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Jetstar Return for Free Sale - Domestic from $39 & International from $129 Return


Jetstar is having a 13th birthday sale and are offering the return flight for free on many domestic and international destinations. Various travel periods apply from July to March although peak travel periods are excluded.

Brisbane domestic from $69 return
Sydney domestic from $49 return
Melbourne domestic from $39 return
Perth domestic from $159 return
Adelaide domestic from $49 return
Darwin domestic from $129 return

Honolulu from $339 return (from Mel/Syd)
Tokyo from $299 return (from Cairns)
Ho Chi Minh City from $199 return (from Syd)
Singapore from $149 return (from Perth/Darwin)
Auckland from $159 return (from Gold Coast)
Bali from $129 return (from Darwin)

For your return flight, search for flights between 24 July to 27 September, 3 October to 25 December 2017 or 10 January to 29 March 2018.

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  • +19

    wow, the new flight selection format sucks

    • +2

      WTF…. I thought I was on a fake site for a moment…. what's with all the obscure "cents values" that appear at the end of every fare? Are they now quoting in USD and converting to AUD?

    • +12

      yeah, it really does,

      it seems like jetstar always add a little feature thats good and then remove it and totally ruin it later

      I really liked their monthly graph that compared prices,

      or a destination, with sale periods,

      now I have to choose the destination and dates blindly

      • +3

        Yep they had a really nice site going on. However I just discovered that they still have the old booking selection running on their site. It will allow you to view the cheapest flights for that month. On selection of these flights, Jetstar will take you to the new booking page. The old booking page seems to be only accessible from a Google search which might mean it's no longer accessible from the new Jetstar site.

        Here's the link to the old booking page that still works: https://booknow.jetstar.com/

        It didn't want to load on Firefox for me, not sure if its due to the number of add-ons I have but it works on Edge, haven't checked Chrome yet. Also, make sure you double check the date you booked and and price - when it continues onto the new booking page, sometimes the date will reset to the middle of the month. However now that you know the prices / dates for the month from the old booking page, you can immediately go to those dates you want on the new booking page.

  • +2

    Sounds impressive if true. Would love another trip to Japan, missed the last two sales due to not being able to get time off work, but I reckon I could between July and the end of the year.

  • Example dates?

  • I'm a Club Jetstar member and I can't find any Tokyo returns for $299. Care to link it?

    • +1

      It is from Cairns and all i could find were June 2017 dates..

      I googled "Jetstar Cairns to Tokyo special"

    • +1

      "Club Jetstar" like Aldi cola in a Grange bottle

      • +2

        I read it as club Jetstar; as in find a blunt object and hit Jetstar.

    • I get $239 March next year

  • +1

    What city is the 299 to Tokyo from? Any example fares from Melbourne​ in September?

  • +2
    • Book an outbound Starter fare and you’ll get a return Starter fare for free on selected flights.
    • Checked Baggage and optional extras aren’t included, but can be added for a fee.
    • Both your outbound and return flights must be purchased in a single booking and between the same arrival and departure airports.
    • $0 Return flights may not be available on all flights or days, and availability is limited on school or public holiday weekends.
    • For your return flight, search for flights between 24 July to 27 September, 3 October to 25 December 2017 or 10 January to 29 March 2018.
    • How can checked baggage be added for free?

      Edit: Oh, for a fee. Misread sorry.

  • Any deals for Perth to Tokyo? Jetstar usually excludes Perth-Tokyo flights from their deals.

    • Nope, Cairns only as far as I could tell.

    • Only deals I can see from Perth:

      Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $189 return (10 Oct 17 - 13 Dec 17 & 10 Jan 18 - 21 Mar 18)
      Cairns from $209 return (10 Jan 18 - 21 Mar 18)
      Adelaide from $159 return (10 Jan 18 - 19 Mar 18)

    • Presumably because they don't fly direct?
      I guess you could book PER-Cairns & Cairns-Tokyo on this promo?

    • +3

      It's taken me a couple hours to plan, but I managed to get Perth->Gold Coast $179 return then Gold Coast->Tokyo $269 return ($448 return + bags & seats, direct flights).

      Going for two weeks in Feb 2018. Heading straight up to Sapporo just in time to catch the winter festivals, then back down, hopefully to catch the beginning of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival right before heading back home. With a whole bunch of other stuff in between. First time going to Japan (and leaving Australia for that matter). Pretty excited!!

      • Any dates Perth to gold coast that stand out? At $179
        Seems searching for the cheap flights is not as simple as before.
        Japan sounds awesome and the planning was worth it.

        • It seemed to be only Wednesdays and Sundays at $179 when I booked. So like, 7th Feb 2018, 11th Feb 2018, etc. Didn't really check out other months. Seemed to be plenty of $0 return from Tokyo from 20th Feb 2018 onwards, with plenty of $0 return from Gold Coast around that date too. There was heaps of seats left in the seat selection late last night so I'm not sure how quickly they may have gone this morning.

