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eBay 15% off Sitewide with $75 Spend (4PM to 6PM)


And hello again. As promised, here’s the third of eBay's flash sales for the day. This time take 15% off sitewide when you spend $75 or more. $300 maximum discount. One transaction per person. As stated previously, short expiry window so be quick. More deals to follow. Enjoy :)

See all CBIG15 deals Mod: We have updated most CBIGBANG deals with this new code.

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  • +45

    How rude, I jumped on the 10% :(

    • +1

      Geez me too this sux

      • same…. ebay just 'made' my day

      • double you, tee, eff

        why TA, why…

        • I have to say I jumped on board with a full cart earlier @ 10% now I feel slightly disappointed.

      • I want to be mad, but it also means I can buy more things.

    • exactly the plan.

    • but u got what you want.

    • haha, lucky I found nothing to spend with

    • I feel for the first 10% off then the $20.
      Now I'm running out of affordable things to buy to use 15% off.

    • I just bought a dishwasher (committed to buy). The store had a free pick up option. When I got to the checkout at 5:45pm it said "Please request total to ask the seller for freight delivery costs." and there is no free store pick up option. I'm saving $72 by using CBIG15. It can take 24-48 hours to get back to me. Does this mean I lose the $72 discount or will ebay honour it because I committed to buy before 6pm?

  • +39

    This is pretty unfair for the people who bought earlier on…

    • +16

      Yep! Hmm, how can I, as a marketing person, make my customers annoyed that they participate in my promotion…

      • -4

        And that matters how? You gullible people are still going to flock at the next amazing NON PRICE INCREASED EBAY SALE #63 next week.

        • +3

          kaneissik - Some of us just aren't as superior and wise as you apparently think you are.

        • @fred nerk:

          Nice projecting kiddo, don't blame me you're in debt because you can't control your spending

  • +33

    eBay is trolling the hell out of us today. lool

  • Isn't this like a price increase if you spent $100 ?

    • +1

      Not everyone wants to spend $100 exactly.

    • How exactly? It's $15 off instead of $10 off so you save $5?

  • Will this applicable to auction and offer? Or just buy it now? Thanks

    • +1

      Will apply to auction once you win and get to the check out.

      • +1

        As long as you checkout before 6pm.

  • +5


  • +1

    Grrr bought $599 few days ago using my targeted Winter10… damn… thought I was special

    • +3

      You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

  • +9

    Woohoo!! So glad I missed the 10%, 15% off $1100 :D

    Any chance there will be a 20% code later in the day though? Do I risk it?

    • according to the current trend, yes… question is which 2-hour block will that come in? :S

  • +3

    Keep waiting, might become 50% off later.

  • +2

    to tightarse
    isn't the next one today going to be 20% off? Please advise otherwise this site becomes ozloss
    Can someone recover the original ebay censored post which outlayed the deals?

    actually he earlier confirmed multiple deals today yet they may go up and down % wise

    • tightarse already said comms about these particular promos only come out 10mins before.

      • read the original removed post it stated quite a bit of info

        • read a removed post… ok…

          whatever it is you read, if it didnt have your query answered… you think he is going to answer it when already come out saying otherwise?

        • @Xizor:
          no i am hoping for an expert who can retrieve it or saved the page or remembers it
          i remember it may have said 20% off is coming today

        • i missed it. did you keep a screenshot?

        • @tdw:
          if i did i wouldnt be asking for confirmation
          i read it quickly then it got removed
          do any sites cache ozb pages quick enough or maybe a mod will send removed page to wikileaks secretly

  • Too many deal I cannot follow …. :p

  • +14

    What a dick move.

  • This is taking the pi$$.

  • will there be higher % later on?

  • Is this the last offer? Or will there be 20% later? Can i use multiple ebay account and 1 paypal?


  • +4

    Hey TA, how many more coupons do you think will come out today?
    Surely there will be 6-8pm, then maybe an 8-10pm

    The pattern so far is
    - 10% sitewide (big coupon)
    - $20 off $100 (small coupon)
    - 15% sitewide (big coupon)
    - ?small coupon? 6-8pm
    - ?mega coupon? 8-10pm? 20% off sitewide?

    • Also, 7-9pm is the period with the most traffic on eBay.. so maybe they really are saving the best until last

    • eBay says it's the "hump 'month' " sale, so i think there'll be more sales later this month.
      to bunch up all sales of the month, in 1 day, is counter-intuitive and they are just teasing the market right now.

      • I think you might be right. I hope you're right. Going to bite the bullet and use the 15% off, since I will be kicking myself if there is no 20% off later..

  • +2

    You watch, next time they will have the 15% discount first.
    People will wait for the 20% off discount later on, but they will get 10% off !

