This was posted 5 years 1 month 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Woolworths Online eVouchers @ eBay | $180 eVoucher for $150 | $240 eVoucher for $200 | Single Use / Redeem by May 31

  • eVouchers may be redeemed for orders placed on from 00:01 AEST 18/04/2017 to 23:59 AEST 31/05/2017 (the “Promotional Period”).
  • eVouchers cannot be used in-store at Woolworths.
  • eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days.
  • eVoucher may only be redeemed on using the same email address as the email address associated with eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher.
  • To redeem, enter eVoucher code sent via email at the online checkout in the ‘Promo code’ field at when you spend $30 or more for a Click & Collect order or $50 or more for a Home Delivery order.
  • This value is single-use only and must be redeemed on in one transaction. Any balance of the eVoucher not used in the transaction will be forfeited and will not be able to be used for a further transaction.
  • A maximum of three eVouchers are able to be purchased per eBay account.
  • At the end of the Promotional Period, any unused credit attached to a eVoucher will be forfeited and will not be able to be used for a further transaction.
  • The value of the eVoucher cannot be used on tobacco/smoking products, flowers, Gift Cards, Delivery Saver products or delivery fees.
  • eVoucher cannot be used with a business account (i.e. an account with an ABN or Business Name).
  • The eVoucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotional code and/or discount.
  • Any refunds for items purchased using eVouchers via will be issued as credit for use on at a later time.
  • eVouchers are non-refundable for change of mind.
  • eVouchers can only be redeemed at
  • Subject to available delivery areas, delivery windows and collection areas. Available delivery and collection times will vary between areas.
  • Orders placed on may be cancelled by Woolworths without notice to you if the above terms and conditions are not adhered to.
  • eVouchers may be cancelled by eBay or Woolworths if payment has been declined by PayPal.

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  • +13

    1 month expiry thats pretty terrible!

    • Even a uni student could spend those amounts easily in a month though.

      • +21

        have to use the whole voucher in 1 transaction, but yeah it's still a good saving, but just wanted to warn people, if they get 3 and all of a sudden realise 2 are expired when they go to use them.

        if you spend that much weekly for shopping then it is worth it

      • I spend $40/week/head on groceries (not counting eating out) and that allows me to buy pretty nice food. If I was living alone I wouldn't spend that much in a month.

  • +7

    Must be used online so can't topup Opal :(

  • +6

    Must be used in one transaction

    • +4

      Here's your way to use it for multiple transactions:

      Any refunds for items purchased using eVouchers via will be issued as credit for use on at a later time.

      A bit complicated. IMHO not worth the hassle.

      • They also might refuse you a refund if they think you're gaming the system, which you are.

        • They have a refund policy that includes 'change of mind'. Unless you admit that you game the system, what they think should be irrelevant.

  • +1

    This post reminded me of the mad rush to be the first to list the bargain at midday on way back in 2010. Post first. Edit later.

  • +1

    Who spends that much in groceries?? Geeez

    There is so much migoreng you can get. Must save for Syd Houses

    • +6

      A family in under a week, easily. Especially with woolworths ripoff prices.

    • +3

      Family of 2 adults and 2 kids - We spend at least $250 a week, so I'll be grabbing a few of those $200 vouchers.

      • thats a lot. I imagine the kids are young? A family of 3 adults and we spend about that much a month on general groceries with fresh produce of about 150 from the market each month and eating out 2 meals a week.

      • What the actual f**k? 2A5K here and we spend $150pw. $250pw is nuts for less kids

        • Can I ask how? We spend $1000/month for 2 adults and 1 young child. The main thing for us is that we have stopped eating bread, pasta and rice (mostly) so spend a fair bit on meat, vegetables and fruit. Don't buy any junk food. I would love some advice on reducing our grocery bill. We also spend around $400/month on eating out.

        • +1


          We buy all our perishables from Aldi, our meat from our local butcher (3* mince, cheaper cuts which we use in the slow cooker, etc) & our fruit & veg from the local fruit and veg shop. We also take advantage of shops like NQR when sales are on for items we need.

          Also, meal plan. I can't stress that enough for families. Plan everything a week in advance and stick to it. For all meals.

        • @Cyphar: Thanks mate. Will try those tips!

