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KFC $5 Tabasco Lunch Box (Tabasco Piece + Tabasco Sauce, Wicked Wing, Chips, Drink, Potato/Gravy)


The $5 Lunch Box is back.

This deal will begin Monday 17/4 in QLD/WA and 18/4 in the rest of Australia.

For only $5 Receive

  • 1 Tabasco Chicken Piece + Tabasco Sauce
  • 1 Regular Chips (Upsize to large for $1.60)
  • 1 Regular Potato and Gravy
  • 1 Wicked Wing
  • 1 250ml Can of Pepsi Max

Like Last time you are able to change out the drink to another can for $0.50 ($1.00 for QLD/WA Stores)
In NSW/VIC/TAS/SA/ACT stores you can also swap it out for drinks besides cans
* Swap to Upsize drink for $0.50 +$0.90
* Swap to Krusher for $0.50 + $2.00
* Swap to Freeze for $0.50 + $0.80 It's cheaper buying the freeze by itself for $1
* Swap to water for $0.50

Deal only available until 4PM Daily. There is around a 15 minute grace period until 4:15 on the register software if you are waiting in a queue.

You can order this deal any time of day on the app.

Note: The tabasco piece in the box will be replaced with a Boneless tabasco piece in Woolongong.
One area of KFC Stores ~8 stores will have a normal size 375ml can.

Combine with Guest Experience Survey for free chips and drink (use website on back of receipt to reedeem) therfore getting a free Upsize instead of paying $2.50

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  • +7

    Got excited and was about to hop in the car til I read the start date :( I'll see you tomorrow KFC!

    • Dreams were crushed for Easter Monday KFC Lunch.

      • +9

        KFC krushers not part of this deal mate

    • +2

      You should have still left and camped out the front.

    • -1

      Lol can't you wait one day?

  • +1

    is the tabasco piece more wicked than the wicked flavour?

    • +14

      I hope so. Nothing wicked about the wicked wings.

      • +1

        Nothing is more wicked than wicked breasts.

      • about 0.5 ~ 1.5 spicier than Wicked

        Add the sauce and it'll get you choking from the alcoholic intensity :p

  • +1

    I'm fungry

    • Not available in NSW till Tuesday? I am now hangry.

  • I wish that they would stop adverteasing with their chips and gravy on the screen when awaiting the NRL Bunker decisions!

  • I'm rather excited for the Tabasco part… you mention that the piece comes with Tabasco sauce… is this a sachet or something?

    • +6

      Yep a sachet of Tabasco sauce + the chicken is marinated in tabasco sauce.

      • Awesome thanks.

        Given most of my glovebox is taken up by those kfc refresher towel/napkin/spoon/straw packs, hoarding Tabasco sachets should be easy :) I fricken love hot sauce

        • I like how these sachets have shape like a Tabasco bottle Haha !

      • +1

        Just had it for lunch and it definitely didn't taste like it was marinated in Tabasco sauce. Very disappointed.

  • Hey op,

    It's cheaper buying the freeze by itself for $1

    SA are now charging $1.95?!

  • +18

    There is around a 15 minute grace period until 4:15 on the register software if you are waiting in a queue.

    See, this is what I'm looking for. These tips are what it's all about.

    • Yes, Gold, if anyone knows if things are the same at subway that would be great

      • What does it mean in layman terms??

    • Plz explain…?

  • So how similar is it to hot and spicy? Is the chicken crunchy?

    • +2

      yea theyre cooked the same way

      • Awesome! Thank you.

  • Side question: Is it still possible to do the Guest Experience survey after ordering using the Xpress app?

    • +5

      You need to line up and they amend your order

      • +1

        Is that your Ozbargain member number?

      • +1

        you must really love your salad

        • lol true

      • +1

        How did all that only come to $26?

        • +1

          Ordering the combos in the KFC app you can swap to Shaker Salad at no extra charge and also bought some lamington krushers. Then as always the large free chips and drink from survey.

        • +1

          @Savas: Shake, shake, shake. Nice one LAD!

        • 3 x Burger Deluxe Combo $6.95 x 3 = $20.85
          3 x Choco Crusher (Any time with app) $2 x 3 = $6
          1 x GES Large Chips and Drink = $0

          $26.85 total.


  • Not possible to change the chicken piece to a boneless one at all, apart from going to Woolongong?

    • You've been gonged for that spelling of Wollongong ;)

  • +1

    Can you swap P&G for coleslaw?

    • +7

      Thanks mum

      • +2

        knew someone would get offended, it's ok son

        • +1

          Funilly enough I didn't downvote you. But I still love you mum even if I don't agree with you

  • +1

    A tip regarding Guest Survey for Free Chips and drink.

    What i mostly do is write down 5 digit number starting with 7 on the receipt without filling out survey form..All the time it works.

  • Just went to WA location - and let me know that it doesn't start until tomorrow 18-4

    • App lets me order in QLD.

      • cause it started in QLD today

        • +1

          Yep, and it was also supposed to start in WA today (17th) and yet Piggybank was told it starts tomorrow (18th).

