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Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro $179.10 (RRP $299) Delivered @ Myer


BREVILLE BCG820BSS The Smart Grinder Pro Brushed Stainless Steel

Has been cheaper in the past, but still seems a decent price for a popular coffee grinder.

Myer sale price $199.
Today only a further 10% off, bringing the price down to $179.10 with free delivery.

(Take a further 10% off online purchases. Offer available online only. Exclusions apply. Offer ends 11:59PM AEDT Monday 23rd January 2017 unless sold out or otherwise stated. Exclusions apply.)

Also available at the The Good Guys for $199 with $20 store credit when you click and collect. Credit to this post.

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    Had this for 1 month so far

    Works well

  • Great grinder. Had mine for over a year. The metered dosing means you can get a much more consistent extraction, and waste far less coffee over grinding.

  • Have one of these also, great little grinder for we who are 'kind of' coffee snobs but not enough to spend hundreds and hundreds on a grinder.

    • I think this thing punches well above its weight. I have a friend to spent $3k on her coffee machine and another 800 on her grinder. Admittedly, the machine makes a REALLY nice espresso compared to my Sunbeam, but the grinder? Nope, no difference to this unit, which I own.

      • I have this grinder and a silvia at home.

        Seems the consensus among coffee snobs is that the grinder makes a much bigger difference than the machine (unless you "pressure profile). With most half decent machines you can get a fairly consistent temperature of water through a puck at 9 bars, but a powerful, flat-burr mazzer will give you a more consistent grind than our Breville pro. Having said that it certainly punches above its weight.. its at least as good as a rancilio rocky.. which was the go-to entry level espresso grinder to pair with a silvia for many years.

  • just bought one, thanks
    also bought the BES920.
    both items totaled $1079 with free delivery

    • Would have saved $100 buying 3 weeks ago when the the BES920 was $797 but you still got a great deal!

      • True..
        But my bes920 just failed on me a few days ago
        Second machine to fail.
        Even failed after repairs.

        When I went to the repair shop to pick it up last Thursday I swear there was over 50 breville coffee machines in there for repair. 90% of them bes920. They were stacked up all over the store.

        Value wise you can't beat this machine but reliability and durability is not the best.

        • Wow that is scary. I wonder if anyone else with experience can add to this?

          I own a BES900 and it has been faultless for 3.5 years (touch wood). Your comment makes me have second thoughts about upgrading to the 920 when the time comes however.

        • You still consider it an unbeatable machine value wise when you've now had to cough up for THREE of them?

          I know jack all about coffee machines but I bet you can get something better than this BES920 with $2400-2700.

        • @cooni:
          Well I really only bought one.
          The bes920 was a replacement for the bes900. After about 11 months of owning the bes900 it failed, I was given a refund and I bought the bes920 which lasted 2 years and a bit and has recently failed.

          Today i paid $900 for another bes920
          If it lasts 2 years I'll be happy
          Between my wife and I we consume 6 coffees a day. A dual boiler for $900 which pumps out some decent coffee is an advantage to me and saves me lots of money.

        • @tighta55:

          Hopefully its just bad luck you are having, these machines you are buying should be lasting years.

          I have had the em6910(sunbeam) for about 6years and we use it many times, everyday.

        • @tighta55:

          Perhaps take a look at a Silvia for your next machine? Simple design and parts are readily available. I recently replaced the water pump in mine by just following a YouTube video.

    • from Myer ???
      on myer I see $999 + 199 = 1198

    • Sign up for 3mths coffee beens with pablo and rustys breville offer.
      Free with bes920

    • http://breville.pabloandrustys.com.au

      3mnth beans delivered.
      Very goood

  • A great grinder. Mine went south after three years - was very unhappy. Breville sent me a new one at a discounted price, around ~$170 or so. New one working well so far, and is a newer model - no need to install the shim kit as was the case with the previous model.

  • I've been using this for 6+ months, it's a great choice at the RRP and a no brainer at the discount if you're into making coffee at home.

  • Had one packaged in an Ozbargin deal a year ago with my coffee machine and it's does a great job. Very happy

  • The perfect grinder for grindrs.

  • I'm happy with mine, great grinder.

