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Buzz Telco - NBN Plans from $39/Month - Free Modem Rental Available on Month to Month Contracts


Buzz Telco is excited to announce that we are now offering "FREE RENTAL" modems with our Month to Month Plans. These modems do attract a once off Postage and Handling Fee of $14.95 and remain the Property of Buzz Telco, however, give you the ability to take advantage of our plans without having to lock yourself into a contract or buy a compatible modem.

After careful review of the orders from our last promotion we have found that there is still 100 Spots left available under that deal, these are now available under this promotion.

All of our plans all come with Unlimited Downloads and your Basic Home Phone Service.

Our Plans are:

Basic Unlimited - Up to 12/1Mbps - $49 per Month - Only $39 for next 100 Orders
Standard Unlimited - Up to 25/5Mbps - $59 per Month - Only $49 for next 100 Orders
Premium Unlimited - Up to 100/40Mbps - $69 per Month - Only $59 for next 100 Orders

All plans include a Static IP Address and are available across all access types (except Satelite). You will need a NBN Ready Modem to use this service and we do require VLAN Tagging for FTTN and HFC Connections (we are working on getting rid of this requirement).

If you need a NBN Ready Modem we offer rental modems for a once-off charge of $14.95 or you can buy the NetComm NF10WV for $120 or the NetComm NF17ACV for $150.

Please be aware, we do offer our connections as IPoE and not PPPoE, so if you are going to be using your own modem, this is something you will need to check, we are able to help with that.

Please contact our team if you have any questions. Our Brisbane Based Call Center is open 24/7 and during the promotion, our Live Chat Team will be available from 9 AM to midnight Monday - Friday.

This free rental deal does not have a hard limit set on it, however, we reserve the right to end it at any time.

A popular question that always gets asked is if we allow pre-orders. I thought I would take the time to give an answer in the main post for easy reference: We allow pre-orders up to July 2018. This will lock you in as one of the 3,000 Services on the promotion. Your first month will be taken up front, however if you decide between now and when your service is scheduled to start that you no longer wish to receive it, we will happily refund your money. Modem's will not be dispatched until your service is about to activate.

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  • which line do yo operate on?


      We use AAPT as our Wholesaler for NBN.

      • Jeremy
      • Whats your/their CVC allocation like?

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          Do you expect them to say poor?

        • +2 votes

          The CVC allocation is alright, we run on a pass-thru model and always ensure we have enough. We have had problems in the past with AAPT not upgrading theirs quickly, however now have the direct contact details for the relevant team to get it upgraded when we need it to be. We will also openly admit when a speed issue is caused by CVC and pass on the timeframes for rectification of that issue (which are generally within 1 - 2 business days).


        • I haven't had any congestion. Have been with them since start of July.

        • @BuzzTelco:

          Awesome, I know that AAPT is a pain in the ass which is why I asked!

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          @Cole: No comment ;).


        • +1 vote

          @BuzzTelco: Major frustration to change ISP to BuzzTelco. Continual excuses for week-long outages. Friendly at the start — seemed ok — but been without service for a week now. Huge inconvenience of having to change — but will be glad to be back to a reliable ISP. A big WARNING to anyone attracted by the price to think about the hours and hours of inconvenience that having an UNRELIABLE ISP is — I was tempted and should be a cautionary tale! Still having major difficulty getting money refunded.

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        Are you planning to upgrade your portal/ login area.
        It doesn't have any service and usage meter
        Also don't have any VoIP call meter

        • Their previous deal was $10 month cheaper and has now expired. This deal has the free modem rental option.

        • You don't need a usage meter because all their plans are unlimited :-)

          You don't need a VoIP call meter because that's already supplied by the modems (at least by the two that Buzz supply).

          Lastly, they do have a (very basic!) service status page.

          The main thing is the service, in my experience, is reliable and fast.



          The usage meter for VoIP is being worked on, however, we are able to send through daily usage logs if required. Regarding the usage for Internet, this is not a priority for us as we run all unlimited plans.


