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Optus SIM Only (12mth Plan) $40 (Students $36): 12GB (Incl. 2GB Bonus for 12mths), Unlimited Calls/Txt, 300 International Mins


Deal is back on again,
previously expired on March 26

New and recontracting services only.

$40/month on a 12 month contract (min. cost $480)

10GB Data + 2gb bonus data for 12 months = TOTAL 12GB
Unlimited Local Calls and Texts
Up to 300 International Minutes (Select Countries)

Free data streaming on Google Play, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify.

also available with 10% off student offer which will make it $36.

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  • +1

    Any idea if you can get a further $10 off if you're a current Optus postpaid customer?

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      i was previously on a similar deal with optus.
      was their 10gb plan, discounted to $40, additional 10% off for being a student and then an extra $10 off for broadband/homephone bundle.

      came down to $26 p/m

      but as it only lasted 12 months, i switched to kogan :( had i known they'd have the deal on again i would have stayed

      • +1

        oh.. that's weird…

        I have exactly the same plan as you (i.e. around $26 p/m) and my contract expired last month. I rang and talked to Optus chat to ask if the plan will continue exactly the same. They both told me yes.

        One month in and the bill states exactly the same. I think it converted to month to month or something. Shame they didn't tell you anything about keeping it afterwards =[

        • +5

          Kogan is bae though.

        • damn that actually sucks - i'm pretty sure i had read somewhere that after 12 months the discount would be removed and return to normal pricing, but guess not.

          then again, optus barely have their shit together. the initial email i got confirming that i've signed up to the plan clearly stated $26 per month. but optus was charging me $27, when i told them my email says $26 they insisted i was wrong and it could not possibly be $26 (due to the order of applying discounts) but were willing to give me a $12 credit to my account.

      • +1

        Most plan T&C's usually say "for the life of the plan" which translates to "when you decide to cancel or change plan or go elsewhere e.g to kogan" - not when the 12 or 24 months contract period is up.

        Pays to have checked before leaving.

      • -2

        how is $40 -20% = $26 ? I'd guess $32

        • +2

          $40 - 10% - $10 = $26

        • -1

          @Marrk: $29.9??????

        • +1

          yeah thanks, I misread the $10 as 10%

    • +1

      I think that they have changed it to $20 off, but only for bundling w/ an internet plan.

    • +1

      Do you have any info about the $10 off as a postpaid customer?

    • any idea HOW you even get this discount? Or attempt to?

  • +1

    My partner has 2 months left until her contract is done. She's paying $60/month for 500mb of data. What does everyone think my chances of paying out the 2 remaining handset payments and getting her onto this are?

    • +2

      Hell yeah, give them a call and see what they can do

      • +8

        Just went through the online checkout system and it was actually really pain free. She'll pay an extra $6 for the next 3 months, but will have 12GB a month.

        Surprised that was as easy as that.

        • +1

          I had 2 handset repayments waived for recontracting but I had to ring them back every month at the bill time because they were still putting the handset charges

  • Can I buy this now, then activate it in a few weeks? Or does it start when you pay?

    Reason being I just recharged my telstra prepaid today, but this is much better :O

    • Why not just buy it by the 14th of May?
      Your method doesn't make sense to me.

    • +2

      You can buy it now and activate it later, but get it in writing/chat through their online chat (then save the chat!!)
      Thats what I did for the last offer, bought the sim cards online the night their last promo ended and activated it 1 week later when the sim cards arrived.

      • Okies thanks :)

      • +1

        I signed up to this plan on the Thursday before easter.. I received the sim by express delivery on Tuesday after easter.. I was going to wait until that evening to activate it, but they did it automatically on Tuesday afternoon. It was lucky I had received my sim, otherwise I would have been screwed. They will automatically port your number after a few days if you have not done it, I just don't think they took into account Easter public holidays… It does say on the packaging of the sim that it will automatically switch over for you.

        • +1

          Second this, in my case I hadn't received the sim yet and my old account got automatically disconnected :(

  • New and recontracting?

    I might be tired, but what other buyer is there?

    • People currently on an optus contract where its too early to recontract.

  • +1

    Can never have a problem with optus.

    I have the 70 plan for 25gb data….. bloody awsome when if you ever go over the limit they charge you an extra 10 for an extra 1gb… if you go over usually then the 70 is ideal.

    • +1

      Why the negs?

      • +1

        Dont know. I didnt neg this deal as i w a on it last year for 12 montha and had to pay an extra 10 bucks but well worth it.

  • +1

    Is it 12gb per month or 12gb for 12 months

    • +3

      Per month

    • +1

      God I'd hope it'd be per month.

  • +1

    Does Optus still do the $20 bundling discount?

    • -2


      • How do you go about getting the discount? I was just using the online chat and they said they could only do what was advertised :(

        • +2

          Its a bundle with the internet like broadband and a mobile but i cant see the advertisment its either not on or hidden in the internet section.

        • +2


          Nope. This has been canned. If you are already getting it, then it might stay on your account, but no new customers will get it unless they bring it back later.