        • +1

          @JimmyLmao: Gold coast would be furthest I can travel, but your Japan trip sounds awesome.

  • anyone have prices/dates for SYD->DPS?

  • So no cheap OW deals then, bugga.

  • +4

    You can get $299 Japan fares from the Gold Coast - Tokyo as well.

    • +6

      $269 OOL - NRT return for 30th Oct 2017 :)

      • I just joined the Club and still can't find the free return tics, so I used your dates to try. I'm still seeing fees on the return flights. How do I get the free flight?

        • +1

          Not all dates are available and the "free tickets" can run out on certain days.

        • @samfisher5986: Had to click my membership from the confirmation email to access the Club Jetstar deals.
          Just got ADL-SYD at $79 return.

        • Sorry for the late reply, the return date selected was Wednesday 8 November for $0 fare.

      • +1

        Thanks budgetful, you just made my day. Family of 4, return for ~$1200 inc meals and luggage. It doesn't get much better than that!

        • Happy holiday, good work on booking the family holiday! Would highly recommend getting a travel sim card, PM me if you want to know where I got mine from :)

    • Was looking for BNE-NRT-BNE flight mid-june to end of july - and it is more than $1000 if it includes meal and luggage plus that jetstar membership club. Not saying that you have to change plane at Cairns.
      So ended up with Qantas - $840 direct flight without hassles.. Not cheap but my family situation forces me to go overseas this time and it seems to be more wiser choice than jetstar.

  • +1

    Any prices/dates for SYD -> Brisbane?

  • +3

    Plenty of free return flights from Tokyo after 20th Feb 2018

  • +2

    need to add $49.95 to join Jet Star club.

    • Can't you cancel within the first year?

      • First year is FREE… with a $49.95 sign up fee…

  • Picked up a bargain, Melbourne -> Cairns return, $169 per person. I bite the bullet and joined Club Jetstar. The Club Jetstar Birthday Sale flights that I have purchased have sold out already.

  • +1

    $1927 for 2 adults and 2 kids MEL - HNL 7/3 - 21/3 including bundles for everyone. Never have I paid sub $2k to HNL! Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Is there any way to check what dates are available before the sale starts tonight?

  • +2

    What are the dates for HCM leaving Melbourne please?

  • Anything for October from Sydney to Cairns and back?

  • +4

    Dose anyone see great deal from Syd-Melb? Cheers

    • Nada non nope

  • Unable to book ..Site is going crazy

    • I don't know why, but when I went incognito it was waaaay quicker/more stable

      • Still the same for me. Let me try Firefox

  • -6

    Looked at Bri-Hon out late Nov back late Dec. EVERTHING offered is two hops BOTH WAYS with fares around $1000. WTF!!!! I said I'd never fly with these clowns again after previous disasters, why did I even look .. :-( .. !!

    • +1

      Jetstar don't fly direct Bris to HNL, you won't find direct flights. Late December is peak PEAK season, so $1000 is probably accurate and they wouldn't include that in this sale.

      • Eh?? I've flown Bri-Hon direct with Jestar half a dozen times. Tell me they've abandoned this plum route and confirm my opinion of the Jetstar flying circus .. :-( .. !!

        Edit: and they did!! While Australian tourism to Hawaii is actually growing .. Jetstar have been losing market share to Hawaiian because Hawaiian treat their travellers like valued customers and not an imposition .. how do I know this, easy I had an Hawaiian trip with Jetstar to Hawaii with an onflight to LAX TOTALLY SCREWED UP by Jetstar with a financial loss of $3000 and didn't get so much as an apology. Never again ….


        • Hawaiian are great, I'd prefer to fly them over Jetstar any day of the week. So why do I choose Jetstar? $330 return versus $1000 return.

          Sorry to hear of your financial loss, but shouldn't your travel insurance have come to the party if it wasn't your fault?

        • @Wampus: Complicated .. the Jetstar screw up (failed to fly) nixed on-flight arragements to LAX ex Honolulu with US Air and I then had to use another $3000 in FF points and taxes to put my daughter and partner on Qantas to LA to make holiday connections to Denver. Too difficult for the insurance co ….

        • +1

          Last time I flew to Hawaii with Jetstar was not long after they stopped flying direct from Brisbane, so we went via Sydney. By the time you add domestic flights, luggage for four flights (two x domestic and two x international), food and entertainment on the international legs, and transfers between terminals in Sydney, it works out similar to a sale fare with Qantas or Hawaiian - with the added benefit of not having to transfer your own luggage between terminals. I was also concerned about missing the connections as I couldn't book them as connecting flights - they were four separate flights. I wouldn't fly Jetstar to Hawaii again unless they start flying direct from Brisbane again.

