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eBay 15% off Sitewide with $75 Spend (4PM to 6PM)


And hello again. As promised, here’s the third of eBay's flash sales for the day. This time take 15% off sitewide when you spend $75 or more. $300 maximum discount. One transaction per person. As stated previously, short expiry window so be quick. More deals to follow. Enjoy :)

See all CBIG15 deals Mod: We have updated most CBIGBANG deals with this new code.

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      • EBay needs to fire their entire promotions team.

  • What's the deal with these discounts - who is wearing them? I'd assumed it was Ebay as the sellers aren't opting in to the sitewide ones, but it seems like the discount is probably more than their cut.

  • What?! :O
    I took the plunge on the 10% off sale!!!

  • FU EBay " This code can't be applied to some of your items. "

    • Need to be from the au site in au $$$

      • Yeah, I'm trying to get something in USD and doesn't work. :(

    • Also need to sign into your PayPal.

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    Wait, is this going to be like this in this whole month? Like deals come up every 2 hours? When can ozbarginers sleep?

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    I've done the math, and my projection is for prices to be 100% off by midnight

    • +2

      midnight sometime in 2060

      • +3

        Sweet, that's my postcode.

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      What about 200% off sometime tomorrow? Why can't they pay us to take their stuff?

  • People buying with 5% off Aussie seller will be very pissed.

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    Dick move…

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      Agreed, ebay isn't making happy customers today.

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      lol ebay might as well go guns blazing before Amazon comes to Australia. The bridge is nice and charred from being burnt.

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        Agreed. People will bitch for the next day, but if eBay throws up a 20% off coupon, people will buy more.

        • +2

          i know i will :D

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          I'd be happier with them saying they f'ed up and crediting the extra 5%/10% into our paypal accounts.

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    today is a crazy day.

  • Meh. Saved $20 on a 10 Kg bag of Goji earlier. $220 down to $200. Good deal.
    Just purchased another 10 Kg @ $187. Laughing :D

    • +3

      why can't everyone be as happy as you :( :) :D :/

      • +1

        coz they don't eat Gojis

        • Another reason :D

  • Haha love it. Those 10% guys must feel reamed.

  • trigger finally pulled :D

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    Today is a shopping addict's heaven on earth

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    I just spend $100 for $20 off. Okay here we go again for 15%off

  • Just refund your 10% off order and order the same thing with 15% off.

    • lots of sellers would have already posted it already.

  • What am I doing wrong……I don't get any discount, nor can I enter a code anywhere….grrrrrr!

    • you enter the code, during the checkout screen.
      Where your shipping address shows up, etc…

      The box to enter is at the bottom.

    • +1

      Add to cart > Checkout > enter code at bottom of page

  • Hi guys, does anybody know if tpc-aus seller is trustworthy? I'm planning on buying a 1080 or even a 1080Ti from them as their price is the cheapest when you apply the CBIG15 code.

    I'm concerned with whether or not they have australian warranty with their products.

    • User page says they are based in US. Item pages says items are in US. So probably no.

  • +1

    Must.. resist.. Switch..

    • +1

      Can't find any in stock at 'cheap' pricing :(

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    Hot dang - didn't even need it but found a S8+ for $800 down to $680!

    • link to s8+ for $680?

      • Just a private seller… No worries - they just cancelled it :((

        • Damn bad luck mate!

  • +1

    I am wondering if they will go up to 20% off now

    • Running out of funds with my linked bank account :(
      Loving this.
      Good for business and the consumer.
      Win,win …. chicken dinner!

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    Awesome deal. Bought a Ubiquiti Edge-router and two powerbeams at a great price.

    • +1

      Nice buy ~ very happy with my ER-Lite 3 load-balancing my 2 NBN lines. Downloading at 150Mbps is sooooo good (relateively, in Australia).

  • Nah not miss out much to me. Bought the Huawei watch now sold out before 2pm

    • There's a tonne of Huawei Watches still available. Did you buy a rare variation?

      • From wireless1, $290 when on normal price before all these discounts. Now the one I want is sold out before 2pm lol.

  • Great deals for all those people at work watching these deals fly past.


  • Any good deals on graphics cards? GTX 1060/1070 or RX480 maybe?

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    This is not the right way to be doing this sort of promos.

    you should reward people who take the offer early not "penalize" people who gave them your money first.

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    Could have waited and saved $20 more. Shouldn't make me depressed but it does.

      • +3

        Lol you got screwed by ebay in person. The rest of us just get screwed using their service online.