      • Hi Jeremy,

        i have signed up with last promotion the 31st of July 2017 for the premium unlimited plan + i decided to buy 150 of NBN modem (total ~$200) but i still waiting for the modem to come and still have no internet.
        Seems there is some problem with the phone line (i am renting the house) but the previous tenat has internet and phone connectedhere…..what i did not like was that by email they told me that the NBN modem was out of stock but when i talked to the call center they told me that as soon as NBN verify my phone line they will send the modem….where is the trueth??? i am happy to discuss privately if needs.



      • No internet service for last 5 days. They didn't pay their suppliers and suppliers has disconnected internet service for their entire clients base. It is pathetic. They still want to add another 3000 customers to an existing system without spending extra and supplier has gone crazy refused to provide service.
        Buzztelco should not be allowed to carry on working like that and should be made liable to refund all the money also should pay the penalty as well.
        Buzztelco has no communication with their clients , no emails no updates . Some of their staff posting on face book says " it will take couple of weeks to reconnect service to existing customers( this is a joke) . Every one effected should make a complain to telecommunication ombudsman

    • No internet service for last 5 days. They didn't pay their suppliers and suppliers has disconnected internet service for their entire clients base. It is pathetic. They still want to add another 3000 customers to an existing system without spending extra and supplier has gone crazy refused to provide service.
      Buzztelco should not be allowed to carry on working like that and should be made liable to refund all the money also should pay the penalty as well.
      Buzztelco has no communication with their clients , no emails no updates . Some of their staff posting on face book says " it will take couple of weeks to reconnect service to existing customers( this is a joke) . Every one effected should make a complain to telecommunication ombudsman

      • Calm down mate… You're not running a revolution. If you're unhappy which is fair enough move to another provider and cancel with buzz. May get a pro rata refund too. Doesn't mean everyone else SHOULD be doing the same.
        Also how do u know they didn't pay their bill. Pure internet speculation.

      • Suspect quite a few people are in a similar position to you LAMPSY. The administrators of this site should consider the ethics of allowing BuzzTelco to advertise on this site. They are connecting new users while making excuses about not servicing existing paid-up users. I have asked whether they were still in business after not getting any response and they replied no and were quite cagey. I'd warn others before parting with their money that they may never see either their money or internet service — really sad to see people being taken advantage of like this.

  • Will an Asus rt-ac68u modem work if I am getting a NBN HFC connection?

  • How fast is the usual switching? I'm getting sick of Belong's crappy customer service.


      If you are getting one of our modems, we won't switch it until the modem has been delivered. Otherwise, generally within 24-48 hours. If you are on HFC and doing a transfer, we don't recommend it at the moment as there is a lot of issues with HFC Transfers currently (roughly 1 - 3 fails).


      • Not entirely sure if I'm on HFC (I'm just renting an apartment atm), but I think we're not? Since the NBN box seems to be a few years old now.

        I don't really want to buy another modem, could I just reconfigure the one Belong gave (Not sure of the model, might need to check when I get home)

  • Rookie question - I have an Archer C9 router and a seperate modem (ill have to check which model it is, I think its an oldish netgear….) - Is this set up ok for this promo/nbn? Should mention as well that i will be connected via HFC towards the end of the year.

    • With a NBN connection running through a HFC set up all that would be required is a router. NBNCo will install the modem and just have a Ethernet out for you to connect to a router. It's only FTTN/C that need a VDSL2 modem

  • I have been with these guys for a few months now. I highly recommend them, constant 98mbps on my wifi on the 100 plan. I haven't had any drop outs yet, but I didn't on my previous provider, so I may just be lucky there. Customer service is awesome, ran me though the setup with my modem, very helpful.

  • Can confirm their customer service is excellent - I got my in-laws signed up with them and although I can't comment specifically on speed they have had impressive, quick and helpful service.

  • FTTP activated in 36 hours from submission to activation. Impressive service!

  • Do you need a rental phone line to run your NBN. I have FTTH.