        • @Kroniclenny: Reducing meat intake will help considerably. Not saying go veggie or vegan, but dropping to 2 days a week will make a massive difference. Just have to learn a few more cooking techniques. Plus as already mentioned, markets/cheap places for fruit and vegetables (woolies online hardly ever have good fruit and vegetables specials).

    • Mi goreng?? Thats a little bourgeois what's wrong with plain.
      Now, when I was a lad…..

    • -1

      Frozen meat and fish seems like an easy way to spend large sums of money on one shop (provided you have the freezer space). Frozen salmon fillets are on (slight) discount this week, $25/1kg bag - for me, I'll probably be spending the bulk of my $180 spend on frozen salmon.

  • +10

    These can be used for purchasing from BWS as well for anyone who wants a discount on alcohol.

    • i thought the eVoucher may only be redeemed on

      • They use as another portal to buy from BWS :)

        • You can't order alcohol through at least in QLD.

  • +9

    Combine with Groupon offer $85 for $100 eBay value?

    $185 for $240 value
    $135 for $150 value
    if my calculator works.

    • I dont know if it works. I am looking for buying a MObile on Woolworth mobile and if it works than great deal on Mobiles

    • can we definitely use the groupon ebay voucher to buy the WW voucher?

      • +3


        • +8

          it might be best if someone tests, from memory last time the reason it worked is because the item was in a different catergory but this time its in gift cards

          the groupon voucher says you cannot use it in "Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from the use of the voucher."

          so possibly the reason it worked last time is because woolworths listed it in the wrong catergory

        • +2

          @abzolutely: Ziz iz critical.

        • +1

          @abzolutely: I was just testing with the C5AUS and it doesn't work, so I'm also worried that it won't work with the groupon voucher as you stated the category is under gift cards.

        • +3

          @abzolutely: Just placed an order used one $100 voucher I bought last month, no drama.

        • +2

          @abzolutely: Yes, I can confirm that Groupon vouchers can be used to buy these Woolies online eGift vouchers. Just used a couple of Groupon vouchers to get this deal. Went for the $180 vouchers as this is biggest discount when combined with Groupon deal. $180 Woolies spend for $135 (25% discount).

          Groupon deal here - takes around 4 days for delivery:-

    • +3

      i think you mean:

      spend $135 for $180 voucher
      spend $185 for $240 voucher

      ( after applying the Groupon deal )

  • +10

    I buy 2 of the $180 each time they run this promo using the $15 off Groupon vouchers. $135 for $180 groceries.

    Out of stock voucher from Woolworths has 12 month expiry.

    • +1

      Bad and naughty wolf

    • +1

      Thanks for the info though I am a bit confused, for example I would like to get four $100 ebay vouchers from groupon but when I read the fine print it says limit 2 vouchers per email, also it says one voucher per transaction on ebay, even though if I can get two $100 vouchers to buy $240 woolworths evoucher for $200 can I use that two ebay vouchers in that one transaction? I haven't been using ebay for sometime so I am not sure how it will work, and I read another condition is we can purchase ebay voucher from groupon by paypal only..

      • +3

        As I understand the Groupon offer and the way @Bad Wolf and @Schumi5 use it, they use one $100 Groupon voucher for each transaction. That way, it saves $15 off the deal, netting you $180 of groceries for only $135. Brilliant.

        • Thanks,I have already done all now and stucked with $9 delivery because voucher wasn't paying it, so I called woolworths online and they waived the delivery fee only for this time, another $$ saved

    • I just tested and confirmed this for myself, it works a treat! Thanks Bad Wolf. You should rethink that name : )

  • Awesome deal! Does anyone know what happens if items are out of stock?

    • +1

      You get a credit like normal ;)

      • +1

        Thanks so much!

    • +1

      Last time it happened to me, they gave another voucher code which I can only use if I shop online. It was not a normal credit I can use in store.

      • +2

        Normal process for online out of stock is refund issued how it was paid.

        Yes you recieve a online credit just as you would if you were using a egift card/store credit/ww dollars

        Paying with credit card they refund to credit card.

        I have had customer service convert a large out of stock credit to a egift card for instore purchase. Normally I leave it for my next order.

  • +3

    laced with conditions. I guess they're hoping people get confused and dont use them?

    • +1

      Feel free to point out any vouchers that aren't.

