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Samsung Galaxy S7 + Gear Fit 2 + $100 Credit + 4GB Data for $55/Month @ Virgin Mobile


Virgin Mobile has a deal at the moment Galaxy S7 for $55 per month + bonus Gear Fit2 + $100 credit. Includes unlimited standard national calls & text, $100 international calls and unlimited music streaming.

Galaxy S7 Edge for $65 per month with same inclusions/offers.

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    Resale on gumtree ~$550 for phone and $150 for the gear fit + $100 credit gives a 24 month cost of $520 or $22 a month. Not bad.

  • can someone explain the $100 credit thing, does that mean you get almost 2 months free? $55 per month, $100 credit, first 2 months = $10 ??

    • You’ll receive a $100 credit on your first bill when you sign up by 31 January 2017. The credits cannot be redeemed for cash. Approved customers only. If you need to leave us early just pay out your phone in full, including any amount we were going to cover.

      Based on that, yes.

      • Any idea how much to pay out for the phone if want to leave early? how do they calculate the phone value.

        • Chat to them and ask them, it depend on how long you with them. I wouldn't go on a contract. If I cant commit for 24 month.

        • Each month will be 1/24th value of the phone.

          Phone at Virgin is $1050.

          So say, you leave after 1 year, you will owe them:
          1050 - (12x43.74) = $ 525

          EDIT: you can probably subtract the monthly repayment from this amount.
          SO it would be 525 - (12x5) = 465

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          Spoke with them a couple of days about this. Response was "Thank you for patiently waiting. The total cost of the handset would be $1032." Each month whilst you are on the $50 plan, you pay $5 (total of $55) and Virgin credit $38 towards the handset payment.

          So you would need to pay back $43 for each month you skip ie if you leave after 12 months you would need to pay them 12*43=$516. Keep in mind you would already have got the $100 credit and $50 from cashrewards so it would (effectively) be $366. Less again if you sold the Gear Fit thing.

    • 24 month plan, $100 credit applied on first bill according to website
      EDIT: Yeh, what he said ^^

  • S7 or P9 ? P9 is $5 cheaper per month

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    Damn, I signed up for this plan just two days before Christmas :(, missed out on the gear fit

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      Feeling your pain… Signed up less than a week ago myself :(

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        I purchased mine on 3rd Jan .. I went to the http://www.samsung.com/au/gearfit2/ and had a chat with the support agent and he said as long as the device is purchased in the new year and it is a Australian stock you can claim the Samsung Fit

        how to check if the device is Australia stock ? check if the device has an N363 logo or a triangle with a tick inside at the back of the device, embedded.

    • I purchased mine on 3rd Jan .. I went to the http://www.samsung.com/au/gearfit2/ and had a chat with the support agent and he said as long as the device is purchased in the new year and it is a Australian stock you can claim the Samsung Fit

      how to check if the device is Australia stock ? check if the device has an N363 logo or a triangle with a tick inside at the back of the device, embedded.

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    They also have the s7edge with the same deal on a $65 plan.

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    Good deal… but 4gb data :(

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      Plus free music streaming. I stream Spotify in the car and when working around the house so this is worth about 1GB for me.

      I'm so close to biting the bullet, just waiting to see how Mobileciti respond to these deals.

    • I spoke with them yesterday and there is a bonus deal on at the moment. If you sign up another service or share an acct with another plan, both plans get and extra 1gb. I'm going to switch from Voda.

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      Is 4gb data not considered a decent amount these days? Up until a few months ago, I had been on a plan for 2gb with Virgin, and despite very occasionally having to monitor the last few days of my plan so I didn't go over (if i'd been watching a tonne of videos on mobile data) I didn't have any issues. I now have 4gb which means I can be pretty much carefree with how much I use, and I still haven't come close to going over.. Maybe for those without internet at home it could be an issue though.

  • Great deal, expect I'm half way through a contract with Virgin on the S5 that's only 5 bucks cheaper a month, doesn't come with the gear fit and only has 1 GB data…. cries

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      If you are on $50 plan, you can rate plan change and get 4gb data.

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        EDIT: Thanks!!! I checked my account and changed by plan from $40 (500MB + 500MB bonus =1GB data) to the current $40 plan with 2GB data!
        The extra $10 per month was the handset cost

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    Wouldn't sign up with Virgin if you paid me to.

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      Why is that? Bad experience? I've had quite good service with them actually. Been with them almost 4 years now, on byo.

      • Their customer service is atrocious, but other than that everything else in my experience was good enough. Really good prices for the most part, no issues with poor reception etc.

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        What planet are you on? They're with Optus, and if they have poor reception, then this would've been on the news like Voda a few years back.
        Mobile data is charged at kb.

        DYOR before spouting rubbish

        • Excess data is now $10/GB

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    Plus $50 cash back via cashrewards? Looks like it

    • nope. Only for $65 plans

      • Are you sure? I don't see anything that actually says that, only some example $65 plans. The terms only says that it's for post-paid contracts only.

      • Where are you getting that from?
        All i see is "Cashback is paid on Post-Paid contracts only and is available and redeemed from Cashrewards (not Virgin Mobile)."

