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25% off Economy Classic Flight Rewards @ Qantas


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Make a new eligible Economy Classic Flight Reward between 25 and 29 August 2017, to any Qantas (QF), Jetstar (JQ) Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) destination, and you'll enjoy 25% off the Qantas Points required*. Your 25% discount will be automatically applied. Taxes, fees and carrier charges payable in addition to points required.
Travel between 9 October 2017 to 30 June 2018 on QF, JQ or 3K flights; and between 9 October 2017 to 24 March 2018 on GK flights.

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  • Can't seem to find 25% from Brisbane to Japan during that time.

  • Can you then use points to upgrade to business?

  • +16 votes

    majority of the time its better to buy a ticket than use points for Economy rewards…even at 25% off :)

    • Yeah you're right as the taxes are high.

    • Agree on certain routes, especially ex-Aus. SYD-HKG, SYD-SIN come to mind - SYD-SIN especially so because you have Scoot as competition.

      Otherwise it depends on route. Intra-US and intra-Asia can be pretty cheap with Qantas points relative to cash fares.

      • I don't have many QF points, as mine are all VA, but I used 10,000 recently for an economy flight from Amman to Beirut + about $100 in fees. As the only airline flying the route, prices are sky high for the distance ($450+). That is $0.03 per point, which is pretty good.

    • true , I only use my points for business class where you get alot better value

    • Depend on route and travel date.
      But after years of flying (redeeming points for business class etc) my conclusion is:
      1) Save the point for Round the world reward
      2) Use point when it could save you some serious cash and forget about travel in style/comfort (at the end of the date, cash is king)
      (e.g. MEL->HKG return, 42,000 pts + tax vs $600 + tax, i will go with points, since I could easily sign up another credit card and pay less than $600 for annual fee to get more than 40,000 bonus point)

      I am sure most of you won't agree with me tho :)

      • How do you get those? I checked Sydney -> Melbourne, 27th Oct -> 29th Oct. Each point is worth 0.0066 dollars for both low-end Red E-deal and high-end Business Class. I also checked Sydney -> HKG at the same dates and the points worth reliably 0.0066 dollar each.

        How do you get it worth 0.014 Dollars?

    • Do you think it's worth from CBR to SYD?

      Debating whether it's worth just paying for the tickets than to claim this 25%…

      On an international flight (Qantas), but Domestic Qantas is so much more expensive than Virgin…

      • I personally think domestic economy redemption during this sort of promotion is the best value for money.
        e.g. CBR -> SYD one way on 13/Oct at 6am

        6,000 pts + tax vs $97 + tax

        I could easily get 6,000 pts by paying way less than $97

  • does anyone know if I have already booked a return ticket from Syd to Bali, is itworth to cancel it to rebook it?
    it cost me 80k for a return and now with discount is 60k

    • Check for availability first. To cancel it'll cost you 6k per person. If it saves you 14k points why not.

    • I think you have booked business class ticket for 80,000 pts return.
      This promotion is only for economy class ticket.
      I hope you haven't cancelled your booking yet. :)

  • high TAX makes the Economy points reward a shit! even 25%off, still worthless…
    the best way to spend QFF is EK's first class…

    • Cathay Business Class BKK to Syd was 45,000 QFF points plus about $170 the last time that I checked, and so that is pretty good value too.

  • Yes! Just the deal I was waiting for. Thanks OP!

    • Just realised Sydney to London return availability flights around December/Jan are poor. Almost no flights in January. But definitely a good deal for 90,000 points return during that time!

      • Check out the Fees & Charges before you get excited. They will be about $700!!!
        You might be better off buying the tickets than using points.

        • Cheapest Qantas return flight I could find is $2400 during that period. I'm just too used to paying $1200 :(
          But yeah $700 fees and charges are just ridiculous.

        • @gezza90:
          Try Etihad via AMEX or Entertainment book links.

  • Is it possible to add extra bags onto a jetstar booking made with QFF points?

  • i tried from Syd to Christchurst NZ on Jan next year, it is more expensive using points with 25% off then Cash. e.g. cash: $227, point:13500+$114.17 one way. Not Worth!

    • Really? You are paying $112.83 less!!! And your points are valued at 1.2 cents per point for the difference, close to the 1 cent per point people sell them here.
      Can you tell us a better use for your points then?

  • Perfect timing, Canberra trip booked :)

  • Does anyone know if this applies to multi city trip i.e. Start and end in different cities?

    • Looks like it but keep in mind its only for QF flights. E.g. When I looked I could do MEL->London, NYC->MEL but I couldn't get as substantial a discount if I wanted to go to Copenhagen, for example, as I would have had to take an Emirates flight.