  • can we use this with woolworth mobile??

  • Can combine with 15-20% eBay codes?

  • +5

    Jeeze these conditions suck. It would be pretty easy to get burnt. Note single use and close expiry date.

    • And digital vouchers are not covered by eBay or PayPal, and Woolworths will disassociate from the distributor if things go wrong, as they did last time.

      • +1

        Yeah. I can see a lot of people accidently getting burnt. I guess if you were planning to spend $240 or $180 in the next few weeks it could be worth it.

  • +1

    How long does it take to get this voucher as need shopping real soon

    • eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days.

      • It pays to note, as it is a digital voucher, neither PayPal or eBay cover it, if it fails to come, it's up to you to hunt them down.

    • It is not Woolworths themselves distributing these vouchers, whether you get it on time or not is up to luck really. They blamed having too many orders last time, but it was a limited group buy, so idk how that figures. Don't plan to do this weeks shop with it.

    • Getting ebay voucher from groupon first takes 4 days to arrive($85 dolar for $100 ebay voucher) and when you purchase the woolworths evoucher from ebay it takes a day at least despite the fact they dated for 4th of May to arrive, so I bought groupon ebay voucher on thursday arrived on tuesday(4 business day) tuesday got the woolworths one it arrived on wednesday, plus you have to check if you get any rewards points fron the invoice, mine didn't registered as I shopped online only $0 was showing so they didn't give me points till I called and complaint and I have got extra 250 points as an apology lol

  • If using this can you still use egift cards to pay if over the amount purchased

    • I can't see why not, unless Woolies expect you to make your order exactly the amount of the voucher.

      But I'd prefer someone other than me test my theory.

  • 27th april to 1st may it says approx delivery of vouchera on ebay surely not i purchased these once before while back but cant remember how long it took.
    Anyone know

    • mine took about 16 hours last time, but don't rely on my anecdotal evidence, it probably varies a lot.

  • Any other discounts on top from Woolworth's? Free shipping 5 % off ?

  • Never again will I buy a Woolworths voucher from eBay, the last time was an utter nightmare, 3 weeks before I got my 300 voucher and it did not work, then 20+ phone calls all over the place until I stressed at them enough to give me a code there and then.

  • +1

    Who can be bothered? I couldn't even make it down the list of T&Cs?

    • You are right it was a big hassle of following through, reading a lot, waiting vouchers to arrive than shopping hours online page after page but it saved $45 for $180

  • +1

    Based on the eBay feedback from the last time, it turned me off this. So many horror stories. And not eligible for any protection. And there was no support from WOW.

    Too risky. Like playing Russian Roulette.

  • "eVoucher may only be redeemed on using the same email address as the email address associated with eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher."

    Can that be enforced? Won't it just be a unique code they send you - will they match that against the email address associated with voucher?

  • Can these be used to purchase gift cards from Woolworths Online?

    • Do you even read?

      'The value of the eVoucher cannot be used on tobacco/smoking products, flowers, Gift Cards, Delivery Saver products or delivery fees.'

      • Yeah, I know. I found it shortly after posting my comment.

  • -2

    "Single use only" and the expiry date should be in the title as they're both ridiculously restrictive.

  • We spend approx $350 to $400 per month on shopping depends on specials on and what we run out of.
    i normally buy egift cards and normally there is a code about so our shopping works out cheaper.
    We do get bits and bobs within that month we run out of within that month either from woolworths or other places.
    If woolworths we may have some credit left over which we use up.
    When i buy the egift card i save $20 on the $400
    And am able to use anything left over online or instore.
    But i only save $20.

    I already purchased a $240 for $200 evoucher as know we spend this but was going to get a $200 egift card but only save like $10.

    Not sure if we should split our shopping over a few weeks.
    Use the $240 voucher and then two weeks or more order another $240 voucher and we are gaining $80 vs $50 with egift card and evoucher.

    Yes could have saved even more with groupon but lets just say i tried doing this last time but it took so long for groupon to send the ebay vouchers was too late for woolworths vouchers as sold out not only that have already used these groupon vouchers recently on ebay.

    Do normally like the big shop to last us the month but if i got two of these $240 vouchers can split it over a few weeks.

    Problem is we need shopping really soon and maybe not wise to tie up $400 on these evouchers?