  • Currently using one of these - I should probably upgrade.

    • +3 votes

      Those are awesome for filter. Cheaper, and portable.
      But they just won't cut it for espresso. Hand grinders just aren't precise enough to produce a consistent grinds distribution on the finer end of things. Definitely upgrade if you're using the grinder for an espresso machine, or if you're just sick of cranking and cranking… having a motor do the work for you is worth the extra $$$.

      • I mainly drink filter at work, but at home it's espresso. I should leave it at work and buy a proper grinder.

        • Agreed. I would recommend this grinder. By no means is it the best on the market - it won't compete with commercial grinders; but it's especially user friendly for home use, and definitely the best by far at this price point. Very versatile and easy to swap from espresso to filter. Grind size control isn't stepless, but the changes in grind size are small enough that it's essentially stepless.
          The next grinder I would recommend is the new Baratza Sette. I've never used one personally, but they look awesome. Baratza has an awesome reputation with grinders. Their grinders encore and forte have dominated the domestic market for years for filter (and precisio is great for espresso as well), and are considered good enough to use commercially. Definitely the more economic option for filter in commercial use, to shy of buying an EK.
          The Sette is around $600-800 I think. It has grind by weight technology, and looks super sexy.
          It just depends on what your budget is.

          Don't forget the importance of the grinder. Recently, coffee companies have put a huge focus on grinder technology. I think it accounts for at least 50% of the quality of your coffee… as long as you know what you're doing. Temperature and pressure stability was achieved years ago, and recent progresses in these technologies have been minimal. As long as you have a half decent espresso machine, it should be fine. (I would also recommend the BDB as the best machine at its price point.)

  • Happy with the Barista Express (built-in grinder) for now. Will consider buying one once my skills are up to the standard ;-)

  • Friend had one fail at just over 2 years, gears were shredded, no warranty, only 2 people so it hadnt been hammered.

    I'd recommend a heavier commercial style, will last a lifetime with domestic use. Bought my La Cimbali junior 2nd hand about 15 years ago still as good as new, barely run in.

  • is ti possible to return my (brand new) to TGG (where i bought from) and buy this instead? i bought mine from TGG in last May i think.

  • bought one~ thanks!

  • Had this since 2014. Still going strong!

  • i notice beans can be had cheaper/100g than ground coffee.

    i always buy the cheapest ground coffee.. usage is about 3 cups per day.
    (on a $12.50 espresso machine from lifeline)

    just wondering if there are big savings to be had diy grinding?
    anyone know the cheapest $/100g for beans? and is there much wastage even with a good grinder like this?

    please also factor in cleaning costs.. 10L of water costs almost 4c in my council area :)

        • buying ground coffee is a waste of money. it's basically stale within a week of being ground, even if kept in an airtight container. some would say it goes stale within hours of grinding.

          so yes, you're definitely better off getting this grinder and paying less per 100g for whole beans than more $ for stale dregs. If it's stale, why is it sold/bought at all? convenience, laziness, ignorance.

          if you really don't care about the taste, just get nescafe. it's much cheaper.

        • It's not that I don't care.. Just can't tell.. But maybe after next week I will because I'm having long overdue sinus surgery (3 procedures in one actually.. I ozbargained with the surgeon)

          I'm like Bernard off black books who thinks he's eating a delicious biscuit but it's actually a beer coaster.

          As for instant coffee.. It makes me feel ill. Unsure why. Could be increased salicylic acid or something. Also, I still like the 'texture' of espresso crema.. The ritual etc.. Otherwise I'd just no doz.

          (p.s it seems you insinuated that I'm ignorant and lazy.. Which aren't nice labels yeah? Maybe I'm being sensitive.. Haven't had morning coffee yet)

  • Wondering what settings other people have found works best with an AeroPress?

    I've experimented allot and ended up on Grind Size 10 for 10 seconds, but it doesn't seem as good as what I get out of my Porlex hand grinder (close enough though).

    • Haven't experimented with the aeropress.. but I find the most frustrating thing about figuring out a coffee making protocol is the number of variables involved. If you invested in a set of cheap electronic scales on ebay (something with 0.1g resolution would be ideal) you could keep the dose constant and just experiment with grind size.