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Genuine Xiaomi YeeLight Smart LED Bulb USD $11.99 (AUD $15.11) Delivered @ GearBest


Cheaper than today's deal by almost $2 and cheapest yet on OzB. 250 units at this price. Restricted to one purchase per Gearbest account. Apply coupon YeeTA at checkout. Coupon will only work with AU IP addresses. Ensure you select Unregistered Air Mail. PayPal is your friend for buyer protection. Enjoy :)

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    One bulb only? That's a bit tight.

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      you think they're trying to screw us? rather bulb of them, wouldn't you say?

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      Dear Mr. Kotter, Please excuse Vinnie from today's maths lesson. He was competing in the county spelling bee. Signed, Vinnie's Mother.

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    I got charged $1.17 shipping although I'm not complaining :)

    • $16.28 all up to get to Melbs.

  • Unregistered Air Mail is coming up as $3.83 for delivery

  • No free shipping option?

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    In for 1 @ US$11.99 :) if you're paying more it must be selecting insurance

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    Sucks TA! Paid $2 too much this morning !!

  • Shipping should be in the title.

    • +1

      You get an option to select free shipping. I just ordered.

    • I thought it was? It's free.

      • +2

        Bring the deal back TA, 250 more pieces please

        • and this time with actual free shipping for everyone.

  • oh shucks I literally just bought this yesterday for $35 on eBay.

  • +1

    Thanks TA, I paid $15.09AU Delivered with my Macquarie card, didn't think I'd ever buy one of these but the missus likes this kind of stuff so I just bought it for her :)

    Shipping is definitely free if you pick Unregistered Air Mail and no insurance.

  • What are the software options like for these? Are you locked to Xiaomi's app?

    • Supported by Home Assistant. Not sure about other platforms.

      • +1

        Just did a kick Google and it can work with homekit with some fiddlin' http://forum.yeelight.com/t/homebridge-plugin/83

        Might grab one to test.

        • Might grab one to test.

          Grabbed one myself to see if I can get it to work on RPi Zero. Currently have HomeBridge running for Siri+Lifx, would love to get this one working too :)

        • Dumb question, do you need to have an Apple Developer account to use HomeBridge?

        • @chu-oh:

          It's a valid question :)

          No you don't need a developer account, just some programming skills or copy paste skills :P

    • It has native support for Alexa and it works very well.

  • i'm getting a The Code you entered has expired.

  • +1

    That's my third one. Thanks TA. Cheapest so far.

  • +1

    One in morning and one now.
    Thanks TA.
    Need few more.

  • Hmm. When i entered the code. It changes to $22?

    • +1

      Use another browser, safe mode, or clear cookies.

      • Cheers
        It works

  • Is there a bayonet cap bulb option? I can't seem to find it

    • No I don't think they make one. You can buy adaptors though.

      Pretty poor of me I know, but I didn't search very hard for a good price on them, so maybe $4.50 retail? $3 for 2 at Ikea.

      • +1

        Yeah there are adaptors, but unfortunately the units are already pretty big. Every millimetre counts in some light fittings :(

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    What kind of rep would do an even better deal for the same product on the same day?

    • +4

      A good one.

    • Tight one ;)

  • Can you make this work with google home?

    • yep via IFTTT

      • +3

        Works natively as of about a month ago. No need for ifttt any more.

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    comment removed

  • Must depend on location. No free shipping option (no insurance ticked either) for me in Brisbane.

    • I got both options for Brisbane.
      Are u logged in??

      • Yes I was.

  • +3

    Keeps showing $1.17 as shipping sub-total

    • same here TAS

  • +1

    No free shipping for me too, paid $16.28 AUD

  • No free shipping option for Sydney, cheapest for me is Registered Air Mail for US$0.93.
    Unregistered Air Mail coming up as US$3.04

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    "What's more, is has a ultra long lifetime of up to 11 years. Therefore, you don't even have to think about replacing a bulb!"

    If you don't mind I plan on outliving that light bulb so I may indeed need to think about changing it.

  • +1

    Finally, got one. Thanks TA!

