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eBay 10% off Sitewide (Minimum Spend $75, Ends 2PM)


Humbled to be invited by eBay to their Sydney office yesterday to discuss EOFY promos & deals through June. They’ve branded the event ‘Hump Month’ with plenty of incredible deals that I’m sure you’ll all love. Without giving too much away initially, I can confirm there will be a number of offers throughout the day today (Thursday), each with a very limited expiry window.

See all CBIGBANG deals (Updated hourly)

The first starts at noon AEST and will be 10% off sitewide. There's a minimum spend requirement of $75, a maximum discount of $300, and a limit of one transaction per person. Other offers will be posted as they become available throughout the day, so stay tuned. It’s going to be a massive month on eBay! Enjoy :)

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  • +103

    Cool - I am finally targeted.

    • +60

      Customer target criteria: alive

      • +5

        For now…

      • +14

        Damn, sorry JV
        Maybe next time

        • +4

          The OP does state a very limited window for each offer. So in Ebay land how long will the the 10% offer last? A few hours? I better have my shopping cart loaded and ready to go :)

      • +1

        Customer target criteria: must be poor

  • Is this for everyone?

    • Yes.

      • +4

        Are you sure?
        So finally when I have a coupon after long, I dont have anything to buy….

        Such is life.

        • There's always something to buy :D

        • +1

          @ddxsamx: True. But not always from eBay :)

  • Can you combine this with the targeted offers?

    • only one code per transaction

      • Thanks

    • no
      only 1 code allowed per transaction

  • +7

    Now for some decent not dodgy S7 deals.

    • +1

      Same here. Looking for s7 deals.

      • Me too….Are you guys only looking for Australian Stock S7 or Grey import as well?

        • +1

          Would prefer Australian stock and don't mind paying slightly extra for it say like $70 more for example. But yeah absolutely fine with Grey Import too as long as it's not locked to any carrier!

        • +1

          Grey import that's not the US version.

        • @justmiike: Then we either buy the G930F (Single Sim) or G930FD. All others might or might not work on Australian networks.

        • @kiwiinoz: On another note most suppliers are going to jack up prices as a 20% deal on some stores is coming up as well on ebay this afternoon at 4PM as per this thread that has been deleted now "This deal is not published.
          [Starts 16:00 AEST] 20% off Selected Stores @ eBay (Requested by eBay)"

    • +3

      s7's battery sucks, you need s7 edge instead.

      • Only 10% more juice in tests.

      • +1

        mine lasts the whole day with extensive use usually

      • +1

        No issues with my S7. Lasts the whole day with very heavy use.

  • +5

    Yes, of course. I just made a purchase last night. /slams head against wall.

    • +1

      What did you buy?

      • if you purchased stuff last night you should have used the winter codes

        • +3

          Not everyone got that code. I only had the 5% off CZOS one, and I'm glad I didn't use it.

    • +4

      Now you can use that code to buy a new wall

  • Any details on an expiry date for the code, or number of times you can use it?

    • +1

      The OP states one transaction only.

      • -1

        Sorry I can't read!

  • +27

    Site wide eBay deals should be the only acceptable eBay deals allowed to be posted on OzBargain.

    • +2

      Wondering if few users will support sellers who bump their prices in name of sharing discount with ebay.
      Will be interesting to know from OP that if store wide discounts are beared by ebay or stores?

      • ebay. I sold stuff without paying for the discount. At least I think I did. Unless people were dumb enough to not use their code.

  • +8

    Christ, my poor amex card

    • Just think of the Amex points you'll acquire.

      • +1

        deckchair off the titanic

  • +3

    Hummm, still have my coupon code Winter10 unused which expires tonight…should I use it now or forget about it and wait for this?

    • +4

      Use both.

  • Can it be used on travel and gift vouchers?

    • generally no but you can buy most cards here in classified for 5-10% off.

  • +7

    Do you mean the 10% off sitewide itself will be a 'very limited time window' thing, to be replaced by another deal in a few minutes/hours?

    • That seems to be how it's working, yes.

      Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to verify what actual closing time is meant. "10% off everything until 2pm" is meaningless without a live clock alongside and the T's & C's aren't any help either. If the time refers to AEST, why not say so?

      I'm in WA, so what closing time applies to me? Has the 2pm been corrected for WA time, or do I get a grace period? It's a pretty hopeless offer without those details clarified somewhere.

  • +16

    TA, to what extent are big businesses aware of ozbargain and it's ability to attract customers? Is ozbargain seen as a positive or a negative (taking advantage of big savings as opposed to regular shoppers)

    Congrats on your work too :)

    • +20

      As a follow up, how much of our reputation has been ruined because of jv?

      • What about me

      • +1

        I heard a lady at the mobile counter of my Woolworths go: "Oh god it's that guy".

        To which their workmate quiried "The one that buys all the SIM cards and phones?"

        I'd say I make a positive impact on our behalf :)

    • +1

      I dont think they would have too much interest in OzBargain. They kind of want people that actually want to spend money, you know?

    • +40

      Hey Bellpop. Promised myself I'd refrain from commenting in this post, but yours is such a great question, it deserves a response.

      I don't think I'd be invited for a preview if eBay didn't see value in this community. I can tell you that all the companies I deal with on a daily basis are very aware of OzBargain and consider it an important & relevant channel. It's so humbling to rub shoulders with these huge corporations, and I feel honoured to be able to share their wares with you guys :)

      • +12

        Thanks for the reply. I've always wondered if we account for spikes in sales once things are posted and get a few plus votes. I think you personally must be responsible for millions of dollars worth of sales based on your posts alone.

