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Sidchrome 3 Piece 10.8v Cordless Kit $349 (Was $699) @ Boxlots Free Shipping Syd/Mel/Bris Metro*


At a fraction (and we mean fraction!) of the price, check out this Sidchrome 3 Piece 10.8V Cordless Kit.


1/4" Drive 10.8V Ratchet (Selling for $767 elsewhere)
1/2" Drive 10.8V Compact Impact Tool (Selling for $677 elsewhere)
10mm / 3/8" Chuck 10.8V Drill (Selling for $557 elsewhere)
2x 10.8V 1,5Ah Compact Li-Io Battery
10.8V & 18V Li-Ion Battery Charger

We have a range of other Sidchrome tools at prices worth checking out: https://boxlots.com.au/search?type=product&q=sidchrome

*FREE delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane METRO

Update: Price reduction was $699 now $349

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  • +12 votes

    Sidchrome is in utter la la land if they think they can get anywhere near this price.
    Not 18V, not brushless.
    It's worth about $200 at best

    • +3 votes

      Sidchrome ain't the company it used to be :( Yet another brand name purchased purely used to rebadge generic stuff. Massive shame.

    • +3 votes

      no kidding.. id rather buy ozito 18v than this. What use is a 10.8v impact wrench that probably cant barely undo a lug nut.. I wonder how close to 200 ft lbs it actually gets

  • +2 votes


  • +1 vote

    You must be Wakko, I could buy a Milwaukee 3 piece 18v with 3x 3.0Ah batteries for less than that.

  • +2 votes

    $2023 RRP?? They are havin' a bit of a laugh, aren't they?

    10.8v. No deal.

  • +1 vote

    It's not April 1st yet, Wakko… Even $200 would be pushing the friendship for 10.8V and the measly 1.5Ah batteries…

  • +4 votes

    Gee it's a tough crowd today….
    Well we hear you and have reduced this to $349
    We will have to have a chat with our supplier - thanks for the feedback guys


      Geez - those comments reduced the price pretty quickly!

      • +5 votes

        We post here for many reasons and testing our offers is one of them.

        Its a tough crowd. But honest. Brutally honest…


          Best next time to go straight to your best price! haha

          Otherwise everyone will into the deal and see all the negative comments upfront without realising that they relate to a previous higher price. :)

        • +1 vote

          @bobbified: yes yes usually I have a lot fun posting and responding to comments but today's post just needs to go away already.

          Clearly people sit in different camps around Sidchrome vs other brands but I got all the haters out first…

          All good. We live and learn.

          Seriously though, the RRP is from actual sites so love the brand or hate it, it was still cheap and now even cheaper.


          @Wakko: It probably is a nice little kit… it's just a shame there are marketing departments out there who think they can pull the wool by slapping a well-known brand name on generic stuff and expect us to go along with it. That concept obviously only has a limited lifespan and just ends up tarnishing the name for any future endeavor they may have. Just a bad idea all around and which is why I now go out of my way to ignore even Ryobi type stuff and settle for Ozito etc. They're actually amazingly decent tools but if anything does go wrong you can just get an over the counter replacement and continue. And to think I used to blow hundreds & hundreds on perceived quality power tools back in the day. Hand tools are a completely different story though.


      Seriously the AD says RRP of $2023.00 is someone on drugs? Lol are these Snapon? :)


      Tough crowd as its OzBargains:)


      Wasn't this $349 last night or the night before, then went up to $699, now back to $349….looks fishy.

      Can someone pull the cache pricing from last night?

  • +1 vote

    The batteries and charge look exactly like Ozito 18v batteries and chargers:) I smell the the same manufacturer for both:)

  • +1 vote

    10 volts…. this is 2017 not 1997…

    and yet they sell this kit for the same price https://boxlots.com.au/products/dewalt-3-tool-combo-kit


    The only thing going for this kit is that it is kind of mechanic focused. Most kits comprise of drill and driver…


    You might want to correct this claim of Over 50% off DeWalt

    for example this isn't 50% off it looks like an item claimed to be >50% off


    Sidchrome is owned by Black & Decker who also own Dewalt chances are this is just rebranded gear with a bigger mark up.

    You're better off buying 10v/12v Makita,Dewalt or Milwaukee for the same price or ideally an 18v combo due to having wider range of tools


    Sold out. So people must have bought them…. right?

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