  • Available Shipping MethodsEstimated Shipping TimeShipping Cost (weight:0.25 kg)
    Expedited Shipping
    3 - 7 business days AU$19.48
    Priority Line
    5 - 12 business days AU$3.15
    Registered Air Mail
    10 - 25 business days AU$1.17
    Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number)
    10 - 25 business days AU$3.83
    Add Shipping Insurance to your order AU$1.56
    What's the Total Delivery Time? (Please use this formula to determine when your order will arrive)
    Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Packaging Time + Shipping Time
    *Note: To get a safe delivery, we recommend customer pay tracking fee and insurance for the order. Buying insurance guarantees your shipment. In the event of verified shipping damage/loss, GearBest will resend an identical parcel free of charge.
    Item Sub-total GB Points Discount Shipping Sub-total Insurance
    AU$15.11 - AU$0.00 AU$3.83 AU$0.00
    Grand Total AU$18.94

  • +1

    My options are

    Registered Air Mail
    10 - 25 business daysAU$1.17

    Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number)
    10 - 25 business days AU$3.83

  • +1

    Thank you.

    FYI, I also had to go $1.17 (registered) as the cheapest shipping option. Unregistered shipping was ~$3.83.

  • It seemed that Xiaomi only provide E27 (Edison Screw), is there any B22 bulbs? I live in a new house, everything is B22 (I think Bayonet Cap
    ). It seemed all new stubs are all B22 as well.

    • You can get an adaptor from Ikea (or Bunnings I guess) for a couple of bucks. It does make the bulb a bit longer then regular though so it depends on where you need to fit it.

      • Thanks for that I will check it out.

  • Paid $15.11 shipped go Melbourne

    • how?

      • Added to cart, enter code and it auto selected the free shipping method for me

        • did you use paypal checkout?

        • +1

          @sunsleepy: actually no i selected the checkout option which then still provides me with a PayPal option which I used

        • +1

          @sunsleepy: Ah I went to the checkout screen (didn't click paypal first). Then I got the option to change shipping (to free). Then I paid by paypal.

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    Available Shipping MethodsEstimated Shipping TimeShipping Cost (weight:0.25 kg)
    Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number)
    15 - 30 business days AU$0.00

    Registered Air Mail
    10 - 25 business days AU$2.80

    Priority Line
    7 - 15 business days AU$2.56

    Expedited Shipping
    3 - 7 business days AU$19.48
    Add Shipping Insurance to your order AU$1.56

    from Melbourne

  • +1

    Bought thanks TA

    Now to find the right fitting…

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    I get these are dimmable electronically but what if we already have dimmer switches installed? will they still work with them?

    • Nope

    • So long as your dimmers are always on maximum it should work OK. I have this with some Wemo lights.

    • They will still function as a light just the dimming function in the wall won't. You will need to use the app. If thats what you're asking….. Will need to have the dimmer on full brightness

  • +1

    The Code you entered has expired.

  • +1

    expired while trying to checkout…..

  • was checking out looking for free shipping. Expired Already :(

  • expired :(

  • -1


  • I added everything to cart and it showed $16.28 AUD, after clicked on placed order, it charged me $29.34 AUD. How do I cancel this fast, stupid system.

    • I've also just had this happen to me. The gearbest order details is even showing AU$22.46, which differs both from the AU$16.28 shown during checkout and the AU$29.34 charged to my PayPal. Welp.

  • damnit i missed both !

      • +2

        seems plenty (including me) had no free shipping option shown
        (though coupon expired while trying to checkout so I didnt get one anyway)

        • +1

          Damn, I too must've missed the bit advising how to do it "properly".

          Utilising PayPal checkout instead of the regular checkout may be a contributing factor when not receiving free shipping (noted here and here). Hopefully I'll remember the next time.

  • Was free shipping for me too

  • Damn! Missed it!

  • Ended up being charged $30 even after putting coupon on. Any way to cancel this through PayPal?

    • I just online chat to them to cancel, good luck.

      • You have any luck with this?

        • not yet, still waiting for the refund to my paypal.

        • @maogua: Just got a confirmation email after i talked to another agent.

  • Yeelight strip works with Alexa so I guess this will too. Also works with Google Assistant and Home. Worth it.

    • How to make it work with Google assistant?

      • IFTT

        • someone said no need iftt anymore but i just couldnt find way to add it to google Home app
          well i try iftt

        • @dragonindespair:

          You can add it through YeeAction, but need to set your server to Singapore.

    • Yep, I have it working at home. Its pretty solid.

  • Smhhh

  • do these meet Australia Safety Standards? UL, CE or SAA etc?
    if my house burns down will my insurance still cover me?

    • +1

      No, these are not AU tested or authorised. If you order one of these, your house will probably burn down, your pet goldfish will drown and the dish will run away with the spoon.
      Have you read your insurance policy? What does the clause that you are worried about actually say?

    • -1

      No and no. But dont worry, its recommended by OzBargainers. So dont worry about it! No need to worry about death of family members or insurance risks if you're saving a few dollars!

  • +3

    One of these days I will be on time for a TA deal…