    • +4

      I asked a question I didn't make a statement and sure its fair to ask - eBay invite you into their office and you are "honoured" etc etc, they let you in on a little secret which you post to your friends on Ozb (10% off) then after we all buy at the provided discount - they wheel out a BETTER discount 2 hours later….

      (edit) As a community - We've been used and like it or not you were part of the facilitation of this (despite being an innocent participant).

      They used you to feed us a "deal" - knowing full well there was a BETTER deal just around the corner.

      We were baited….

      • Apologies for the crude example, but I can't think of another analogy - This is like the whites giving poison chocolates to the inquisitive native. They know full well he will take it back to his tribe and poison his entire family. I really feel on a corporate level this is exactly what's happened.

        eBays marketing department is sitting around right now laughing at the dumb Ozbargainers (like me) who ate the poison chocolate brought back to them by one of their leaders.

  • +2

    Sweet! Nice Deal.

    I was just about to pay full price at office works in store for $80, but balked,
    and checked online eBay at it was advertised for $80
    Then checked Ozbargain and saw 15% discount so came down to $68
    Plus I get my cashrewards bonus :-)

    TA you've done it again.

    • Don't thank or say sweet now wait till there is 25% off…

  • tempted to pull a trigger on a lens…good at 15% but even better if a 20 comes along.

  • dammit, I bought something when the 10% off went live, then 4 times as much with the 15% off, looks like I'll have to mortgage my house by midnight :/

  • If you spend to receive the max discount, you won't have to worry if you get a bigger discount.

  • sellers jacking up prices… :(
    cctv price last night $406 now $436..

  • +3

    I'll wait for 6PM-8PM deal.

  • No deals for d750 :(

  • Taking a gamble and waiting. Hopefully I'll be able to get a game for my switch…

  • Katmandu ebay store has a flash sale of 40% off some katmandu branded stock plus the 15%. Ordered a new style litehaul 40l backpack for $153 reduced from $299.

  • Has this just ended?

  • The $10 off $50 will be better??

  • will there be a 20% later today?

  • Last time ebay ran 10% off I purchased a phone, then two hours later came 15% so I contacted the seller to cancel my order then re-order, Now same thing happened again .. History does repeat itself :(

    • How quick was the sellers response to the cancellation.

      • +1

        about half a day, as the item was still with the seller, so he/she agreed to cancel the order. I was lucky :)

  • Im in wa so take 15% has ended? As its after 6pm east time?
    Are these one use per person?

    • Wait until 10pm, there's another 15% off coupon 10pm-Midnight

      • What spend? I thought it was 20% then?

        • $75. Max discount $600 though, so buy big!

    • it's 5:25 in syd now

    • No DST at the moment, 2 hour diff, and yep single use (or once per Paypal account)

  • trying to hold out for a good deal on a lumix g7

  • Thanks TA. Jumped on the 15% one. I thought I missed out with the 10% and got this one saving a few extra dollars.

  • +1

    Not sure if there is a 20% coming but I'm going to hold out and see. If not, it's nothing I need in a hurry anyway.


  • Well I'm happy. Saved $20.70 on a new monitor for my spare computer. Was too busy to buy when it was 10% off. Read about the $20 off and gosh darn forgot about it until almost 5. Then sat down thinking I'd use the 10% and saw it was 15%. Saved an extra 70c which would've bought me a 2016 postage stamp. (it all counts). And my item was not price-jacked.

  • -1

    i'm looking for a mobile under $300. reputable not knockoff brand with min 32gb storage. what's the best one available?

  • +1


    Ive been eyeing off a dishwasher from applianceonline for a while waiting for an ebay deal. Saved myself a mint today. And the price of the dishwasher did not go up just before the sale. :) :)

  • Cancelled order for 10% by calling up the good guys. Reordered with 15%. I don't think they really mind doing it.

  • +1

    Bite the bullet and bought LG G6 for $585

    • I brought V20 yesterday with 10% off .. I would have brought g6 if there was 15% off.
      Difficult choice for me, removable battery/ IR blaster V.S waterproof/ good looking (2:1 ratio screen)/ better camera.

      Huge expectation for V30.

      • where are you bringing those phones to?

      • I like V20 design more than G6. I chose the G6 over it just because it fits in my workwear's pocket

  • Couldn't resist it and bought a Dyson v6 absolute from Bing Lee. $430 after discount, very good price.

  • Not enough time, had to revoke my +vote. Then got "You have been awarded Revoker with this post".

  • Thanks. Decided to buy a BCG820 Smart grinder pro Coffee Grinder for $170

    • OK so now i look in ebay and it says "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount."

      It said the order was successful…..

      has anybody else got this before???

  • Damn it, bought a laptop from lenovo Australia even though I have one…