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AmEx Statement Credit: BP Spend $40, Get $10 Back - Use up to 2 Times


Signups closed but offer on until April 4

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $40 or more, in one transaction, in-store at American Express accepting BP locations by 4/4/2017 to receive a $10 credit. Offer redeemable up to 2 times. Limited to 25,000 Cards. Exclusions apply.

AmEx Connect -…
Direct Enrolment -…

Terms & Conditions:

  • Excludes BP Fuel card, commercial fuel and bulk fuel transactions.
  • Offer is limited to two credits per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at BP. For example, purchases made through a third party.
  • Excludes online purchases. Offer valid at Australian locations only.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • Full Offer Terms available here.

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  • If I read this deal correctly, it is $20 off $80 worth of spending in petrol. Not too shabby!

    • +11

      yes/no….. If you spent $80 in one go, you'll get $10 off.

      • Yes*. But It's not $10 off, Amex will credit your account with $10 once you spend the $40 on your approved/enrolled Amex Card.

        • Like other deals they apply it within minutes, but yeah you would need the $40+ available on the card to make the transaction.

  • +4

    Bought gift cards last time and got all the credits.

    • You means BQ fuel card or visa pay card thing?

      • +1

        BP sell Visa prepaid cards? Do BP process them as a cash advance?

      • Actual BP gift card, not visa. Sure you can also use it for purchases in store. They were quite difficult to find last time and staff in general were not the quickest to process them.

    • I tried that at our local, but twice staff said they didn't know how to sell them, so I was forced to buy fuel <sigh>

      • Last time I tried about 3 different BP stations, none of them sold BP gift cards.

        • +4

          BP management tells them to take it down during the promo.

        • You have to be quick - buy the card as soon as the promotion starts rather than wait until a few days or weeks. They will notice an influx of people buying gc and they will know what is going on, thus they will hide them until promotion ends. It's the same thing happen with HN, hiding Vpay and Visa gc during last year promotions.

    • can you use these cards anywhere else? I have multiple amex cards, but wont do that many petrol refills in 6 weeks

      • Find somewhere that sell gift cards then. They last longer than six weeks.

        • yes good point, was hoping it be able to be used as debit card or similar,

          not a big deal

    • Have three Amex cards. Bought $40 of petrol and then a $200 gift card for the other five transactions ($40 each). 5$3 only problem is that I got one of the Amex cards mixed up with my MC and so still have 2 x $40 ones to use up.

      FYI got all four Amex emails. Leaving the BP Norlane (Geelong) petrol station now.

      • +1

        Where are you headed to?

        • +1

          Home Katie. Home. 😄

  • damn, just filled up $30 today!

    • +28

      Ask for a refund

      • +7

        Buy a new one and return with the old receipt

        • +6

          Just siphon the fuel into a plastic shopping bag and hand it to them across the counter. Make sure you don't use one of those reusable canvas shopping bags as it will leak.

    • Enrol and you may be able to get credit back !

      Couple of months ago I bought the laptop from HP, few hours later saw the statement offer, enrolled and it all worked smoothly

      • +4

        $30 is less than $40 though, so it's not going to work in this situation.

    • You can fill up my car to avail the deal

  • +6
  • +7

    Works with Opal top up

    • +1

      Did you try?

      Did they charge services fees for top up?

      • I did it with opal card last time. No service charges. This was at Willoughby Road.

        • Willoughby Road close to me as well.

          which one you go? 500 Willoughby or 169 Willoughby?

        • @GundamZeta:

          The one opposite porsche dealership

        • @Jeb3diah:

          Thanks mate.

        • I got slugged a little surcharge when paying with Amex for about $20 worth of fuel there

        • Or was it you with the 5 Amex cards?

      • Bit late on this one but i've tried the following:

        BP Penshurst (494 Forest Rd) - no opal top up allowed with amex, cash only
        BP Mortdale (21 Boundary Rd) - opal top up with amex accepted with no surcharge
        BP Carrs Park (294 Princes Highway) - opal top up with amex accepted with no surcharge

    • Are you the bloke that rocked up with 5 Amex cards? I had a chinwag with the servo attendant tonight and he was asking me why people were going up to $40 only. He told me a story about a guy who rocked up with 5 Amex cards to top up his opal card. If it's you, you're a legend bro. Much respect!

