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Optus EOFY Family and Friends Offer: 25% Discount On 24 Month Plans (New Services Only)


Optus are bringing back the EOFY sale with a sweet 25% off contracts over 24 months. Referees also get $50 credit for each person that is referred.

"For a limited time, Optus are rewarding Family and Friends of our valued customers

Earn $50 credit for every friend you refer who signs up to a new postpaid mobile service - up to 3 friends, that's $150! Plus your 3 friends will receive a huge 25% off their monthly plan fees for 24 months.

Hurry, offer ends 25 June, 2017"

Use the links (to get 25% off) or add your links to the Optus Referral Wiki (Be patient, wiki will be locked when busy)

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    Here come the referral links

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      Well it is to be expected

    • ITT: Here's my referral link. 10 seconds later. Comment unpublished.

      • and repeat offenders banned from wiki editing ?

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    $78.75 per month for S8+ and 10gb
    $83 per month for S8+ and 20gb
    $120 per month for S8+ and 100gb

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      $63.75 per month for S8 and 15GB

      • Lol

      • +1

        does that actually work?

        • +1

          Can't see why not…

      • where does it say 63$

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          Use the 25% off with this deal. Combine the two for the Ultimate Deal!

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        Thanks for pointing that out. I called up and they stacked the two deals. My wife is on Optus so I didn't have to pay the extra 4 a month​.

        $63.70 a month for a S8, 15gb, plus unmetered spotify and netflix. Unbeatable.

        • was it possible to get the 7gb one for $59 month?

        • Why do they charge $4 extra for device

        • @xEnt:
          I didn't ask.

        • @OzSikhs:
          Not sure, the sales rep has to go check if I had to pay it or not, didn't say why except that I didn't because my wife already had a plan.

        • @mscaptain:
          Did you already have an existing number with Optus? Or did you port your number from other provider?

        • @jazzleg:
          It's on my wife's account, so they wouldn't let me port the number over since it was in a different name.

        • @mscaptain:
          Just trying to understand this more clearly. So you (and your wife) setup two accounts:
          1st account was for your wife, and it was setup under your wife's name
          2nd account was for you. Was this setup under your name or under your wife's name? Did you say you had to get a new number and could not port your existing number?

        • @jazzleg:
          Wife's account was already set up.
          Second account is really wife's account but it's for me. I had to get a new number, they wouldn't let me port over because my original number is in my name.
          It's basically a second device, with its own plan, on her account.

      • I just signed up for this S8 on 15gb data in store. Had to be contracting a new service, which means getting a new mobile number. No porting options. I also got a $50 credit to my existing service. Such good value.

        • Are you able to do this, and then port your existing number across?

          I have a contract that expires in a month - the $50 credit would pay that month out, after which I would have my number freed to port to the "new" service.

          Also they didn't give you any grief for signing up a new service under the same name etc?

        • +1

          @Galvatron: They couldn't port numbers when setting up the new service. It went to a screen where we had 5 (dreadful) mobile numbers to choose from. I've never tried changing numbers once in a contract? Not sure if that's an option?

        • @CleverCounter: Thanks for the info.

          I'll make some enquiries about porting mid-contract and see what they say.

        • Where you able to refer yourself?

        • @Galvatron: I wonder if you managed to confirm whether it's possible to port your existing number mid-contract?

        • @jazzleg: I did not. Both chat and phone support were useless and didn't give me a proper answer. I can't be bothered walking to an Optus store to speak to someone competent.

        • @jazzleg: An update - spoke to staff in a store.

          So on chat they told me that it was possible but with a fee, which depended on the chosen plan. I asked them to base it on a hypothetical $80 plan for 24 months. They answered it would cost $1920. I said that it is preposterous to charge that fee to port a service IN, to which they replied "oh port in is free when you register the service, port out is $1920". I asked, again, if it's possible to do it 1-2 months after commencing the service and I had 2 minutes of silence and then the chat ended by the consultant.

          On the phone, they said it might be possible but they don't know whether or not it will cost anything.