        • @phluffed:wow that was quick… it was advertised for so long too. Good things do come to an end unfortunately.

        • @Hotkolbas:
          From what I can see, it was pulled in March. There is a CIS pdf for a feb bundle that included it.

    • +7

      No, the bundle discount for the phone plan + internet is finished. The new broadband bundles have reduced prices ($20) compared to the previous ones, but they're available for everyone (I.e non post-paid customers) at the same price.

      You can still however get the $20 discount for home wireless broadband.

      • If my internet contract is ending, can I get a cheaper plan and keep my $10 bundling discount?

    • No. New contracts won't include this, so if you have it on an existing bundle, triple check the benefits of losing it (increase in data) vs cost.

  • +3

    Anyway to get a discount on this without being a student or bundling the internet?

    • Coles employees get the same benefit im pretty sure..

      • +1

        Do you just need their discount card number?

        • +2

          It requires your employee ID via a specific coles/optus promo link.

  • +3

    Is the Optus network much better than Vodafone? Might be a better deal to go with the 14GB 12-month prepaid Kogan deal for $30.49 monthly equiv ($370.93 upfront) if international calls and data free streaming aren't important.

  • +3

    I'm on a previous, similar 12 month deal with Optus, which at the time was a $60 plan, reduced to $40, with 10GB data. It also came with Optus Sport for no extra cost. The plan has just run out and I understand I'll just continue on it at the same rate/deal month to month.

    I'm assuming if I re-contracted on this deal to gain the extra 2GB, I'd actually lose the free Optus Sport as it's not a part of this? ie. just stick with what I've currently got.

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat as you. I'm keeping in the same plan until the end of the epl season. I'm to believe they won't give us free opus sport for season 2 which is obvious. Until then I'm sure there will be a better deal by then.

    • Have you asked Optus to confirm this?

      I am in the same position. Main reason for me to recontract would be to continue to get EPL free and the couple of extra GB.

      • +3

        yep, i talked to them a few months ago - they said as soon as I recontracted, my Optus Sport would be charged…$15 per month i think it was?

        I still want my EPL coverage, so i'm on month to month right now :)

        • did you have to contact them at all after your plan ended to go month to month with same price and gigs? So after mine expires in June it will automatically continue as month to month?

  • didn't they have this for $30 for the optus friends and famiy deal?

  • -2

    Does anyone know an easy way to get an edu email for student discounts?

    • +8

      Become a student.

  • Has anyone had success with vodafone "price matching"? I am on $40 for 10gb but I need the free roaming for nz. Thank you

    • +1

      I gave them a call cause I was on the same plan as you. They put me on their $50 plan with a discount of $10. 12gb data, unlimited calls and texts. My contract act had finished so they were probably keen to get me contracted again.

      • Thanks mate, will definitely give it a shot!

      • I will try this too. Am on Voda 12month contract ending next month. 2 services with 17.5GB evrything else unlimited (international calls too). I wouldn't mind extra data for lower international minutes.

      • THey won't do it for me…. :(

    • I did and they offered me 10% discount, bring it down to $36/month with 12GB but no international calls which I chose, 10GB per month with 300 international mins.

  • wow. looks like a pretty sweet deal! $36 per month for 12gb. sign me up!

  • +1

    I do have this plan right now, but the total price is tricky by different calculation: $40-$10(home internet bundle discount)-10% off(student offer:$3)=$27 per month rather than $26 p/m.

    • How do you get the home bundle discount?

      • I have optus cable service more than 7 years, I am still able to claim the $10 home bundle discount for mobile contract so far.

    • I just called them im on an older cable broadband home bundle and the dude said that they cant do this $10 off bundle deal so im not sure what you said to get it, he said they dont offer it anymore… can you explain what you said or did to get this because im in the same boat as you currently.

  • where do you enter the student code? there is no promo box anywhere during checkout…?

    • +3
      • it will not appear if you want to upgrade your existing contract…maybe I need to contact them

        • just updating, I was on the live chat and they could apply the code for me. I'm recontracting and still have a few months left to repay the phone

  • +7

    This is very tempting, but I'm scared Optus are just packing too many people onto their mobile network with cheap deals and it will suffer the same fate as their Cable Broadband…

    Can anyone change my view?

    • It probably won't be as bad as their cable is, plus if you get issues with it down the track you'll have an out through the TIO (if the congestion is that bad at your workplace or residential address).

    • Optus is currently spending a similar amount of CAPEX per year as Telstra on their mobile network. I don't think there will be many congestion issues except for big events with lots of people in one area like NYE. I switched from Optus to Telstra and don't really notice a big difference between the two networks for metro areas in Vic not sure about NSW though.

  • +1

    got it for $30/month two months ago, better coverage than they used to have 4 years ago

  • talked to them on live chat and they wont do the 10 off discount bundle for this deal

  • Anyone knows if you get to pick which date you want to start the plan when you buy it online? Thanks

    • +1

      The sim comes in the mail, you can delay activating the sim and completing the port (if you're with another carrier) until a day that suits you.

