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Receive a $200 Cashback with Selected Westpac Credit Cards When You Spend a Minimum of $400 (No Annual Fee for First Year)


Cashback promotion:
The cashback offer is available when you apply for a new Low Rate, 55 Day or 55 Day Platinum credit card between 29th June 2017 and 26th October 2017 and spend $400 on eligible purchases within 90 days from card approval.

Eligible purchases do not include fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, BPAY, refunds and balance transfers debited from the card account.

Only one cashback will be paid per customer. $200 cashback will be paid as a statement credit to your respective Low Rate, 55 Day or 55 Day Platinum credit card account within 60 days of meeting minimum spend criteria.

Existing Westpac customers who currently hold a Low Rate, 55 Day or 55 Day Platinum credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months and packaged cards are not eligible for this offer. Cannot be used in conjunction with the Balance Transfer promotion.

55 Day Credit Card
Annual Fee: $0 (Thanks Ascorbic, OldBugger, and Peck)
Rates: Purchases 19.84% p.a. (variable), Cash advances 21.29% p.a. (variable)

55 Day Platinum credit card
Annual Fee: $0 annual card fee for all customers for the first year and in subsequent years if minimum spend criteria are met.*
Rates: Purchases 19.84% p.a. (variable), Cash advances 21.29% p.a. (variable)

Low Rate Credit Card
Annual Fee: Annual card fee of $59
Rates: Purchases 13.49% p.a. (variable), Cash advances 21.49% p.a. (variable)

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  • +2

    It really irks me that they charge an annual card fee in conjuction with cashback offers…Unless there is some way to get around the annual fees?

    • +9

      Apply for the 55 Day card with no annual fee in the first year (and no fee in subsequent years if you spend at least $5000/pa).

      • Good idea.

        I dont know why they even do the "No fee in the first year. No fee in subsequent years if you spend X". Surely they see lots of people just close the account after 11 or 12months to avoid the fee. They should just have no annual fee for life ( St George, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne have no annual fee EVER cards, and they are in the Westpac Group)

        • +2

          Surely they see lots of people just close the account after 11 or 12months

          …or after cashback. Whichever occurs first.

      • Can you please provide me the link where it shows first year fee free.

  • +3

    Ugh, I signed up last time and it was nothing but pain. The biggest issue is that the super helpful/nice call centre staff have absolutely no idea about these promotions. The fact that it takes 60 days for the money to be transferred and not simply on your next statement is almost neg-worthy. YMMV.

  • Filled in everything but unable to receive SMS verification code. "We seem to be experiencing problems. Please try later again"

  • +1

    "We are sorry

    We seem to be experiencing problems. Please try later again"

    same issue as above

  • same here… error page.

  • Just to confirm,if I have the altitude Platinum card with them do I still quality? That's the only card I ever had with them.

    • +1

      so do I and yes should be fine. something tells me it's going to be another troublesome wait if we actually get the cashback like with the 50K FFQ bonus from the altitude card which I met the spend criteria 3 statements ago.

      • Exactly, I haven't gotten mine and it's been two statements since I met the criteria…ANZ black was bloody instant.

  • +1

    It is working now guys.

  • +1

    applied and conditionally approved instantly.

    PS4 Pro for $250!

  • -1

    Rack off westpac… annual fees are a first class rip off.

  • Has anyone tried this as a student?

    • I got declined :/ it wouldn't tell me the reason why even though i put in my payslips from my summer job.

      • The banks generally only like payslips from within the last couple months and don't like temp or casual work.

        • i didn't even get to upload payslips though. it just straight up rejected based on the income i put .my bad i meant i put in my pay* from my summer job when i was doing full time, not my payslips.

          i applied for the Commbank cashback a few months ago and that was sufficient for me to get the card, so yea tough luck i guess

  • $141 well worth getting out of bed for!!

  • What's a packaged card? or what does it mean by:
    "or who have held one in the last 12 months and packaged cards are not eligible for this offer"

    • +1

      I think these are cards that come with a mortgage or other loan with that financial institution.

  • +1

    Does anyone know the impact on credit score and history from the POV of future lenders or providers viewing my file if one does these new card cashbacks and close within the year? Does it show up as serial shopping or provided your approved for each card there is no issue (only bouncebacks would be a hit on your file in the negative light, correct?)