    • $1 off $10,000+ purchase (excludes postage)

  • +3

    TA said he gets the info 10mins before the window opens. So if you reallllllly wanna risk it, wait until 5:50pm to see what TA has for us and then bite the bullet.

  • +2

    Wow…..i would be pretty p1ssed if I had jumped on the 10%. I'm now reluctant to jump on the 15%

    • I did and then the 20 off 100 comes along which would have worked out better and now this.

  • ahah what to buy??

    • something for $75!?

    • Garmin fenix 3

  • +2

    im sure there will be a 20% sitewide later..

    • i hope so.
      i've been waiting for that, for some time now!

  • +3

    How annoying. Bought a $1050 with 10%, if I knew there was a 15% I would have held on from paying. Would have saved $50…..

    • eBay knows that you would have held off paying.
      what you don't save, eBay / retailer makes!

  • +3

    only way to beat it, is to keep buying!

    • +2

      yes apply dollar cost averaging

    • Gee, you'll end up owning lots of stuff!! Lol! Good luck anyway, hope they're stuff you really need!

  • +5

    LOL. I feel sorry for those that have ordered today. Only eBay can screw their own customers over with giving discounts!

  • +3

    Spend with the 15% or wait out and gamble for a 20% in a few hours..?

    • +1

      I'm a betting man ;)

    • +1

      Flip a coin

    • Depends on what you are spending, using $200 as an example, is it worth the risk of losing out $30 of discounts to maybe gain another $10 discount. Guess it depends on how likely you are too buy it anyway.

      • +3

        Meh, there's nothing I NEED to buy. If the gamble pays off, I save more; if it doesn't pay off, I save EVERYTHING haha.


  • +1

    eBay definitely taking the piss.

  • +4

    I'll just hold out for the 100% off sometime tomorrow

  • +2

    I knew this would happen. There would be better deals later on in the day.

  • Dammit, i might have to finish up early at work to do a bit of ebay shopping

  • +7

    This is like gambling.

    • Yep - hold out for a bigger discount in they hope they don't jack the prices or run out of stock.

    • Yep. When you are on a winning streak,just go for it!

    • Soon we'll have Ebay Anonymous:-)

  • Does anyone know any Aussie retailers other than the good guys on ebay? I want to buy a Olympus E-M10 Mk II camera from an aussie supplier. They have it but it's with a lens I don't want.

    • i got mine earlier this year from harvey norman ebay

      • They don't have it presently :(

        • ahh shizzle! :( sorry i wasn't much help, i seriously am surprised harvey norman ebay don't stock it

        • Seems they aren't selling nearly as much anymore on ebay.

    • Excellent camera. But buy a weatherproof oly if you can get a good price

      • Any recommendations?

        I'm looking to grab a 17mm 1.8f lens and the 40-150mm lens

        • +1

          love my em-10, but if i had the money or found a great deal i would have got an e-m5 mark 2 or better, for the extra stabilisation and the weather proof body. im hesitant to take my camera out in even very light rain. however, it means you'd have to also get weatherproof lenses, which are more expensive.

          i almost always use the Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 lens. only really use it for travelling or on days out. but thats mostly because im lazy and happy with the photos from this lens. its also very portable and light.

          stick to olympus lenses so that the camera and lens can talk to each other. i have a cheap rokinon wide angle lens and cant get the lens and camera live-view to sync. waste of money for a noob like me.

          the cheap ($100 ish) telephoto olympus lens is fine for the occasional zoom photos.

          the pro lens - Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro - is on sale every now and then via store-wide stores and the like.

          a complete kit would look something like: wide angle, prime, pro, telephoto and macro lens. might find them cheap 2nd hand.

        • @tomkun01:

          Ended up going to teds and they sorted me out really well :) $1400 with the body, 40-150mm, 17mm 1.7 and 2 uv filters and an sd card (but its for my gopro, going to find a cheap sandisk ultra tomorrow) Can't complain too much with aussie warranty and claiming GST back when I go overseas in 45 days!

          Glad to hear you enjoy the camera. Spent the last month or so researching what I wanted and what lenses and that's what I came up with for my trip to europe :)

        • @tomkun01:

          Thanks for that! Appreciate it a lot!

  • +3

    Waiting for coupon CBIG95 before I bite

    • Better wait for CBIG100 :p

  • grabbed some car seat covers, cheers TA

  • Not working for me. No discount on Dyson V8 absolute……mmmmmm?

  • Waiting till tonight to see if there is a deal that says half price eBay sitewide for 10 minutes.


    • +1


  • +14

    I don't get it, why introduce a sale only to stack a bigger sale during the same period? Customer service must be flooded with order cancellations.

    • yeah should be the other way around (so it will encouraging people to buy sooner than later)

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