          Today in store, I was advised that they can't do it after the commencement of the service, because they enter the details when the service is registered.

          I still don't believe that they can't post a number in mid-contract, because it's a simple process.

        • @Galvatron: it would be a really valuable services.

    • -1

      I want to know what a person does with 100GB.

      • +3

        someone who travels a LOT and uses it paired with their PC

        • -2

          someone who travels a LOT and uses it paired with their PC

          You mean like a nomad who doesn't have a permanent home? A pilot or hostess who only does domestic flights for instance? And tethers their phone for PC wifi? That would not be very ideal.

        • @lostn: or people who dont have cheap or reliable home internet and just tether instead? or have a long train journey and want to get all their work done on the way? its not that unrealistic for there to be people who'd use 100gb for a phone plan…

        • @marney95: That would really suck. That phone's juice is going to get drained fast and it will get very hot within minutes depending on usage.

          It's not 'unrealistic' but how common are these people who can afford a 100GB mobile plan but not home internet which is much cheaper per GB? To me, unless you live out in the boonies if you can afford $120 a month you can probably afford home internet that will get you more than 100GB for less than $120.

        • @lostn: Some of us like myself is using the 100gb to replace my home broadband (poor speed), I got another data only sim to put in my ipad as the hotspot. Combining these and data pool, I am saving money on not having home broadband & good speed. Plus I get to Stream / youtube anywhere, without worrying going over the small quota that predominantly people currently have (i.e. any < 20gb)

  • I don't think that link is your promo either?

    • The link has been updated. I think i'm able to produce more referral links periodically. I will double check and update my post for everyone else if this is the case

  • +1

    Getting the 10GB sim only plan for $30 a month is pretty good.

    Wonder if it works for tablets? I'm guessing no but it'd make the iPad Pro deal amazing.

    • +3

      Isn't that a 12 month sim only contract. The header says 24 month gets discount?

      • Yeah, it was 12 months contract for friends and family of staff members. Now it's for friend and family of opts members and 24 months.. Personally not great for Sim only plan to lock 2 years ..

        • I spoke with Optus chat and confirmed that it works with 12 month plans as well, though i'm guessing you'll have to order it via online chat instead of the normal way.

        • @Zackyis: Can you get a screenshot or any other kind of information? I just asked someone on LiveChat and they told me that they do not have any information at all about the deal and everything needs to be done on the phone.

        • +2

          Refer to the first question in the FAQ -
          It states that the "12M SIM Only plan" is included.

        • @grababargain: Cool, thanks!

    • Isn't this $30 for 12GB (including 2GB bonus) for 12 months?
      Better than the $40 for 15GB click frenzy deal imo.

    • Wasn't Kogans plan cheaper?

  • Post your link in the comments. Add your link to the Optus Wiki.

    No need to solicit people with pms.

    • a few people have already done that. the system removed it and no one's has been added to the post. or are you saying you've disabled auto-removal of referral links?

      • Be patient. I'm not a robot.

        • +10

          I'm not sure how you thought I was insinuating impatience, I don't even want to post a referral. Your post suggested posting referrals should work now and it didn't, hence the comment.

        • +2

          I always assumed you were AI

    • Add your links to the wiki. Don't put it in the comments.

  • Im with Vodafone right now, and plan ends in 3 months, if i stick it out 1 more month, it will put me close to the end of this offer, then i can switch and my Early Termination fee with Vodafone is only 2 months not 3.


    If someone has a referral code they would love to share just near the end of the offer, please get in touch and ill use your code then :)


    • You can use this link where a list of users codes are… hopefully when it comes time to sign up there is plenty still available

    • I signed with Optus at HN today, still 10 months to go with Voda, go to HN to sign and they have some 25% off codes to be used.

  • +2

    So I could get the S8 on the $85 plan less 25% ($63.75) + $4 handset $67.75 a month 10gig and optus sport included ??
    Total $1626 24 month plan..

    • +1


  • Any existing customers tried to pick up a new plan?

    • +2

      I'm out of contract and tried to get the deal but no luck. Was in the phone for ages, spoke to 3 people. Last person said I need to speak to the retention team on Monday

      • Keep me in the loop if you don't mind!

