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Garmin Forerunner 235 (Black/Grey & Red) $247 (RRP $469) @ Harvey Norman


Dropped a couple weeks ago to $299 at HN from $469, then we saw $288 at Rebel Sport. Now down to $247.

Black/Grey Colour only, red is still $299. 2/9 12pm: Both colours are now available and for $247 and in stock.

Rebel at $288 and JB at $299 are the cheapest elsewhere at a quick glance. Cheapest on eBay is $307.88 after 20% off code.

Most stores appear to have stock, otherwise delivery is $7.95

  • Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate monitor
  • Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate etc
  • Activity tracking, counts daily steps, distance, calories and sleep

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Good price. Thanks OP!

  • Great watch, great price.

  • I have a $250 HN voucher that expires in Dec. Don't need anything. This is tempting.

  • Fantastic…cheers mate

  • Excellent price for this. Paid $300 last year and still loving it.


      I paid $288 last weekend! haha

      Love the watch though, so don't regret it.

  • My opinion is that it (sports watch) is not essential. Chest strap heart rate sensor is.

    • How do you track your activities without using a GPS enabled watch? A GPS enabled strap ….?

      • Smartphone. It's GPS accuracy is usually better anyway. Do you ever run or cycle without a smartphone? I know I never do. How do you track your heart rate accurately without a chest strap? With optical? How about when swimming?

        • Used both, my Garmin is far more reliable and accurate than my iPhone.

        • I only take my phone if I'm going past 10km. I use the HRM4 and the wrist based optical on my Fenix 5 depending what I want to achieve out of the run, the strap is most beneficial for working on strides or anaerobic for me. Other than that my wrist based HR isn't much off the strap reading really.
          I don't worry about HR in rides or swims. Not having a dig at you, just curious what you meant. I hate taking my phone on a run.

        • @swilso:
          I don't mind having my phone on runs with me… More than that, I actually need it to be with me, not just because of tracking but for other reasons as well (have to be reachable, like to listen to music)…
          But because I do intervals a lot now optical kinda sucks. That's why, as a minimalist, have only 1 device (polar h10) bought it for $96 of ebay not so long ago.

        • My phone battery doesn't last long enough for a long ride. It would in my back pocket, but then I can't see my current metrics

        • Totally disagree that a smartphone GPS is more accurate than a good GPS watch like a Garmin.

          I run with my iPhone also for security reasons/music/Google maps if lost, but wear a Garmin for its accuracy. From my experience, my smartphone tends to overestimate my distance slightly. Its not much, in the order of maybe 1km after a half marathon (21.1km) but if you are serious about getting that PB, you want it to be accurate rather than having an overinflated opinion of your own ability.

          Having said that, for most people, a smartphone is probably fine for running but there are so many good reasons to get a running watch (eg checking pace and distance at a glance)

        • @Riker88:
          I never used iphone, so can not comment on that. But my smartphone has a very accurate GPS. Physically, GPS watch has very little GPS antenna, does not correct it's GPS location via wi-fi , unlike a smartphone, it's battery capacity is more limited…

          I have spent 30 seconds in google and the first link that I found:
          "This is the most basic question, and sadly the 235 has distinctly grim GPS Accuracy. Even with my low expectations of recent Garmin devices I was rather disappointed. It's possible that the variants of the 235 that lack the optical heart rate monitor (230/630) might do a little better, but I wouldn't expect a huge improvement. "

        • @Calam05:
          You can get a small power bank…

        • @dosifey:

          Everone has their own opinion on the internet and I respect that, but maybe spend longer than 30 secs and ask Google:

          'is a smartphone GPS or running watch more accurate'

          and read several reviews from running sites and not just the first one.

          Also, my comment was not related to the 235 in particular, but more running watches vs using a smartphone. Some watches and some phone's GPS vary of course.

          I havent heard much criticism about the 235's GPS before. Most criticisms relate to the accuracy of its optical HR monitor compared to a chest strap.

          Before i bought the 235 over 2 years ago, I read a pretty detailed review from:


        • @dosifey: True, but taking a break to charge, or mounting the charge bank on my handlebars are both not great options.

          dedicated gps devices definitely have a place. I remember doing my first 100km with my phone as the gps and hated that it was only able to record half

    • Does not reflect my experience. I have racked up thousands of K's on one of these watches and rate them very highly. The hrt compares favourably with chest strap sensors

      • Is it as accurate as a chest sensor? Which chest sensor did you compare it to?

