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BenQ 28" Full HD VA-LED Monitor $165 Delivered @ JW Computers eBay


For those that missed this ripper deal, I managed to convince JW to bring this back, although they weren't quite able to get it to the same price ($6 more). Again, it's not 1440p and not a gaming monitor, but you'll be hard pressed to find a 28" 1920x1080 with DVI, 2x HDMI and VESA at anywhere near this price. These will sell out fast, so grab one quick. Enjoy :)

Official BenQ product page

Thanks to nocure for the original PEARLER deal

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    That's a pearler…

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    Yassss! Purchased. Thanks!

    • you a bottom?

  • Nice find (again)

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    Insanely cheap price.

    I personally need 16:10 ratio display (that size almost all manufacturers don't care about anymore). Otherwise I'd be all over this.

    • Want or need? What for (may I ask)?

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        Not sure about "need" but 16:10 is more practical for productivity.

        Also 1080p is too low resolution for productivity. Good for gaming though.

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        Well these days its a moot point since there is 4K and various other options (my next monitor will be 4K and much larger) but back when 24" was king I always loved the extra real estate offered by 16:10 (1920x1200) - I did a lot of video rendering once, not so much anymore but still prefer 16:10. I'm not a gamer, I don't watch movies on the computer, having the extra vertical to work with is great. I used to do productivity work at the office on a 16:9 and eventually convinced the boss to buy a 16:10 for me. So much better.

        I'm part of a very small minority though, which is why very few 16:10 monitors exist on the market today (Dell being the main one that comes to mind)

        • Yeah, my current monitor is a benq 24 inch 19:10. Power button has broken off, so it's on its last legs probably. I am dreading the day it dies. I also prefer 19:10, but dunno where I will get (a cheap one) when the time comes :(

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          @John Kimble:

          The Dell UltraSharp U2412M is one such monitor that comes to mind, though I don't think it's a current model anymore and I'm unsure if any 1920x1200 / 16:10 replacement lived on (probably not seeing as Dell were one of the very few still making them at a reasonable price)

          You're probably in the same boat as me, might be time to cough up for a 4K or similar monitor. FWIW the power button on my Dell 24" died years ago too, with some trickery I managed to keep it going though. It's dying though just like it's older twin did in 2015.

          EDIT: Dell UltraSharp U2415 is another

        • If people want vertical space, just spin those monitors into portrait mode. A lot of people seem to be against this?

        • @serpserpserp:

          No, the thought crossed my mind too but I'm thinking 16:9 would make for a very vertically narrow experience? I've never tried it so I could be wrong. My guess is that'd only be enjoyable if you have a triple monitor setup, but after all that expense you're getting close to 4K prices which would be arguably better (and easier) for most.

          Personally I wouldn't mind one of those Phillips 40" 4K's. Or even one of the Dell 32" non-4k (maybe) and go back to single setup.

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    Just bought a 24' Asus at 150

    • Where ?

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        I mean this deal is much better.

  • would this be alright for hooking up to my Xbox One?

    • 20ms response time. If you play FPS or anything that requires quick reaction, no. This monitor is good for home/office usage rather than gaming.

      • For many people the delay won’t matter, mind.

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        If he's already playing fps with a controller, he'll be more than fine.

  • Great. Was hoping this deal would come around again.

  • Cheers OP! This is amazing.

    Literally was looking at monitors for work, recently got a promotion and I'll be needing two/three screens and this will go nicely alongside my 27' iMac..

    Despite the low DPI.. Going to be great.

  • I add PEARLER but nothing changes after 30 second of the page loading. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Would this be ok to use as a small tv? Cant find anything near as cheap that i could use for media

    • No speaker, just a reminder

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        But got headphone jack?

        • Yes

    • Friend, youd need some way to get tv signal to it, probably with a small pc with a tuner card or usb device. stand alone wont work as a tv

      • I have a chromecast (for netflix etc) and a speaker system, should have been more specific, just need something for my room but no sure if the screen size and panel would be suitable?