    Also - apart from the low rate card, apply for any of the other two and they're free the first year with the same $200 cashback?

    Unfortunately I couldn't get a packaged credit card through bankwest with my homeloan despite it being a right of my package fee. Very annoying as i only got a CBA credit card just prior to that, just wanted to check whether the westpac approval process was quite stringent, or have most been having no issues applying? if i got the westpac i would just close the CBA as i only used that end of last year for that $250 or whateve rcashback they did at the time too.

    • i dont think multiple applications is necessary any issue. the issue would be if you havent been paying your bills?

    • Opinion only, with no expertise…. in the short term only any credit card application will affect your credit score.

  • My application was denied due to banking policy which they cannot disclose - have anyone had the same issue?
    My credit score is good and i don't owe anything beside my mortgage. I just can't get my head around this system. Anyone can bring some light on this?

    • I applied a week ago and haven't heard back from them since. Last time this happened to me the reason I didn't hear back was that I was declined.

      I think this will be the same scenario and I'll get rejected like you. How did you find out that they rejected your application?

  • Application approved and all done within 60 seconds. Applied for Woolworth provided by Macquarie and got rejected so go figure that Macquarie only want people who have bad credit history and can't afford to pay off their balance :)

  • Hi Everyone,
    This is my first ever CC (approved) and never used one before. What does the following means:

    Up to 55 days interest free on purchases when you pay the closing balance (including any balance transfer amount) in full by the due date shown on your statement.

    When is the statement due date is usually due? 30 days, the end of each month? Suppose I make I purchase today as 06/07/2017, when is the due date?
    Is it 31/07/2017, or 31/08/2017?

    • +3

      55 days is the maximum interest free period on a purchase, provided the transaction occurs on the first day of the statement cycle. Interest free days decrease as you progress through the cycle. For example, if you make a purchase on the last day of the statement cycle (and suppose the cycle is 30 days), you will have 55 - 30 = 25 days interest free.

      You will only get interest free days if you pay the closing balance in full by the due date. If you pay less than the closing balance, you'll be charged interest. And if you pay less than the minimum payment, you'll also be charged a penalty on your next statement.

      When is the statement due date is usually due? 30 days, the end of each month?

      25 days after the end of the statement cycle, assuming a 30 day cycle (length of cycle varies slightly due to different calendar month lengths).

      Suppose I make I purchase today as 06/07/2017, when is the due date?

      The due date of the statement cycle in which the purchase was processed.

  • Hey guys,

    My first time doing something like this. Just got my card but I can't see anything to do with the cashback offer in the email they sent me. Only reference t oit was the the "Apply for cashback offer" button I click when I first signed up. Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

    Also on the website it says no annual fee for the first year, but in my email it says a $30 annual fee.

    • Just saw this too, seems a bit sneaky. Reads like a fee for having the physical card.

  • What are "cash equivalent transactions"? If you pay for a can of Coke at Woolies with the credit card, is it not a cash equivalent transaction as you could otherwise complete the transaction with cash.

  • Provisionally approved instantly. Current customer.
    A couple of weeks later and I just checked progress at
    Result: 55 Day CC Application Declined.
    They didn't bother to notify me. Pretty bad customer service.
    Good income and good Credit Score, maybe all of my AMEX's affected it, or maybe I have had a Westpac card within the ineligibility period.

    • Did the same and also said rejected.

      Just received an email saying approved and the card is on the way. Likely just a glitch in the status update system.

  • how long does it take to credit after spend is it? just conscious of interest payments if i leave just $200 balance but takes another 90 days

    • $200 cashback will be paid as a statement credit to your Low Rate, 55 Day or 55 Day Platinum credit card account within 60 days of activating the account

      • +1


  • What's the most efficient way to cancel this card?

  • has anyone got their 200 cashback credited yet?

    • +1

      Not yet. Still waiting.

      • Still waiting here as well

        • same here

        • @excite: Did you guys just leave a $200 balance on the card?

        • +3

          @Saulami Jedi: I suggest not to do that, pay off the full amount due and then when the $200 comes in, spend that $200, otherwise you will be paying interest on your card.

    • +1

      got the cashback last night.

      • awesome! how many days after your 400 spend?

