expired ThinkPad E570 / Gen7 i7-7500U / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD / 2GB Nvidia / $1059 Shipped @ Lenovo

ThinkPad E570 / Gen7 i7-7500U / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD / 2GB Nvidia / $1059 Shipped @ LenovoAffiliate

I was browsing Lenovo thanks to TA's T460s bargain and came across this Thinkpad E570 deal which looks identical to this old TA bargain from last month and imo should give the T460s a run for its money.

Intel Gen7 i7-7500U CPU
15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080)
Nvidia Geforce GTX950M 2GB
256GB SSD PCIe Opal 2.0
720p HD camera with mic

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    Is battery life better or worse than the T460s


    It's minimum 2.3kg

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    I need a laptop to last me 3-5 years of Uni work. (MS office, webbrowsing/research)
    I'm really struggling to make the call between the E570's superior specs and the T460s's seemingly legendary build quality and durability.
    At this point the E570 just seems like the better choice to me considering: Kaby lake i7 vs skylake i5, superior SSD, 2 x the RAM, and a dedicated GPU (albeit a crappy one)… The only thing I really prefer on the t460s is the 14" screen. I don't think weight is a big deal for me for either model.
    Am I missing anything obvious? Is the T-series just a nice tool for people who have the extra money to spend on a luxury item, or am I wasting money long-term gambling on the E570 to not crap out on me in 2 years time?
    (Also, does anyone know what the battery life is like on the e570 vs the t460s?)

    My last laptop was a "budget" laptop with good base-specs just like the e570 (it was a dell inspiron 5110 with a 2nd gen i7) and it lasted me 5 years before it started falling apart. I suspect I may have been lucky to get that long out of it because the way the comments on the E-series read I feel like the E570 might literally be made of paper mache and fall apart if sneezed on..

    I'm pretty sure both of these laptops will fulfil my technical requirements, but which one is better value long term?

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      I'm in a similar situation to you.

      I think I'm going to be ending up buying the T460s and here's why:

      Build Quality - the thing is light and for 5 years of uni I want something that will hold up and I'll want to carry around. The E570 is almost twice the weight which IMO will be a nuisance in the long run.

      The T460s has upgradeable ram which I can do later if RAM becomes an issue (imo for uni 8gb should hold up). Also if you don't want to do it yourself for $60 you can get 12gb of ram (so essentially making the prices equivalent)

      I don't care about dedicated GPU as I have a desktop at home. You shouldn't really either if all you're doing is MS office + research

      The processor may be an improvement but i5 is fine for most things (unless video editing).

      And the better SSD barely matters to me as boot speeds on a normal SSD are still good and I won't be dealing with huge files (neither will you).

      The big issue is battery - idk where you're at uni but charging ports are everywhere at mine (including outside).

      I used to lug around a big laptop and after doing it for an age I'd go for a smaller one in a heartbeat. All IMO.


        You make some good points, sounds like we're in a similar position. I also have a desktop at home for gaming/etc, so I know the T460s will be sufficient for all my on-the-go needs.
        E570 pro's:
        Superior processor, More Ram, Slightly better ssd, more room for upgrades.
        T460s pro's:
        Excellent build quality, less weight, more practical screen size.

        You're right about battery life being of low importance for uni hah, sockets really are all over campus anyway.
        Considering what you said, I think I agree that the T460s is going to be the correct choice, but it's hard for me to shake the irrational desire to buy the machine that has the beefier components.

        Thanks for the help.

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          One thing I would add is the i7 in the E is still only a dual core / quad thread, same as the i5 in the T. This just means there's a clock speed advantage which tbh really isn't that crucial for uni work. Also, 7th gen as compared to 6th gen isn't much different either other than heat / power efficiency gains.

          IMO form factor, screen size and reliability are more important in a uni laptop where you'll only be doing office related tasks and saving lots of important documents.

          Like mentioned above, the GTX 950M really isn't that great of a dGPU anyway. It can only handle modern titles at 1080p on low settings.


      Also it's a fairly big laptop - some of my lecture halls couldn't accommodate a 15.6 inch laptop too well. IDK about you.

      That said I'd like someone else's opinion too.


      Consider the yoga 460 (on sale til the end of today). It's right in the middle between these two in terms of specs and build quality, and it doesn't have notorious battery issues of the t460s. With cashrewards it sits at under 1k


      I'd rather go with the T460s. I used to own a T-series notebook and it was amazing. I had a T420 which was stepped on, kicked under my bed, thrown in a bag with various other crap and it worked like a champ. It might not feel premium on the outside (like a MacBook or XPS), but on the inside, it's great. I'm sure I could have run over it with a car and it would have kept going.

      I ended up upgrading to a T440 not long after, but I just found it wasn't the same as the old T420, so I'm not sure how the T460 is compared to the older models. That said, I still have more faith in the T-series than the E-series. The E-series are fine if you're just gonna chuck them on a desk and use them there, but if you actually carry it around and subject it to some abuse, then the T460s is my pick.