    • -1 vote

      Hello dsj1188

      We can activate your NBN Phone Port free of charge, it is included with the plan :).


  • Can you choose which modem you get for the rental?
    Also, what do you use for the home phone? I'm guessing this will be VoIP so can't use your old home phones


      Hello mightyhawks23

      The NF10WV is included by default, we do have options for the NF17ACV but this is something you need to discuss with the team. Regarding the home phone, it runs through VoIP (even on the UNI-V Port all NBN Phones are VoIP). However, if you use our modem, it is VoIP Enabled so will work with your old phone (same with the UNI-V Port for FTTP).


  • I thought I’d chime in and say how freakin awesome Buzz Telco is. We got off to a shaky start (I think largely due to AAPT), but the speed and service, from Jeremy, Mostyn and Andrew has been world class. I didn’t mind putting up with a bit of short term frustration, as long as I could help a small Aussie business grow. Competition is healthy! I have no idea when these guys sleep, but I appreciate everything they do.

    I know I sound like a plant, but you can tell from my history that it’s not the case.


      Hi tomski182

      The congestion issues we had a while back were a mix of us not putting upgrade requests through quick enough and getting lied to about them being completed so starting to process orders again. However, I don't really want to play the blame game on that, as far as I am concerned, even when our Upstream makes mistakes it is still our fault as we are the ones who use them. Glad to hear you are enjoying your service now.

      In relation to the sleep, I ask myself that every day ;).


    • Hi TOMSKI182 — I thought the same but unfortunately the gloss has now worn off after a few months of service I am now experiencing continual outages and excuses. I agree that they work hard and are a small company and it's great to have more competition in this space. I just question their business ethics: They are currently connecting new users while making excuses about not servicing existing paid-up users. I have asked whether they were still in business after not getting any response and they replied no and were quite cagey. I would be interested in whether you have had any experience of this yet or was I just one of the unlucky ones (there are a LOT of other disgruntled BuzzTelco customers I have come across who have neither refund nor service, unfortunately).

      • Have to add to my initial comments TOMSKI182 that for luddites such as myself it can be really hard to know where the BOTTLENECKS are being caused and JUST WHO is fobbing you off. Is it BuzzT or NBN. Overall I have been very HAPPY WITH THE BUZZTELCO service. Customer service is excellent and relatable — you are not flicked off to a call centre in South Africa or India for example. Service quality is about what you'd expect for a young company, and have heard far worse stories from people with Telstra ISP. I would RECOMMEND BUZZTELCO — particularly as there is no contract so you have nothing to loose effectively and everything to gain. — Thanks BuzzTelco and Jeremy et al!

  • -2 votes

    I got buzz on the last last offer and Im a little disappointed.
    Following is my little tests. I didnt bother with “speed tests” coz I dont know how they work and from what I can see they prolly use multiple threads and to me that doesnt count. Streaming doesnt use multiple threads and thats what I got it for. So instead I put some files in my download manager and downloaded them with one thread and ten.
    The Hungary file comes from my vps with https://www.mikrovps.net/eu I and others have always gotten great speeds from it. I dont know exactly what speed it is but i KNOW it does above 10MB.
    The Australian file comes from https://www.adam.com.au/support/blank-test-files
    The American file comes from a porn site, hosting by ahcdn.com
    Also I have crappy hardware so that would be part of it at times, but the diff between Australia and Overseas wouldnt be due to that. I also waited a bit between each test to allow the modem to cool down (incase that was part of it) and regularly did australian tests to make sure it was all still good. And Im on FTTP.

    Sunday 13th August

    Speed 12/1

    1 AM

    1 thread 60K – 160K and all the way down to 20k
    10 threads 500K – 600K
    This is my vps that has always done extremely well for me and anyone I've let access to it….this is the biggest disappointment for me….my box is near useless. During the day I got full speed to this site.

    1 thread 230K
    10 threads 1100K

    1 thread 800K
    10 threads 1250K

    Australia seems to get mad preference and that can be a good thing, Stan for instance plays great. I can download with 3 threads from hungary and Stan still plays fine.