  • Can you pricematch on the one-way fare against another airline (e.g. Virgin or Tiger), and then get the return for free? Or would that be rejected?

  • +2

    Any deals from Brisbane —> Hobart / Launceston?

  • couldn't find any from SYD > tasmania return grrr

  • Any Melb to Cairns deals remaining?

  • when can non-member purchase this?

    • +2

      In previous years it was around 5pm

      • +1

        Jetstar says the public sale starts at midnight

        • I just got the email, confirmed midnight AEST, 10PM AWST

  • When exactly is the sale open to non members?

    • I believe from midnight tonight.

  • Literally the worst timing, planning a trip to Japan in November but my girlfriend is in the sky right now on the way to a family holiday so I can't contact her to ask if dates are Ok…
    Saves us $1000, but we were planning to book after she comes back.

    • +8

      Can she trust you? Will she trust you? Good test for a relationship :-)

    • Depends on your relationship, however, if you've already discussed it I'd probably just go ahead if you're saving $1k. How long until you can get onto her?

      • 4 hours, no guarantee her phone is still charged after a 20 hour flight, so who knows. Well after the sale starts!

    • For me it would depend on your work situation, if you're sure she can get the time off and whether you have discussed how long you want to go for or not. Personally i'd book them because $1000 is a loooot of money. But at the same time it will cost you over $1000 to change it likely if they run out of sale fares and you have to pay the difference.

      • Yeah, I might just have to be safe and sit this one out. Jetstar have sales like twice a year, maybe I'll wait for next years one… sigh. In the end, this was "my" end of uni holiday that she wanted to join in on, so she won't mind it being postponed.

    • If I was your gf I would tell you to book it!
      $1000 going towards spending money in JPN - extra brownie points!

      how much is it to change flight dates these days?

      • You need to pay $170pp just to pay for the option to change flights from the look of the bundles :/
        The issue is not price but dates, the sale dates had to be 13 days instead of the 10 we agreed so I'll risk waiting and if it sells, we can go next year!

    • +9

      GUYS, I DID IT.
      Made in only 8 days instead of the 10 we originally planned, but she should be OK with work and extra days off means more money to spend at Disneyland…

  • whatt no gc misses out on hawaii!!

  • +2

    Found Honolulu 4th Feb - 11th Feb $299 Return from Melbourne.
    Edit : fixed dates.

    • That's what I booked, $299 base price return, see above.

  • whens a better time to go hawaii- End of Nov-Early dec OR end of Jan- early feb?

    • +1

      November. I usually go in November but am in the UK this year. The weather isn't too hot or too wet also it's not high season hence not too busy.

  • +2

    Man.. around $450 return to Japan from Melb.. that is soo tempting :( found flight in November and Feb

    • not including baggage and meals? I got both and it turned out to be a bit under $550 late november

      • Yeah no baggage and meals. Still very good price.

  • Hey fellas, some advice please. Not sure but will this deal be good for me? I am going up to Brisbane to see Pacman's fight which is on Jul.2 and coming back on the 6th Jul. so, can I avail this somewhat looking great deal and get my cheap flight or will I be better off driving there which would end up cheaper in the long run?


  • Am I the only one isnt able to search for anything?

  • +1

    Booked for Phuket in October — all good $229 return joined Jetstar Club — saved the joining fee on fare reduction and reduced seat and baggage for 2 pax $768 with bags seats and club

    All good

    • +5

      All good

  • Hi All,

    Does the Club Jetstar offer also available for those on Qantas FF?

  • Cheers OP - Picked up return flights for about $125pp from Mel > GC for the supercars weekend.

  • +1

    What time do these flights become available to the public?

    • yeah cant see that anywhere either?

    • Same.. unless i'm looking at the wrong locations?

    • Did a live chat with Jetstar rep and they said "we're not authorised to reveal that and so you will just need to keep checking back in with the website"???? Very unhelpful they were grrrrrrr

      • +1

        Same here,said that they couldn't confirm anything.

  • is it 1 membership per person or per booking?

    • was wondering the same thing.

      Found this in the T&C's

      Members can use their Benefits to make a Jetstar booking for themselves and up to 4 other people (5 passengers total). To receive the Benefits the Member must be a passenger on the booking.

  • No more July flights to Hawaii :(

    Thanks OPs anyway

  • planning to book tix for January 2018, any advice on whether Jetstar will give refund if anything unforeseen happens (such as mrs getting pregnant)

    OR will I have to take out 3rd party travel insurance to cover such events? (any recommendations)

    • +2

      If you are looking to get your Mrs pregnant, I very much recommend private health insurance over travel insurance.

      • not so worried about the medical side of things yet, just thinking ahead and in the event im not able to go (e.g. late pregnancy) how not to lose my dosh

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