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10% off Apple Mac Computers @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HiFi have 10% off Apple Mac computers again til Sunday 19th of February.

Excludes iPads, build to order and factory scoop.

Possibly price match at other stores (Officeworks, etc.) as usual.

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  • Anything worth buying?

  • i want goodguys to match

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      they are about to be upgraded to the latest Intel processor so you should probably wait

      • Source? Didn't the Touch Bar MacBooks just come out a few months ago? Apple usually refreshes products every 9 months or so.

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          WWDC is in June and theres a medium chance a refresh will be announced then

      • I dont understand why your comment is being downvoted. MacBooks are updated every third of a year. Hence the models being called for example 2017 Early, Mid, Late. The MacBooks will be upgraded to the new processors and the MacBook Pro 15" will get support for 32 GB memory. Maybe even fix the battery issue i suggest its worth the wait.

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      What on earth is a 21" air?

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        something he doesn't have…

      • Damn auto correct, was meant to say aio's

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    Isn't that everyday price anyway?

    Walk in any day and ask for 10% off?

    • Depends on who you get. Some sales guy will start at 5% and work up to 10%. Others will give you 10% right away.

      • Can the same be said for Dell laptops?

        • Sure. I have tried my luck before when buying Dell ultrasharp monitors, and depending on who you get, you may get a very good deal.

          I remember paying some stupidly cheap price (~$1400) for a 3008WFP back when they were retailing at ~$2k. It took me like 5-6 phone calls, and eventually I got what I wanted.

          Same deal went with Telstra when I signed up many many years ago.

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          Teach me your ways please sensei. I need to know exactly what you say.

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          @iamblaq: Nothing special. Just call up, ask for a good price, make it clear you are shopping around. If they offer you a price, don't be shy to counter offer. If you are lucky they might accept.

          With Telstra, it was much the same deal. At the end of the day, do your homework, find out what is a good compromise middle ground.

        • Thanks mate, I shall do exactly that :)

        • @iamblaq: Did you have any particular place in mind?

          Some places I have had better luck than others.

        • I was actually going to see if I could get the new Dell xps 15 at JB hi-fi for cheaper. Discount + Coles price shield should be nice :)

        • @iamblaq: Search OzB for the lowest price, cross the pricing against education or corporate prices, and take a bit off. Walk into JB Hifi and offer them your price.

          I remember a few years ago, I got offered a BTO iMac at "cost". Now the only reason why the sales guy at JB offered it to me was because they had a very slow day, and he had no sales against his name. He was desperate to put a decent amount of money in the till. To date, this machine was the cheapest mac I have ever bought.

  • 21 inch Air? I don't get it.

  • Yawn !!

  • What the hell is "Factory Scoop"?

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      It's a piece of machinery that lets you pick up factories.

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        when did Apple built such a fine piece of machinery?

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          I use the Microsoft one myself, it lets you pick up all different kinds of factories whereas the Apple one only lets you pick up Apple factories, on Mondays and Thursdays….between 1am and 3am. It then parks itself in your loungeroom.

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      Stuff JB can't sell even during sales time.

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    Apple will discountinue Macbook Air this year and replace them with Macbook Pro ."Apple decided not to update the MacBook or MacBook Air line during its October 2016 event, and decided to cut the 11in MacBook Air completely. This suggests that the MacBook is set to replace the Air line. " Dont buy it yet, wait for next specials.

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    I've never owned a Mac, but I have always felt the Air is far and away the most appealing of their entire range. To discontinue it is crazy talk in my head

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      The new "Macbook", like the slimline 12" ones are pretty much the Air without the Air in the name, so they aren't really dropping the product off the line per se

    • @Hinee: You're not alone. The pros were always better cos the screens are UHD res.

      Apple decided not to add retina displays to the Airs to ensure it stayed at the bottom of the line and didn't canibalise MBP sales.

      Now they are getting rid of it, and will bring out the MBP plus, or some such idiotic idea that the marketers will be able to high five their collective genius' over, when all they will have done is redefine existing products, complicate the offering, and make it harder for newer buyers to find what they need.

      And it looks like the only thing the new machine will be is better, have all the ports you need and be more expensive.

      Wow, the pace of all this innovation is just blinding!

