Your Top 5 TV Series

Thanks to Pastry's topic on top 5 movies, I'm interested to see what your top 5 TV series are. These are mine:

The X Files (the earlier seasons with Mulder and Scully)
Game of Thrones
MacGyver (the original Richard Dean Anderson one)
Stargate SG-1

There's a lot more I could add, but I'll keep it simple for now :)


  • (No particular order)

    The Wire
    Kenny VS Spenny
    Breaking Bad

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      Lenny vs spenny, did you like Testees series that Kenny made?

    • Great thread op, thank you! Already picked up so many shows from others.
      This is just 5 off the top of my head that I love, so many more I could add.

      Curb your enthusiasm (New season, perhaps the last ever starting October 1st)
      Eastbound and down
      Peep show
      The thick of it *(Anything by creator Armando Iannucci is great)

      Edit, I'll throw in 5 older ones that I love

      Laurel and Hardy
      Faulty towers
      Police Squad
      magnum Pi (Always wanted that Ferrari)
      Not a TV show, anything by George Carlin, rest in peace my friend.

    • Vampyr, we would be great friends..

    • Pretty much my top 5,though I'd forgotten about Kenny vs Spenny tbh, so I'll give you my tip five that you haven't mentioned

      The Mighty Boosh
      Gravity Falls
      Flight of the Conchords

      • Glad to see other mentions of Deadwood. Amazing show, shame it didn't do more seasons.

  • Firefly
    Babylon 5
    BattleStar Galactica

  • No order

    Breaking Bad
    Gilmore Girls
    Nurse Jackie

  • In no particular order:
    South Park

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    Simpsons (Seasons 1 - 12)
    Breaking Bad

  • [Scrubs]
    House m.d.
    Batman Animated

  • The Shield
    The Wire

    • I think you and I were separated at birth.

      • I'd love to see Jack Bauer sent in to fight off the white walkers whilst Dexter wraps Cersei to a table in Cling wrap and Vic Mackey rips off the Iron Bank.

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        The ugliest twins ever

    • I need to know what other shows you like, so I know what else I must acquire. Thank you.

      • If you like Game of Thrones, definitely try out The Expanse. It's basically Game of Thrones in space. Definitely watch the entire first season before judging it as it is a slow-to-get-started show.

        In no particular order;

        Life On Mars (THEN Ashes to Ashes)
        True Blood
        Ray Donovan
        Burn Notice
        White Collar

        You can find half of those on Stan & Netflix.

  • no order

    West Wing
    Breaking Bad
    Babylon 5 / Crusade
    Sons of Anarchy

    would have liked to squeeze Defiance in - should never have been cut!

  • Breaking Bad
    Stranger Things
    Daredevil S1

  • In no particular order;
    Breaking Bad
    The Americans
    Happy Valley
    Mr. Robot

  • Z Nation
    Better Call Saul
    Family Guy
    A Haunting
    American Pickers

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      Can't believe Z Nation is on the list. Have you watched The Walking Dead?!

      • haha, No i havent. I enjoy the budget comedic side of z nation. It's so over the top that it's trash but at the same time there not trying to hide it.

      • While the Walking Dead spent an entire season sitting around on a farm chatting, Z-Nation was running over zombies with a giant chess wheel, and had zombie George R. R. Martin signing his books as they'd be worth a fortune once eBay got going again.

        Z-Nation is awesome.

  • Band of Brothers
    Breaking Bad
    Avatar The Last Airbender
    Rick and Morty

    and a million or so honourable mentions…

  • Stargate: Sg1
    Stargate: Atlantis
    Stargate: Universe
    Stargate: Origins (im assuming it will be awesome)
    How I Met Your Mother


      Tell me more please about Stargate Origins.

    • Universe was terrible :(

      Stuck on a dark ship constantly, whiny cast members, lack of real action, barely used the stargate
      The last ~5-6 eps were good, but that doesnt excuse the previous 35 bad eps. too little too late

      I have high hopes for Origins

      • If lack of gate use was one reason why you didn't like Universe then Origin will suck for you.