        It's certainly cool that they're aware of the site. And I've got to say, we're pretty lucky to have you as such a great representative for the community. Keep up the great work! BTW you should take JV to one of the negotiations for a bit of the ol' good cop, bad cop haha

      • +2

        If you ever rub shoulders with Gerry Harvey, would shanking be an option?

        • But, Gerry's on record as regarding us as 'professionals'!!

      • +3

        They should be honoured to have TA there not the other way around… :)

        • -4

          This is also one of the reasons I dont think big corporate companies are that interested in OzBargain. Their marketing is designed for the 'casual' general public audience, as in they expect people to see '20% off' and just take it at face value and buy something. They dont stand a chance with the relentless scrutiny of OzBargain proffesionals being able to do the research and compare prices to previously advertised prices and see through their marketing baloney and that their big deals are actually not that big, and in some cases actually more expensive. They are after consumer muppets to sell stuff too, not knowledgeable cheapskates that know better. In fact they should be scared of OzBargain and its ability to inform the public the truth.

        • +1

          @Orpheus: You do realise that those who comment on OzBargain are a huge minority in comparison to those who shop at OzBargain?

        • @Clear:

          You do realise that those who comment on OzBargain are a huge minority in comparison to those who shop vote at OzBargain?


        • @Orpheus: We could say the same for clicks.

        • @Clear: Exactly. Every click and vote does not equal a purchase.

        • +1

          @Orpheus: Sometimes there are far more buyers than those voting and commenting. Those who are not as informed as we are.

        • @Clear: That doesnt make sense. Why are they browsing OzBargain then? I would think the number of people browsing a bargain site not looking for a bargain would be very close to zero.

        • +1

          @Orpheus: I meant there are far more people clicking and buying than those who comment and vote. Those who comment and vote are a minority in comparison to those who don't and purchase.

        • @Clear: Do you have any statistics to back up that claim?

        • @Orpheus: Bottom of the page is a good place to start. The guests significantly outnumber the members.

          Online 1,511 users 5,473 guests

          If we look at the Most Popular Deals in last year's Zeitgeist you'll see a deal with 1146 votes, 10399 clicks and 721 comments. While under Most Clicked Deals one has 338 votes, 56906 clicks and 102 comments.

          Now if we look referring traffic (sessions) back to OzBargain in 2016.

          Top Referral Traffic (Sessions): Whirlpool 1,425,530 Facebook 1,415,441 Twitter 432,607 Oursteps 412,583, Lifehacker 260,153

          And in April 2017…

          Whirlpool Forums - 99,935, Facebook - 88,047, Oursteps - 36,172, MSN - 32,396, Twitter - 31,015

          And this deal of mine had just over 1000 coupon uses with only 101 votes and 2586 clicks.

    • +12

      This is probably old news but I was surprised to discover ozbargain ranks 37th in the Top Sites in Australia. Ahead of Apple, ANZ,, NAB, Westpac…

      Awareness of ozbargain was broader than I realised. And in terms of it's general ability to attract, ozbargain seems very effective.

      I also died a little inside. With so many visitors, I'm trying not to feel like I'm in a lottery for the front page bargains. What a bad attitude tho. Shame on me!

      • Wow, amazing. Very cool.

      • It's in the top 10 for sites with an Australian domain i.e. Excluding sites like Facebook

      • +2

        Pornhub at 27 haha

        • +1

          I'm actually surprised that pornhub is ranked so high, looks like people watch more porn than browse OZB…

        • +8

          Pornhub at 27

          It's 24 now… I take it it's being ozbargained?

        • +1

          @montorola: well I guess we found out what a lot of Australians do around 9pm at night 😳

        • @clse945111: That is an incredible stat! lol There is so many people on ozb too!

        • :)

        • +1

          Livejasmin ranks higher than us too lolz

    • +1

      Professional shoppers buddy! Its a lifestyle!

  • +1

    Lol lucky didn't buy $100 looks like not a lot of people did hence they need to reduce to $75.

    Lets all boycott them and not buy anything and make it 10% off for $50

    • +3

      I'd prefer 20% off $100

  • +18

    AusPost just emailed me a $10 of $30 spend code for ebay, did anyone else get one?

    • +3

      Yep I got one :)

    • +2

      Yes i got that aswell but i think that cannot be stacked with this deal..

    • Yep got one earlier today too, looks like a Unique Code

  • +25

    cant wait until eBay lose 90% of their business to Amazon. Bring it on.

    • +14

      or the ATO…
      'Over the past 15 years, eBay has dodged GST and paid income tax of just $8 million, despite its billions of dollars in cash-flow and the average salary at eBay, if the accounts can be believed, is $312,553 – 109 employees, according to the directors’ report. lol good one ebay.…

      • They are tax dodgers, not fair.

  • +9

    EBay showdown at high noon tomorrow fellow Ozbargainer's don't be late 😎

  • +1

    Hoping for s8+ close to $1k soon.

  • -7

    I need some help im 1c short of $100 spend on my winter15 spend anyone know of items of this amount lol to use my code needs to be buy it now.
    50c be my max but the lower the better dont care what it is or if i ever get it just want to qualify. And needs to be australian seller as does not work from other countries thanks

    • -3

      Is there such low item as buy it now for 1c or above with a buy it now? Item i want is 99.99 buggers why did then not make it 100 because 99.99 looks cheaper.
      Need to get value over 100 to use winter15.and not anything else i want right now.

      • if the seller happens to respond instantly you can send them an email to adjust price for you, did that before.

        • Not this they are a business and have same price on site,and they are closed till tomorrow but all cool.
          Im not sure if i should use my winter15 code yes you save but need to spend 100 to benifit.
          It is an item i want but can wait but dont think i get it this low again.

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