  • how long do the survey coupons last, after you complete the survey?

    I did the survey a few weeks ago but never got around to using the offer.

    • +1

      I believe there's no limit once you've completed the survey.

    • +1

      14 days from last visit.

      • +1

        I've been rolling on the same code doe

        • I do 1 every 3 months or so. codes now 5 digits not 6 as before

  • How do you pick up your order through the drive-thru when you've ordered through the app? I'm in Qld.

    • +1

      I dont understand why people still wonder this?

      If you prepaid just state you made an order using the app and my order number is ####.

      If you haven't prepaid do the same and pay at the window.

      • +2

        remember qld only just got this. all new for us :P

    • +1

      drive into drive thru

      Hello kfc. What would you like to order?

      Hey there. I got an online order.

      Can I have your order number?


      Drive thru thanks.

      pay at window

      pick up food

      • +1

        also the app asks you if you're picking up in restaurant or in drive thru.

      • +1

        You forgot to mention the free chips and drink voucher!!

      • when i ordered with the app for the Box Hill Vic store i had problems paying at the drive thru, he had to take go to the register at the counter saying it wouldn't let him process it at the drive thru one.

        • That has never happened to me and I've been to many KFCs. I used to pay within the app but never again. Always EFTPOS now. Once I made an order, pay in the app, drove there and… the KFC was shut down for renovations. What the? So I had to like email them, wait for a reply, submit evidence from bank statement (take a photo), show KFC receipt number and all that just to get $12 back. And it took about a week before the money got refunded. Was a hassle.

        • @plasmoske: Out of interest, what did you do with the $12?

        • @steveclassy2:

          Like what I ordered? Or what I did with it after? lol

          I ordered a double combo ($11.95). Comes with 2 zinger burgers, fries and drinks.

          I added it to my savings account… to be spent another day.

        • @plasmoske: Is that combo In Menu or thru app only

        • +1


          App only I think. I normally order through the app because I like to change stuff around like add extra sauce (supercharge!), swap chicken to other stuff n etc

  • -1

    was Colonel Sanders buried or deep fried upon death?

    • Buried. I visited his grave with my husband to be & ex husband to be. 😁 Same guy.

      The cemetery gives you a map. We got lost, asked for help and we're told just follow the painted line straight to his grave. D'Oh. Took photos of my then BF looking distressed at the grave site.

      • Maybe you can arrange for him to be interned beside the Colonel?

        • No, he's got a wife who I imagine will sort that out. Nice lady.

      • PS: Is it fun to vote often? :P

  • Can anyone tell me what other combos this chicken is available in? Are we able to swap out original recipe for this in other deals? (Basically I want a bunch of pieces of this and chips for the family but don't want to pay the earth)

    • +1

      YOu can swap Orginal to Tobasco for $0.50/piece. Which is to cover the Tobasco marinade + sauces which is hella expensive!

  • +3

    FYI, you can get 4 pieces of Tabasco chicken on its own for $6.95 on the app.
    Normally, you need to buy a family meal to get this deal. But on the app, you can buy as many as you want.

    • Where on the app is this option? Cheers

    • Thanks for the tip. Will try it out tomorrow night

      • Good deal, normally $3 each aren't they?

  • +2

    It is under shared meals

  • Thanks - found it!

  • Just tried at KFC Belconnen Westfield and was told they don't have it yet.

    This is in the ACT.

    • I got at at Tuggeranong today

  • +6

    Just reporting in. I had the $5 box today for lunch and it was amazing! Man that chicken is soooooo good. Even better with the free chips and drink

  • +3

    Just got it. omg i had a giant chicken piece n it was spectacular! like an improved hot n spicy. plus it was super crunchy

    it's a good deal. like really good


    • +3

      +1 for adorable mini Tabasco!!

  • omg I cant wait… damn diet… :(

  • +3

    just had a box for lunch. amazing.

  • 250 can, they are getting so cheap on what they package in

    • 375ml at my local. Man I love my local, always so good

  • +1

    1276kJ doesn't seem right.

  • +2

    I bought 2 of these thinking my wife would have some, she hated the tabasco chickenand the rest, its so salty. So I ended up eating nearly 2 of them.
    Thats it for KFC for another year.

    • … This is probably falls on the the store's fault for over-seasoning

      The one I frequent is clean chicken, with nice amount of salt on chips too!

  • This survey !! :D

    GG man! well done!

  • +1

    Tabasco KFC is quite good actually. I'll just put Tapatio after the promo ends

  • I wouldn't call this lunch. Tasted very similar to the hot and spicy, with a hint of tabasco sauce. They gave me a drumstick which went with the wicked wing to equal barely a snack. Did other people get proper size chicken pieces with this or are they just giving drumsticks?

    • +1

      I asked for thigh and was given that

    • +1

      I got a fairly large thigh piece.

    • When people say this I always ask them

      'did you request a certain piece?'

      If you didn't, the drumstick is the default piece as you can see in the promo posters.

      You have a mouth, speak up and say you want the thigh or breast for example.

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