        They only opened the gate once before Daniel figured it all out in episode "The Torment of Tantalus" So i don't expect much gate use in the new show.

      • +2 votes

        I agree, Universe was bad enough for me to stop watching it. SG1 was awesome, Atlantis was ok but Universe urrggh. Need to check out Origins, I kinda gave up on the whole franchise with Universe.

    • As much as I love Stargate, you cant pick a "show" which has 10 minute webisodes and hasnt aired yet! No doubt it will be awesome but still :P

  • Seinfeld
    South Park
    Breaking Bad
    Faulty Towers

    Close Next;
    Black Books
    The Office

  • No order:

    IT crowd
    Fawlty Towers
    House M.D.

  • No particular order bar the top one being the top

    Mother (2010)
    I, Claudius
    Nodame Cantabile (Live action version)
    Proposal Daisakusen

    I would put Red Dwarf in there for Jin but I'm not sure it'd qualify as a "series". Rome could be there but was never finished, bastards.

    • would put Red Dwarf in there for Jin but I'm not sure it'd qualify as a "series"

      Er … why?

      • Presume that's why not a series rather than why not Red Dwarf…………cos it really doesn't go anywhere, always hinting at a plot progression, even a resolution, but never actually does.

  • I would have thought "Bargain Hunt" would be one every OzBargain list.

  • The Wire
    The Shield
    The Thick of It
    Breaking Bad
    The Sopranos

  • No order

    Breaking Bad
    True Detective Season 1
    The Sopranos
    Game Of Thrones

  • I see these threads more as "suggest something for me to watch"
    I've removed anything that's already been listed above

    Master of None
    Louie (2010)
    Utopia (UK, not AU or US,
    Misfits (UK)
    Silicon Valley
    An Idiot Abroad
    The Moaning of Life
    Marco Polo (2014)
    East Bound and Down

    Animated Series: (dont watch any of these if easily offended)
    F is for Family
    Drawn Together
    BoJack Horseman
    The Life & Times of Tim
    Ugly Americans
    Rick and Morty

  • Breaking Bad
    True Detective Season 1
    Better Call Saul
    El Chapo (no audio overdub)

    • True Detective S1 was very good. I started listening to The Handsome Family (they used 'Far From Any Road' as the theme) after I watched that series.

  • These Top 5 threads are tough. I'll bite on this one.

    Black Mirror
    Game of Thrones
    The Office (UK)
    Entourage (Johnny Drama and Ari Gold FTW!)

    That's just on the top of my head. Tough. I can belt out another 5.. and another 5.. and another..

  • In no order:

    Breaking Bad
    Big Bang Theory

  • I'll go with

    The Wire
    King of Queens
    Breaking Bad
    Band of Brothers


    The Walking Dead*
    The Sopranos
    Better Call Saul*
    Everybody Loves Raymond

  • I'd think that my choices are very similar to your own TamTim.

    For me it's;

    X-Files (okay, maybe up to season 7) I actually liked the inclusion of John Dogget and I thought that Rob Patrick did a good job in the role but the continued Mulder's gone missing theme became a bit tiring. Monster of the week? Absolutely god damn right.

    SG-1 (we'll ignore that weird season with Jonas)

    -As an aside, I'll say that I think shows that make things too serious (military/police) in an attempt to make them more realistic go the other way. In shitty jobs like that you're going to joking off as much as you can (within reason) to ease the stress. I found that aspect of the series very convincing and enjoyable. These guys, this team is in a completely unknown situation, it's going to ridiculously stressful so you're going to try and lighten the mood as much as you can. The original movie was meant to be set shortly after Jack lost Charlie, so you can appreciate that the character is intended to be morose but I think by the time SG1 comes around it's sort of like a new opportunity for the character and it shows.

