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25% off Additional Service Optus Postpaid Mobile Plans eg. SIM Only Plan $30 a Month with 15GB of Data


Just signed an additional plan with Optus using online chat and get the benefit of %25 friends and family which offer only in store for the online exclusive $40 SIM with 15GB of date and I am paying only $30 a month that is really generous

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    Great deal - I'm interested

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      interested too…
      let me know the reference number

  • So did you just mention can I have the 25% off and they said yes?

    • Visitor (11:11:20 Australia/Melbourne) : optus have in the store %25 off until the 31of July
      Visitor (11:11:32 Australia/Melbourne) : can i get this offer over here
      xxxxx (11:12:12 Australia/Melbourne) : Yes, you are right. if you go for additional service mobile phone/ sim only plans, you will get 25% discount.

      • May I get the refference Number please along with everyone else we would really appericate it.

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    How many months did you have to sign for?
    Also, does it have to be on the same account?

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      12 months sim plan
      yeah its additional service on your account !

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    Shame, my current contract still got couple months left

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      me too! :(

    • Not that, these type of offer is once off only.
      There will be better offer in future I hope.

  • I have 2 $40 SIM only on 24 month contract. Can I get these moved to this plan?

    • I think you can, I'm on $40 sim only plan (with 25% discount, 10gb) just spoke to Optus chat, he said I could get my current plan data increased and keep my number but would have to pay ~$100 cancelation fee. Didn't go through with it, waiting on my referral credits to roll through first (previous promo $50/referral)

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    I had a chat to one of the online reps just now. My previous 12mth sim only plan had expired, but they wouldn't let me recontract with the 25% off. They wanted me to add an additional number to be eligible.

    • Make your now-expired post paid plan a prepaid plan and ask them again.
      They should be able to do it then.

      • Think this deal only applies to someone who already has a post paid plan and wants to add another plan. Porting out would not make you eligible as you no longer have a post paid plan

    • Might be annoying but maybe you could churn to another provider and back again.

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        I dont recommend churning over to another provider and back often. tried to do this with vodafone.

        The issue is that with each churn, they will log a credit enquiry against your credit history. i swapped from optus to telstra to vodafone over the course of 3 months to take advantage of some of the deals that popped up and ozbargain, and this caused a problem with my credit history, to the point where I had to call Dun and Bradstreet (the debt collectors) to get them to explain the situation to Vodafone so that i could actually sign up for a post paid plan. These credit enquiries are still on my credit history and wont disappear for 5 years from the date they were logged.

        • Are you saying this for churning prepaid plans? I hadn't thought this would be relevant for prepaid - isn't that the whole point, no credit needed because it is 'pre paid'?

        • @Morgzilla: Someone plz clairfy

        • @Morgzilla: prepaid is fine, doesn't affect your history. But everytime you sign up for a post paid plan, they do a credit enquiry. So even if you swap to prepaid in between, it will still show when you swap to another post paid.

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    So you have to have two plans with them to get this?

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    Deal should probably state that it's 25% for ADDITIONAL SERVICES only. In other words, you must already have a post-paid account to take advantage of this deal.

    • Confirmed. You should have an existing post-paid Optus service then you can have a 25% off discount on the second service.

  • What was the reference number?

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      I would also like the reference number if possible. Or a link to the offer?

      The Optus live chat is saying it expired on the 25thof June

      • The Optus live chat is saying it expired on the 25thof June

        Same here!

  • The reference number would be handy, thank you. I'll give it a go.

  • The online chat thing is going to get hammered out now. It will probably crash.

  • I'd like the reference number as well, please

  • Could I also have the reference number please and what should I say. Both my mum and I are on the 12 month simonly plan but contract has ended. Will this work for us ?

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    Friends and family deal ended at the end of the financial year. Thanks OP for suggesting the deal, but I'm negging until we see some evidence the deal is available

    • Here is some evidence, I just tried to up my own to plan to 15GB and the chat officer offered me the new contract at 25% off without asking.

      • I think that's the wrong screenshot.

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          What do you mean? The commenter asked for evidence that the 25% discount is available, which is shown in the last line?

    • You can add an additional service and it will receive 25% off. It's separate to the friends and family deal. The better offer would be the $50 sim only, for 20GB, which will come to $37.50.

      • They keep asking me for a unique code. Does anyone know what they mean?

        I have 2 post-paid services with them

        • I had success using the reference code listed below: 61603760

        • @mylovelyminion: but was that because you weren't with Optus before ?

        • @superjquando: I had one number with Optus, and was re-contracting the second number which was not with Optus to get the deal.

        • Thanks everyone for the advice, but they wont do it unless it was for a service activated before the end of June, when the friends and family offer was available.

        • @mylovelyminion: What does that code do

        • @steveclassy2: just a reference number of someone else's chat incase the sale consultant asks - evidence I guess

        • @superjquando: Honestly, I'm not a hundred percent sure. I just gave them the reference number and said that I wanted to add an additional $40 a month plan to my account, taking advantage of the 25% discount and that I would be porting the number in. Then they just processed my order.

