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$8 Movie, $20 Gold Class @ Event Cinemas/Village Cinemas - Valid 01 Feb - 01 Mar


Event Cinemas link

Update: Village Gold Class Sold Out

Got an email from a Village movie club.

For a limited time you can pre-purchase $8 movie eVouchers, or treat yourself to Gold Class for only $20!*

Get in quick as stocks are limited!

For Gold Class - Voucher is only available for sessions screening from Monday to Thursday from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017.

For standard tickets - Voucher is only available for sessions screening from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017. No restriction on days

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  • Only valid for Feb.

  • +15 votes

    . Voucher is only available for sessions screening from Monday to Thursday from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017.

    Too restrictive…

    I've revoked my vote.

  • From the T&Cs:

    Voucher is only available for sessions screening from Monday to Thursday from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017.

    So keep in mind these should only be purchased if you're keen on the movies released this Feb. I almost bought a few tickets until I looked up the Feb releases and couldn't find anything interesting.

  • Here's the full T&Cs

    Voucher Terms & Conditions:

    This voucher entitles one adult to attend a movie session at any Village Cinemas location. VIC: Airport West, Century City Walk, Coburg, Crown, Doncaster, Fountain Gate, Geelong, Jam Factory, Karingal, Knox, Morwell, Rivoli, Shepparton, Southland, Sunshine, Werribee TAS: Eastlands, Glenorchy, Hobart & Launceston.

    For films showing and session times check

    This voucher is valid for one traditional movie session admission, voucher can be redeemed online at or at the ticket box for movie session at participating Village Cinemas locations. Voucher is only available for session screening from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017. Seating is subject to availability. Please redeem this voucher for a seat to your selected movie session. Not valid for group bookings, special events (including Valentine's Day), movie marathons or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated. A surcharge applies to 3D, Vmax, Vpremium and Vjunior sessions. Booking fees may apply. It is the responsibility of the holder to redeem vouchers for a movie scheduled on or before they expire. Vouchers are not refundable, transferrable and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or other gift products. Lost and expired vouchers will not be extended, replaced or exchanged for cash.

  • Can we please change the title to indicate the month of Feb restriction.

    That being said. Any good movies coming out in Feb?

  • Any good movies in feb?

  • The village site has slowed to a crawl!

  • Assuming all hollywood movies will be on both cinemas, then "50 shades darker"?

    Man…i was going to stock up for Marvel, beauty and the beast and so on…

  • Perfect for valentine's day ?
    Edit : Just read the T&C. Not me me then :(

    • Although I ask if they exclude Valentine's Day as the entire day, or exclude them from being used on any events held on Valentine's Day?

    • They aren't free at home.

      • Kinda off topic, and not disagreeing in context here, but have you guys checked out the new & improved SBS On Demand app?

        Holy shit there's some impressive content on there, not just indie & international either, some really recent mainstream stuff…I kid you not! For a free service, it's truly outstanding, and Chromecasts nicely! :)

  • Bah! Got excited, except Logan comes out March 2nd! :(

  • +3 votes

    Villiage Site OzBargained.

  • Bought! Thanks!

    • I've had my credit card charged but haven't got any tickets yet. Hopefully just slow processing!

      • Hopefully! I got the tickets immediately sent. Maybe hold onto the transaction number just in case.

      • Perhaps check your spam folder. Sometimes that happens.

        • Thanks guys. The site crashed as I clicked submit, so didn't get a transaction number. Lucky I checked banking account so I didn't try to re-submit again. Not in spam folder, I'll follow up later when the site is running nicer haha.

        • @Athomas:
          I called village for mine, their payment system crashed, if it's pending on bank statement but you didn't get an emailed ticket or confirmation page on web after checkout then they'll refund/release the funds. You need to checkout again now as site is back online

  • Limited to certain States I believe

  • i do not support village one bit, avoid them like the plague due to their piracy stupidity

    • More info on what you are talking about??


        stupid media company, losses 5 million due to a late release in australia because people downloaded the movie, and then they are going to do it again, they dont learn. i hope they die in a fire.

        • Ah ok got it.

          On an unrelated note, I dont understand why movies cant be released on the same day through the world. Its not like they are shipping reels anymore.

        • @hashtagbargain
          Because distributors are normally local. There are plenty of them and sometimes they acquire the rights for certain movies at different times or events to other countries in the world (for example, an American distributor can buy a movie in Cannes, while Another one from a different country can buy them in Toronto).
          Moreover, some of them have a friendly relationship and they avoid competition to try to get as much share of the box office as possible.
          Another reason is the calendar. A perfect example of this is Moana (and every other Disney Boxing Day release). Those animated features open for Thanksgiving in the states due to their family nature, however, over here, since there is no Thanksgiving holidays, they open in the next holiday period which is Christmas.

          I hope that helped you understand it a bit :)

        • @Nachotroncoso: Fair enough, but I think in the age of Netflix and instant everything - perhaps this sentiment of dating movie releases to calendar days may be a tad too antiquated.

        • @hashtagbargain:
          If you think about it, even Netflix has different rights depending on the region. In the states, they have Sherlock, whereas here, the last season is exclusively available through Stan. It all depends on who has the rights and what they think the best plan to release the film is.

  • Sneaking suspicion Event Cinemas will do the same

    They've been teasing that they'll be doing a good deal today, and obviously Event & Village are linked

  • An error occurred while attempting to complete the purchase ..I am not sure why I can't purchase..tried it 4 times already. :(

    • Same here, tried multiple times, and 5 transactions registered with my cc.
      Anybody knows a village number to call?

      • Any failed checkout will but "pending" on your bank statement, I called and they said they'll release the funds and not charge.

  • After hitting 'Pay' I got an error message "something went wrong.."
    No email confirmation, but my CC has a pending charge against it.

    Village really struggling with this interwebs thing.


    • I had the same. Tried a few times and eventually got one confirmation email with the vouchers, but my card now has 3 charges against it.
      For anyone trying to purchase, I wouldn't try again if you get the error message after submitting payment info.

      • Village said payment system went down, they'll refund/release the pending automatically but can take a few business days depending on your bank.
        You can call them to confirm 1300555400

  • site is kill. also, are there many decent movies out now / due to be released in the near future?

  • What about Xxx Return of Xander Cage featuring Vincent Diesel and Donnie Yen

  • xXx, Resident Evil, fifty shades darker, great wall

  • Haven't paid for a gold class ticket for a few years now - they come free (2 every 3 months) with my Simply Energy plan. It's a decent tariff too.

  • The people who go to Village Knox on cheap tuesday ruined my star wars rogue one experience, noisy chatter and noisy eating everywhere. I'll never go back

    • I actually had a surprisingly great cheap Tuesday experience (in Gold Class however.)
      Normally would avoid though.


    ** Voucher is only available for sessions screening from Monday to Thursday from 1st February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017. **

  • I understood that gold class is Monday to Thursday, the $8 regular tickets don't seem to have restrictions. Also, it says instant delivery which is good.

  • Thanks op, bought.

    Opening Feb: Lion, Hidden Figures.

    (Please no-one support that racist white washed BS 'The great wall'.)

    Hoping still playing by Feb: Arrival, Moana, Jackie, Rogue One. (Already seen La La Land.)

  • Event Cinemas is doing the same Shit, $8 tickets for February as well!! Haha I prefer Event Cinemas

  • Note that Event Cinemas is doing 1 Feb - 28 Feb, so anyone planning to use the tickets on 1 Mar may miss out! Also the standard can be used Mon-Sun however GC is only Mon-Thu.

    Just got my tickets in an email. 2 x GC and 2 x standard