    RDA version MacGyver (this was a massive favourite of mine as a kid), look I'll say it, MacGyver was a feel good show. RDA was a good guy, he was above board with the ladies, he treated people with decency but you know I thought and still think for young people, that MacGyver was a really enjoyable program. I'm not saying that we should dancing around with lollipops and rainbows but making every new bloody show dark and depressing is getting a bit old.

    ST;TNG - I think I've said this before, TNG included a lot of references and stories about mental health. A lot of shows do that nowadays, and I'm sure they've always done so, but I really enjoyed TNG because I could relate to the characters (albeit, obviously not in the same circumstances).

    The Simpsons - What can I say. Like putting on an old jumper. It's not that exciting, you know it inside and out but it's comfortable as hell and you just love wearing it on a cold day on the couch. Ok, maybe not the best analogy but it'll prob always be one of my favs.

    Honorable mentions? True detective S1, Seconds From Disaster.

    • SG-1 (we'll ignore that weird season with Jonas)

      The season itself wasn't very good but that character had a great introduction. He could've been good. A very quick learner with lateral thinking skill who has a tendency to freeze up dealing with emergency situations. Then they immediately abandon pretty much all of that and just make him Team Member #4, Vaguely Competent SGC Member in the majority of episodes. Which, funnily enough, was why Shanks left - he thought Daniel was getting too generic SGC soldier-y.

      • I agree. He did have a lot of potential. He is able to solve the overloading crisis through his quickly adapting intellect but this is only really eluded to. He has odd quirks which are referenced briefly but never fully fleshed out. I also think the character had more comedic potential. Overall I think Corin Nemec was reasonably versatile, though as you say I'm not sure he was given a whole lot to work with, but the season was too disruptive within the context of the series IMO. I agree with you though, I think if Corin had stayed that he'd have been able to offer more to the series.

        Money was also a factor in why Shanks left IIRC, and I'm not sure he was entirely happy with the character taking less of a prominent role. They also changed the opening credits when Shanks returned, all seemed a bit weird, I'm not sure what the other actors thought about it all.

        • It's a bit of he said he said on the reason for his departure. Shanks is incredibly convincing when he talks of it. Producers like Rob Cooper seem iffy. But then they always seem iffy on production, it's part of their job, keeping the show's secrets.

          If Shanks had taken 3 years to come back I'd be more inclined to believe it was bullshit on his part. That it only took one year makes me believe him to a degree.

          Although I'm sure both stories have some legitimacy.

      • I started liking Jonas. felt sad when he left.

  • +2 votes

    Star Trek (all of them)
    Doctor Who
    Quantum Leap
    NCIS New Orleans
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Peaky Blinders
    New Tricks
    Midsomer Murders

  • Breaking Bad.
    The Office UK and USA.

  • Fargo
    Breaking Bad
    The Leftovers
    Bates Motel
    Better Call Saul

  • For me:
    Stargate sg1 (obviously ;p)
    Breaking bad
    The big bang theory

  • Breaking Bad
    The Shield
    The Wire
    Rick and Morty

  • My favs, in no order

    Star Trek next gen
    Star Trek ds9
    La femme Nikita
    Red dwarf
    Fake or fortune

  • Game of Thrones
    Star Trek Voyager

  • No order
    Arrested Devlopment
    My love from a star
    Unbreakable Kimmy

  • No Order

    Breaking Bad
    Luke Cage

  • MASH
    Hill Street Blues
    Band of Brothers
    Babylon 5
    The World At War

  • No order:

    Twin Peaks
    Killjoys (current)
    Absolutely Fabulous

    Scrubs gets an honourable mention

    ST:TNG and DS9 used to be in there but they have not aged well.

  • No where man
    Odyssey 5
    House MD
    Sarah Conor chronicles

    Honourable mentions.

    Rick and morty
    Life on mars

    I'm glad no one listed sons of anarchy or some yuppy crap like that.