  • +2

    Ever since the last Amex/BP offer my local BP has had a big hand written sign on the till - "No Amex" and the staff don't accept them. :-(

    • +3

      Scan it without them realising. If it is declined, send a secure mail to AmEx they'll give you the statement credit.
      Edit: Maybe. Apparently the T&C's say BPs that accept Amex.

    • +1
    • +1

      BP comes with head office & individual.

      The Amex deal probably only works for the head office stores, then individual store may not has Amex facility.

      • +1

        as far i know all stores with Wild-Bean Cafe are BP owned sites and rest of them are individual store.

  • +1

    Awesome, thanks OP. 13 registrations = $260 of free cashola.

    • +2

      er wut ?

      • 13 Amex (including supplementary cards) x $10 credit x 2 visits = $260 free cash on normal fuel spend.

        • +34

          You "normally" spend $1040 on petrol (26 transactions of $40) over a 6 week period?

          For a bargain hunter, maybe a more fuel efficient vehicle would be a good idea.

        • @FriendlyPhillip:

          No way would I get near it.. but $40 vouchers last longer than 6 weeks :)

        • +8

          How's your credit score @tizey?!

        • +1


          Its very well managed… currently in the 'good' category on last update a month ago. Its also not the be-all-and-end-all some make it out to be, provided your other areas of application stack up for mortgage approval, which they should be if taking on significant debt anyway (proven savings history, secure income, no other unsecured personal debt, etc). As for Credit card applications - yet to be denied.

          If your house is in order, then the risk to the bank is low.

        • do supplementary cards work???

        • +1

          Bad credit score is balanced out by the number of QFF points you own which are classified as assets :)

        • @R3XNebular:

          Amex issued ones, yes. Not sure about bank issued Amex.

        • @tizey: Depends on the back. You simply need a different CC number.

        • @FriendlyPhillip: Funnily enough I do the Melbourne to Geelong drive every day and that equals about 860km per week plus my weekend drives so spending >$1000 on fuel in a six week period is quote easy.

          With this deal and 7 Amex cards between me and the wife, I'm going to be trying to get BP gift cards so I don't have to apways try to hit the $40 or $80 mark every fill up.

  • Showed up automatically on my DJs AMEX even though I always buy from BP. Thanks!

    Now to use for petrol or Opal top-ups …

    • +2

      Buy giftcards so you can do both.

    • Are there any fees or charges for topping up Opal at BP?

      • +2

        Depends on the location.

  • Great deal but wasn't it up to three times last time?

    • +9

      Yep but could be worse; could only be a once-off

  • saved - thanks op

  • +1

    Anyone know of any BP around Melbourne that has Paywave for Amex?

    • +5

      Never seems to work at BP. I find I always have to insert card, chose credit then enter PIN.

      • +1

        Ditto at the one I use in Sydney

        • same for me in Sydney. Only place other than BP is 7-Eleven where my amex needs a pin and can't use pay wave. Must be something to do with their commission rates with the bank or their lack of sophisticated paywave eftpos machines across the board. Very annoying and 1990-2000's of them

    • +1

      Don't live in Melb so can't comment, but the deal shouldn't require you to use PayWave specifically.

      • yep nothing to do with paywave

  • +3

    Whoa! +123 votes within 3 hours of posting and before 7am?

    • +4


      • +3

        Bargain hunters never sleep.

        • +1

          They wake up early

        • +1

          @darthsparrow: Nah, I couldn't get to sleep. Happened to still be awake at 2am when the offers activated. Got lucky. :P

      • +1


        No, just professionals

  • +7

    Terms say only at BPs that accept Amex. Anyway to check without calling them?

    • +3

      visit them? :)

    • +3

      The AMEX connect page had a "Where to Redeem" dropdown with a list of local stores. I assume they only list stores that accept Amex.

