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EB Games Email Promotion - Sony Bravia X8000D 49" 4K HDR TV - $999 (Save $1100)


Similar to this last deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/271574 although only the 49" model this time.
This is a targeted offer via EB Games email, but usually that means other OzBargainers will have codes they don't need.
4K HDR, 10 bit panel good review here - http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x800d

Direct link to TV - https://store.sony.com.au/KD49X8000D.html

Terms and conditions - https://ebgames.formstack.com/forms/sonytvoffer_feb17

Can be combined with Cashrewards 2.4% cash back - https://www.cashrewards.com.au/sony

This deal may not be as attractive as last time as it is four months later, and many more deals have come via price drops on other tvs. Eg Hisense 55" M7000 at $1036 or the 50" for $876 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/hisense-55m7000

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  • Great deal! Have tried to get this from JB and HN but nobody seems to stock it.

    If anyone happens to have a spare code that would be great!

  • Looking to buy one. Really appreciate if someone can PM me the code pls?

  • Interested to buy one too, anyone has spare code? Thanks in Advance

  • Looking to claim this deal, Would really appreciate it if someone could PM me a spare code please?

  • Great deal and understand your frustration @snuke. I hope this deal gets the recognition it deserves. Keep it up!

  • Anyone else just keep refreshing hoping another code gets posted?

    • +1

      You and many others have not bothered to set your accounts to receive messages. That stops people from sending one directly to you.

      • First I've heard of having to do that to be honest.

        Fixed it up now, anyone reading this with a code I can no be PM'd :)

  • I'm looking to buy this TV if anyone has a code they don't need. Thanks!

  • i tried each and every code on this post and nothing worked :(

  • Also looking for an used code if there is anyone out there that can help. Thanks

  • Soooo many new accounts

    • New accounts, and old accounts that aren’t that active on here, not that either should exclude, but interesting to note.

  • I'd like to purchase this TV for that price. Is there any chance someone could help me out with a promo code? Thanks.

    • I do have my account set to receive messages, by the way.

      • I no longer need the code. Guess I can't edit comments?

        • do you have any spare code mate?

  • i have received the code from one of my friend and purchased the TV, anyone know the shipping time to NSW. called Sony customer care and the support lady is too busy typing and eating food while on call, she didn't even bother to look in to my order just giving generics answers like it depends etc..

  • Hi guys,does someone still have promotion code? Would really appreciate it if someone could PM me a spare code please?

  • Putting my hand up for a code as well if anyone has one available they aren't using. Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone got a code to share? Was going to get the 700D but would love to get the 800D

    Thanks :)

    • Still looking for a code…this expires tomorrow night, anyone feeling generous?

      Thanks :)

  • Does anyone have a code still?

  • Anyone have a spare code please :)

  • The missus just signed off on this one, would appreciate a code if someone has one spare

  • Any spare codes out there please?

  • Can someone give me the code if they don't need it please?
    Thank you

  • $20.39 per inch

  • Looking to upgrade my Sony 40z5500 and was wondering if there is a code not being used that someone could throw this way..

    Thanks in advance

  • Codes given by EB
    didnt work for me tho
    anyone can give it a try

    • Doesn't work… I think these are for a different promotion

      • nope they send me the poster which is for the TV, just have no idea why they didnt work, contacted SONY and they have no idea about this promotion

        • Damn :(

    • Those codes are for the old offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/271574

      This deal codes start like this: EBGAMESOFFER-XXXX-

      Have a look at the dates on that poster they sent you.

  • Does anyone still have a code? :(

    • I do, if you or anyone else are interested.


      • Thank you Benji

  • Why did it have to be this model :(

  • If anybody is still after KD49X8000D, you can get it for $999.20 Delivered @ Sony Store ebay (using eBay coupon: CYBER)


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