        • Garmin, these watches are pretty accurate

        • I've had a side by side done with my wrist based HRM on a Forerunner 225 vs a Garmin chest strap on a Forerunner 220 and the readings were almost identical. The wrist based device was a little slower at detecting changes than the chest strap but that's not unexpected.

        • @spedwards:
          Possible, but still a bit hard to believe that you can properly do intervals and jumps, for example, without a chest strap…

        • @dosifey: Why would the wrist based HRM prevent jumping and intervals?

          I would have thought it would be harder to complete any activities if you're relying on your phone to provide you with information - how do you check your stats on the go?

        • @spedwards:
          When I start running quckly (during intervals) I want to see accurate result of my body response. Watch is worse because of it's lags (even if we assume that it's result are as accurate as top chest straps, which I know it is not).
          At current stage, it is enough for me to get voice guidance from my phone and than sit at home with my laptop and analyze my data after the training.

          If it will not be enough in the future I might get some very basic watch just to broadcast the results of chest strap in real time for $15…

  • Last year, Amart Sports was doing a 10% price beat. If they are still doing this, it will bring it down to $222.30.

  • Great watch and price. I Had one of these for a while and the wife still has hers.

  • +5 votes

    for those into swimming and riding as well as riding, the 920xt is a steal at this price ($320 making it less than half price) - https://www.pushys.com.au/garmin-forerunner-920xt-with-hrm-r...
    they did have black also, but that has sold out now :(

  • Thanks OP! Went to Rebel Eastland and got them to price match.

  • Hmm this vs Gear S3? Or are they too different?

  • Ripper watch.

    I've had mine from christmas. Great to track your progress. I use mine mostly for running, and the occasional cycle.
    Tried to measure swimming once but didn't seem to work well.
    The mobile app gives you some great stats and you can overlay pace vs HR, or elevation.

  • Just picked one up from rebel on price match. The colours are more expensive but we're happy to do the black one for 247.i then used my $50 credit from the $25 worth of up n go packs :D

    Hi 5 ozbargain

  • So tempted, but I still have a Forerunner 405 that is almost 10 years old and is still going strong (most durable, long lasting electronics I have ever owned)

  • Thanks OP, bought a red one from JB @ 247

  • Thanks, got Amart to 10% price beat. Got it for $222.30

  • I've been waiting a very long time for one of these. Price matched at Amart but unfortunately no 10%. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP for this, got Rebels to price match Harvey Norman. Initially, I was intending to save my $150 worth of Rebel Up&Go vouchers for pre-Christmas sales, but $247 is low enough for me. I also had another $50 worth of Ultimate Kids voucher, so I only have to pay $47! :)

    • Did you have any issue using multiple vouchers? I was going to print off an table with the codes and pins and just hand that to them. Is that what you did?

      • I printed the 3 emails containing the vouchers/codes, and just handed over the 3 papers to the checkout girl. I know some people have had issue using multiple vouchers so I was half expecting to have issue. But the checkout girl just took my papers, and carried on with her work, and she didn't even ask for ID. :)

  • Great watch for enthusiast runners/cyclists. Only problem I've found is today it was slow to connect to gps. Other than that it's handy to see when you're pushing hard enough and when you need to pickup the pace. Bought one at 299 so 247 is even better!!

    The sleep tracking is interesting as well, not that I see it as a selling point.

  • Hm noticed no one here's commented on battery life. This suggests it's "up to 9 days". Can anyone here comment?

    Also - expired? Still appears as $247 for the black/grey version for me..

    • I've heard if you turn off the heart rate monitor you can provide a good boost to the battery. Mine has been on for about 48 hours (heart rate monitor on), and my battery has dropped from 100% to 75%

  • JB and Rebel refused to price match….pffff…

  • Does anybody else get a HR reading after they have taken the watch off? It keeps reading for a little while before dropping out. If you press a button to bring the screen back while it is still lying on the table, it shows a HR reading again.

    The watch based HR appears to reads lower compared to using a chest strap

  • It's available again but quite a few stores sold out.

  • Black/Grey out of stock but now red is $247 as well (previously $299).

  • How does this compare with the Apple watch, I have the original version and was looking to move to get the GPS - but very tempted at this price for garmin. I mainly would use for running but planning on trying to do more cycling when I move overseas.