    Didnt really notice when it got better as I was watching Seinfeld on Stan ;P But I think it was around 3.30am

    Speed Changed to 25/5

    4 PM

    1 thread 1600K
    10 threads 2900K

    1 thread 210K … had to creep up from 160K
    10 threads 2100K

    1 thread 170K …. Slowly creeps up to it
    10 thread 1650K
    So at least I can download from there now, but I still can't stream for crap.

    Really, for 25/5 I would have thought it would be better. I don't expect that world for the prices Im paying but everyone advertises 25/5 as good for streaming and its not…..yeah if your talking in Australia like Stan or Netflix, but not overseas.

    And for those that like regular speed tests…..

    Sunday 4.40pm

    Oz Speed Test

    New York



    Supports been great tho, give em that. Helped with my modem choice and switched plans for me while I was still in a month and did it on the weekend, was great waking up to it ;P.
    So all in all it looks like Id have to go to 100/40 to get satisfaction, but Im not sure I can afford it and really should I have to just to be able to stream 720p from American sites?….or way more important to me, be able to stream from my vps.

    Just changed my dns to googles as I noticed that looking up the dns was slow alot and it really seems to have made a difference to general browsing and I havent seen a “Resolving host.” (or woteva it is) in the status bar since.

    Friday 18th August


    Oz speeds turn to a maximum of 1Mbps….what the hell????

    Gotta love the way theyll answer a sales ticket in a heartbeat but when I send one about the above……. Ive been in contact with the sales department via tickets on multiple occasions.


    1 thread 80KBs max
    10 threads 950KBs

    OzSpeedTest 1.33Mbs by wifi, best so far



    https://www.ozspeedtest.com/bandwidth-test/results/51161123 Whilst watching Stan so thats fine







    Monday 28th August



    20.## Mbps


    Hungary my VPS
    1 thread 45K – 80K
    10 threads 460K – 515K

    New York



    Budapest (hungary)

    Ive been in contact with support on this starting on the 13th August and was told there seems to be an issue with my International Routes and the issue has been raised with their networks team to investigate but unfortunately as it is International Routes there is alot more for them to check. And could I supply a traceroute to my vps, which I did. Then on the 23rd I got an email saying they are sorry for the delay in the response, the team has made a few changes to my international routing and their still investigating additional changes that might improve my international routes. I was asked if I was seeing any improvement on my end, to which I replied "No." and havent heard anything since.

    So all in all, a bit of a bumma.

    • Longest ozb post in history?

    • +1 vote

      Hello PAEz

      We have always priorities Australian based traffic, as overall most of our traffic either comes from streaming services or Facebook/Google. We do also peer with quite a few international providers who have local POP's. We are working on getting more favorable international routing in place, this is expected to be completed within the coming weeks/months as it has been a common request from a few of our more recent customers.


      • That actually sounds like an honest answer and not just another pr flog off….thanks.
        Right now I get 180K max and I only want like 250-300, hope you guys could pull that off, be awesome.
        I mainly wanted it for streaming from my vps and Ive found a solution for that, an australian free proxy that averages at 600k-1meg+ to my box…..just dont trust it for day to day but should be fine for kodi.

        Oh and just noticed you guys didnt charge me enough, opening a ticket ;P

  • hi, I'm interested in moving my FTTN to you guys from Belong
    I've got the modem [email protected] from Belong and an Asus RT-N66U router, I've read on Whirlpool that I could set the modem in bridge mode and use the router to connect internet under WAN in router, but that was for PPPoE.
    I saw you mentioned earlier in here that I could use the IPTV to connect to your network?
    I've taken a few screen shots of that setting on my router, anyone here would be able to tell if that's good enough?

    This is the only IPTV Profile available called "Movistar Triple VLAN", I suppose the name does't really matter?

    This is the IPTV config setting under that VLAN profile

    This is the WAN setting in my router, don't think it applies here but just in case that might help

    Here's the link from Whirlpool, same modem but different router. The guy was able to use Bridge Mode to connect internet with his router

    Thanks guys!!