        • @mylovelyminion: I used that reference and they said "That order was cancelled"??

        • @mylovelyminion: Ah i see! Seems like they will only process it if the additional service to be added came from a non optus provider. Lucky you!

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    I live chatted to find out more about this deal and it is legit so long as you already have an existing service with Optus that is on a plan (not a prepaid service). The second service you bring across is eligible for the 25% off

  • Spoke to chat and chat said the deal has already expired, I was trying to upgrade my existing 40 SIM only plan though. But expired doesn't sound the same as not available for upgrade.

  • Just ordered. My plan is $30 per momth with additional sim sharing 30gb. Bargain.

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      u have to sign 2 accounts yeah?

  • Can someone tell me the reference number?

    Thank you very much!

  • I would love to get the refference number please!

  • Can some one please give me the reference number ? Thanks

  • my $40 plan ends this month, but I just bought the Kogan large plan. works out to be about 21 a month for 10 gig

    • Does that come with unlimited music streaming?

      • My optus one did, I don't think the Kogan one does. I'm not sure about the new optus plan either.

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          The new optus one does. Gives me so much data that i then can use elsewhere.

        • @OnlinePred: yeah its a fantastic deal for $30.

          If I saw it before I bought mine I would've considered it.

          But as the kogan one is cheaper I'm not too upset

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    Optus M • 05:02 PM

    The refer a friend Offer is no more available with us for the moment, but we have a better offer for you.

    • What was the better offer if I may ask?

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        he tried to go for 24 months iphone 7 plus 128gb plan for 100 instead of 125

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    Not the same but for anyone that missed this bargain, I was on a $40 per month sim only plan and that has now ended. I asked about the premier league and they said it will cost $15 if I want to take it up. I managed to get a $10 credit applied on the $40 sim only plan I was on (unlimited calls and text, 8GB data). Applied for 24 months but no contract. Still deciding if I want the premier league but $30 per month for this is good for me.

    • I was told in live chat that if you have service still in contract you are eligible for free premier league for the season. I asked if the premier league will be included if I sign up to the current deal $40 for 15gb for 12 month contract. They said yes. Going to do it again tomorrow and get a screen shot

      • Damn, please comment back $40 is my price for this

        • tried just then, operator didn't want to budge. They definitely told me yesterday that I was eligible for the premier league for free as long as I was in a contract. I should have screenshotted straight away :(

  • optus M • 05:09 PM
    Alright, currently we donot have refer a friend 25% off offer with us. You need to check in our store if it is still available with them since we donot have the access to check on that information.

  • Anyone got that plan for $30 ???????
    Please share

  • Merged from OPTUS $40 plan with additional sim card + 15gb with 25% off = $30 per month

    See title. Let me know if you need reference number.

    • This is for new or transfer only

      • New and existing

        • I couldn't get it for existing. Tried twice

    • Give me the reference number please, thanks

      • 61603760

        • Thanks but I tried to tell serveral people that its a friend I cant seem to get them to budge to make the deal go to 30 ideas?

        • No luck. Rep is trying to charge $40 for my current plan and $30 for the additional plan to get 30gb

        • After 30 mins the chat rep said he couldn't check the reference number. I advised him 10 times. Bunch of idiots I swear. Could spewing the same 25% off the second plan. Would not listen to me when I advised him to check the reference number

    • what? 30gb for 30?
      edit, nvm you had old number with bonus 15 already

    • What value does the existing service have to be to add on this deal? I just paid $40 for 7gb + 7gb Optus unlimited this seems far superior.

  • Can anyone confirm if it is 25% off "for ever", or just for the 12 months contract?

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      By the time these 12 months will be over, these services will be under $15 or 20

      • Possibly, but I have also kept some past plans, that were better than the currently available, after the contract ended…

      • Once again, can anyone confirm if it is 25% off "for ever", or just for the 12 months contract?

        • 12 months, they have no obligation to keep the 25% after this time but you could perhaps ask them to grandfather it.

          By then I'm sure there will be another deal though.

        • Defo just the 12 months: I specifically asked this.

  • 15GB isnt really enough, can i get a higher plan?

    • 2 x 15GB would data pool to 30GB ;-)

      • How does data pool work?

  • i also got the offer after few attempts

    • You got a reference? I'm being asked about who my Optus family or friend is

      • Could we please have the Optus reference number ?

  • Does this come with free EPL or do you have to pay extra?

    Edit: Never mind, it doesn't, could try to persuade them to add it perhaps..

  • Hi, can I join Optus online for $40 - 15gb, then port another number to Optus and ask for $30 (25% off) deal later?

  • Has anyone been able to keep their own number? I'm trying to add an additional phone on top of my existing contract, and they say I can't get the 25% off unless I get an entirely new number instead of keeping the old number.

    • +1

      I was just able to add an additional phone and port a number across as well. I talked to someone called Henry R if that is helpful.

    • I added my wife's phone and kept her number. The only prerequisite was that her phone already be under my name, with the other mobile provider.

      • Yeap - I ended up doing that as well. It is a bit bloody annoying.

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