  • +1

    i got this plan with vodaphone in April, 40$12G with extra 5G for first month. didnt know it should be considered as a bargain :O

    • Vodafone has a similar deal but $45 per month. I am currently with Vodafone and my contract will be ended next month, might chat with them if can price match with this deal. Out of curiosity, does your plan include free spotify streaming?

    • +2

      Same here.

      VF gave me 2 options.

      01) $40pm, 12gig data along with the 300 international minutes to selected countries or,
      02) $37p, 10gig data along with 300 international minutes to selected countries.

      I opted for option 1.

      Pretty happy with VF. They also roam on Optus network (AU -R) 3g only if there are no VF towers in the suburb. Hence, its a win-win for the cost knowing i have Optus as a fall back. I believe they refer to this as their "regional network".

      You cant beat the $5 roaming also for those who travel within their roaming countries.

    • Just called VF to price beat as my current $40 contract was expiring.

      They signed me up to the their $50 Plan (1300 int min/10GB) + additional 2GB and a $10 dollar discount. The $50 Plan also has a 5k QFF bonus if signed up online and they were happy to offer this as well (after I requested).

      For any others with expiring VF contracts would recommend calling up for a price beat.

      • i spoke to them and they said cant beat it sorry! wtf.

  • Anyone know what the Optus 4G experience (in Melb.) compared to Telstra?

    • What area in Melbourne?

      I work in Clayton and its excellent.

      I live in Narre Warren North and its good.

      Both areas, i can use internet and am able to make calls (VOLTE).

      Optus, in my opinion gets sketchy when your a few km's away from a main road, in rural areas. Otherwise, im pretty happy with their coverage. Customer service was bad but, getting better. They do try and help but sometimes you just get an arse on the other end of the phone with limited capabilities.

      Maybe get a 1/2 price starter kit from Coles / Woolies and test the network for 30 days, to see what you think? Note —> I dont believe VOLTE is activated on these pre-paid plans, only on post paid. Hence, your calls will be made over 3G spectrum.

      • Thanks mate, I'm in Parkdale and I only get 1 bar of reception from Telstra in my home so I guess I don't have too much to lose.

        • +1

          Looking at Parkdale, seems that Telstra has the majority of base stations…….


          Click on the "map" tab and then zoom into Parkdale. Find your address on the map, to see what base station your near…….. This should give you an indication of "what" carrier is your best option………..

          Good luck mate!!

        • @Dud:

          Wow! Very interesting, this provides a clear picture of why I'm in a black hole for reception, I am at the farthest point possible from a ring of surrounding towers. Might as well move to Optus, I'm miles from all of them.

        • +1

          @mr fox:

          If that's the case, it may be a case of "better the devil you know".

          I would for sure, test Optus with one of those 1/2 price offers before you make a decision.

  • Was on the hunt for a new/cheaper BYO plan, and being a student this is perfect. Thanks for postingšŸ˜Š

  • Just in time as our current $40 sim only plan is expiring. Recontracted through their chat sales, easy as. Hope they do this at this point of the year, every year :)

  • +1

    I changed to this plan 2 months ago, I still had 2 months handset payments to go.. they charged me the handset payments each month.. easy.

    also for some reason I get 13gb per month not 12?no idea why.. I thought it was just something to do with the first montj changeover.. 2nd month and I have 13gb available!

  • I was wondering if anyone can shed some light here, in the 2nd email received for the order subject titled "yourname, here's all you need to know", the link to download your Contract and Critical Information Summary, is the 10% discount listed in the Customer Authority Form suppose to be noted as "10% Student Offer -$4.00"?

    • +1

      I started this plan last month when it was available. Mine shows up as $0.00 on the Contract and Critical Information Summary as well, but when I went to My Account in the Plan Info section it shows the 10% STUDENT OFFER under Add Ons. I also just received my first bill and the discount has been applied.

      • +1

        Cheers thank you for the information.

  • Anyone know if you are allowed to Hotspot from an iPhone with this plan?
    I currently have the Optus 4G Woolworths prepaid for $26 / 45 days 5G
    I don't go over the 5GB usage but would change to this plan if I can hotspot.
    Also i think I read somewhere that the old Woolworths prepaid SIM cards where being offered on Gumtree? I may sell mine if I change to this plan.

    • yes, you can hotspot on this deal.

      Question. —> Why would you change to this plan if your effectively paying 0.58c per day on your old Optus Woolies plan, V's $1.43 per day on this plan? Is hotspot worth the extra $23.76 per month? (based on 28 day month)

      • +1

        Thanks Dud.
        Because I also have Optus broadband and I would save an extra $20 a month.
        Also I would be able to work on my laptop using the hotspot 12gb vs 5GB would be sufficient. I have paid more for the Telstra 12gb intent dongle in the past.

        • +1

          That makes better sense mate. Thanks for the explanation.

          Definite hotspot with Optus, just make sure you have ok coverage.

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