  • +3

    Wicked deal, thanks for posting. Things to stock up on could include:
    Peanut butter, nutella, spreads
    Pasta Jar Sauce, tomatoe paste
    Stock Cubes
    Canned beans/spaghetti
    Tea, coffee, lemsip
    Cadbury, oreos, timtams biscuits etc
    Mayple syrup
    2min noodles
    Tinned soup, soup satchels, pasta satchels
    Weekly specials
    Maybe cereal if you burn through it fast enough

    • +1

      Thanks for the shopping list, will come in handy.

  • -1
    • +5

      Looks like half that neg feedback relates to people who can't read T&C's though "couldn't buy tobacco" and dumb statements unrelated to the purchase of the voucher itself "product out of stock, couldn't get what I wanted!".

  • So did someone say its not woolworths who provide these evouchers then if not who does then?

    • I just bought one and paypal say my money went to woolworths Ltd but its possible a third party is facilitating it I guess

  • +2

    I too would love to know if anyone has successfully purchased the Ebay voucher from Groupon and then used it to buy the Woolworths gift card. I just had an online chat with someone from Groupon, and they seem to think it would be ok to do…

    • Although I haven't tried yet, it will probably work as it is not a discount voucher like 5% off, 10% off etc. I'm assuming it is a $100 voucher that you would have purchased it from Groupon for $85. Ebay shouldn't really care.

      • Also last time Woolworths e-voucher was not under the category: Gift card. Could someone that has already tried this to confirm that you can use the $100 groupon on the Woolies E-Voucher?

        • +3

          I purchased the $85 Groupon voucher two days ago (giving me $100 to spend on Ebay)and its just been emailed through. I then went on to Ebay and bought the $180 Woolworths voucher for $150. So all up it cost me $135 to get $180 worth of groceries. I was tempted to buy more, but thought I'd check it out first. I was a bit worried that the ebay deal would run out before I got the Groupon code. I wonder how many Woolworths vouchers they have before they sell out. I'm very tempted to buy more

        • @nener: Exactly my thoughts, also worried on how long it will take for the groupon voucher to come as it says limited quantity on Woolworths vouchers. thank for the information nener.

        • +2

          Another confirmation here. Purchased Groupon voucher Friday, Woolworths eVoucher on Monday, and my $180 voucher has just come through moments ago. Thanks @nener for initially confirming this works. This is an easy additional $15 discount, albeit with a tiny bit of extra risk (e.g. while waiting for the Groupon voucher to arrive, the Woolworths eVouchers may become sold out.)

  • Anyone received yet? I bought one on Tuesday 18th and still waiting for email with coupon.

    • +1

      Still waiting here lets all email them and let them know we are annoyed waiting.
      They can send egift cards with 2 hrs so why not these.
      Why take so long its just a simple email codes.
      I want to do my shopping and was tempted to buy two vouchers but i never as did not want to tie up all the money waiting for them.
      So ended up buying a egift card as well.

      Ideally want to use this evoucher and pay rest with egift card with some credit left over.
      But by looks of it i may have to use all my egift card and then use the evoucher later.
      When we do a shop is for the month and whats left in give card is for extras in between.

      2 to 4 business days i was told.
      Maybe friday who knows. They quick in taking our money but not so in giving us our credit.

    • +1

      Purchased 11:30am Wednesday (yesterday) - received 6pm today. So roughly 30 hours.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived.

  • +1

    Mine turned up 45 minutes after I got home from doing a large shop… I was hoping to do it online but ran out of some of the dailies.

  • +1

    I don't want $180 worth of Woolies stuff in one go, so I have to figure out things I can order but they can't fully stock. Cunning plan? They always manage it when I want the order in full. Now that I don't, no doubt they will rustle up everything ordered.

  • -1

    non in my mailbox… bought on 18th…

    • +1

      I'm assuming you've now received it?

      • Ordered 19th and still nothing

        • +1

          Arrival today. Sweet

  • Bought 2 x $180 vouchers on the 18th, arrived on 20th. Actual codes came from the email address [email protected]

  • +2

    Impulse purchases and bought 2x240 by mistake. Just ordered 72 x 8 toilet paper and 30 x 24 water bottles. Hopefully they will be out of stock or else I have to last 3 years!

    • Lol can they fit that much on the truck? Good luck!

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