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Seagate 5TB External HDD - $167.45 - Free C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheap storage!

Works out to be $33.49 per Terabyte. Keep in mind I believe it's an Archive style drive so not ideal for shucking and putting in a computer for everyday use, but a good second disk for hoarding.

Have been trying to find the cheapest storage and this seems to fit the bill for local.

Original 15% off Sitewide with $75 Spend eBay Post

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  • 5TB? Reminds me of that time OW was selling 5TB externals for $149 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/202221

    • Woah, that's insanely cheap for almost 2 years ago. Why don't we get prices like that more often!

    • I purchased mine on this deal. Immediately shucked and has been humming away in my micoserver since july 2015.
      No raid. Just bulk storage for movies etc.
      Not a bad drive for a seagate :))))

    • Loved this deal .. told all my friends, none of them listened

      thinking back to that other voice that said "BUY TWO"

  • I bought this 3 hours ago for $177 with the 10% off code, but not kicking myself too hard (yet!), as they are now out of stock at my local (and the next store is miles away) and I need it tomorrow.

  • Hah, I just bought this with C&C 10 minutes ago and was about to share. Nice one mate. :-)


    Thanks for the warning/reminder on this being an Archive drive.

    The 4GB version is okay though right?

  • Oh Darn. I just literally bought the 4TB one of this a few hours ago for $144 from TGG in store on clearance. Last one in stock. Now this deal comes up here for the 5TB model. I suppose that i still got a good buy.

    I'm going to use it to store videos for playback.

  • What's the performance like for say video playback?

  • its still expensive. it should be around $134.

  • Ah damn, just grabbed mine from Amazon for $171