        Thanks for the reply

        • +2

          No problem, will let you know if I end up calling them back on Monday

        • Also interested to hear if you're successful. Shame if they refuse to extend the offer to existing users.

        • +1


          Out of contract on a month to month plan and they refused me over the chat, kept going around in circles that its for new customers only.

        • +1

          @donkcat: Im in the same boat there. hopefully FrankTT might have some success with retentions!

        • @FrankTT: Any luck with signing up as an existing customer?

        • @timothyb: I have the new phone yesterday. galaxy S8
          Here is the trick. My way costs $10 . go to vodafone get a cheapest prepaid for 1 week which is $8 + $2 for sim. of course you say you want to port the number from optus. Then they will ask your billable number from optus. This is a must. And 6 hours or 1day later you go back to optus you want a EOFY plan with someones code and port the number from vodafone. Technically you are a new customer. You will get 25% off but wont be able to get $50 credit from your friends.
          I kept my number and got a new phone!

          Good luck to all. 3 days left.

  • So I'm out of contract on a month to month plan with Optus and I'm ineligible for this offer. How do I go about porting my number?

    • +2

      pretty sure u can switch to pre-paid optus… then go back to the 24month contract

      • Good idea, thanks.

        • I thought of doing that too. The live chat guy said that a new number would have to be issued based on the current promotion.

    • +3

      Why'd you paste the same link 10 times?

      • +3

        So it stands out I imagine

        • -3

          For emphasis.

        • -4

          because optus staff are dumb and dont read the rules so they post in the thread.

        • +2

          @tuzii: This is an offer for Optus customer referrals, not staff.

        • @0p: Because there were 10 people who didn't understand that. I'm only talking about page one here :D

  • +2

    Meh good deals but have to live with Optus's crap network.

    • +3

      Same as the others: depends where you live.

      I'm happy with my service (Optus about 15 min from Melb CBD) but still have a few months left on my plan. The discouraging aspect of this deal for me is the "New Services Only" bit.

      Loyalty means zilch nowadays.

      • +2

        Yeah it's a real shame. If anything, the more you move and less loyal you are, the better the benefits.

  • +1

    Please add new services only to the description. Tnx.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    OP, my wife is with Voda, can I bring her number over to my Optus account (to share mobile data) and still get $50 credit + 25% monthly plan fee?

    • You'll have to double check that with optus. I suggest using the sites live chat to confirm that but from my understanding that should be fine

      • Thanks! Just put my link in the wiki as well.

  • Good deal on the $30 sim only 12GB plan

    Was paying $25 for 2.5gb on the jeenee, was looking at moving to their $30 4gb plan but this is a lot better

    • -5

      Discount is only on 24 month plans.

      SIM only plan is a 12 month plan.

  • +1

    Is this only for mobile plans?
    My upstairs neighbours want to switch from telstra to optus for broadband+home phone.

    Can they use this?

    • I also want to know

  • +2

    anyone knows about using sim card in a modem?
    do you still get to stream tv and music without using data allowance? ie. if i put sim card into the modem and stream the videos via phone (through the app)

    interested to know…

    • +6

      My 50GB mobile broadband is being used as home broadband in a modem. Data free streaming works OK for Netflix; I can use ipad, android, xbox, netflix web version, windows app, all stream data free. My plan is that SD/$8.99 if this helps.

      • Thanks. Really helpful. Hope it's the same for voice SIM card as your mobile broadband could be quite specific. May give it a go and report back.

        Anyone knows if the iPhones come unlock?

        • iPhones can be bought unlocked from Apple retail or online stores as well as grey import from Kogan (Apple products have international warranties).

          If you're talking about iPhones on contracts, I think they're unlocked as standard for several years now, but you should double check that.

      • does it have to be in a modem?…can you hotpot the optus phone to stream the data free content onto tv, android box ?

        • On the mobile broadband, I can use xbox netflix or web version and both are counted as free data. I'm on SD plan though.

  • How do you generate the referral link?

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