      Hi chanwilson01

      As I have never personally used one of the belong routers, and there is limited information available regarding them, I can not confirm. However, as long as the Belong modem will let you put it in Bridge Mode that setup would work. You would be best off using the Manual IPTV Profile, which allows you to set the VLAN Settings (I recommend confirming that first, as it is only available on certain versions of the firmware).

      • Thanks for the reply, what I'm thinking is that I might still rent a modem from you guys as a fail safe while I try to connect through the my own system. You mentioned earlier it would take 24-48 hr for a FTTN transfer? Will I need to contact Belong to cancel their service or will that be taken care of by Buzz? Thanks!


          For FTTN transfers that would be completed instantly, however, we still advise contacting Belong in case you have any form of notice period. Also, if you are renting one of our modems, it wouldn't be transitioned until the modem was confirmed delivered (just to ensure that you don't get any downtime).


        • @BuzzTelco:
          Thanks Jeremy, will give Belong a call regarding cancellation then call you guys up for for the plan :)

  • @BuzzTelco At the moment i am using Meraki MX 64 for internet connection. Can i use it after move to NBN ( HFC )or i need to buy new modem ?



      Hi weusm

      Yes, you can use that device with our HFC Connections. You would just have to setup VLAN Tagging on your WAN Port.


  • Can I sign up to this with contract and get a free modem too?

  • Do you offer the NF17ACV as a rental option?

    • Yes, The online support confirmed that after paying $50 as a refundable deposit, you can have NF17AV modem.

  • Jeremy from the previous Buzz deal a couple of people mentioned problems with getting the VOIP service up and running and their phone numbers being lost by Buzz Telco in the transfer process. Has this problem been addressed or is still an issue? As I would hate to port my land number to yourselves only for it to be lost in the process.

    Is there also a list of International Call rates anywhere on the Buzz site?

    Lastly is there a POP in each state or is everything routed through Perth?

  • I am still waiting for my Number to be ported I was told by buzz that it can take 30 days.

    • Do you still have access to the number through your landline?

      • No access if I ring the number I get your call could not be connected please check the number and try again.

    • Buzz have been very helpful, my landline was disconnected by my previous provider westnet after I instructed them to keep it active until it was ported.Now my number is in Telstra's quarantine vault and westnet want me to pay to get my number back $79. I have made a complaint to the TIO about westnet so I hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Thought I'd share my story when we signed up for the previous deal..

    29th July: I made an order for 100/40 NBN with Buzz Telco for my old man who was under the impression there was no lock in contract with Dodo. However after checking the fine print and email when first signed up it was a 24 month contract. I requested a cancellation of the install within 30mins via their ticket system and got a reply from Jeremy who confirmed this and advised install was cancelled and refund will be processed once funds clear - no problem.

    7th August: Our Dodo internet was terminated, they advised our NBN was churned by Buzztelco. Our phone number was also deactivated in the process. I called Dodo and they confirmed Buzztelco has given them notification that i have switch providers which I assumed was cancelled.. this has now raised a contract cancellation fee of $184.

    However Dodo was able to reactivate my home phone number on the back end but they could not reactivate my service with the existing home phone. We really needed to keep the home phone number. Dodo advised me the best course of action is to change providers and port out the number.

    8th August: I have called Buzz Telco technical support to explain the situation, I was told my phone number will be ported and the installation will recommence soon.

    14th August: Still no news of installation, called Customer service again had to re-explain the situation.. service officer advised they are just porting the number now and will port first and then connect the NBN after. I was told i would receive a call once it's ported.

    21st August: Didn't receive any correspondence. Called the 1800 053 250 technical support for an update, service officer confirmed phone number was ported but not activated, she advised she will send me activation details and call back in half hour.. no call back.
    In regards to the NBN connection, she mentioned there was nothing happening with the installation at this stage and advised at this stage it looks like we are just waiting for Buzztelco to action the installation.

