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Kindle Paperwhite $160.55, Toshiba Canvio 3TB Portable HDD $132, JBL T450BT $55, Chromecast Ultra $93 Shipped @ Officeworks eBay


Highlighting a few well priced items at Officeworks ebay to combine with the C5OZ code for a further 5% off. Free courier delivery (Toll) on all items.

Kindle Paperwhite eReader Black OR White $160.55 Delivered

Dropped from $174 to $169 pre-code, a good price. Available in white here

Toshiba Canvio Ready 3TB Portable Hard Drive Black $132.05 Delivered

Been down to $139 for a while, a good price/purchase with any eBay code.

JBL Wireless On Ear Headphones Blue T450BT $55.10 Delivered Back in stock

Previously sold for an overpriced $99, this deal makes it the same price as the last/only deal from TGG eBay after code. Currently $68 at HN/TGG, so not a massive discount but decent price.

Google Chromecast Ultra Black $93.10 Delivered

Not as good as the $88 HN deal but a decent price if you wanted to pick one up as these are rarely discounted.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2017.

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  • +2

    dun buy Toshiba Canvio

    my one onli last 2yrs and all data gone Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • +10

      I guess your auto correct was destroyed along with your data. Sorry about your loss!

    • What usage (ie. 24h ON or daily ON-OFF)?!

    • Every drive (both HDD and SSD) can fail at any time, regardless of brand. It's your job to keep backup copies.

      Making a purchase decision based off a single failure for a single customer is … well, not the best of ideas.

      • +1

        In addition to this, a mechanical ANYTHING is unhappy starting and stopping too often.

        So, for say, a uni student, who will see 10+ "start and stop" engine cycles a day, plus not to mention multiple 10's of head load and unloads, plus "Rushing out the door" while the drive platters are still spinning down. Add in a couple of unsafe removals, maybe a knock off a desk, etc etc etc, portable HDD's, in this day and age, IMHO, are for cold backups.

        If you're actually carrying around 1TB of data that needs constant access, AND it's likely to be your only copy (no matter how silly that idea is), then an SSD is the only way.

        They go into simple cheap USB3.0 2.5" HDD caddies, and a 9**GB drive is about $360.
        Or if price is a factor, 240GB for $120
        Or 480GB for $200

        Yeah, money is a thing, especially for my above use case of 'student', but not losing that assignment you only kept one copy of, is worth it.

        • Yup, SSDs do tend to be more reliable than HDDs especially in rougher environments. But I'd still say backups are important - I've seen SSDs spontaneously fail :(

        • @elusive: Oh of course. Anything with a partition table is at risk even without a failed hardware device, let alone when you bring failed hardware into the mix also!

          I'm just talking best case workarounds, for worse case (real world) scenarios; no one backs up like they should.

  • +5

    I think my Kindle is one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you're an avid reader, this is pretty much a must have. My ones going on strong for 4 years.

    • So tempting. I really want to but I also have a lot of unread books on my bookshelf..

      • But think of how much more compact it is having a lot of unread books on your kindle :)

    • +7

      Agreed - and I just bought my 3rd, having killed two. In both cases it was my fault though, not the devices. One I sat on, the other got smashed when my bedside lamp toppled over and was going to hit the floor but the screen of my kindle #2 broke it's fall… Paperwhite FTW!

      Also, people getting into ereaders; grab a copy of "calibre" to manage your ebook collection. It's a little bit clunky but excellent software, and a total steal at just $0.00. Also, mobileread is an awesome community for ebook stuff. A bit like OzB is for bargains 😀

  • +1

    Wouldn't mind a kindle actually…Tempting!

  • Are kindles good for reading manga?

    • Usually they don't support .cbz

  • Does this model have Text-to-speech for those who are visually impaired?

    • +1

      You could try an audio book instead with a tablet or phone with audible. Subscription though

    • +1

      Not sure about the Kindle having TTS (may not have a speaker built in) but plenty of eBook readers have that feature on Tablets (iPad/Android)

      • The Kindle touch (lower model) does have a voice out feature if paired to a bluetooth speaker. I can't say if it's true TTS

    • +1

      Unfortunately it doesn't. They removed that feature when they dropped the keyboard from the design. I use to use it a lot since it essentially turned any book into and audio book…hence why they removed it, as it was eating into another of their revenue streams.

  • I am one of those Tightasses who would rather saves some bucks and read on the LCD.
    I would read for many hours daily on PC/tablet/smartphone and feel fine.

    Lately, prolong reading on LCD screen strain my eyes and hurts my head.

    The Kindle looks good.
    Is this the 2017 version?

    • I'm much the same, was reading on the 10" Sony tablet, great for indoor useless outdoor.
      Got the Kindle touch a few weeks ago, finding reading overall much easier on the eyes (touch doesn't have a light and is lower ppi) Wish I got the paperwhite with the light, but was $90 more at the time.

      *haven't tried the touch outdoor in the bright sun yet (as live in Melbourne)

  • my kindle's screen is broken and touchscreen doesnt work. the only option is i can throw it away? it is seemingly out of warranty. i had bought it from officeworks.

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