  • +4

    Some BP has amex surcharge. Best to research first before going to any.

    • +1

      Report the surcharge. Amex have a page for it and contact vendor (apparently).

      • Not sure it does anything though, once I got charged a 15% surcharge (it's the shop small promo) and I just got a generic reply after complaining saying they will look into it and no further updates.

        Although in Amex's defence they did give me an equivalent amount of points to offset my surcharge, so they are doing the right thing, but not sure what they can do to the vendor.

  • I've always used my main Amex card and enrolled for such offers using the offers page where I just have to click enrol now. I have 2 other Amexs (gold and ANZ travel rewards) with no such facility, and have manually enrolled those 2 cards successfully. Seems a tad too cursory. I don't wanna find out the hard way they didn't work when I'm paying overpriced fuel at BP without the $20 off when I could be paying 4c off at a caltex or puma somewhere. Has anyone experienced a bad manual enrolment before where the credit never came through in the end?

    • +2

      Haven't experienced that, no.

      However, when you sign up, you should get a confirmation email as well… so when you spend at BP, and not get your credit back, I'm sure you would be able to call them and get it sorted out.

      • Found the confirmations in my email with the correct numbers. Looks legally binding to me. Thanks.

  • -3

    It's possible you are not saving that much on petrol if you compare to alternative local stations, eg:

    BP Haberifled E10 = 142.9 cents per litre
    Speedway Haberfield E10 = 115.9 cents per litre

    They are 1.7km driving distance apart. If you're in NSW you can use this:

    • Fair enough, perhaps vouchers might be a better deal for the times where the difference isn't that great

      • Using my example in Haberfield, for a 40 litre fill up:

        BP Haberfield E10 = $57.16
        Speedway Haberfield E10 = $46.36

        so more than a $10 difference

        • +1

          don't forget Velocity points at BP :)

          my local bp is generally never more expensive than elsewhere for unleaded 91 and often cheapest

          the premium for unleaded 95 over 91 is 8c/l at BP vs 11c/l 7-11, 12c/l Caltex/Woolworths and Shell/Coles

          some BPs have 4c/l fuel discount via independent supermarkets

          also I received 10c/l offers for Woolworths/Rewards last week and Coles/Flybuys this week :)

        • +3

          You should have filled up 28 litres.

          From your example;
          BP = $1.429/l — filling up 28l = $40 - $10voucher = $30
          Speedway = 1.159/l — filling up 28l = $32.45

          You're ozbargaining wrong

        • +2

          it will depend on your location but I don't believe that they will be purposely trying to exploit this offer. It's just a matter of two competing stations being between the saw and tooth of the cycle.

          If you're in the middlish area of the cycle then most petrol stations are within 1c or so of each other, BP certainly isn't more expensive

          If you're rural I would definitely check it out though, but also rural stations tend to more likely be the franchised ones that aren't part of a large network (ie AA) so the discrepancy will be larger

        • @Rcosmo: lol thanks for the calculations, so I'll only 2/3 fill up my car so i can save $2.45 to spend in store at BP?

        • +3


          Fill the other 1/3 at Speedway Haberfield.

        • @tonester:

          don't forget Velocity points at BP

          Doesn't work if you have your card on your smartphone…

        • +1

          @jv: carry your card then

        • @Your Friend:

          carry your card then

          have no idea where it is My Friend…

        • +1

          @jv: Use a temporary card they have on the counter and merge it into your account

        • +1


          and merge it into your account

          thanks, wasn't aware I could do this… So I can get a new card each time I visit ?

        • @jv:

          FAQs on…

          I have misplaced my BP temporary card, can I register it?

          Yes, simply pick up a BP temporary card in-store and register and link it to your Velocity Account To order a replacement membership card contact us. You will receive your Velocity membership card within 3 weeks of ordering. In the meantime, continue earning Points with your registered BP temporary card until your replacement membership card arrives.

        • @BadMotivator:

          I have misplaced my BP temporary card, can I register it?

          I am talking about my Velocity Card, not a BP card.

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