        • so i smashed through the 400 spend on july 31 and cashback got credited on the 16th of august.

    • Spent over $400 on july 31 and still waiting for the cashback

      • Have you got it now?

  • how long did it take for the card to arrive when you get the confirmation?

    • ~2 weeks for me, you have to wait for an email and a phonecall from Westpac to collect in the branch you selected.

      • FYI I received my card on July 19th, spent it straight away, got the cashback Aug 16th

  • I spent $403 on 13th of July and still waiting on cashback

    • +1

      Called them now, they said it will be paid by the end of September.

      • So did you get it?

        • Not yet

        • @noskich:

          So I called again today and they said have to wait for 90 days.

  • +1

    Got my cashback!

  • Made my $400 spend on the 13th July and still no credit to my card. I called Westpac and after 4 redirects, no department has a definitive answer on when I'll receive the $200 back to my card.

    Did anyone else get an answer?

    • Made my 400 spend end July and still waiting for the cashback.

      Did you do any BPay payment (bills etc) - as it is not "eligible purchases". I realised that and made some more purchases to the card.

      • Nope - no BPay, bill payments, gambling, or cash advances. I don't mind waiting but at least give me an answer on how long.

  • Also still waiting.

  • waiting here also, the "60 days since activating account" should be coming up soon for me.

  • Once you receive the cash back, is there any way to draw it from an ATM or transfer to another account with another bank without incurring $2.50 cash advance fee?

    • Good question, I wonder what happens if you close a credit card that is in credit.
      They might just pay the amount to any account you request.

  • Still Waiting

  • I think it is a bit odd for the T&Cs to say

    $200 cashback will be paid .. within 60 days of activating the account.

    But they also say you have 90 days to spend $400 to qualify.

    • +1

      Agreed, it is probably supposed to read "within 60 days of meeting minimum spend criteria" or similar.

      • Yes most likely,
        I won't hold my breath for the payment anyway.

  • Do you get the chance to suggest a credit limit during the signup? Or do they just give you the maximum based on their credit checks?

  • No cashback yet, after 90 days post minimum spend :(

  • +1

    63 days and no cash back.

    Called WestPac credit card dept yesterday, they put me on hold to check with someone else and told me it was in the queue for processing and that nothing was wrong. If not credited in 2-3 days to call back.

  • +1

    Just got off the phone with the westpac. Despite what the T&C's say they will credit your account on the 3rd of the month, once you've spent the $400 and it's past 60 days.

    So in my case I got my card activated on the 9 of July.

    I hope this helps some of you. If in doubt call them

    • thanks for that, coming up to 60 days for me, i will keep an eye out on 3rd Oct and call them if need be.

  • so you think you'll get it on 3rd of Oct?

    • Only time will tell :) but I'll be sure to update the OB community as well

      • No cash back :(

  • Perfect reason to cancel the card, cash back not paid within the 60 days as stated in their conditions.

    • it's not like you'll gain anything by cancelling now, so what's the harm of waiting another few weeks for cashback to arrive?

      • Yep will wait for it to be paid thing ring up and cancel.

        It's just a good reason to give when they ask why you are cancelling.

        • best reason is always "I don't use it anymore" because my statements will prove I only used it to get the bonus :p haha

  • Is this still available? Cannot see any $200 cash back anymore on their site.

    • yes it i still is. It's in the link on this deal.

      it's been about 11 weeks since i met the spend and still nothing. Multiple calls to them and walk-ins in branch have proved useless. I don't think it's worth getting this card. Plenty of others with better benefits than a fake $200 that'll take ages at best to come.

      • I'm on the same boat. It's false advertising. I think the issue should be escalated.

        • I concur.

        • time for OzBargain class action :p

        • +2

          Still waiting here as well. 77 days. Pathetic.

          We should lodge the case with the ACCC and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for false and misleading advertising.

          Edit: Looks like there is a WestPac telephone number here for complaints: 1300 130 467


          Might give that one more go before contacting ACCC and FOS.

  • Still waiting :/

    • same here

  • +5

    Just got off the phone with Westpac. I was told:

    "200 dollars will be credited within 60 days after 90 days of meeting minimum spend"…

    Yes, I asked her to repeat that.

    In simpler terms, the cashback will be credited in your 4th statement.

    What a joke.

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