  • Was looking for a 21" w HDMI output for a smart mirror…
    now I need a bigger mirror…:/

    • What is a smart mirror?

      • I'm still doing research, but pretty much a monitor hooked up to Rasp Pi, with a one way mirror in front of the monitor. ~30% transparency on the one way mirror so you can see the monitor but still get a good reflection. Commonly used to display things like weather, traffic, calenders, events - but is largely endless in terms of what you want it to display

        See resources if interested
        https://forum.magicmirror.builders/category/12/show-your-mir... - some examples of other peoples builds

        can be made to be touchscreen / follow voice commands / AI - but this is beyond me at the moment

  • Nice was looking for a third monitor for my rig.

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    Do u guys buy the warranty $26 too??

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      Sir, i'll need you to turn in your Ozbargain card!

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        ?? Sorry not understand

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          SIR! CARD PLZ!!!!

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          @ttwaite: okok. didn't get that. now got it. thanks.

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    Bought two thanks :)

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      Not even sure why people down vote when I bought two. I need to replace two old monitors so i'm buying two.

      • +1

        Probably because you didn't upvote.

        • good point, was too fast to jump onto the deal :)

        • The nuances of ozbargain.

        • @stonkered:

          I didn't even know that was a thing.

  • Does anyone know if these guys use Australia post to ship? or a courier.

    • I bought a laptop from them recently, they don't use Australia post, Fastway delivered it.

      • Ah shoot. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks! Missed out last time, but managed to pick up one.

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    Any recommendations on a cheap, good quality gaming monitor (widescreen, ideally ≤2ms, ≥1440p or 4k)?

  • Would this work as dual monitors connected to a surface pro for office use?

    • +12

      No, as soon as it realises it's being used for office work, it'll shut down and refuse to turn on until you connect a gaming system.

      To circumvent this, try running Steam in the background, works for me.

  • Okay, in layman's terms, is this a good value for money monitor?

    • +1

      It got 80 votes in 90 minutes.

  • Fantastic - I needed a bigger 2nd monitor :) thanks

  • Can't buy. Just keep getting "A seller made some changes to an item listing." :(

    Edit: Nevermind, finally just before it goes out of stock, it works!

  • Missed out last time. Bought 1 thanks!

  • Out of stock

  • God damn it, had to shit mid checkout, came back and all gone! What an expensive shit :(

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      If you think of it in a positive way, that shit saved you $165.

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        Sir, i'll need you to turn in your Ozbargain card! Around here we buy first then think later.

        • I'm just trying to make myself feel better, I mucked around too long looking at specs and deciding if I needed one, by the time I decided it was too good to pass up (durr) it was gone!

        • Sir, i'll need you to turn in your Ozbargain card! Around here we buy first then think later.

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          OK look I'm sorry here is my OzBargain card, you can have it: http://bitly.com/98K8eH

  • I'm still seeing 1 left.

  • You hesitate, you lose. 28 inches is a lot of real estate.

    • About 800k in Sydney!

  • Ah, sold out!

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    What about this ?


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    missed out again…more stocks pls…

  • OMG…. im spewing.. i was like.. il buy it when i get home.. 30 mins later.. over 10 sold.. =_=

  • I got one of these last time - loving it!

  • Any chance on more stock coming in? Just missed it damn it!!

  • aww missed it

  • Price back to original now. Still out of stock

  • Managed to get one from the last deal! very good monitor using it now :)

  • +2

    TA, please do your magic and ask them to give us a third round (and if that even happens, I would appreciate a heads up). :D

  • Missed out again.

  • +1

    ouch missed out

  • seem to be back in stock any ebay codes availiable?

    • Just the 5% off one…..

      I'll pass…

  • Yeah it's painful

  • Same, missed out again

  • the deal is back but $199

    • That costs a lot more.

    • $259 again

  • Are these any good at all guys? any other brand screens to compare it to at around the same price point?

  • Looks like I missed out. dammit

  • Got one for the $199 price…
    Not as good as $165, but I will still sleep just fine ;-)