expired White Lenovo ZUK Z2 - AU$231.90 Shipped @ Dealextreme


Hey guys this is an amazing phone! Snapdragon 820, 4g ram, 64g storage, 3500 mah battery! What more do you want for that price!?


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    I wish the black one didn't cost so much more than the white.

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    Was AU$210 just last month…

    Nothing to see here


    for me the only thing missing is B28 and path to android 7 (get both with Moto G4 plus but it's $300 though), other wise great phone for $210…. similar to most Chinadroids in that price range ($200-$250) so it become personal preference in that price bracket.

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    What more do you want for that price!?



    Lived in china 7 years ago and Lenovo made phones then too just was never sold elsewhere maybe India etc

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      If you want to sell a cell phone you need to pay licence fees to patent holders of cellular technologies, or you can develop your own technologies that are so attractive that other patent owners want to cross licence their patents for access to yours.
      So there are issues for a Chinese phone makers who don't have access to patents for cellular technology, so they can't sell their phones in countries were those patents are enforced.
      Hence no Xioami store in Pitt St or Elephone or Miezu on contract with Vaya.
      Lenovo bought Motorola's cell business including a licence to use their patents (I think, but not the ownership of the patents, which remained with Google).

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    Ok, so the Specs are good, but is it "actually good"??
    Plenty of high spec android products out there that run like dogs with video playback etc

    This phone is on my radar for Sub $250AUD phones, as is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and ASUS ZenFone 2.
    But is it as good as the specs would make you believe with real world usage?


      Zenfone 2 is 175 right now at GB… looks tempting. http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_594282.html

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      mainly due to its 2016 flagship level specs its very popular with the custom rom crowd, it does have bugs (with the OS it comes with) but the reviews of it for the price you are paying is quite good… just depends on what is important to you, if its camera and software updates etc then its not the phone for you neither would be most sub $250 phones imported from china .. :)

      its a good phone the software i assume lets it down …. lets put it this way those specs in a better known brand are easily upward of $500 (camera and software aside)


      Asus Zenfone 3 520KL 5.2inch. Full glass body - one of the best cameras in the market. Selling for around $316 on ebay.com.au worth having a look.


        Link pls.



          Only reservation I can see is the 2600mah battery. Edit: they're saying it lasts a long time so I guess it's fine


          @thtol: Yes I googled extensively about the battery and saw many video reviews on youtube. Apparently the chipset uses very less battery. So even though it looks like 2600mah and (3000mah for ZE552KL 5.5 inch phone) surprisingly people are getting atleast one day out of heavy use. Also this is one of the best looking (glass body) phone out there. Definitely needs a rubberised case though. See "Bend Test" videos on youtube. It is not that easy to crack this phone. Xiaomi Redmi phones can be bent in matter of seconds (the material xiaomi uses is so think - one fall and the chassis crumbles like pie). Another good phone could be new Moto G5


          I'm really unsure if I can like the design. The black one looks especially lame. I like good ol rugged metal designs, not posh glassy things. Otherwise I'd jump straight on it.


    I grabbed it and got 5% off at check out .. however with the exchange rate it basically became $230 anyway ..hehehe $US166 .. never used these guys so hopefully i get the product.



    Best forum for this phone. Phone is best bang for buck. Also not this is a dual SIM 4G + 3G phone with frequency support for USA and Europe 4G which for me is more important than Band 28. Phone works on 4G in Australia fine.


    Really high quality device for the price, even if this isn't a bargain. Software is a bit crap though, I'd advice anyone with the savvy to unlock the bootloader and install an Android 7 custom ROM. I'm using Resurrection Remix and haven't had any issues in the weeks I've had it.

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