    • Agree. Wife has a 13"air and I'm almost ready to buy another. The 256gb is my pick of the crop with its SD slot and usb ports. Apple are still selling the old 13" pro but only as 128gb (and more exxy). Sounds like they're about to kill of my favourite.

    • Take a look at the Dell XPS 13. Pretty close to an Air.

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        Im over Windows. If Apple sold the OS (like MS does) I would buy it tomorrow. A feature/characteristic that was I was told when we were considering the wifes MBA is that an Apple runs as fast after 5 years as it did on day1. Im now in a position to agree with that statement. You can't say that for any Windows machine; each patch seems to slow it down. (Sorry, didnt mean to turn this into a religious debate).
        It will be a sad day when they discontinue the Air. (Im after a home/travel computer and dont want to take a bucket load of peripherals with me)

        • I won't argue with you. Windows 10 is terrible. MS has royally screwed its users with that one IMHO.

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          I too used to think the same about OSX. But I always liked the hardware, hardware that were made of aluminium, glass along with smooth exteriors and a very well made product along with a higher price tag.

          I got hooked on the OSX back in 2007 when my old laptop kicked the bucket. Took a gamble on a second hand machine and was impressed at how it ran. The smoothness despite being a couple of years old. The quality of good hardware helped the machine.

          Right now I am running a late 2009 iMac and other than swapping out a faulty graphics card, and installing SSD, the machine still runs brilliantly. This is on a machine that is close to 8 years old.

          And if I really need to run Windows, I can use bootcamp, giving me the best of both worlds.

    • I've never owned an Air and never saw a need for one.

      My partner and I both have Macbook Pros (2011 and late 2013) and now we just added a Macbook 12" each to our lineup for our travel needs.

      My sister has a Macbook Air and the screen simply doesn't appeal to me, where as the 12" looks amazing. The only downside is the lack of ports, which is annoying but not unbearable.

      The XPS13 mentioned below is interesting, but with a proper desktop and the 13" Pro… I don't really need the specs under the hood for the XPS13.

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      I agree with doweyy. The 12" Macbook is actually smaller than the 11 Macbook Air, and the new 13" Macbook Pros are smaller than the 13" Macbook Airs. (Ever so slightly thicker), but the much sexier design and the Retina screen are amazing on both the new machines. Only con is they are more expensive, and lack of ports can be a problem for some. In comparison, the Air range now looks and feels extremely old.

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        Totally agree with you Marty131, I just sold my 2011 MacBook Air for a good price as it was feeling old, even though it looks identical to the current model (about to be discontinued?).
        I used the proceeds of the sale to buy a new MacBook 12 and very impressed. I delayed the decision due to the unnecessary criticism of the lack of ports and price etc. but I don't really miss those ports and love the absolute minimalism of the design. I simply bought a $1 USB-C to USB-A cable off eBay so I can access my old drives and it works great. I thought it would be a problem not being able to charge it while doing that but the battery is so good it's never an issue. The criticisms have turned out be hypothetical what ifs but on the practical side of things they don't matter.

        • How much did you get for it and where did you sell it?

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          eBay $540, as new condition 2011 MacBook air 13 128gb

        • @JTTheMan: Amazing for a six year old machine — I never imagined it could fetch that kind of resale. What's that, maybe 25-30% of your purchase price?

        • @Member 0230: Yep very happy with that price, it was actually working very well for it's age but it was time to upgrade and it was a great help with the next purchase. They really aren't throw away machines.

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          @JTTheMan: I'm still rocking an "24-inch Early 2008 iMac". I updated it with a hybrid drive (240GB SSD mated to 1TB HDD) a couple years ago, and it's STILL going.

          Not bad for 9YO tech.

    • I agree Hinee. The MBA was the best most flexible laptop on the market, especially for school use. Reliable, strong, truly impressive battery life.
      Nowadays of course the screen is lacking in comparison with newer designs.
      The MacBook could be intended as a replacement, but with a higher price and one port it isn't.
      The new MBP without touchbar (cool name btw) could be the new MBA too, but far too expensive for shorter battery life in comparison.

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    10% isn't a discount it's an insult to your intelligence

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      You must have gotten some discount intelligence if it's so easily insulted.

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    I wish they'd include Apple accessories too. My 2011 Macbook Pro while still going strong, needs a new charger since the current one is held together by sticky tape

  • Hi everyone,

    Do you recommend the Macbook AIR or PRO for everyday use?

