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Colombo from $803 Return with Thai (Feb - Nov 2017)


Sri Lanka is fast becoming a place on most people’s must see list (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-01-04/where-to-...)

Here is a cheap way to get there with Thai over the travel period February to November 2017 (with blackout periods that do apply).

Sydney to Colombo – $803 (via Bangkok with a 7 hr layover on the outbound leg and a 11 hr layover on the return leg home)

Melbourne to Colombo – $845 (via Bangkok with a 1 hr layover on the outbound leg and a 1 hr layover on the leg home)

For those departing from Sydney with long layovers. Australian passport holders can receive a free visa on arrival and that be used to jump on the airport rail link and head into Siam square in downtown Bangkok for a meal, shopping at MBK, Paragon etc.

To book, please visit www.momondo.com

Happy travel :)

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    Sri Lanka is fast becoming a place on most people’s must see list

    Needs citation.

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      definitely wasn't Trump…

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      But Bali is pretty great too…..

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      Just got back from there 2 weeks ago and judging by the amount of tourists there its definatley growing in popularity. I go back there regularly to see family (every 2 years or so) as I am originally from there :)

      Anyway updated the original post as you asked. Thanks!

      • The misspelling of definitely doesn't seem to be waning in popularity across the interwebs though i see. ;)

        • +1

          This is how I remember

        • I've also seen defiantly which is probably an autocorrect fail.

      • Yes, beautiful country, hundreds of places to visit, small country though.. I'll be going there every few years.. never had any issue. Cant complain about the hospitality..

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    $610 Mel->Cmb here… flying AirAsia

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      That's one way

  • +4

    Sri Lanka is fast becoming a place on most people’s must see list

    That's what I hear as well, it's certainly on my bucket list.

    via Bangkok with a 7 hr layover

    Sex tour?

    • +8

      Sex tour?

      what do you do with the other 6 hrs 50 mins?

      • +1

        what do you do with the other 6 hrs 50 mins?

        I lay over, it's kind of like a flyover but with laying.

  • OP, are you associated with momondo?

    • +2

      Nope. Have no affiliation. But momondo is my preferred search engine when looking for cheap deals. I also sometimes use skyscanner which is pretty good as well.

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    Just did three weeks there over Dec/Jan. Had a great time and would definitely recommend it!

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    I've posted this before, but Colombo is a great place to get a return flight to Europe on business class from airlines like Qatar and Emirates and Royal Saudi. I got a $1500 return on Qatar, business class, a lot cheaper than originating from Australia.

    • +1

      second that. Add Etihad to that list as well.

    • I think I've also asked this before, but what are layover times in Colombo airport like for this sort of combination? I didn't find the airport attractive.

      • Negombo (10 mins from Airport) has many nice restaurants to get a good meal with a nice view. Seafood ! Yum !! Nice place to kill time instead of stuck in Colombo city traffic. If you have more than day, I'd recommend visiting Kandy (100km / 3 hr drive). On the way you can visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

    • 1500 return to melbourne? or 1500 return to Colombo then back to aus?

      • 1500 return Colombo to London, on Qatar business. It's quite cheap to get to Colombo from Aus via KL or Singapore

        • All that added flight time means you end up spending 16+ hours on non business anyway lol.

        • @Duram: 12 hours, on Scoot "business"

  • Cathay pacific and Malaysian are all around the same price, is the fare really that special?

    • -2

      AirAsia is cheaper

  • I just visited Colombo last week, really nice place and people are very helpful but bear in mind it's quite expensive compared to any other Asian countries standard. I am not sure why they charge everything in US$ they convert into SL rupees.

    Just a take away (for two)from local restaurant cost me $30 AUD. Another day I was in the mall having fried rice cost me $10AUD. Lot of other Asian countries, you can live with $20AUD/Day.

    I felt really I need to to be rich to spend another week in Sri Lanka.

    • you obviously have not looked harder.

      I go there all the time and never have issues

  • +1

    Sri Lanka is the best. I would really recommend going. Sigiriya Rock is one magnificent piece of history that you MUST see at least once in your life. Then there's Adam's Peak where a rock formation that looks like a footprint is said to be the footprint of Adam. Sri Lanka is also the largest producer of colored gems so if you are into colored stones, it will be heaven for you. There are also great beaches and loads and loads of historical sites.

    • -1

      When they build the Kamahl theme park, I'll go

      • but … but … shouldn't that be built in Malaysia? :P

        • You are 100% correct.
          I don't know why I thought Sri Lanka. Maybe it was all those Dilmah ads he used to do for "Ceylon" tea. Anyway, Wikipedia shows Mr Kamahl was definitely born in Malaysia :)

        • @King Tightarse: I'll go to the Limahl theme park instead. I heard the lines there are "Neverending"

  • Cathay pacific and Malaysian air lines are around same price with less layover.

    Last week i bought 2 tickets from cathay for $ 800 each.

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