    22nd August: Received email from activation team "Your latest order with Buzz Telco has progressed further" advising of NBN Technician appointment on 30th August.

    30th August: 11am NBN Tech came and dabbled with his devices, made a call to NBN. As there was a previous connection to NBN with Dodo he said "that was the easiest install, just contact your provider for the activation details and it should be ready to go." He was out the door in 10mins.

    11:30am Made call to Technical support: He advised the status is still pending confirmation from NBN and they should receive correspondence in a few hours - he actually called back at 3pm to say there is no updates but to call later on the day if no email is sent.

    8pm still no activation email. Called tech support, they confirmed status has not changed and are still waiting for NBN to confirm. She advised she would keep an eye out until midnight and send it to the morning team to follow up.

    31st August: 3pm No corespondence. Called tech support again to follow up, status still the same and said there is nothing they can do but wait until NBN confirm.
    3:30pm gave NBN tech a call as I had his mobile number when he called to confirm appointment. He advised he already sent the confirmation through when he made the call and it's already set up to go. He then realised as I changed providers there may have been some complications with the confirmation sent to old provider(he was hard to understand). He said as the job was closed he wasn't able to go back in to make updates, he said to let the new provider know and they can call NBN to get the confirmation directly.
    5pm called tech support to explain the situation who at first said to just wait for NBN however after further explanation that there may be no confirmation received she said she would call NBN directly and follow up with a call back.

    1st Sept: 11am No call back/correspondence. Called tech support to follow up, managed to contact the same guy that did the call back on the 30th. He sent me the activation details while I was on the line.
    After making sure details were input correctly, status was connected but still can't load any websites.
    He advised he will call NBN directly and see what's going on.

    2nd Sept: No cigar, to be continued..

    So it's almost reaching the one month anniversary for my parents without the net. They have received a bill of $184 for Dodos early cancellation fee which I requested compensation (they said they'll need to escalate to supervisor) as we tried to cancel the install but one step at a time..
    All in all, from my experience they have great customer service who promise many things and seem helpful but have been terrible when it comes to getting things slightly complicated resolved (quickly) and call backs.

  • Hi, Jeremy

    I am using Netgear R8000 with Asus-merlin firmware, is it ready for your NBN HFC?



    Hi Rep,

    Can you please let me know if this offer is still available or has the 100 spots have been already exhausted ?. If available I will set it up today

    Standard Unlimited - Up to 25/5Mbps - $59 per Month - Only $49 for next 100 Orders

  • I was wondering, could I get this free modem rental along with the previous $10 off month to month promotion? Because while I have paid for the first month when I signed up at the end of August, we haven't even been connected yet.

    • I had a same question as I pre-ordered on last deal too and the live chat guy told me it's not possible to have $10 off and modem rental together.
      However, I guess you can simply cancel your previous order and place a new order with the modem rental added since it's still $59 without any promo code on their website at the moment.

      (wonder how the last 3000 sales were done so quick but this first 100 sales is lasting pretty long)

  • Hmmmm… number 8 in queue.

  • Store Rep - Can you please contact me regarding order 5351085571.

  • Excellent chat support service so far. Ordered the modem for $100 and asked to rent instead. Andrew on live chat helped rectify the order. I assume we get the modem for as long as we are with Buzz with no additional charges?

  • I am on the 100/30MBPS. But all I am getting all day is about 30/1MBPS. I am on FTTP, 5km away from melbourne city.

  • Customers already with buzz check you have not been billed today seems to be a billing issue with them taken money out of account

  • +1 vote

    I joined up on 4th to be activated on the 6th Nov. I contracted Buzz telco, they are saying now that they have run out of modems and trying to switch modem suppliers and they can not deliver any modems and they do not have an ETA. Bad customer experience. Will give it another day or two and will cancel and join Aussie Broadband

    • I reckon you can give up now.I signed up 29th Aug. They said the same thing.. running out of modem.. and no update until now.
      Their customer service is not too bad, what i can tell is their support is sort of one man team who is really working hard but their owner doesn't give a damn about customer service at all…