    Mainly for:
    - Watching movies / streaming tv shows
    - Microsoft Office e.g. Excel, Word
    - Music & iTunes
    - Playing games e.g. WoW

    Is the MacBook Pro at JB Hi-Fi the new or old model? Sorry completely unfamiliar with laptops, specs etc.


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      The two you are listing are refreshed 2016 Macbook Air and late 2016 Macbook Pro base model without touch bar.

      They are more than capable of doing what you mentioned except gaming. Light games are ok but I wouldn't consider any 3A titles to be playable on these machines.

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      Hi Sunshineeeee,

      I would recommend you look at (Lenovo Thinkpad 13 for $929) It has relatively identical specifications and capabilities to the Macbook pro 13 $1978 and it is less than half price to that model.

      The tasks which you have listed will work fine on both model of laptops, although on both machines World of Warcraft would need to have it's graphical settings lowered for it to have a good framerate, but it is more than playable for sure.

      Between the Macbook Pro 13 and the Lenovo Thinkpad 13, you are basically paying $1000 for a different operating system (one that contains no benefits, just people's "personal preference").

      This is a bargain site and people should be directing you to actual bargains, not listing these type of products.

      Hope this helps :)

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        Um, Windows 10 home vs Mac OS X 10 does not qualify as "relatively identical specifications" and probably justifies double the price.

        • +1

          Well, not "double" the price.

      • +1

        If someone has made up their mind on something, I don't think it's an actual bargain to redirect them to something else just because it's cheaper. For example, someone looking for Xbox live probably isnt going to be looking for PC games they want to play online just because multiplayer will be free.

        • Yup, and good luck steering people away from macs, although they are nice machines.

        • I heard the average profit on a pc is 3% but Apple makes around 20+%

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    Hi, has anyone had success in getting the Apple store to price match JB 10% off whilst they have the Back to Uni promotion, i.e. currently the $100 App store card? Thanks!

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      Apple Stores won't match this with the gift card as it's tethered to education pricing. You have to choose one or the other, unfortunately enough.

  • Are Mac Pro included in this deal? Does jb sell these

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      JB sell Mac Pros and they are also included in the deal. You also get an additional year of warranty If you buy from them.

    • You want to buy a 2013 Mac Pro at 10 % off? Why?

  • Hey guys I'm planning to buy the mbp 13 old model for my year 7 sister if I can find any office works with them in Stock to price beat, are there any additional discounts I should be aware of that might be able for high schoolers? Thanks!

    • Awks, it seems that officeworks is cheaper by 20 cents for the 128gb model im looking for. DO y'all reckon they'll offer the price beat or have they done that deliberately and I should just wait until the next time it goes on sale

    • -1

      Geee… 7 year old rolling around with a MBP?? You must be one of the greatest siblings ever…

    • That would be a great computer for quite a few years of high school. I bought my daughters MBAs and they love them. Longer battery life, cheaper and lighter. But the old style MBP is pretty excellent too. Faster, much better screen.

      • Any thoughts on the price beat possibility

        • Rip this jb hifi discount isn't price beatable because ow is cheaper

  • Ended up buying a surface book after reading this

  • +2

    For those who are interested in getting a better deal (~18% of RRP) with Mac's, you can try what I did today (with success) with my purchase of a Macbook Pro 13" with touch bar (RRP $2,699):

    1) Rang Myer and asked for price match with Officeworks/ JB - accepted (with $1 more) - $2429, and set aside for pick up.

    2) Turned up to that Myer and bought $2,420 worth of gift cards for $2,200 using 3 Myer One cards and 3 printed vouchers from this deal (Max $1,000 of credit with each Myer One card): by forumninja

    3) Paid $9 after using gift cards to purchase the MBP.

    Total paid - $2,209

    % saved ~18.1%

    Time spent (from enter to exiting Myer) ~ 25 mins (had a queue at computer counter, and fiddling with 8 gift cards)

    Even better if you are going overseas in the next 60 days and claim TRS (not me :-(), or use a new ANZ QFF Black Amex/Visa card or Westpac Altitude Black Amex/Visa to clock up to $2,500 spend quickly for you bonus QFF points (me :-)).

    • Hard core ozbargainer. But to save $200+ is worth it!

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