      Ultimately, the specs don't matter too much, especially if you're just using office, web browsing and research as you're saying. Also 3 - 5 years is a really long time to keep a laptop, I usually get a new laptop yearly with some dicey buying/selling on Gumtree, I usually spend around $150 per year, but as a price, I'm always on the previous generation (e.g. I just bought a new Broadwell and am in the process of selling my old Haswell).

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      Go with the E570; Most laptops have no issue lasting 3 years.
      I've been using a dell refurbished cheapo for the last 2+ years and haven't had issues; The reliability issues are generally exaggerated.

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      MSI looks a better buy

      Gigabyte also have offerings at this price point

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        I realised after a lot more research that I might actually need the quad core processor over the u-series for some of my work. I wanted to jump back on here to thank you for suggesting this model. It's incredibly cheap for a 6700hq compared to the others I saw while browsing.

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          I'm still waiting for a better deal but this keeps winning - if you see something better (or need help evaluating specs - please PM me ;)

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          There's also a gigabyte model that is just under $1200 which looks good.


          Neither the MSI or gigabyte have usb-c "3.1" (if that bothers you). They do have 3.0 (3.1 is super cool and I guess would add longevity for the future but I haven't seen it at this price point yet….)

          Also there are some El cheapo Toshiba and Acers for 950ish (but aside from the 6700hq the rest of the specs don't impress).

          The msi allows you to add a super fast SSD (Pcie NVMe).


    If you are lugging it around that the T460 will be more robust due to smaller size and better build quality.
    If you are wanting a desktop replacement then the E570 abiliy to add a 2.5" hard drive (say 2GB) would swing it for me.
    Also look at Cashrewards as I think they have 7% cashback on Lenovo if you use their refferal link.


    The 560 is targetted at desktop use and is large, you can even add an extra internal drive. The 460 is better if you need to lug it around and have limited space. Only downside I found was no touch screen ….Not for touch but touch screen is glass so it's easy to clean and screen doesn't get marked by keyboard if it gets pressure from a full back pack and lid flexes.

    At home get a proper monitor and keyboard and smaller screen isn't an issue.

    If my son has to lug it around I would have gotten the 460 …..A work colleague got a HP for his son as he wanted the smaller screen and the screen swiveled to make a tablet.

    Yes T series is better than E series build wise.

    At work I have a 14" laptop and dock for screen and keyboard ….. I hate lugging 15" laptops around.

    We still buy 15" laptops at work as some users still require the CD rom drive ….Not better screen.


    give the T460s a run for its money

    Not really. The latter is a lighter and smaller semi rugged laptop, one that you bring out for travelling, University or business trips. It has TPM security, and supports port replicator and docks.
    It can take a drop from chest height and still survive. It could be run over with a car and still survive too.

    This E series is for home use and it's also over 2.2 kgs. Build wise it's plasticky just like any old Acer Aspire or HP 250 laptop. You'd buy this is if you aren't planning to take it with you and are mostly going to use it at a desk.


    be careful, lenovo charges 20% restocking fee for returning……..


    Any Cashrewards on this one?

    Edit: Seems there is one with "DEALS" coupon :) https://www.cashrewards.com.au/lenovo#coupons

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          Used, lol. You have no idea of the condition of the item. They are also probably minimum specced and probably one or two listings, of which you aren't even sure are legitimate. You aren't going to find a good laptop someone paid 1-2K USD for in good condition for that much off.

          That laptop was never cheap unless you got lucky with a well functioning refurb. You can't even find them these days. Stop comparing apples and oranges.

          You could also drop x, y or z. It would still be more expensive than this. That doesn't make it the same thing.

          It's annoying when people constantly post they have better deals/laptops when they don't. Real deals and comparisons are much better.

          The only price that matters is cheapest you can get from regular deals, not RRP.


    15.6" is just so big. Is this in a smaller chassis now with thin or no bezel?


    Anyone have an idea on battery life? Probably no more than 4 hours thanks to the GPU?

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      Power adopter not included . $126 on top


      @ac17 it seems like you r using this MSI I7 6700HQ laptop. if so how is your experience with it and how is build quality. i went to msy store to inspect it and afraid that hinges are not good enough , screen might start falling on keyboard after few month use. personally i agree with you quad core are first choice for serious computing work. i am also not sure with MSI OVERALL quality as compare to LENOVO.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts for how this laptop would stack up for AutoCAD?

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      This will be more than fine for AutoCAD, and very hard to beat these specs for the asking price.

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    Thanks for the share!
    Bought one for one of our Accountants.

    Amazing deal!


    Damn! I was looking at this last night but seems like it's finished. I can see the item when surfing from here but trying to add it to cart fails. Browsing from the Lenovo homepage I can't see the deal anymore…

    Lesson learnt, strike while the iron's hot. Similar deals come up often or should I just bite the bullet and choose another deal? Looking for a 15.6"