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        This one says $50 cash back for $50 plans:


        • When you visit that link the S7 is not offered.

          If you you follow the link for the S7 Edge you'll see it appends "?i_cid=SHM_PH_24M_sgs7edge" to the url and if you go to the general shop that parameter gets dropped.

          I recon the cashrewards $50 cash back will work for the S7 Edge no problem. I added the parameter to the S7 url and checked our with that. I'll report back if that worked.

        • @howbazaar:

          Hmm apologies for that. I hadn't pulled the trigger on this deal yet so I'll wait to hear back on how you went.

        • @namenotspecified: No worries; the deal does say for all $50 plans so you'd have expected it to apply to any $50 plan on Virgin's site.

        • +1


          Any luck yet? I might get one tonight

        • @howbazaar:

          Any updates on whether cashback worked? Cheers

        • +1


          For those playing along at home I can confirm that I made my purchase through the "magic deals on must have phones" banner then the "must have phones tab".

          $50 cash back is pending in my account

        • @namenotspecified: This defaults to Silver colour?
          How do you pick gold?

        • @congngo:
          Not sure… mind defaults to black and I can just select the other colours.
          (There does seem to be a problem now where clicking "Buy now" causes an error and links to the general phones page. If you click on "More details" it does to the correct page where you can select colour/plan etc)

  • does anyone know if Virginmobile offer insurance on lost or damaged handset?

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      add a handset to your cart, then start the checkout process. You will then see the option to add insurance.

      "Protect your phone for just $9.95 a month. If your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen, we'll repair or replace with an equivalent model for approved claims. Cancel any time. Excess $125 ($200 for iPhones)."

  • This post is like the twighlight zone.
    We've been through all this before here people :


  • how do port an existing number while an placing order. went through the purchase process right up until submit order but did not see it anywhere.

    • You can port over once you get to the activation process of the SIM.

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      When you get the new phone, call them. They will do it over the 'phone. My handset (ordered on Tuesday morning) arrived this morning, and that's all I had to do.

  • regarding the "Bonus Data" for example the 2GB+2GB is that for the whole life of the plan or not???

    4GB total data
    2GB + 2GB bonus data.
    Extra data costs $10/1GB. Offer ends 31/01/2017.

    • Correct, the "Bonus" is for the life of the plan.

    • Life of the plan.

  • -1

    4GB? how is that still a thing, I have a 20GB plan and sometimes still go over.

    • +10

      I think it would be safe to say that you are in the minority with a 20gb plan

      • -1

        I feel your pain. I have 18gb also go over about every second month. You get used to living the data high life after a while! :)

      • +1

        I get 1.5G a month and I'm normaly around the 1GB usage each month… having said that I have wifi at home and work so most of my data is not via my phone.. Also Google maps is cached to my phone so probably helps as well…

    • do you have adsl/nbn at home?

      I barley use 2.5gb every month as im mostly on wifi

      • I have NBN 100/40 unlimited @ home.

        I don't like being connected to the work WIFI as its a chance to be spied on.

        • Use VPN..

  • I used to go over but since they included Google play music (which this plan qualifies) have always stayed under.

  • so I called Virgin… I asked if they had any special deals if I sign up to 2 phones at once… lady says "yes if you sign up I can give you a free watch for each of them, but you have to sign up now"

    really? "have to sign up now" does that sound like standard practise?

    • Don't you redeem the watch from Samsung, so you would get a watch per phone anyway?

    • u should be getting watch with both anyways. As per their ad, you claim it from Samsung:

      Gear Fit 2 is claimed by redemption from Samsung and must be claimed before 11:59pm (AEST) 17 April 2017. See www.samsung.com/au/gearfit2 for full T&Cs and further details. Bonus Gear Fit 2 will be sent to the customer within 30 days from the date the claim is deemed valid by Samsung.

  • +1

    Virgin Mobile is 100% owned by Optus and has been since 2006. Optus run the brand to compete with Vodafone while Optus slug it out with Telstra.

    • Does that mean they run on the same (full) Network?

  • +1

    Has anyone tried getting a pricematch with Woolies Mobile? Much rather be on telstra network.

    • Do they match?

      • Many others do these days, figured they might. Although not called to confirm as yet.

      • would be awesome if they did

  • Have i read it correctly that the no data music streaming is only for 1 year out of the 2 year contract (expiring 31/1/18) or is the minimum shown incase you choose to have a 12 month contract. Or does it infact last the life of the plan if you have a 24 month contract?

    • +1

      I checked the Virgin salesperson in store and he said till the 31/1/18 but he said that Virgin may extend it.

    • +2

      It was supposed to expire in January this year but they extended it a few weeks ago. So it looks like they'll just keep extending.

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    Just ordered one over the phone. Mentioned about $50 cashrewards to the sales lady and she add additional $5O credit towards my account. Total $150 Credit + Galaxys7 + Gearfit2 + International 100 minutes+ free music streaming … Bargain !

    • +1

      I just did the same and got $50 extra as well. Thanks for the tip!

      • Same here! Thanks to the both of you. Also, worked over the phone but not in person at the store

  • Does anyone know if buying from MobiCiti qualify for the Gear Fit 2? They are selling the SM-G30F model.

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