, works for me. Thank you.

  • didn't work for me even after unsubscribing. My subscription ends dec 30, so ill try again on the 31st.

  • Didn't work for me. Have tried all payment methods, kept saying error.😠

  • I get the message 'This special offer is only available to new users', they must have fixed it or something. I don't have a current subscription.

    • I'm getting the same message.

      Error processing coupon
      The special offer is only available to new users

      I had a 3 month trial about a year ago and I cancelled it before I started to get charged.

  • +2

    tried on two accounts that had got the trial before and it says "We are sorry, Google Play Music is experiencing difficulties right now. Try again later"

    but tried on another account that did not try the trial before and it takes me to payment(taking card details screen), then free 4 months.

    • +1

      I get same error saying try again later. I had the free 1 month sign up trial about 4 months ago.

  • +1

    Sweet…a free RedTube Subscription !!

  • thanks OP, got 4 months offer and quickly cancelled the subscription…

  • F'in scabs!

    Error processing coupon
    The special offer is only available to new users

  • +1

    Anyone getting this? We're sorry, but Google Play Music is currently experiencing errors. Please try again in a few minutes.

  • +1

    Price isn't the issue… Spotify is just better.

  • Thanks OP! Activated on my previously trial account without any issues, didn't even had to enter any code.

  • +1

    No YouTube ads for 4 months? Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Also you can play music from YouTube on your phone with the screen turned off.

  • Same error as the last four month trial, we are sorry but google music is experiencing problems please try again later. Have tried three types of payment method. Never subscribed before

    bah humbug

  • +1

    No luck
    Error processing coupon
    The special offer is only available to new users

    • Would it work if you just created a new account?

  • I didn't even need a coupon code and I had used free 3-month trial before (don't remember exact time though). I was searching for an album in play music and the offer was there.

  • If you're playing a song you like is there a way to get it to "Play more songs like this"?

    Seems like it should be a pretty basic function, but I can't see it!

  • Awesome, thanks OP! This worked on my account (that had an activated trial about a year ago).

  • Cool, worked for me. I had a 3 month trial about a year ago. Although it's telling me I need flash player installed to play music in the browser, so I'll probably never bother using it!

  • I did the cancel, did it stuff up the youtube red access? It looks like it wants me to pay to have youtube red access.

  • where do i find subscription tab to cancel my auto payment?

    • Go to the renewal link OP included in the deal above and scroll down - you should see a section for "subscription".

  • Where does the code go in? I cant see anything under Play / Account settings or Music / Settings and the code says Invalid when used on Google Play when u redeem voucher/apply code.

    • I just clicked the "Go to deal" link above and it did the rest. I was already logged into a Google account prior to clicking the link and it just gave me the option to subscribe, enter payment details and that was it - didn't have to enter any code. Hope that helps!

  • +2

    We're sorry, but Google Play Music is currently experiencing errors. Please try again in a few minutes. TRY AGAIN

  • It says the item is unavailable for purchase?

  • Worked for me just now. I had a subscription last year and it let me subscribe for a 121 day trial

  • Very odd. I have two gmail accounts. I managed to subscribe using one on the first try but the other one keeps giving me the error.

    The only difference between them is that the account that worked was a secured one (i.e., mobile verification…etc.) whereas the one with the error is a dummy one that I use for other things. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    • you probably had a trial on the dummy one cause i got verification on my main one as well and it had a trial

  • Man these deals are deadly.

    You need to set an alarm in your calander to warn you of the impending 11.99 charge.

    I had the 6 month trial and totally forgot about it and got slugged 11.99 twice, originally i thought it was the netflix but yeah.

    So bewarned and set an alarm in calander to disconnect service before the due date.

    • +5

      You don't need to wait till your trial is finished to cancel. You can cancel straight away & your 4 months trial subscription will still remain.

      • Well tickle me pink.

        I was under the impression that if i cancel it i cancel the free part as well.

    • +2

      I found last time I could set a reminder via the 'ok google' voice commands on android. I said set a reminder for x date to cancel Google Play Music. Then on the actual day it not only reminded me to do it, it also came up with the link to the cancel page. Thanks Google.

  • worked for me with previous trial before

  • Do you have to provide a credit card for them to charge after the trial is over, or are there other ways to pay?

    • +1

      PayPal was an option.

      • Thanks :))

  • +2

    "We're sorry, but Google Play Music is currently experiencing errors. Please try again in a few minutes. "

    • Getting same error

      • Been getting this message all day, after several attempts.

        Looks like I have been denied. NO GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC FOR ME!

  • +1

    Thank you OP and thanks for the quick unsub link as well.

  • awesome! purchased! thanks! :)

    • +1

      but it's free

  • Didn't work for me couldn't remember when was my last trial but long time ago.

  • code does not work. When I try to redeem the code it says Invalid.

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